Redhead hottie anal toys her tanned nurse

Redhead hottie anal toys her tanned nurse
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I looked at them sitting across the room nervously; everyone was on pins and needles. Sweat dripping from my father's brow, the cold stare from my mother directed at both my uncle (mother's side) and my father. I didn't know what was going on; all I knew was that things were going downhill. I couldn't imagine what I have done… if I did anything at all. I knew something was about to happen and I knew I wasn't going to like it. "Soooo… what is going on here guys?" I american naughty xxx story dwonload saidcutting the tension with my words, like a knife going through melted butter.

"Well Tyler…" my father manages to get out before my mother interrupts; "Your father and I are getting a divorce!" she spewed like venom. "What!?. Why!?. What for!?" I demanded.

"You're too young to understand." my father replied with sigh in his voice and shame on his face, "It's a very delicate situa…" "Your father and uncle are faggots!!" mother snaps like a viper on its kill. I didn't know what I was hearing, I was shocked beyond belief. I was speechless. I phased out, mother screaming at my father and uncle as she started to pack up everything. Before I knew it, my mother and I were on a plane heading for Texas.

It was night and everyone was just about asleep besides a man that was sitting across the aisle from me. Every now and again I would catch him taking glances at me. He was about mid 20s, good looking, combed short brown hair, pretty fit.

We locked eyes at one point, green; I'm a sucker for green eyes. I liked him. I knew I wasn't like most 12 year old boys, I was shorter than most of the kids my age, 4'6'', thin and soft, not really manly at all.

I usually wore a little vest and dress shirt with a tie with short dress shorts. I had blonde hair and blue eyes like my mother. But I was more like my father, especially now that I knew what he was. There were a lot of homosexuals where I grew up. San Francisco was hot pussy sharing with wild sweetheart homemade hardcore the gay capitol of America.

Anyway, back to the guy, he was staring at me with a smile. His smile wasn't a typical sort smile; it was like his smile was a trap to snare me into his intentions. His hand moved to his crotch and adjusted, which I assume was, his hardening cock. I got up and walked down the aisle to the airplane's bathroom. Before I went in I took a second glance at the man, his eyes pierced right through me.

I walked in and closed the door, left it unlocked. I waited for the stranger in the bathroom, hoping he took the hint. I waited for over 5 minutes. My hopes were just about up till I heard a light knock at the door. It opened slightly and the strangers head poked in. "Excuse me little boy, mind I come in?" asked the attractive stranger. I just shook my head shyly. I wasn't shy; this wasn't my first time doing something like this. But it was the first time with someone who was a full adult.

Usually it was someone around my age. I've had sex before, I rather enjoyed it. Liked being the bottom, liked it rough.

"Did you like what you saw out there?" he said with those eyes. He had lightly put his hand on my shoulder, I knew what he wanted and I planned on giving it to him. "How old are you? You look about 10." "No!" I said giggling, "I'm 12!" I looked down at the floor smiling and blushing.

I looked up to see him scanning my body with his green eyes, obviously I still had game. He laughs, "So… you like looking at me don't you?" I nodded yes, "Would you like to see more of me?" he asked with a even bigger smile slapped across his face.

Before I could respond he started taking off his shirt. He was fairly built and moderate amount of hair on his chest, he had a pretty defined 6 pack abs and a happy trail leading from his belly button to his boxers. He then reached for me and started to take off my vest, then my tie, then desi babe pulling her tits out and play short, till I was only in my SpongeBob briefs.

They were my favorite. "Wow. those are cute. Do you want to see mine?" he said before grabbing my hands and putting them on his belt buckle. I said nothing, I just undid his belt. At this point I could see his semi erect dick through his pants.

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It seemed wild and charming trio sex momsandteens threesome be quite big. I started to undo the button then the zipper. As his pants fell his dick sprung to life through his boxers. "Do you like what you see? Why don't u take it out?" I reached in his boxers through the opening and grabbed it; it was really hard and really thick. I pulled it out; it was almost at eye level. It was about 6 maybe 6 1/2 inches long, cut.

I wrapped both hands around it and started jacking him off. Little moans came from the stranger, his hand started going through my blonde hair. I decided to take it up a notch and put the whole head in my mouth. I started sucking and licking the sensitive underside of the head. The stranger was going wild. I started taking more of his cock. Inch by inch I was devouring it. I got a good 5 inches in before I gagged.

I pulled off coughing, "Heh. sorry little man…" the stranger said embarrassingly, "I got carried away." "Let's try this." he said turning me around facing the cramped bathroom's sink. He lift me up onto the sink facing the mirror while on my knees, back arched.

