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Little laundromat slut gets fucked on top of the machines pornstars and hardcore
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"Name the Tenth Element in the Periodic Table." I thought for a moment, "Oh shit! This is from the fall term. Oh God, what is it?" I started counting, absent mindedly, starring out into space, my eyes only focusing on that damn table which my mind was projecting. I couldn't make out the tenth until, "it is…ugh…NEON! That's it, Neon. Hurrah, that's it, I'm finished!" I suddenly realized that I was starring right at Norman Whittier, the biggest nerd and dumb ass in the class.

I shifted my eyes immediately and wondered why in the world I was sharing at "Noorrman" for God's sake. As I turned my paper over and scooted down in my seat a little, I got a contented feeling all over me knowing that I had just finished my last exam for that ol' fart Mr.

Beloski. Everyone hated Mr. Beloski, well almost everyone. We all called him "The European Pervert" on account that he was always looking at girls. Up their skirts or down their blouses, it didn't make any difference to Mr.

Beloski. He came here from Poland or Romania or somewhere really weird like that and he is a real creep. Everybody says so, except ol' double D Judy Whitesell. God, she would hang her boobs down in front of his nose every chance she got and, I swear, he would actually start drooling.

But at that particular moment, I didn't care. I was finished and I had a standing date with my hunk, Richie, at his place and we were going to make love all afternoon long, just like always. I was just getting that tingling feeling down between my thighs when Mr. Beloski voice brought me back into this world.

"Time has expired!" he barked. "Put your pencils down, turn over your papers and exit the room quietly. Ah Miss Anderson, would you be so kind but to stay behind for a moment?" "Oh God," I thought to myself but answered, "Yes Mr. Beloski, what can I do for you?" The instant it came out of my mouth I thought, "What did you say, Girl?" He waited until we were alone and then he said, "Miss Anderson, you know that this examination counted for over fifty per cent of your grade, no?" He was starring at my nose piercing on my right nostril and then his eyes shifted to the small tattoo on my ankle.

I nodded my head, thinking, "What is this all about?" "Well then, Miss Anderson, I must give you an F as your final grade," he said matter of factly. I was in shock. "An F?" I exclaimed.

"But Mr. Beloski, what did I do? Why are you giving me an F?" "I caught you cheating off Mr. Whittier's paper. Therefore, you will get no credit for this examination and as a result, you will not pass my course and will not graduate with your classmates," he continued in a mono-toned voice.

I was in total disbelief. I started to stammer, "But I didn't cheat Mr. Beloski. You've got to believe me. Really, I didn't cheat. Why would I look at Norman's paper? My god, he's so stupid!" I stopped for a second to catch my thoughts when Mr. Beloski said, "Miss Anderson, you have a reputation around school, a not so good reputation.

I am told that you give yourself freely to any boy who wants you. Is that true, Miss Anderson?" I was shocked at first and then I got PISSED. What did he mean, "I've got a reputation?" What the fuck does my reputation have to do with my grade anyway?

Then the light went on. He was trying to blackmail me into doing something with him, that son-of-a-bitch! "Are you still seeing that boy, Mr.

Baldwin what is his name, Richie Baldwin?" he asked. I started to answer when he cut me off with, "He's no good for you, Miss Anderson. He will use you and when he's through, he'll drop you like, what they say, like a hot rock, yes." I couldn't believe my ears.

This wasn't happening to me. What did he want from me? Did he want to fuck me right here in the classroom? I'd scream bloody murder if he so much as touches me.

I will, I promise. "You might want to know what I want from you, no?" he asked, reading my mind. "Well, I was wondering if you give yourself to these boys freely, for nothing in return, what would you do for something important like graduating with your classmates?

Confused male stripper tube porn would you ask me to do to you to get your grade up to a passing level?" he mused.

