Sex with sexy legal age teenager beauty hardcore and blowjob

Sex with sexy legal age teenager beauty hardcore and blowjob
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The usual disclosures. This isn't real. It's fantasy. It's also a departure for me. Keep a copy if you want. Distribute to FREE sites only, and may not be used in a publication that is sold. ====================================================================================== He was born a six weeks premature to John and April McSweeney. They called him Christopher Allen. All through his younger years he was the smallest kid in the neighborhood, and then in school.

His mother said that he'd grow, and he did. Mostly. But he was always behind the other boys in his world. The boys really didn't want to play with him. They called him names, like runt, baby, and his most hated, "Chrissy". It was embarrassing to be called that. The boys would sunny leone hot sexy girls "Hello Chrissy!" and then laugh and run away.

All the girls would titter and giggle at the boys antics. The result was that he never really had any friends. His father and older sister, Mary, thought the taunts were hilarious. They always called him Chrissy. Sometimes even his mother called him Chrissy, though she tried to call him Chris.

Because of the taunts, he always spent his time at home with his mother helping her take care of the household.

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From a young age he helped her clean, do laundry, cook and even the weekly shopping. As often as his mother tried to shoo him out of the house to play with the other kids, she knew within minutes he'd be back.

She knew that none of the kids would play with him, or would tease him to the point of tears, beat him up, push him in the mud. He'd come home a mess. When he did play with the other children, he was always the "go fer".

You know, "Chrissy, get me a drink," or, "Chrissy, get us something to eat." She talked to her husband about doing some manly things with him, like tossing a ball, or going fishing. Chris hated it. He couldn't throw well, he did throw like amazing sexy big tit latina teasing on webcam girl. He couldn't catch anything, either. As often as not, a grounder would end up in his face, or his crotch putting an end to that father-son outing.

Chris couldn't stand touching worms, and watching his father stabbing them with a hook and watching the worm writhe in pain made Chris sick to his stomach over the side of the boat. His father was laughing at him. He said Chrissy was chumming the lake. Trying to teach him to ride a bike beautiful looker is flaunting her opened pink quim in closeup beyond John's patience.

He couldn't take it. He'd storm into the house and tell his wife to "leave the fuckin' training wheels on until he graduates from college!" All through high school he never had a date. Mary had a lot to do with that. She told all her friends that Chrissy had such a small dick that it wouldn't satisfy a hamster. Often she'd say these things to them when he could hear her.

Then acting surprised that he heard her, she'd ask if that was true? Didn't you have a small dick? He'd blush and nod his head yes. If they were in a park or the back yard, she'd tell him to prove it and pull down his pants.

He'd tell her no, but she always told him that he was to do whatever she told him to do. He'd bow his head, unbuckle his belt, undo his waist button, pull down his zipper and pull his pants down. Then he'd pull his briefs down exposing his hard little cock and balls.

The girls would howl laughing at the small cock of her brother. They'd tell him no girl would want to fuck him because they'd never feel anything. Maybe a little girl would want him, but that was it. He'd be so humiliated and his little cock would be so hard. Then without even touching himself, he'd cum, spurting his seed on the ground. That would bring gales of giggles and laughter and taunts of "eww gross" at him, too.

He never came much which would be pointed out to him by Mary that June's brother, who was younger than Chris, came more than he did. Mary would reinforce this several times a week.

She'd bring her friends over and she'd call him into her room, show himself and then they'd verbally humiliate him until he came. Mary would then make him lick up his own cum from the floor or where ever it went. There was a time when his mother was laid up with a broken leg from a fall. Chrissy was in charge of feeding everyone, and also doing all the household chores because Mary wouldn't do it, and his father couldn't.

It was during this time that his mother became aware that Chrissy's underwear was too small for him and he needed new ones. She discovered this because Mary told him he had to serve everyone in just his underwear. That included his mother. His mother asked him why he was walking around in his underwear. He said that Mary made him do that. She asked what his father said about it.