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He stared at my bubble butt through my stretched SpongeBob underwear, "Wow. You have a magnificent ass." he stranger growled.

"Here, let me give u a better view." I said while pulling down my undies. His eyes widened and his throbbing cock flexed, "Wow." he reached out and took a cheek in each hand, fondling and squeezing. The stranger spread both soft bouncy cheeks exposing my tight boy hole; he lowered his face to eye level and took in a big whiff of my sweet boy stink.

The smell riled the stranger's sex drive and he plunged his tongue into my ass, invading my hole. I let out mumbles of pleasure as he tongued me with professional skill. After awhile of ass licking, I felt is tongue retreat my hole and was replaced with something else… something bigger. "Are you ready for the main event?" he said putting pressure on my boy hole with his throbbing cock.

Slowly his dick was breaking my tight ass; love hero full hd dj slow motion head popped through and started to ease himself inside of me.

It was the farthest I've ever been stretched. I was starting to moan loudly as he got his full length inside of me. He pulled my SpongeBob undies the rest of the way off of me and forced them into my mouth, to stop my loud outbursts. He started to pick up his pace, dominating my ass. He was ramming to me hard, smacking noises drowning out my muffled sounds of pleasure. I felt like he was splitting me in two.

The stranger was fucking my tight little ass full force speaking word of pleasure till he started to tense up. With a loud moan, almost a scream, he unloaded his cum deep inside my worn hole. I felt rope after rope of his hot seed burst inside me causing my erection to explode without even touching it.

My little boy butter shot into the sink. Wasn't too much, I only started cumming last year so there was just about 2 shots worth. "That was fantastic." He said withdrawing his withering cock from my loosened hole.

He picked me up off of the sink and set me down facing him. He leaned in and invaded my mouth with his tongue. "Thanx for the good time mister." I said taking my SpongeBob undies cleaning the cum flowing from my stretched hole.

After putting on my clothes I put my cum soaked undies in the stranger's hand and gave him a wink before returning to my seat. After about 10 minutes I see the man com form the airplane's bathroom and sit at his seat across the aisle from hd povd busty alexis adams bounces on cock outdoors. Occasionally I would see him reach into his pocket and pull out the underwear I gave him and smell them.

That turned me on a little. As the flight stewardess was making her rounds she stopped at the man and asked him if he needed a drink then turned to me, "Hey sweaty, were almost to Texas. Soon we will be starting our new lives there." She said smiling. My mother was the stewardess. She turned back to the man. I found it humorous that my mother was servicing the stranger that was servicing me not but 15 minutes ago. I had a few more encounters with the stranger in the bathroom throughout the flight.

We landed in Houston, it was safe to say that my little ass was pretty raw and filled with his cum by the time me and my mother got off the plane. "Honey are you ok?" my mother asked with concern, "Your walking a bit funny." I had to stop myself from bursting out in laughter, "Yeah I'm fine.

My leg fell asleep." Lies. She just ignored it and we got our luggage and headed to our new home, Santa Fe. I hope I make new friends. Hopefully they're like the new friend I made on the plane. We drove for acouple hours till we saw a sign that said "Santa Fe ½ mile next exit." We drove through the town. Kinda small. nothing really going down. It looked quite boring.

I could tell I'm not gonna fit in. "So what you think?" my mother said from the front seat, "it's quiet and peaceful, huh?" "Uuhh… Sure. I guess." More like plain and boring. But when we reached a street, which I would soon find out that would be our new street, I saw a guy skateboarding on the sidewalk, must have been about 16. He was so gorgeous! Everything seemed like it went in slow motions as we passed by.

He was so hot with his short buzzed dark brown hair. His eyes where green like emeralds. So enticing. I got a good look of his body because he was shirtless; slim, pale, a bit muscular with almost a 6 pack. He, like the man on the plane, had also a happy trail leading from his sex swellow my com com belly button to his sexy boxers and black baggy cargo shorts.

I didn't know who he was but I'm more than excited to find out. Shortly after my arousing encounter, we pulled into a drive way with a movers van in front. As I got out of the car, the guy who I just eye raped came strolling down the street. I was still wide jawed and awe struck.

He looked back at me expressionless and gave me the finger as he passed by. That broke my awe struck moment. He skated into the drive way of the neighboring house next to ours.

Still giving me the finger. As he walked into his house I just snickered. I guess he thinks he is hot shit. Well I guess he was. He was pretty fine. And his rude manner kinda turned me on, but hell what didn't. he looks alittle too old to be in 8th grade so I guess I wont really be seeing him. I turned to the house watching the movers take out things inside.

Ugh, this place is depressing. =================================================================================== This is my first story so please be gentle!