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Intensely hot redhead teen babe turns out to be a cocksucker pornstars hardcore
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He saw Jacob in second period the next day and Jacob just ignored him. Chris found him at recess and again Jacob just walked away. At lunch Chris had had enough. Chris found him in the canteen line with one of his friends. Jacob looked extremely bored but would smile and nod when needed.

" Why aren't you talking to me?" Chris asked interrupting the friend. " Excuse me. I was talking." The guy said. He was thinner but still had some muscle. His hair was styled up in the middle into a line. " Yes but no one cares." Chris said. " I care and you are just being plain rude." The friend said.

" I'm sorry but who are you?" Chris asked. " I'm his best friend. The better question is who are you." The guy said. " I'm Chris." Chris said defiantly.

" This is the fag?" the kid asked Jacob. Jacob just continued to look at the ground. " Yeah I'm the fag. And you are?" Chris asked. " I'm Saxon," the kid said. Chris laughed. " what?" Saxon asked. " Is this the lying cheating scumbag who slept with your girlfriend?" Chris asked Jacob.

" How did you know?" Saxon asked hushing up. Chris ignored him and looked at Jacob. " Come and talk to me now or I'll tell him everything." Chris said.

" I. I." Jacob said confused. " I need to talk to you alone." Chris said. " What ever you have to say to him you can say in front of me." Saxon said raising his chin. Chris smiled and looked kinky brunette schoolgirl has her pussy drilled Jacob. " All right I'll come. Saxon stay." Jacob said finally. They walked away and Chris turned around briefly. Saxon looked angry. " He is mad he isn't aloud to come along." Chris said looking back.

" You really didn't leave me a choice." Jacob said a little defeated. " I know and I'm sorry but I'm worried about you." Chris said. " Don't be. I'll be fine." Jacob said as they sat down in a secluded stairs near the boys gym. " No you won't. Tell me what happened with them yesterday." Chris said. " They explain to me what happened between them meant nothing. They were both just sad and worried about me." Jacob said. " And that gives them permission to cheat on you?

To fuck behind your back?" Chris asked. " No but I understand what they mean." Jacob said. " You haven't changed your Facebook status to hot blond babe sucks off and drilled by dude for money reality blowjob Chris stated. " Because I'm still with Celyren." Jacob said. " What?! After she fucked your best friend more then once, constantly puts you down and is downright bitchy to all your friends?" Chris asked.

" It's for appearances apparently. She needs to be seen with me for a few days before she can dump me and go with Saxon." Jacob said. " Seriously? Grow some balls and stand up to her. This is making you miserable. Do what makes you happy." Chris said.

" I have never seen you smile as much as you did when you were at my house. I think just those few days away from it all helped you." " No. Do you know what those few days did? Confuse and frustrate me" Jacob stood up and started pacing.

"I have so many questions always buzzing about my head. All these new thoughts and feelings. It's all your fault!

I admit it was one of- no the best weekend of my life, but it has stressed me out so much and it has affected all my friends and stuff and I don't think it is worth it." Jacob stopped and stared at Chris, took a deep breath and started to pace again. "Every time I see you I have these feelings I thought I would never feel for a boy. It is so confusing." Jacob stopped pacing and just stared at the ground. " I was just using you to get my frustrations out, but then it went and got confusing.

Just stay away from me for a bit. I don't want to see you or hear from you." Jacob said storming off. Chris got angry.

Then sad. Then angry again. He walked off as well and nearly ran Jessie over. " Whoa. Chris? What happened? Calm down and tell me what's wrong." Jessie said.

" Jacob. What else?" Chris said with a snide laugh. " What did he say?" Jessie asked. " He told me the weekend he spent at my house was the best weekend of his life, and then he told me I confuse him because he has feelings for me he has never had for a boy. Then he told me he was using me. Finally he wants me to stay away from him." Chris said. " Oh my god." Jessie said hugging him.

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Chris hugged back and cried. " And he thought I was confusing." Chris said sobbing. " It sounds like he felt trapped and all his feelings came out at once. He has been confused and not been able for himself to make sense of it that's why it is also confusing when he tries to explain it." Jessie said. " Stop being smart. Your like a psychologist or something." Chris said.

" Well I have had an interest in psychology for a while. I was even considering it for a career." Jessie said. " What happened?" Chris asked.

" Fell in love with the stage and stage management." Jessie said smiling. Chris smiled to and wiped his eyes. " Don't worry about Jacob. He will realise his mistake and tell you that he wants you soon enough. Trust me I have a sixth sense for this kind of thing." Jessie said. " Thank you." Chris said. " How do you feel?" Jessie asked. " I honestly don't know.

I want him to suffer a little for how much he has put me through but at the same time I don't." Chris said forehead creasing in frustration. " Here is a tip. Don't say it, sing it." Jessie said. " I have to go meet up with a teacher but I want you to try and get on Facebook tonight to talk to me." Jessie said walking away and waving.

As she walked off Chris thought of the perfect song he wanted to sing. Last period was production, a class that Chris, Jacob, Jessie and Celyren shared. The teacher wasn't there yet, he was usually late, and neither were most of the students.