Chris hung his head and said that he had laughed at the idea and thought it was a great one. That was when she noticed that they were too small in the waist and leg holes. Certainly not in the crotch, she noted. She told her husband to get him some new ones, and that he should look at his current size and get him a size larger. Mary convinced her dad that they should get him panties instead because after all Chrissy was really a nasty chicks get fucked with big cocks girl.

Dad thought this was great fun, so he and Mary bought sexy lace, pink flowered, and other young girl bikinis. When they got home from shopping, Mary went into his bedroom and took all his underwear out of his drawers, and went through the dirty clothes hamper and collected the used ones, then put all of them in the garbage.

Now the only underwear he could wear would be the little girly ones. Mary and his father marched him into his room. Mary demanded that he take off his small underwear and wear his new ones that he'd find in his underwear drawer. She also told him that while he was at home, he was not allowed to wear pants, just the new underwear. He was so humiliated when he found out that all his underwear had been replaced with panties! At first he refused, so Mary simply said, "OK. Man seduces legal age teenager adorable cutie wear nothing.

It's your choice. Be nude, or wear your panties. But if you cum anywhere, and you know you will, Chrissy, you have to lick it up." Mary now could torment him even more. She would routinely have him show her girlfriends his new panties. Invariably, when told to drop his pants, his little cock would explode in orgasm. Mary would then make him take them all the way off and lick his cream from them.

She would also torment him by telling him to "tell us when you wet your panties last." Mom was rather put off by her husband's selection of panties instead of briefs for him. Her husband said that as soon as amateur couple live on cam stunning hardcore started acting like a man, he could wear regular underwear.

She was also always unsure why Chris wore just the panties around the house. What hold did Mary have on him that he would do whatever she told him to do even to cause him to debase himself like that?

But whenever Mary and Chris were around their mom, Mary was always polite towards Chris and seemingly ignored the fact that he was running around in panties. She also appeared in control of everything. Chris would always pay attention to Mary's edicts and would faithfully act according to his instructions.

Mary kept him in line, which is what their mother saw. There were no arguments or fights. None of the sniping that siblings usually have. It was a calm, household. What their dad saw and heard was something completely different. He saw Mary dominate Chrissy. He saw her boss him around, humiliate him and generally make a fool of him.

None of that really bothered dad. Chrissy wasn't a man. Or even milf breast milk and threesome blonde teen teach we apprehended the suspect on the spot boy. He was … well he was a doormat.

Chris asked his mother if he would ever grow bigger. She assured him that he was due for a growth spurt. Eventually, when in his Junior year, he did grow about 5 inches to his current 5'9" height. There was one place where he never grew. His penis stayed at 4" when hard. Mary continued to ridicule him. Since it was the only comments he ever heard from his peers, he grew to accept that he would always be a lesser boy, and that girls would never want him to fuck them.

There was one thing that Mary did let him do with her, and that was lick her. She was allowed to date in her Freshman year of High School. She had given her cherry when she was 12 and had regularly been fucking since. Being allowed to date simply meant that she could be officially fucked, and be out at night.

She was often dating Juniors or Seniors, or even college men. She was very popular in High School. These men had expectations of their dates, and she always fulfilled their expectations. After she'd come home from a date, she'd have him come into her bedroom and lick her pussy clean from all the men and boys that came in her. She'd tell him over and over that he'd better learn to enjoy licking used pussies because that's all he'd ever get.

While he licked her clean, she'd sometimes suck on his cock. He always came quickly, and she'd never swallow it but hold petite blonde model licks huge tits female agent in her mouth.

It wasn't a lot of cum. After she came, she'd spit it out on his face and tell him not to wipe it off. His life would seem to be a living hell, until she said those magic words to him. "You really know how to lick a pussy good, Chrissy.

No one's ever licked me that good before. Not even my girl friends or their dads. Where the hell did you learn to lick like that!? From mom??" He now had his one point of acceptance and he was thrilled! Finally there was something he was good at doing! "Mary, I've…" "Don't you EVER call me Mary," she yelled! "You may call me Mistress, or Miss Mary. Do you understand?" "Yes, Mistress. Mistress, I never licked a girl's vagina before and certainly not mom's.

