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Fbailey story number 616 Hurricane Irene We had plenty of warning of Hurricane Irene's destructive force. The hurricane was headed our way.

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It was going to hit the Eastern Coast of the United States and come right up the coast. Warnings were issued, New York City was closing down the subways and Broadway shows were canceled.

Hell, even President Obama was leaving Martha's Vineyard early. That meant things were going to get crazy.

We got out of harms way Friday. We cut work, called in sick, or took vacation days. We loaded everything into my van and got to hell out of Dodge. We were safe in upstate New York when things started to get rough. The radio just kept giving us more and more bad reports: "Hurricane Irene knocked out power and piers in North Carolina, clobbered Virginia with wind and churned up the coast.

New York City emptied its streets and subways and waited. The Eastern Seaboard spent the day nervously watching the storm's march across a swath of the nation inhabited by 65 million people. The hurricane had an enormous wingspan - 500 miles, its outer reaches stretching from the Carolinas to Cape Cod - and packed wind gusts of 115 mph. Almost 900,000 homes and businesses were without power.

The hurricane stirred up 7-foot waves, and forecasters warned of storm-surge danger on the coasts of Virginia and Delaware, along baisee dans la rue la cougar fait la totale Jersey Shore and in New York Harbor and Long Island Sound." However, inside my uncle's hunting cabin things were different.

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It was a combination hunting cabin, survival school, and bunker. My uncle was a radical. He believed in the rest of the world coming after us, he believed in the right to bare arms, and he believed in defending his property.

Fortunately he was over in Pakistan somewhere with his military buddies having the time of their lives. I checked things out as the rest of them unloaded the van. We had grabbed things from our kitchens and stopped along the way several times. I guess I have my uncle to thank for my paranoia. We only teen aidra fox in the easiest test a few groceries at each stop so as not to draw attention to the fact that we were prepared for the long haul.

There was a lot of firewood, the fuel tank was full of gasoline, and the ammunition locker was intact. I checked the well, the outhouse, the propane stove and the propane refrigerator.

I started the fridge and told the girls to put the perishable foods in it, I told the guys to stack the rest of the stuff alone a wall, and then I loaded a few guns and put then in the rack near the door. Mostly it was for protection, just in case. However, I also knew that I could shot us a deer, turkey, or even bunny rabbits if I need too. Sure we were only planning on a week to ten days but it is better to be safe than to be sorry. There were a doze bunks and only eight of us so I picked out my bunk and the one above it for my girlfriend Carolyn.

Bob and Amy took the set just down the wall from us, Lyn and Melody took the next set, and then Erik and Lulu took the first set on the other wall. None of us were married but we had all been friends for a couple of years.

We tushy bosses wife karla kush first time anal all in our mid twenties to our mid thirties. We were all in good physical health too. A couple of the girls had medical training, one was a nurse and one was an aid. One of the guys was an EMT with the fire department.

Then we had the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker to round out the group. Just joking about the candlestick maker. I had brought a case of twelve bottles of Jack Daniels because that was always my payment for using my uncle's hunting cabin. Along with his case I had one of my own and a couple of cases of wine for the girls. Needless to say one of the guys insisted on bring along two cases of Coors beer.

To get relaxed enough for bed we lit some Coleman lanterns, got out some cards, and started drinking. Lulu was scared and kept drinking.

Of course Erik kept filling her glass. She started out drinking wine, then he gave her beer, and then he started giving her a shot of whisky in her beer. By the time Lulu was drinking straight shots she was wasted. Erik is quite a corker and so he was telling her that they were alone and that she needed to get undressed.

Well our girls were not too sure that he should be doing that to her, however they came around after a few more drinks. Then all of us watched a very drunk girl try to get out of her clothes. It was worthy of a video so needless to say Lyn got out his camera and started recording the action.

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At first Lulu could hardly undo her buttons, then she could hardly get her blouse back over her shoulders, and finally she had a hell of a time getting it off her arms. We guys were not going to help her so our girls did. Oh they helped her all right, right out of her clothes. You see Lulu was one of those goodie two shoes, I'm better that you are, snooty religious girls.

She spent too many years in Catholic Girls Schools to know anything about the real world. So Carolyn, Amy, and Melody started helping Lulu out of her clothes right there in the middle of the room and right on the big table that we had been playing cards at.

Carolyn said, "Come on Lulu give me a nice big hug so I can get you out of this bra." She was pulling at Lulu's arms and the other two girls were also trying to lift her. Lulu was out cold and just dead weight.

Soon Carolyn had the four hooks undone and was pulling at the old fashion looking bra. It was more functional than fashionable and held her big boobs stiffly. The bra came off and Lulu's tits were finally exposed. Erik took the bra and proudly said, "36-DDD." We all cheered. Amy got up on the table and unsnapped her jeans, unzipped them, and started to peel them down Lulu's legs.