Their classroom was a computer room. Jacob sat at a far corner with Celyren a couple of computers down. Chris and Jessie were on the other side of the room with their friend Sammi. " hey you know a song I have had stuck in my head since lunch?" Chris asked. Jessie smiled briefly. " No, what?" Sammi asked.

" gives you hell." Chris said. He started to sing and it was obvious to him, Jacob and Jessie the song was aimed at Jacob. "♪when you see my face hope it gives you hell, hope it gives you hell. When you walk my way hope it gives you hell, hope it gives you hell. If you find a MAN that's worth a damn and treats you well. Well he's a fool you're just as well, hope it gives you hell. Now you'll never see, what you've done to me.

You can take back your memories they are no good to me. I have seen through the lies, you can look me in the eyes, with that sex- xy look that you wear so well♪" Chris said.

He changed it from sad sad to sexy because it suited the situation better. Jacob looked hurt and a little frustrated. The teacher finally arrived and quickly took the roll.

He told us we had to work in pairs for the class researching historical theatres. Celyren looked at Jacob still looking at Chris and scoffed, walking away to work with her british big breasted lady fooling around masturbation and real tits friend Danielle. Jacob look abandoned. Everyone else had pairs except for Chris, Jessie and Sammi, who usually worked in a three.

Chris looked at Jacob and sighed. " I can't go over there after what I just sang. It'll be like in rubbing it in." Chris said. Chris looked at Sammi, but she just shook her head. " I barely know him," she said. " I'll go. It'll give me a chance to psych him, like I did to you at lunch." Jessie said amazing slow to fast sex teen and teacher and walking over to join Jacob.

Jacob was still upset and hot japanese twins airi and meiri twin angels. He watched Jessie walk over and was a little relieved he didn't have to work with Chris. " Hi." Jessie said smiling. " hi. Do you know what we are working on?" he asked. " Yeah. I was looking up historical theatres for another class so we can just use my work from that." Jessie said. " oh so what are we going to do this period?" Jacob asked.

" Talk. I'm a very good listener." Jessie said. Jacob was a little wary, but he decided he needed to talk to someone about this. Chris was too confusing for him and everyone else would hate him if they found out he was bi. " tell me what your thinking." Jessie said. sexxy girls sex in gym That my friends and most of my family would have a problem if I told them I liked guys." he said thankful they were in the far corner of the class room.

" What makes you think that?" Jessie asked. " They have pretty much told me so. That was how I used to think. Boys only like girls. If a boy likes a boy he is wrong and needs to be fixed." Jacob said almost like he was reciting something. " It is what we have always been told." " And you think your wrong for liking Chris?" Jessie asked.

" That's what is so confusing. I'm wrong for liking him. I know I shouldn't like him but I do." Jacob said. " Do you feel wrong when you're with Chris? Or just when you're away from him?" Jessie asked. " When I'm with Chris. It is like I'm in another world. Like everything could turn out okay between us. Like I have the strength to stand up against my friends, my family, and enough strength to stand up against the world. But when I'm away from him, I doubt it. I hear my friends telling me he is just a low life fag.

I stay quiet even though he is an awesome person. I have stayed quiet most of my life. When I'm away from Chris I shut myself off from my feelings because it all gets confusing." Jacob said. " Sounds like you really like him." Jessie commented. " I think. More then like." Jacob said looking away. Jessie bubbled excitedly but then calmed down again. " Are you going to tell him?" Jessie asked. " I can't. I always say the wrong things when I'm near him.

I get nervous which confuses me." Jacob said. " what are you nervous about?" Jessie asked. " I feel like I can tell him anything. I can be myself around him and lesbian gets kissed and has her wet pussy licked hardcore amateur accepts it.

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I trust him an it makes me feel venerable." Jacob said looking down. " Just remember that nothing you feel is wrong. It may be a little different or difficult to understand but it is not wrong. Your not wrong Jacob." Jessie said putting her hand on Jacobs. " I know I'm not as calming as Chris would be." Jessie added softly. " it's okay. Thank you. I will just need a day or two I think to cool off then I will try talking to Chris." Jacob said patting her hand. Jessie let go and smiled.

" Is they're anything you want me to tell Chris?" " tell him to be patient with me. Tell him if he keeps being bad then I will have to punish him but if he is good, I will still punish him." Jacob said smiling his sexy half-smile. " okay." Jessie said smiling as well. The teacher decided to interrupt at that point and ask why they were working on.

Jacob looked at Jessie with a " were screwed" look on his face but Jessie just smiled and opened her laptop to a page that had basic details on common historical theatres. " Good work. Make sure Jacob does do some work this lesson though," he said leaving. Jessie typed away quickly and then pulled up another page with more detail on a couple of the theatres.

" when he comes back around show him this." Jessie said. " Is this like your job or something? Helping people in need?" Jacob asked. " Nah I'm just good at it." Jessie said.

" Well thank you." Jacob said. " Your welcome." Jessie said smiling. She took her laptop back briefly and opened Facebook on a new page. She logged in and started talking to Chris. " Hey Chris. Having a good chat horny sluts have fun with some toys Jacob," she typed. Chris looked up when he received the message.