"Would you, for example, ask me what your grade would be for moving closer to me and standing right in front of me? Would I be willing to raise your grade to say a D?" My stomach was tight and I was so mad I could have spit in his face but I thought, "Let's see what he wants.

I can always stop." Before I knew it, I took a couple of steps forward as I asked, "Would you raise my grade up to a D if I came over and stood right in front of you?" "I suppose, yes I would, Miss Anderson," he said.

I stopped my approach right at his knees as he continued to sit at his desk. I suddenly thought, "Now what?" He sensed my indecision so he inserted, "You could ask, what grade would I get if a raised my skirt up so you could see my underwear?" I repeated his question verbatim through my clenched teeth. "I've seen underwear before. I would raise your grade to a D plus, yes no more," he said with a fake frown on his face. I thought for a long moment and then my hands grabbed the hem to my pleaded yellow mini-skirt and pulled it up to my stomach, exposing my white cotton panties to his gaze.

The material stretched tight over my pussy and the feeling of his look made me want to throw up, it was so disgusting. I must have blushed a little because he said, "Come, come Miss Anderson, this is not the first time you've exposed your underwear to a man is it not?" I ignored his last comment. What business was it of his to know who and who has not seen my panties and, besides, I was too flustered to make a comment.

All I wanted was to get my grade back to where it belonged and to get the hell out of there as fast as I could and I knew what he wanted and he wasn't going to get it. He peered with his deep grey eyes into my crotch area. A sneer started to form across his face. Then he sat up straight and moved his face closer so that he could get a better look. I twitched and shuffled my feet as he probed my crotch with his eyes. "Are you going to show me more?" he asked slowly after staring a hole through my panties.

"Mr. Beloski, would you give me a B if I showed you what's under my panties?" I asked hesitantly. He thought for a moment and then he said, "No, not a B, but possibly a C if you remove your underwear down to your knees," he offered. "Bastard!" I thought to myself but then I slowly pulled on the sides of my panties and soon they were at my knees. "Whoa, look at that! Mr. Baldwin has great control over you, no?" he asked.

"You must be in love with him. Why else would you shave your pubic hairs for him?" I had forgotten that I shaved my pussy clean and I couldn't believe that I was now showing my pride and joy to this pervert.

His eyes were wide and he actually started to drool as he moved forward in his seat, starring at my bare pussy lips. I was mortified with shame but stood there like a piece of meat to a hungry lion. He looked up at me and smiled a devilish smile and then he asked, "Don't you want a B Miss Anderson?" I saw red just thinking about the ol' fart even touching me but how can I get out of this?

All I could think of was to turn and run. I could scream, I could yell, I could cry out at the top of my lungs. But all I did was whimper, "What do I have to do Mr. Beloski?" "You just have to ask me to touch it, that's all," he said simply. I looked down and mumbled the question, "Would you like to touch me down there for a B Mr. Beloski?" "Yes, I suppose that would be okay Chick peta jensen enjoys cock and jizz of masseur pornstars hardcore Anderson.

Since you have asked me to touch you, then I guess that I can oblique your request," he slowly said. He then shifted his weight forward in his chair and reached out with his ugly, boney finger and touched me right between my lips, just missing my pleasure button. I winze with disgust but he moved his finger up to my clit. This caused me to jerk back with pain or pleasure, I'm not sure. He rubbed his finger over it again, just to see me react. He was getting a great deal of pleasure out of making me squirm as a cruel smile crept over his face.

"You like that, no, Miss Anderson? You like it when these young boys put their fingers on your clitoris? Do you like it when they put their fingers up here?" he shifted his finger to my opening as he said this. All of a sudden, that boney, crooked finger was pressing up my cunt and it made me sick. He just smiled as he continued to shift his finger back and forth between my clit and my opening.

He was getting an immense thrill out of molesting my private parts and I was letting him. He was breathing heavily through his open mouth as xxx sel tt story sex stories 2019 asked, "Do you want an A, Miss Anderson?" He was pumping his finger up my opening when I suddenly thought, "This is enough! I've got my B that I came in with and now I'm going to end this." "No, Mr. Beloski, I don't want a fucking A!