The other two girls helped Amy out by lifting Lulu's ass. The rest was just a struggle to get an unconscious girl out of her tight blue jeans. Melody was up next, she was also the more aggressive of the girls. She took one look at Lulu's granny panties, you know the kind, they are big, cotton, and usually stained from a girl's periods.

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Anyway, Melody made quick work of them and treated us all to a natural thick dark bush. In Lulu's case her head and her crotch matched. Lyn and I grabbed her legs, made a wish, and pulled them apart. Her big hairy pussy opened up like Erik said it would. She had many pink folds in there with a big button at the top and a very wet hole at the bottom.

Amy asked, "Melody, did you bring your big dildo?" Melody said, "I never leave home without it. She went to her suitcase and came back with a fucking Johnny Holmes duplicate. With out any further action Melody just shoved into poor Lulu's box. Not only did she shove it in, she pulled it out and shoved it a few more times before pounding on it with her closed fist.

It would not go all the way in. Lyn put his thumbnail right at her clit and pulled the long dildo out. Outdoor anal play tube porn had a yardstick and we figured that Lulu's snatch was ten and three-quarters inches deep.

Of course we then wanted to know how much of that thing the other girls could take. We didn't get any offers. However, Lyn said, "I've gotten thirteen inches into Melody before. I can get the whole thing up her ass though." Melody hit Lyn on the arm to shut him up but obviously it was too late. It was getting late so we helped Erik get Lulu up into her bunk. We left her naked but covered her with a blanket.

In the morning I woke up early. My wife ran past me in just her panties and covering her breasts with her hands. I laughed silently too myself. Right after that I saw Amy and Melody do the same thing. It was follow the leader in a fun way.

They were all in just their panties and holding their tits to keep us guys from seeing them. So naturally I woke up the other guys and we placed chairs right inside the door and we all had our cameras out and ready.

Carolyn was the first one to come inside.

It had been sunrise outside but it was dark coming inside. One hand was at her side and the other hand was on the doorknob. Flashes started going off and it startled her. Before she realized what was happening we had all taken two or three pictures of her topless in just her panties. Being a good sport, Carolyn stood behind me and said that Melody had gone in next.

So we waited. The door opened and the flashes went off. Melody called us a few of her choice names and then she stood behind her boyfriend, Lyn. Amy took her sweet time about it but eventually her topless form opened the door and we were treated to her small pointed breasts with very dark hard nipples topping them off. They were pierced too…something that Bob had never cared to share with us. We were about ready to climb back in bed when Lulu called out, "Can someone help me down?

I have to pee." Needless to say Lyn and I got there first. I had given my camera to Carolyn and she was taking pictures of us holding a very naked Lulu in our arms, then standing between us, and then with us holding her big DDD tits in our hands. All Lulu could say was, "Not now I've really got to pee.

Catch me on the way back in." So we sat down, readied our cameras, and waited. Lulu threw the door open and stood just outside in the bright sunlight and asked, "Is this what you wanted?" She raised her arms up over her head, she turned around slowly until her back was to us, and then Lulu bent over and placed the palm of her hands on the grass.

I zoomed in and clicked off a couple of pictures of her split bush and the nicest kelly madison all wet solo bathtub masturbation huge naturals big boobs asshole that I had ever seen. Melody said, "I thought that you were a religious stuck-up bitch. I guess I was wrong." Lulu said, "Maybe I was. Last night opened my eyes…well not exactly my eyes.

You see I was so drunk that I couldn't move a muscle but I could still hear what was going on. It's kind of eerie, like something in a horror movie.

Carolyn took my bra off, Amy took my pants off, and Melody removed my panties. Then Melody stuck a big dildo in my pussy." All I could say was, "Wow!" Lulu said, "It was as if I had an out of body experience.

I was looking at everything that you guys were doing to me but I couldn't talk or move at all." Carolyn removed her panties and stood next to Lulu. Amy and Melody removed their panties and joined them.

We guys just kept taking pictures of our four women. We didn't swap girlfriends but we had a ball for the rest of the week and hated to go home. Hurricane Irene was long gone and everything was back to normal when we returned. However, after that week our girls were not afraid to run around the apartment naked, even when the other guys came over with or without their girlfriends.

I listened to the guys at work telling me all about their hurricane experiences. All I did three babes suck on a big boner smile and tell them that I had left town and that nothing exciting had happened to me.

I was not about to tell them that our girlfriends had tried to fuck us to death. They kept teasing us and begging us to fuck them. It had become a contest. We did it right out in the open on our sleeping bags. That Lulu could get any of us hard at any time but it was Erik that got the fruits of her efforts. On our last day and after days of pleading the four girls got together and entertained us guys with the only stipulation being that we did not photograph them. They did not want to become known as lesbians.

All they wanted to do was please their men. And please us they did. Melody was the most aggressive as we expected but it was Lulu that really surprised us. She had spent years in girl's schools learning the art of pleasing another girl.

She pleased them all…several times. The End Hurricane Irene 616