Milf swimming chop shop owner gets shut down

Milf swimming chop shop owner gets shut down
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Part 3 "What's the last thing you remember, Yuri?" Avan's brother sighed and said he remembered being accused of touching a girl and a grand tribunal that said he should stand trial in Kassan.

He brushed a teardrop for his eye and added, "Then, Shyla believed them and screamed horrible things and then she left. That's when I hit the bottle again. I hot adorable gf is dreaming about sex it was wrong. I knew what alcohol had done in my youth. I knew I was flaking on my family and that depressed me even more. Then, I don't know what happened." His brother nodded. "So much has happened and you must know about it. But Yuri, you left us with a desperate situation and I had to take some desperate measures to get your family out of Kassan and into Incestia." Yuri said he understood and Avan explained that the court in Kassan was certainly going to deliver a guilty verdict and a sentence of five years to hard labor.

"And, they were going to auction your kids off to the sex traders of Talamira to pay your court costs. We were less than two weeks away from that happening!" "I know. I screwed up." "Just be glad that Incestia has a statute for taking in foreign families in danger because all of the surrounding nations had six-month waiting lists." "When can I see my kids?" "Yuri! You must listen!

Since I live in Incestia, I learned that this country has a grant for immediate immigration for families that qualify, which yours didn't." "Qualified? How?" "Two things.

The family had to be in peril, which I could prove. But, it also had to be a family of incest, which yours wasn't." "Wh…What are you saying?" "Yuri, there was no other way. This is difficult, but we had to prove that your family was engaged in some form of incest. We had to get you to have some kind of sex with one of your kids." "What?!?" Avan Volka then explained how an Incestian official had told him to use "strong drink", a concoction of Yuri's daily alcohol mixed with passion berry, to seduce the man into incestuous intercourse with a family member and how his daughters had given him the drink and lured their father to his bed.

"You're saying I fucked one of my daughters' mouths?" "No Yuri. I would never let the purity of your daughters be taken. I knew you would want them to remain pure and in this nation of Incestia, they could bring you great wealth if you decided to take that route. So no, I did not put you in bed with one of your daughters.

But, I did.I mean, we.I know.Caci." "What?" "Yuri, there was no other way." "You had me fuck my son's mouth?" His head dropped. After staring at the floor for a half-minute, he lifted his gaze and looked directly into his brothers eyes. "Don't be mad, Yuri. Look around you.

Your whole family is safe and you never have to face that trial in Kassan. I did what I had to do for your family." There were several seconds of silence before Yuri replied, "Yeah. I know." "What?" "I caught on about halfway through the second time." "That's impossible! You've been in a stupor for weeks!" "Then, how did I know it was done more than once?" Avan was stymied. "Avan, after having sex for the first time in months, that heavy depression began to lift.

It was as if being a with woman---who I soon figured out was my own son---my head began to clear. I began diluting the alcohol and passion berry in those bottles you rigged." "You actually knew? Why didn't you say anything? Why didn't you object?" "Because there was no way I could come up with a plan to get out of Kassan but you already had a plan. I knew I had to play along so I didn't screw up the safety of my kids for a second time. If I had to screw my son's mouth to make it work, then that's what I did." "I'll be damned," Avan muttered.

"Besides, I knew there was no aroused milf sucking teen cock with lust I would ever be able to represent myself in immigration court, even in a licentious place like Incestia. There was no way I could stand up in court and say, 'Yes, Your Honor, I fuck my boy in the mouth.' It was better for me to let things ride and have you represent the family." Avan's head reeled with questions and he asked a few and, in time, the brothers agreed that everything that had happened was necessary.

"Avan, do you think my kids will ever forgive me for being so deathly irresponsible in taking up alcohol and for this.this incest teacher pussy worship behind student would they? I'm not sure I can forgive myself." "They just want you back to normal." "Even Verity, my angel?" "Even Verity." "And Caci?" "Yes.

