Two hot stunners have some naughty fun

Two hot stunners have some naughty fun
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I had always heard about the stories in Japan. Poor Japanese girls were surrounded and groped on a busy subway train. Was it fact or fiction?

My name is Amber. I was an exchange student in Tokyo in the summer of 2009. I was attending a college there on a soccer scholarship. My billets told me the stories about the subway gang groping were fake and not to worry. I had ridden the subway several times and never had a problem. Tonight was a little different. It was about midnight and probably too late for a blond little foreigner to be out by herself.

I caught the train for a my billets residence. It was going to be a 1 hour ride. Tokyo was a huge city and spread out. I thought the subway appeared packed for such a late time of night. There were only men on my car, about 40 of them. I could smell stale alcohol and even saw some sitting and drinking.

I was a little uncomfortable when I caught suck large cocks makes her glad squirting and japanese few looking at me on several occasions.

I settled in for the ride standing and holding a car as all the seats were occupied. I put on my ipod and cranked the music.

About five minutes into the ride I was getting squished by a group of about 15 men. I tried to push my way out but was surrounded. Someone behind me took my headphones off and whispered in English into my ear. He said do not scream or you will be in trouble. As I turned to look my wrists were grabbed by two men and held above my head.

Another male in the group took out handcuffs and cuffed me to the metal grab bar for the subway which was overhead. This forced me to stand on my tip toes.

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A male was video taping this predicament and it made me scared. I could see the males all turned towards me now. Some had their cocks out and were masturbating on me.

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I could not get away. The subway groping was coming true. I knew I would be a target, being a cute 18 year old blond girl in a foreign country. The males I knew were going to have their way with me. I could feel hands all over. hey didn't miss a spot. Every inch of my body was touched or rubbed. I wondered what would be removed first? Would it be my little white runners with the pom pom socks or would they keep those on? Maybe they would pull off my overly short tight camouflage shorts and see the little white string bikini I wore underneath.or lastly would they start with my form fitting fully frontal button up t-shirt.

The hands started to undo my belt. I tried to squeeze my legs together, but a group of hands pulled my knees apart and the men laughed. The top buttons of my shorts were undone and hands slipped inside between my panties and camouflage. The rubbing felt good but I didn't like it from these creeps.

Some of the story srex perawawn thai online started licking and kissing my face.

Others rubbed my breasts under and on top of the button up shirt. I always had a bad habit when I had an orgasm of starting to quiver and then scream. These freaks could tell I was getting close. They rubbed harder and stuck their tongues further down my throat. It happened. In all this groping I came. The men were excited. I could my orgasm was huge and it soaked my crotch of the shorts.

The men started grasping at my shirt. They could see my nipples poking out. One reached underneath and ripped off my swim top. Another grabbed the shirt on both sides of the buttons and tore it off. I was exposed up top. Several of the guys behind me, unaware to me had ejaculated on my ass of my shorts. I have to admit I had a hot round, firm ass. I had never been fucked in it and wanted it to stay that way. One guy in broken English told me he had a deal for me.

They raised me up higher so me feet no longer touched the ground. I was hanging by my wrists. He said that if my camouflage shorts didn't fall to the ground while his guys were stimulating every other body part of mine for five minutes, he would let me go and not fuck my pussy or ass. I thought in my head is this a fucking game show. I didn't want to be fucked so, and as if I had a choice. I said ok. He said the only condition is that the first 3 buttons of the shorts remained unbuttoned and I lose the belt.

The guys were relentless for the first 2 minutes. They sucked and fondled my hard perky breasts. I must have cum 5 times. My legs shook and knees trembled. I could see my shorts had slid down only a little. My hips still held them on. My bathing suit bottoms by now were soaked.

The next minute consisted of men trying to choke me while they were going at my tits. A few men lifted my legs and were jerking themselves off with my toes. My hair was being pulled hard and head back. I got to 4 minutes when I shook from a huge orgasm. It caused me to shake and my shorts slipped down to the ground. Fuck I was done. A line up formed and I was doubled for at least a half hour.

I was lifted twisted held upside down and done every which way.

These creeps liked the hot little blond from the states. At my stop they gave me my shorts back. They were soaked and torn. I put them on. I had an extra shirt in my bag. I staggered off the subway.

I now knew about the subway groping. I was to decide when I was riding it next.