Get your boney finger out of my cunt and shove it up your ass!" I said through trembling lips. I reached down and pulled my panties up were they belong, straightened my skirt and turned to leave. I turned back and spat at him in no uncertain terms, "And I had better get my B out of this class or I will go to the police and don't think I won't." "Yes, yes Miss Anderson, don't worry your little head. You will get the grade that you have earned, both in your class work and after," he said smiling.

"And Miss Anderson, you will sex xxx boy story com up at the bottom of the heap, you know.

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You are nothing but a little whore, a slut who will fornicate at the drop of a hat. You've proved that this afternoon. Now get out of my class room Miss Anderson and go to your Richie but remember he will throw you away as soon as he is through with you.

Miss Anderson, you are a slut and you don't even know it." I ran out of the room, down the now vacant hall way to my locker. Tears were streaming down my cheeks and as I raced by the girl's room, I instinctively turned in to wash the filth off of my body. For several minutes, I stood there, washing his stench off of me. I went into a stall, pulled down my panties and scrubbed my pussy raw with soap and water.

Finally, I got control of my emotions, washed my face, cleaned out my locker and walked out of the building for the last time. I fought back the tears as I walked the distance to Richie's house.

Mr. Beloski's words kept coming to mind. "I'm not a slut. I'm not a slut. I just like sex, that's all. Everybody likes sex." I was going over hot cute teen gets blackmailed and banged for stealing over it in my mind when I got to Richie's house and as I opened the door to the kitchen, I actually had a smile on my face.

But it was short-lived because when Richie saw me he yelled, "Where in the FUCK have you been! I've got the guys coming over here any time and I need a piece of ass!" He grabbed me by my bicep and pulled me towards his bedroom. I tried to explain but he would have none of it. As we got to his bedroom, he twirled me around to face the bed and picked up my skirt. He yanked down my panties to the floor and barked at me to spread my legs. Stepping out of them with one foot, I placed it down about two feet from the other one and I felt him push my face down into the covers of the bed.

"Richie?" I asked expecting something other than the treatment I was getting. "What the fuck do you expect, you little slut, romance and roses? You can take my cock right now up your cunt and like it," he said, ramming it in. His cock was hard but it would not going in readily. I wasn't lubricated and I definitely was not turned on. This didn't seem to bother him one little bit.

He just kept pushing it in me and it was starting to hurt like hell. He kept saying, "I'm going sweet darling delights two dicks hardcore and blowjob give it to ya dry, you little slut!

I'll teach you to keep me waiting," as he continued to shove it in. Finally he bottomed out as he shot his load with one more pump. At least it didn't hurt any more because of his cum lubricated his actions but before he could pull out, I heard, "Hey Richie ol' boy, where the fuck are you?" Tucking it back into his pants, he sneered, "I don't know what's got on with you lately but that was the worst piece of ass I've ever had.

God, sometimes I wonder why I keep you around. You'd better shape up or I'll just have to find another girl to fuck. That's all you are you know, is a good fuck and that ain't very good anymore. Now get the fuck out of here you little slut." His words stung me like a thousand bees. I don't remember putting on my panties or walking out the kitchen door. I don't remember hearing the "cat calls" from the guys or the threatening comments coming from Richie's foul mouth.

All I do remember was for the second time in an hour, I was walking down the street, trying to get the words of "You little slut" out of my mind. "I'm not a SLUT! I just like sex, that's all!" I suddenly felt Richie's cum flow out of my cunt to gather in the crotch of my panties. It felt disgusting and dirty. What I ever saw in that jerk was beyond me.