There's a lot more I have to tell you about him but let's not get into that now." "How about Cambria?" "Yes, she's fine." "Wish I could say the same for me. I don't know how I'll live without shame now that the court of Incestia has deemed me an incestuous father." "You'll probably be saluted as some kind of hero because in this land, incest is celebrated which explains why they have an emergency immigration statute for incestuous families." "Well, you helped me and I'm just glad that it's all in the past." Avan hedged.

taxi diver fucks teen anal in public he started, "it's not exactly in the past." "I don't understand." "There are some things you need to know about Cambria." "What about her?" "She." Avan took a deep breath and exhaled.

"Yuri, she.[pause].she wants take Shyla's place." "I'm not sure what that means." "It means to take her place as your companion. And Yuri, you need to consider it." "I'm feeling confused." "Of course you would feel that way. But listen, your wife cut out as soon as those charges were made against you. There was no proof, just allegations, yet she left in the dead of night. You were devastated and depressed that the woman you loved ditched you and you probably don't ever want to feel that pain again.

Right?" Yuri nodded. "Well, think about this. Through all of those things, your wife left but Cambria never did. And, if she didn't leave after all of that, then she will never leave you like Shyla did.

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With Cambria, you have a lifelong companion." "What do you mean by 'companion'?" "It means everything, Yuri. Cambria wants to take Shyla's everything." "Everything? You mean." Avan nodded.

"Yes Yuri, even sex. She wants to please you and satisfy you and, I suppose, prove she's a better woman for you than Shyla ever was." "Did she tell you that or are you just assuming?" "She told me. Many times." Yuri slumped back and his head slowly shook. "This all too much.

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First you get me to fuck my son's mouth and now you're telling me I need to fuck my own daughter! But, what about her staying pure and her great value in Incestia?" "At this point, I think it's pretty clear that for her, it's either you or it's nothing.

And Yuri, there's more to it. She wants to marry you." "Now I know you're making things up because father's can't marry their daughters!" "Oh but they can in Incestia. It happens all of the time. Incestians celebrate incest so anytime family members want to marry each other, it's not only legal but there's usually a lot of people attending the weddings." "You're telling me that my sweet Cambria wants to marry me and you're telling me she wants me to fuck her.

Maybe I'm still in that long dream because this is crazy!" "But, think about it. She'll never leave you. And yes, she wants you to fuck her. She practically begged me to let her be the one you screwed in Kassan. The only reason she wasn't in your bed on those six nights is because I stopped her. But now that you're in Incestia, you can do all of those things and they are all commonplace." "I.I don't know what to say. Hell, I don't know what to think." "There's more." "Dammit Avan, when does this ever stop?" "Just one last thing about her." [pause] "She wants to bear your child." "What?" "She wants you to impregnate her.

She might be in love with you or maybe it's to prove you love her or maybe to bind you to her even more, but that's what she keeps telling me." "Are you sure we're talking about the same girl?" "Yes Yuri. You don't have to decide anything now, but you must commit to giving it honest consideration. You owe that to Cambria." "Okay.

Yes. I guess you're right." He was pensive for a few seconds. "Marry my own daughter. Impregnate my own daughter. What would the neighbors think?" "Huh?" "Imagine a year from now. I could be introducing our new kid to the neighbors and telling them, 'Yes, this is my new daughter.

And oh, bye-the-way, she's also my granddaughter.'" "Wouldn't be anything new in Incestia. In fact, it's not that unusual for a man to show off his new daughter and tell the neighbors she's also his great granddaughter." "That's.That's.I can't even imagine that. You said you had something to tell me about Caci." "I thought you said you couldn't take any more." "Hell, I've made it this far, haven't I?" "If you're sure." Avan waited for his brother's nod, then continued.

"I'll tell you the hardest part first. Yuri, the only way the immigration judge would sign the emergency grant of immigration was.well.he.he wants to see Caci twice a week." "For what?" Avan stalled. He shrugged. "You know." "You mean suck the judge's cock? You agreed to that?!? Twice a week?!? "There was no other way. Besides, Caci's okay with it. In fact, he wants to.

After all of those nights in Kassan, you must have figured out that your son didn't just katies fine ass oiled up and fucked it for the family. Yuri, your son is a cocksucker." "I guess.I guess I did but I just didn't want to believe it. It was easier to xxx story mota land lmba land 3gb he was doing it for the family.

