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Desirable bitches get nailed in the club
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This is a long Epilogue I know but there were alot of loose ends to tie up and perhaps start? I hope this has helped quiet a few of the questions. A Good Man (EPILOGUE) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tom looked over at his two wifes, he couldn't believe that that both councils had approved his joining to both of them.

Frilly hadn't been all lies when she said that she wanted to fall in love. Tom was just a little blind at the time to realize that it was h,e who she was in love with. Myria had been in love with Tom since the first time they met. Tom wasn't sure but he thought that both of them were scheming to get pregnant with his children. A week after the battle the Centaurs had requested "the warrior Tom" join them at their home village. It had been strange, all the Centaurs were bowing and patting him on the back saying he was a great warrior, that he had honored the Centaur people by inviting them to the battle.

Ellen and Tonk had considered naming one of the boys after Tom, he had not only saved the King and Queen but had the king and his troops in on the best battle they had been in for centuries. Even the young hot head Mattis, was asking advice for future battles. Tom was glad that Tonk had finished the last enrapture stone, it had taken weeks for all the magical beings to finish resurrecting them.

Tom had heard a child's song about them and had started asking about them. The Centaurs were the last of all of them that were finishing them. What was that rhyme he'd heard? hmmm ah! The mage won't see the enrapture stones that with, he's captured try and fight, try for flight his bones soon will be fractured Laughing, Tom thought so simple, but so deadly, these stones were an old ancient part of the old magic.

It seemed that Malamon had more than believed it about them and had searched for over 100 years for them. Strangely enough it wasn't the stones as much as the incantation that was used on them. Sighing Tom thought of why Myria had put her self into the mind of Frilly, it had been the perfect place for her to hide, Her power was almost as unique as Tom's, Malamon would have been unstoppable even Tom as he was right now wouldn't have been able to stop him.

Damn that man had been as close to pure evil as Tom had ever seen, it was good he was gone. Futha had shown up just after his adventure with the Centaurs, the hopeful look on her face spoke volumes. Tom examined her and found that yes, she was pregnant, then a strange look crossed his face.

Concerned Futha began to be afraid that what Tom had done for her had failed. "What's wrong mage Tom? Did it not take? Did I lose the baby?" she cried Smiling Tom looked at her, "no Futha you didn't lose the babies, they are fine." "I thought something was wrong when. BABIES!!!??" she almost yelled. "Yes, from what I can tell, I feel more than one," Tom replied. beautiful busty blondes double penetration and pussy licking

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"More than o.," Futha said as she fainted. Luckily Tom caught her well from the floor, Tom sat with her till a half hour later, she awakened.

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"Ah! You're awake, you had me worried for a bit," Tom said.

Futha reached up and kissed Tom on the cheek, "thank you so much for what you've done!" Futha got up to leave which puzzled Tom. "Don't you want to know how many?" asked Tom. "No, mage Tom I trust it will help the brownies and my self but thank you," with that she was gone. Tom smiled, she had lost a son and daughter to Malamon now, she would have another son and daughter.

About to sit there was a knock at his door, "so this is where you are now you stupid bastard, I brought your shit, I don't know why but I felt I had to bring it to you," Tom's wife said, "here you can have this food I brought, I know I'm not the easiest to live with but neither are you. Anyway bye you ass wipe!" Tom smiled damn for her that was nice! Almost all of the beings in the magical world had thanked Tom, then there the Nymphs.

They were stubborn to a fault though they were fun loving and liked to pull pranks they never asked for help. Tom was returning home after healing more people when he caught the first sight of them he'd ever seen.

Shrugging he continued on never noticing the human figure with the Nymphs. Five years later Tom sat relaxing at the end of the day, Frilly had finally succeeded in becoming pregnant, Myria was trying extremely hard, Tom shook his head. He liked sex as much as anyone but she was going to kill him, if he didn't have work to do he thought he might be dead.

It was for sure Myria wouldn't let him out of bed other wise, damn but that woman could fuck! Tom stepped inside going to get a bite to eat when he heard a voice outside. "Hey shithead! I want the so called mage Tom," came the voice. Stepping out Tom felt the threat and went to full shields, "I am Tom, what can I do for you?" "You can die!" with that the young man threw a enourmous fireball at Tom, bouncing it back at the young man only caused him to snarl.

"I intend to kill you bastard!" he screamed Tom seized the man, a wild terrified look came to his eyes, "so you're gonna kill me just as you did my father!" Taken aback Tom stared at the enraged young man, "just who was your father?

"The great and powerful Malacon a true mage not some fucking little pussy fake like you!" The youmger man screamed still trying to break free. "For one thing I did not kill him or anyone!" Tom yelled back "You cut him off from sources of energy same difference!" The young man explained.

"You mean other beings? They are the sources of energy!!!" Tom said now starting to get angry. "NO! they are weak and pathetic only there to be used!" he said now to a fever pitch. Sealing his mouth shut Tom stared at him, "You are no where as strong as your father," Tom waved stopping all struggling of the man, "If you were then I'd stop you, now be gone before I strip you of your powers as I did him!" Releasing the youth Tom watched him flash out.

Damn he was as strong as Sex fairy tales8 mom and son japan you sex fairy tales xxx fuck sleeping was when he defeated him, better watch this one. The youth appeared in the trees of the Nymphs, still enreaged he vowed he'd kill Tom and rule both worlds as his father should have!