Jessie waved and Jacob looked between them. " Talking about anything interesting?" Chris asked. " Jacob wants you to be patient with him. Oh and your going to be punished no matter what." Jessie Typed smiling.

Chris smiled as he read it. " I hope he meant bite. My neck misses him." Chris typed. Jacob watched the message pop up and got hard. " The rest of me misses him as well." Chris added. " Can I write something?" Jacob asked.

" go ahead." Jessie said. " I miss you too." Jacob typed. Diferentes posturas para practicarle a ella un cunnilingus looked up and realised it was Jacob typing. " I will wait. As long as you need." Chris typed looking up at Jacob. Jacob smiled and mouthed "Thank you." to Chris. Jessie saw the teacher coming and swapped to the word document.

" So what progress has been made?" The teacher asked. " I was just reading through the research Jacob did. He picked a few theatres and found out more about them." Jessie said covering smoothly. " I'm impressed. Good work." the teacher said smiling and walking off to the next group. " Thanks." Jacob said sighing. " What's on your mind?" Jessie asked. " You guys are a lot nicer then my friends." Jacob commented looking over at Celyren briefly.

" We share the love. We support each other. We make sure our friends are never alone when they need us." Jessie said. " My friends are more about power. If you could even call them Friends." Jacob said. " I'm sure there are some who would be supportive of you." Jessie told him playing around on her laptop and then shutting it. " Two maybe. You and Chris. That's all the supportive friends I have." Jacob said thinking about it. " My pop always says if you count the closest friends you have on your fingers and you go over one hand, you're kidding yourself." Jessie said smiling.

" I like that." Jacob said with a similar smile. " Me too x art the red fox jake Jessie said. " I know I probably sound like a broken record but thank you." Jacob said. " Your welcome. I was just playing the part of fairy godmother.

It is your turn as a hero in distress to go and make things right with your damsel." Jessie said smiling. " Chris won't like that you called him a damsel." Jacob said laughing. " He knows too well he is a damsel." Jessie said laughing too.

The siren finally went and Jessie put her laptop away. " Hopefully you won't need my help again but we should hang out sometime." Jessie said putting her bag on her back. " Yeah sounds cool." Jacob said. " See you." Jacob said as Jessie walked off. " bye." Jessie said waving. Jacob watch Jessie almost walk out the door when Chris jumped on her and started chattering quickly.

'Good luck'. Jacob thought. He picked up his bag as Celyren walked over to him. " What did you two talk about?" Celyren asked. " Stuff." Jacob said as his face turned into its usual frown. " What sort of stuff?" Celyren asked.

" We talked about friends." Jacob said walking away. Celyren quickly caught up. " Did she tell you I'm such horrible friend and that Chris is better then me?" Celyren asked scoffing. " No she didn't at all because she is actually a nice person.

She didn't mention Chris either. She just made me realise who my true friends are and who is dead weight." Jacob said looking pointedly. " So you did talk about me!" Celyren said. " No but I realised I don't need this. I don't need you." Jacob said. " Shut your mouth this instant. I am the best thing in your meaningless life." Celyren said.

" When have you ever been there for me? Name one time you have actually done something nice for me without expecting anything in return?" Jacob asked rhetorically. Celyren stopped an Jacob turned to face her. " Exactly." Jacob continued. " Not one. You are selfish and bitchy and rude and if everything is not exactly the way you want it you have a problem. I can't believe anyone was ever friends with you." Jacob almost yelled at gratis fickanzeigen lilly lil fickanzeigen more on bukkake-tube m tube porn. " And if your don't understand, this is me breaking up with you.

For good." Jacob said storming off. Jacob got home and immediately went to his bedroom. He locked the door and tore off his clothes. He felt so good finally standing up to Celyren. He thought about Chris and how proud he would be and his hand found his cock quickly.

He didn't know why Chris liked biting so much. it was strange but the noises Chris made was worth it. Jacob thought about his greatest fantasy and his hand picked up the pace. Usually this fantasy involved a girl but it quickly adapted to be Chris underneath him. He imagined it was Chris bent over one of the schools wooden work benches, Chris' ass inviting him in, Chris moaning his name.

He could almost feel Chris' ass tightening around his cock as he pushed in and took Chris' virginity. Jacob flung himself down on the bed and pumped his cock faster and harder. He closed his eyes and saw Chris' face screwed up in a mixture of pain and ecstasy. Jacob could feel himself getting close and suddenly Chris' face was covered in hot streams of cum.

Jacob's cock felt like the cum erupted out of him. He could feel it landing on his chest and abs that Chris loved so much. Jacob didn't see the appeal of his abs. They weren't as toned as they could be and they certainly weren't as impressive as that vampire spikes. Jacob had gotten cleaned up and sent a message on facebook when suddenly the door bell rang. Jacob looked and saw it was Saxon. " She called you didn't she?" Jacob asked not amused.

" Of course she did. You Hurt her. She was crying so hard when I found her. She is not on her own though. Her friends are they're supporting her and I knew I was free to leave to give you something." Saxon said fuming. " Give me what?" Jacob asked smugly crossing his arms. Saxon smiled briefly.