I'll be happy to lick you when you come home from your dates." "Yes, you will. And you'll lick the used cunts of my girlfriends if they want to. And there will be no arguments or discussions. If you're told to lick a pussy, you'll lick it. It won't matter who's there or where you are. Is that understood?" "Yes, Mistress." "If I bring a man home and you're here, you will also offer to clean his cock off with your mouth and tongue, too. If he fucks my ass, you'll suck his cock clean and then lick my ass of his cum.

That's all you're fuckin' good for. No girl will want your little clit. You should be grateful I even suck you when you lick me." He was truly most grateful Mary sucked him off sometimes.

While he would have liked to last much longer, it still felt terrific! He even didn't mind the subsequent degradation that came after he came in her mouth because the feelings were so intense for him. He loved that she would kiss him after he came in her mouth. That she also fed him all of his cum just made it that much more special for him.

It was a small price to pay to be accepted by her, or by anyone. Even when his Mistress told him to disgrace himself in front of her friends, it was usually the same girls.

These girls still liked it when he showed his little cock and balls off, even after 6 or 7 times, and that was strangely pleasing to him. He convinced himself that it was similar to being a trained animal being made to do the same tricks over and over. His reward was their laughter and his own little cum. He received this incentive each time he performed the self-inflicted embarrassment, so he came to need it over time.

There was a night when Mary was particularly vocal in the throes of her orgasm induced by Chrissy's tongue. Their dad woke up from the noises and came into the room to see what was the matter. Standing there in his boxers, he saw Mary sitting on Chrissy's face stiff as a board in the midst of what had to have been a mind-altering cum. After she finished cumming, she collapsed on his bed, totally passed out from the experience. Their father looked at Chrissy and asked, "What did you to do her?" "I just lick her clean after she came back from her date.

She doesn't like their cum in her vagina to leak out on her sheets. She likes me to do this for her. Anyway, this makes less laundry for me to do." "Is she OK?" "Yes. She'll come to in a few minutes.

I'm sorry that you had to see this, though." "Ohhhh, my god, Chrissy!!! That was absolutely by far the best cum I've ever ha. DADDY?!?!" Mary tried to move, but she was so wiped out that she couldn't cover herself up from his gaze.

It was the first time in a long long time that he had seen his daughter naked. He looked down at his little girl and noticed that she had well formed 34C breasts and rock hard nipples. He saw that she had no pussy hair, but he knew that was due to a razor and not nature. She had a tight stomach and a narrow waist, and beautifully flaring at her hips.

She was a hot hot girl. He reached down and touched his daughter's breast, feeling the smooth firm skin and rock hard nipples. The touch felt like an electric spark went from the tip of her nipple to John's finger tip.

Mary loved the feel of his fingertips on her breasts and nipples. She arched her back to try to get him to touch her more. He trailed his fingers down circling the curvature of her breast, down to her tight belly and then on to her freshly licked pussy.

He touched her smooth cunt and went down between her legs.

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Mary moaned in lust and opened them so he could access her puss. John noticed that his daughter was dripping wet and hot as an oven. Chris watched wide-eyed as his father pulled down his boxers.

His dad was so hung he couldn't believe that a man could carry that much down there. He moved to the chair at his desk and watched his daddy mount his sister. He plugged into her easily and started a slow but very deeply penetrating rhythm. Each plunge was to the fullest extent of his cock into her. Each time he bumped her pubic and pushed at her cervix.

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"Oh daddy! I can feel you pushing into my uterus! Do it! Fuck me hard daddy! I've always wanted you to do me like this! Ever since I was 8 years old!! Oh, fuck me daddy! Pump your little girl with your cum! Make me your slut, daddy!! Fuck me like the whore I am, daddy! Take my cunt!

You own my twat! Slam your fuck-hole with your big cock, daddy! OOOhhhh daddyyyyyyy!!!! I'm ccoommmiiiinnngggg!!!!!" Hearing his daughter talk like this made him fuck her harder and faster. Mary tightened up underneath him, her cunt tightening around his cock milking his cum from his balls. Mary was cumming good and felt wonderfully full from her father's cock plunging in and out of her. She wanted him to cum deep inside of her.

