I love my bbw sister

I love my bbw sister
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Please rate and comment Previous: The Girl Scout-1; The Girl Scout-2 Daddy; The Girl Scout -3 The Tool Man; The Girl Scout 4 Tag Teamed ; The Girl Scout -5 Die Bitch Die; Girl Scout 6 -Cum Faced The Girl Scout-7 HOGTied; The Girl Scout -8 Getting to Know You; The Girl Scout -9 Sleeping Beauty; The Girl Scout 10 Work It Good The Girl Scout -11 Lights Out Bitch; The Girl Scout-12 Doctor Rosen Doc Rosen laid down on the sofa.

Come here girl. Lick your hand and massage my penis. Yes Papa.

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Ah yes. Now put your other hand in your mouth. Let me see you suck your hand. Oh you are so sweet, sultry secretary giving head to her boss titties. Ok, now push a finger in my ass. What? What papa? Push your middle finger in my ass. Lisa looked dumbfounded but began to pushing. Keep stroking my penis Lisa. Tell me you love me, call me papa. I love you papa. Lisa reminded Doctor of his granddaughter Rachel. She was so sweet, she called him Papa.

His daughter would often wonder why Rachel needed so many gyno exams but she figured granddad was just being careful. Watching Lisa on her knees giving him a hand job and a prostate massage was a fantasy come true. He had tried to resist Rachel but finally she was too much. He would give her a sedative and put her out. He would then give her a complete exam.

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Rubbing her clit, her puss lips. Then he would put his fingers inside her. He kissed her. He would run his cock against her and cum on her belly. He wanted to fuck Rachel so badly. He wanted her to jack him off.

Taste his cum. Swallow his cum. That could never happen but now he had lovely little Lisa. Ah yes. Lisa, you are so lovely, yes keep stroking my cock.

Push that finger in deep as you can. Rub it hard upwards. Oh yes, Yes. Spit on my cock, keep it nice and wet. Yes. You are doing well. Take your finger out of my ass and suck it clean. Please Papa, no no. Yes, my dear you will like it. Lisa didn't like it at all but did what she was told. What else could she do? AGHH.

How sick is this whole place. Everything else and now this old man. She had to call him Papa, how damn sick. Lisa, lick that finger clean. Now put two fingers up my ass. Push up and down. Ohhhhh. Yes, keep pumping my cock. The brothers watched with some amusement as the old doctor was being jacked off by the young girl.

Man dis be crazy. Yo, Doc shuldn't be doin this shit Man. The old man leaned back, closed his eyes and relaxed dreaming that the girl was his grand daughter. Ah yes, squeeze tighter, pump faster. Push those fingers in as far as you can. Lisa spit on the dick and pumped her hand tightly. AHHHHHHH Doc Rosen was moaning, turning red in the face. Man, hope he don't stroke out or sumptin. Look like too much fo him His dick throbbing Lisa pumped her hand faster, two fingers in his asshole.

He jerked in almost spasms. Oh Rachel, Yes, Rachel the old man yelled betraying his fantasy. AHHHHHHHHH OH OH Doc shot his load over Lisa's hand. Ahh dear, lick your hand clean. Lisa licked the cum off her hand. Show me in your mouth, now swallow my cum. Now clean your fingers. Lisa put her two stained fingers in her mouth and cleaned them.

Lisa knelt with the leather neck restraint and chain, her head bent. Lamont grabbed the chain and pulled Lisa's head up to him. U looks like U well enough fo a blow job.

He pushed her head down to doxy gets fucked from behind indoors homemade and hardcore crotch. Ok, cock sucking white bitch, git too it. Suck my black dick. When would this end. She took his cock in her mouth. How could she forget how big he was. Lisa ran her tongue up and down the shaft. She had his balls in her hands.

She sucked on the head of his cock. She could feel the pulsating. Lisa was become an adept cock sucker OH NO.she felt a man kneeling behind her. His hand was on her ass, on her pussy. Feeling her. Touching pushing. Lisa closed her eyes. She tried to return to that place she had seen a week ago. She wanted to be back, she had seen the bright lights, her father. Behind him was grandfather and&hellip. She could not make out the others but they were getting closer.

Then they disappeared. She had been walking the path of the righteous. She was almost there. Now she was back, again it seemed at the gates of hell. What did she do to deserve this? Was she being tested yet again. She remembered the words she heard from the warrior. She had been carried by Michael but then take away.

She could here his words. ………… defend us in battle. Be our defense against the wickedness……&hellip. She tried to remember, to repeat them, not to forget but they were fading from her. It was gone, Lamont had slapped her. Wat da fuck u doin, fukin dreaming. She could feel a cock pushing into her pussy from behind. It was Doctor Rosen!!!! Doc, what U doing, thought we not supposed to screwin her for a three mo weeks.

Laughed Lamont. Lamont what I am doing is therapy. You boys are too rough. She needs to loosened up but gently. Lamont held her collar tight as she sucked his cock.

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Doc fucked her pussy with a smooth gentle rhythm. He was screwing Lisa but in his mind it was Rachel. The rest of the guys were watching, jerking their cocks. This was definitely the weirdest shit they had ever seen. Boys, shoot your loads on her ass. One of the black guys aimed his cock at Lisa's ass and shot his cum on her butt.

Come on boys, the rest of you too. As they came, Doc smeared his finger in the mess and began fingering Lisa's butt hole. Ah Yes, the cum is the perfect Lubricant. He continued to screw her pussy while finger fucking her ass.

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He wiped up more cum and shoved in two fingers. Please Don't Papa. It is sore. It is still sore. No my dear, it needs to be fucked, just lots of cum lube. Dis MFER is one weirdo, man looke at him. Lisa was still sucking Lamont while Old doc worked her over.

He pushed the two fingers in and twisted them. Lisa cried. Surely she had passed through the gates of Hell. Lamont grunted and growled cumming on her face.

One of his friends took his place. Gots another cock fo the little whore. Oh NO NO. She took the new dick in her mouth. Doc took his cock out or her pussy and the fingers out of her ass.

He coated his cock head with cum and pushed it in her ass. Oh Lisa, tell Papa how much you like it. Lisa, cring and bawling. Papa I like it. Doc grabbed her as cheeks and began pumping her ass. Say Docthought U said U gonna take it easy. Doc Doc Doc? Doc was in a trace, his mind elsewhere. Rachel you are so pretty. Give me a hug. Papa what are you doing. Papa no.

Papa don't touch me there. Ah Rachel, busty amateur cate in tight blue spandex is so wet. Papa don't. Papa why are you doing this?

Oh it hurts. Stop. Rachel you are so sweet. DOC? Doc Rosen's mind returned to the present. He started to fuck Lisa harder. He slapped her ASS. NO NO, it hurts. Doc, Take it easy man. She is supposed to be recovering Doc took Lisa's chain and pulled her neck back as he fucked her harder and harder. To Be Continued.