I like sex but that wasn't even sex. That was relief. That's all I was to that bastard, a little relief. "Well from now on, Richie, you'll just have to get your relief from good ol' Rosie Palm for all I care. You'll never treat me like that again," I thought to myself. I felt better by the time I turned onto our street. I freshened up my eyes a little and as I enter our front door, I headed for my bedroom to change my panties.

As I walked down the hall, I thought that I heard something. It was a strange sound, almost like a moan or something. I stopped and listened intently, waiting, not making a sound. "There it was again. It did sound like a moan," I thought. My heart was racing as I tipped toed back down the hall towards the kitchen from where I was sure the noise came from. As I got to the end of the hallway, I peered around the corner into the kitchen just as I heard the noise coming loudly from the kitchen table.

I recognized hot adorable gf is dreaming about sex sound just as I saw where it was coming from.

It was the moans of lust coming from the bare male butt pumping into the wide spread knees of the woman he was fucking. They were doing it right there on our kitchen table and I must have gasped my surprise because a familiar face peered around the back of the guy and the face was that of my Mom.

A look of horror was plastered all over my face as I turned and ran to my room. My Mom screamed and yelled, "Get off of me you idiot! That was my daughter you fool!

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Katy! Come back here, damn it. Oh FUCK, put your pants on Jorge and get the fuck out of here! Katy, what were you doing spying on your mother?" I entered my room and as I was closing the door, a foot blocked it from closing. My Mom stunk from booze and she was not herself. "What the fuck were you doing spying on me you little shit!" she spat, taking a swing at my head.

I blocked the blow but the force of it on my arm, knocked me backward onto my bed. I landed with such force my legs flew straight up, one at a time. My Mom stared down at my cum stained wet spot on the crotch of my panties and went sweet sweetie opens up spread vagina and gets deflorated defloration virginity a rage. "You've been fucking that Richie again, haven't you! You little whore! Let me see that!" she screamed as she grabbed the crotch of my panties and yanked on them with all her might.

The fabric gave way in her hand and she came away with shreds of my wet underwear sticking out of her clenched fist. Seeing my exposed, shaved pussy, sent her over the top.

"YOU'VE SHAVED YOUR PUSSY FOR THAT SON-OF-A-BITCH!" she screamed at the top of her lungs. "YOU FUCKING LITTLE SLUT! I"LL TEACH YOU," she yelled placing her knees on mine, trying to spread my legs far apart.

I twisted and turned, partly because hers knees hurt like hell as they squished the muscles around my joints and partly because I didn't want her groping into my cum soaked cunt. I slid my right leg free from her pin and I managed to raise my left one between her legs.

But beautiful girl likes being fucked on webcams I raised my hips up in an effort to dislodge her from on top of me, all I managed to do was shove my crotch right up into my body and cum hole need stimulation hardcore and russian crotch.

As contact was made, everything stopped just for a second. A look of total surprise flashed over both of our faces. Mom looked down at me and grinned. She said, "Oh, you want to play huh?" She squatted down and drove her hairy, wet pussy lips right down on my clitoris and started to rub.

It took me a second to realize just what was happening and by the time I had, the feelings and juices were starting to flow. "Oh my God," I said out loud. "Feels good doesn't it Katy Girl. You like rubbin' clits with your Momma don't you. I'll teach you a few new things, things that I'll bet poor Richie hasn't even heard of yet," she mumbled in her drunken stupor.

"Now Baby Girl, put your hand right down on your Momma's pussy," she directed, turning so her head was at my crotch and mine at hers. I stuck my finger into her opening, then two and then three. "Oh come on Baby, You've got to fill me up. Put four fingers into your Momma's cunt." I inserted the pinky and then slid my hand down to the knuckles into the now dripping hole. This brought out the longest sight out of her mouth as she slid her body under my own and placed her face between my legs.

I felt her wet tongue slide into my slit and then her lips wrap around my clit. I jumped as I felt a bolt of electricity course throughout my body and I began to earnestly ram my fist into her pussy. All four of my fingers were pointing straight into her opening and I was using my fist as a wedge to try to open her up even more. She must have loved it because she was soon raising her hips up in conjunction with my thrusts.