She wrapped her legs around his plunging butt and pulled him into her deeper. She was really into it when she felt his cock expand.

Then she really started cumming as he started to flood her pussy with his sperm. Her father grunted each time his cock squirted cum painting her cervix. Now Chrissy understood what Mary and her girlfriends were saying. There really was no way his little 4" penis could compete with a man like his dad. After he finished inside her, he pulled out, looked at his daughter basking in the afterglow of good sex and said, "Oh my god what have I done?" Mary pulled him down on top of her and hugged him and deeply kissed him with all the passion and lust she could.

She held him tight and said, "you did nothing I hadn't dreamed of you doing to me since I started masturbating when I was 8, daddy. I love you sooo much I want you to fuck me every night and all day long!!

" "Honey, if your mother ever finds out, I'll be arrested or kicked out of the house!" "We won't tell, daddy. Chrissy's been licking me for months and months and he hasn't let it slip yet. He's really good at that. And I certainly won't tell because I want a repeat.

And often! Besides, if you want, Chrissy will lick you clean and mommy will never know. Chrissy? Clean-up time!" Chris went over to his dad and knelt in front of him. He looked into his daddy's eyes. In shock and disbelief at what he had just done, and what Mary had just told him his effeminate son would do, John nodded his head. Chris immediately sucked his father's limp cock into his mouth and swirled his tongue around extracting all of Mary's and John's juices.

He then licked his balls clean and sucked her juices from his pubic hair. Mary said, "Daddy. If you ever want to give mommy a special gift, give her Chrissy's tongue after you fuck her. She'll go nuts!" "Yeah, MY nuts and cut off with the dullest knife on the planet! If you want to plant that idea in her head, go ahead and let her catch you sitting on his face after you come home from a date. I'M not going near that one!

Christ, Chrissy but you suck a mean cock!" Within a few moments, Chris had laved his daddy's cock and balls clean of all traces of her vaginal essence.

By the time that Chrissy's work was completed, John's cock was rock hard again. He couldn't stand it anymore, so he went to his bedroom and practically raped his wife. OOoohhh, did she love that! "Oh, John! What's gotten into you! My god, you're so hard! Let me get wet for you. No! John, I'm not wet! Oh, fuck! You're doing me soo hard!

YESS!!!!" Mary and dad had many such times together, and Chrissy always cleaned the remnants of their ruttings from both of them. A few months after Chrissy first cleaned up after Mary and dad's tryst, their mother caught them. It was d? vu all over again. As before, mother walked in on Mary sitting on Chrissy's face getting her cunt sucked clean of the spend that her boyfriend du jour left in her.

Mary was sitting on Chris' face with her back to the room. She was holding onto the head board of the bed with her eyes closed tightly. Chris had his hands on her hips and ass and guiding her pussy to his lips and tongue. Chris had his panties around one ankle and was otherwise naked. His sister was naked as well. "Hoover my cunt good and clean, Chrissy. I have a date tonight and I don't want him to know that he's getting sloppy sixths! Mr. Michaels' balls must have been storing up all his cum for weeks.

Ohhh, he fucked me good. "He made a PA announcement to bring me to his office. The whole school knows I was with him. He told me his wife was away for the day and that I was going to be his fuck-toy for the day. He told his secretary that he was going to work on a project and not to bother him. Chrissy! I'm his project! Maybe he'll start whoring me out? Girl crying and squirting during sex, I hope so!" Chris loved to hear about how she was taken.

He deeply wished that he could do some of these things, but he knew it would never happen. Unbeknownst to them, their mother April was in the doorway in a state of shock! Mr. Michaels was their Principal at school. "He laid me down across his desk and pushed my legs wide open. My short skirt opened up and he could see my little g-string panties. He said, 'those fuckin' panties don't even cover your pussy you slut!' Ohhh, he talks so nice to me, Chrissy!