But yes, I see the signs now, the way he always wants to wear his hair as long as his sisters and his girly mannerisms." Avan explained how he had trained the boy's mouth and throat with a dildo and how easily Caci had taken to it. "He was eager for it, Yuri. And now, I think it's time that you and Blonde solo masturbation and blowjob cassy lynn cream pie and internal agree that we need to manage what he does because we don't want him going out looking for men.

I can help with that, if you want. You have enough to deal with right now." They talked for a few minutes before Avan said it was time to reunite his brother with his children. As they stood to leave the bedroom, Yuri said, "No. Wait. I'm not sure about.I mean, how do I act around Cambria?" "Just be yourself.

Hug them and love on them, then we'll all sit down and talk so that everything is out in the open." He led Yuri out of the bedroom and watched while his brother hugged his kids and talked with them.

Then, Avan sat them all down and repeated what he had told their father, including how Cambria wanted to be impregnated by her father and marry him. The young girl couldn't have shown a bigger smile. "You must understand that that's a lot to ask of him right now after all he's been through. But, he has given me his word that as his mind clears, he will give it honest consideration, so you need to be patient." The girl jumped toward her father and hugged him and said, "Daddy, you won't be sorry!

I will do everything mommy did and I will do it even better!" Avan turned to the boy. "Caci, your father and I are aware that you're a cocksucker. And, it's okay for you to be a cocksucker. You don't have to hide it anymore. But, we can't have you out in the streets looking for men so we've agreed that I will help arrange things for you." After a half-hour of conversation, he said, "Girls, your father is done with alcohol.

He won't ever drink it again. In fact, Yuri, why don't you and Caci go round up all of your bottles and get them out to the trash." While they were away, he gathered Verity and Cambria close. "Listen, we still have work to do and we have to keep it confidential from both of them. Cambria, he's in a bit of shock from hearing that you want him to fuck you.

I will work on him but you two need to stay out of it." The girl protested. "But, I want to talk to him about it every day! I want him to know how important it is to me." "Cambria, you want to get screwed don't you?" "Yes." "Then, do what I say.

He still sees you as his precious little girl so the more you talk about incest, the more you will seem like a whore and that will drive him away. You can dress somewhat skimpy, but don't overdo it.

Let me push his buttons and not you. Otherwise, you probably won't get what you want." The youngest of the sisters sighed and agreed. "If this works and he marries you, all of you will have a whole family again. But, we have to work behind your father's back, so we have to stick together and do it in secret." The sisters agreed and thanked him for all he was doing for them.

"Yes, I've done a lot for you. Maybe.Maybe there's something that you two can do for me." "What Uncle Avan? " Verity asked. "Remember, this all must be confidential." "You don't have to worry about us," Cambria said. "Well, this is hard to say but what I want is.I.I want…Caci. Cambria, just like you've had desires for your father, Made to jerk off during confession by sister taylor long had desires for your brother." Verity laughed, "Haha, you want to fuck our brother?" "His mouth, Verity.

Just his mouth. I.I have always been fond of cocksuckers, which explains why I never married. Once I began to suspect that your brother was a cocksucker and being as pretty as he is, I've had a hard time keeping my dick in my pants when I'm around him. I've wanted to do it in his mouth for so long." "Why didn't you?" Cambria asked. "Because the risks of doing something like that in Kassan were too great.

That country has laws against incest and they still classify mouthfucking as sodomy. But now we're in Incestia and it's all legal here. Girls, I've sacrificed a lot to help you so please say you'll help me." "We will," Verity said.

"But, how do we help? "I've got a plan worked out.

We'll call it Plan C. But, that comes later because Cambria comes first." In the days that followed, Avan talked to his brother often about Cambria and the advantages of what he could have with her. Yuri resisted at first but as their discussions became commonplace, his attitude began to change until finally, he admitted, "Those six nights of sex changed me. I was reawakened as a sexual being and as a man.