As I was pumping my fist, she was lip loving my entire bare pussy from vagina to clit, sending me higher and higher. I was arching my back in an effort to expose my slit to her oral assault when I felt two hands grasp me by my hips. Then I felt something soft yet hard, smooth yet ridged, poke directly into my ass hole. I turned my head to look back at the intruder and gasped at what a saw.

Standing at the end of my bed, with a "shit eating" grin on his face was my younger brother, Carl. He had his dick out, trying to put it into my ass. "Carl, what the fuck are you doing?" I screamed at him. I tried to get up but my Mom had me locked up with her tongue deep into my opening at the time. Since my right hand was busy pumping into my Mom's cunt, my only other hand was being used to support the weight of my body.

I instinctively tried to push him away with my left arm but the only thing I accomplished was shifting my support to my right and I plunged it into my Mom's cunt up to my wrist. I had my entire hand now inside her hole and my fingers just pushed against her cervix. "OH MY GOD KATY!" she screamed. "OH YES! OH YES! OH PLEASE FIST ME!" As she said these words, she bit down on my tender little clit which cause me to jerk away but immediately push back, trying to duplicate the sensation.

When I pushed back, Carl's cock slipped past my sphincter and lodged itself deep inside my bowels. The feeling took my breath away and I felt like I was going to gag. Carl was a scrawny little shit but he had a reputation around school of having a gigantic cock and he wasn't afraid to use it.

There were more than a dozen girls from all classes who would brag about taking his cock all the way in. It became almost a badge of honor for girls to claim to take in Brother Carl and now I knew what the fuss was all about. Brother and sister silping sex had that big thing buried up to the hilt in my ass and began thrusting it in and out of my reluctant anus.

I didn't know whether to scream for pain or excitement it was feeling so good. I was beginning to get in a rhythm with my hand action, my Mom's eating of my pussy and Carl's huge pole ramming me in the ass. It was all feeling so good, all together. I was pushing back into my brothers pumping, I was dragging my clit over my Moms tongue and lips as I was ramming my hand deep into her cunt. I suddenly felt a hand cradle my chin so I looked up to see the meanest looking cock staring me right in the face.

Now I know where Carl's cock size came from. It came from my Dad because right at that second, I was looking into the biggest one eyed snake I've ever seen.

He was pointing it right at my mouth as he guided my chin forward. I opened wide and barely got my lips around the head. He tilted my chin forward and pushed it in further and then further yet. I knew my teeth were scraping over his skin but this didn't seem to bother him one bit.

"Yeah Dad, go for it!" sang Carl. I had sucked many cocks before. In fact, I loved giving head.

emo tomboy teen taking off her skinny jeans tube porn But I had never seen or taken such a monster into my mouth before and I wanted to make it memorable for both of us.

I quit concentrating on keeping rhythm from the other two as I thought solely about taking my Dads huge cock in as far as I could. I stretched my head forward and opened my mouth wider than I thought possible. My jaw started to ache but it went in a little further with each thrust of my Dad's hips.

I gagged when it hit the back of my throat but when this reflex happened, my Dad knew it opened my throat up and he thrust his cock down past the gag reflex and into my esophagus. My eyes shut tightly as I slid it down deep. I soon realized that my air intake was blocked by his massive cock but I had to see it through. So I pushed it further into my mouth, seeking the fussy feeling on my lips. No matter how much further I took it in, I couldn't feel his pubic hair around my mouth.

"My God, I'm running out of air but I've got to take it in more. My throat hurt, it was scratching against my voice box. I suddenly felt Carl let loose and squirt his juices deep within my bowels. He could slide it in all the way now and I could feel his hairy crotch bump up against my ass cheeks. He let out a roar. My Mom was throwing her hips into every plunge of my arm.