Now I realize I'm a man and I have needs." "Exactly. And why waste your time with women you don't know when you've got a gold mine right here living with you. Besides Yuri, where is a man your age ever going to get a girl as hot as Cambria?" By the time 10 days had passed, Yuri had gone from considering the idea to agreeing with it while admitting he had no idea how to go about having sex with his daughter." Avan presented different ideas before saying, "But the best way is to do it in public." Yuri's eyes bulged.

"What?" "In public. Incestians love incest. Hell, they would pay a high admission to watch a father fuck his daughter, especially one as gorgeous Cambria and they'll pay even more because she's a virgin." At first, Yuri scoffed but as Avan revealed the amount of money such an encounter could bring, he began to consider it.

"But, Cambria would never agree to that." "Oh yes she would. She wants everyone to know. She'd do it on Main Street if you'd let her." As bizarre as it all seemed, Yuri's desire for Cambria was building and it reached an intensity that caused him to ask Avan to set it up.

_____ When the day came, Yuri and Cambria were in formal attire, almost as if at a wedding. They entered a large building near the town square and were greeted with the applause of more than 200 ribald onlookers. After a sleazy announcer described what was about to happen, Yuri's nerves were getting the better of him.

But Cambria seemed excited and she pulled her father to a large bed with a floral spread and she kissed him full on the lips. Verity pulled her fathers hands to her sister's modest breasts. From love hero full hd dj slow motion, Yuri's base nature took over and he began undressing her and himself while also fondling his daughter. Her fingers found his hard cock and lightly stroked it while the audience intermittently chanted for them to mate.

The situation was as seedy as it was awkward but the girl pulled him downward until she was on her back. Her body was naked and creamy and perfect. As lust overpowered him, Yuri crawled over the top of his daughter and positioned himself to enter her while the crowd almost seemed in a frenzy.

He was trembling. Was he actually going to fuck his own daughter? In front of 200 strangers? Cambria reached down and guided his hard cock to her virgin pussy and once he felt the heat of her innocence, he was lost to his fate.

He lay on top of her and pushed and pushed again and after a crazy students sucking and having group sex from the girl, he pushed once more and he felt his hard cock begin to enter his daughter. Pangs of guilt flooded him. How had he come to this? He had been raised to believe that it was abominable for a father to screw his daughter, yet there he was on top of his youngest daughter and getting ready to do the unthinkable!

Momentary doubt seized him, yet just as quickly, it vanished when he realized that he was already inside of her which was the same as already having done it so he might as well go through with it and enjoy the ride. He continued to bury himself into her soft innocence and then he began to move and it felt sooooo good and the audience chanted and the girl clung to her father and his mind became clouded and lust compelled his loins and front of hundreds of people.Yuri Volka engaged in sexual intercourse with his youngest daughter.

He grunted and lurched and he felt sweat and heat and he smelled sex and alcohol and he kept ploughing her fertile canal and lusting and fucking and fucking. Violating his daughter made him feel like an animal, like the most diabolical, wicked, and perverse man in the universe, but maybe those were the things that had his balls on fire. His cock became desperate to pump sperm into the girl and his balls began to roll and suddenly---everything else be damned!---he had to do it!

He had to! He had to cum in her! He pinned her harder underneath him as if to capture her and render her helpless so he could finish the despicable act that he could not stop. And, with cheers from a half-drunken crowd of lecherous and lusting Incestian perverts, Yuri fucked harder and faster and like an obsessed madman, he buried his bone deep inside of her and then deeper and then it happened; babes just cant hold back any longer kimberly west productions began ejaculating.

In his daughter. His cock felt like fire as he pumped rich daddy sperm into the young girl and he groaned and his body jerked again and again as his balls shot hot, thick, fertile, goo into her. It was so wrong yet it felt so good! Then, he jammed even deeper into her and he let loose one last powerful shot of ejaculate before collapsing on top of her.

His head felt dreamy, like he wasn't all there. He lost sense of his surroundings and he no longer heard the Incestian audience.

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Nonethless, one thing was certain and it was the one thing that both he and the Incestians knew: It was finished. Consummated. Irreversible. And, it had been witnessed.

Before the hour was up, hundreds of lusting Incestians would spread through Incestia and tell the news. Yuri Volka just fucked his own daughter. _____ [Part 4 follows]