Sometime during this process, I had made a fist with my hand and I was pounding it into her, punching her cervix like a punching bag. That is why she was sucking on my clit so hard that it was starting to hurt.

Of course when she bit down on the hood that was protecting it, it made it equally sore. I was building up to the largest orgasm of my life but all I wanted was to feel the tickle of my Dad's pubic hair around my lips.

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I felt Dad's hand on the back of my head, pulling me onto his massive dick. I couldn't open any further so he pumped his hips as he pulled on my head. I started seeing stars and everything was moving in slow motion when I finally felt the sensation I had been trying so desperately to achieve. Just then, my guts exploded. I must have spewed my juices all over the place as I convulsed and jerked my way to a massive release.

My stomach muscles went wild, my pussy muscles contracted. I was in the thralls of my orgasm when everything went black. All movement ceased. I blacked out. I heard them talking before I opened my eyes to see them all hovering over me. "Holy cow, I thought I fucked her in the ass until she died," my brilliant brother said.

"Naw, she just choked on my cock," my Dad insisted. "Would you two ass holes just shut up and let the girl breath. She just passed out that's all. She's going to be alright," my Mom said. "Yeah, it's pretty tough to breathe while you're swallowing cock, huh Dad?" Freakmob media virgo peridot gets a creampie from bbc said with a chuckle.

"What a cock sucker she is. Boy and I thought her ass hole was tight. Man I was riding her…" "Would you just shut the fuck up," my Mom said, taking a swing at my brother.

"What the fuck was that for?" Carl asked ducking one from my Dad. "Let's get the fuck out of here," he said taking Carl by the arm and leading him out of my room. I heard them talking down the hall and my Dad was asking, "Was that ass of hers really tight? I mean, what a little slut." I couldn't hear Carl's response but I teen babes tight pussy is drilled by big young cock only imagine he describe it in full detail.

"You okay?" my Mom asked. I tried to speak but my voice wouldn't work so I just nodded as a rolled over to try and hide the nakedness of my crotch. "Well, come on out and get something to eat later if you feel up to it." She started to say something else but stopped before she said a word, raised her eyebrows and walked away. They all left me laying there in my room, sore, abused and totally drained. I began to silently cry just a little. "My own Dad called me a slut. What do I have to do to show him that I just like sex?" I thought.

My mind went to the events that led up to this moment as I slowly undressed and wandered into the bathroom to run a tub of hot water. Maybe I can soak away all of the insults I have taken today. Maybe I can get those thoughts out of my head. I slipped below the warm water and I felt the soothing bubbles caress my sore aching muscles. It was tender at either opening and I tried to speak once again.

My efforts came out in a whisper. As I lowered myself even further under the water, my knees came up and hugged either side of the tub. My hand went naturally down between my legs and I touched the tender pleasure nubbin. It felt natural, familiar, like an old friend.

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My mind went to Carl putting his huge cock up my ass and I wondered what it would feel like in my pussy. I rubbed it lightly and I discovered the tingle between my legs. My thoughts switched to my Dad's massive cock as I wondered how I took it all the way down my throat.

As I continued to rub on my clit I fantasized about being alone with my Dad and taking that thing right up my cunt. I inserted my finger into my opening, then a second and then a third. I finally put the fourth one in and started evelin gets fucked by her nymphomaniac stepmum. I began moving my hips as I played with myself and my thoughts were on his thing.

How could I get him alone? I wonder what it would feel like having that huge cock buried in my pussy. The more I thought about it the hotter I got. I was soon raising my hips out of the water and rubbing my clit with avenges and pumping my hand into my own cunt. Then it happened. I strained every muscle in my body as I tightened up to released all my juices into the warm soothing water. I relaxed and scooted down in the water until my lips were touching it. I smiled at myself for having such a fantasy and promising myself that I would try to make it come true.

After all, I'm not a slut, I just like sex.