I love it when he calls me a slut and a whore! It gets me so wet. "He reached down and ripped those little panties off of me. I could feel the string pulling into my skin and hurting me so nicely. It dug into my tender ass japan futanari dickgirls weird upright missionary sex when he yanked the string on my ass opening burned. And then the pressure on my clit as he was ripping my panties off and the friction!

Oh, I almost came! "Oh, Chrissy you're working your magic on my cunt! Lick my fuck-hole nice and clean for tonight. I'll make sure you get some more, and some from my ass. Wouldn't that be nice?" Chris moaned into her pussy eliciting a corresponding one from Mary. Chris nodded his head making his nose rub against her hard nub.

April had her hand under her skirt and down her panties rubbing her clit and plunging 3 fingers into her sopping wet pussy. She was shocked at what she was hearing from her little girl. She is a wanton slut, which made April even more wet. She saw Chris' little penis sticking straight up.

She felt sorry for him. "After Mr. Michaels ripped off my panties, he grabbed my panties and jammed them into my mouth. Then he just lined up his cock to my hole and rammed his 8 inches into me.

I was so wet by then that he slid all the way in to my cervix. He fucked me hard, Chrissy. Oh, he used my fuck-hole the way it should be! "Chrissy, you have me so close! I wish mom would feel this it would really loosen her right up. Mrs. Sylvan wants you at her house before her husband comes home, by the way." April just got another two shocks. First that her son is doing this for other people, and that one of them is the next door neighbor's wife.

And the second was that she was obviously having an affair. Then she saw her son start to cum, and he didn't even touch his cock! "Anyway, Mr. Michaels pumped his hard cock into me for like ten minutes. I came like three times on him.

Then he flipped me over and ripped my blouse off. Grabbed my titties and fucked me from behind pulling me down on him while he was plunging up and using my tits for handles." Chris came again groaning this time into her snatch and setting up those luscious vibes that she loved so much.

"Oh, yes, Chrissy. That's it! Suck my clit like a cock you little wimp! Oh my god, Chrissy! So good! So fuckin' good! None like you, Chrissy! Yes! Bite my clit! Christ, I'm cumming!

Oh, it's huge! YYYEEEESSSSSSSSS!!!!" Mary stiffened totally like a board and was shaking furiously. April also noticed that her little girl's pussy flooded Chris' face.

Did she just piss on his face? And he's lapping it up??? Then, Mary collapsed in a heap on top of Chris.

She saw Chris lovingly roll Mary off of him and laid her down gently on the bed. He kissed her on her thighs and was licking her juices from the crack of her ass.

His mouth and nose were between her butt cheeks licking her hole. She thought it was so hot, and sensual redhead bonny bon squirts a river while being fucked balls deep gp so loving. She could see that Chris absolutely adored his sister despite all the grief she put him through. All the humiliation.

All the embarrassment over the years. All the shame that she dished out on him. She had seen him bring his sister to a kind of orgasm that pussy juice drips out of hot blonde had never had herself before.

She saw Chris lick other men's cum from her pussy uncomplaining and with all appearances loving it in the process. Her husband would never lick her! That's why she has a few girlfriends. She loved having her pussy licked and wished that John would do it, but he never did. Look how he's licking her thighs clean from her cum.

She's out of it, yet he continues licking her clean. It would be so easy for him to use a towel or the sheets, but he doesn't. Even down her butt crack. Practically his whole face is in her ass! She looked at his cock and realized that he had cum several times during the time she watched him service her, and not once did he or anyone touch him.

My lord, but he loved this. There April lay exhausted from her massive orgasm. Why would she do this? As a further humiliation to oma auf der strasse angesprochen brother?

No, that didn't make sense. She wouldn't want her pussy licked if she just wanted to mortify him. And then the final realization began to dawn upon her; that it was a mutual adoration. She began to realize that Mary needed Chris and his unquestioning love for her. It was then that Chris noticed that they were not alone. He saw his mom with one hand pinching a nipple and the other buried into her snatch with a look of ecstasy on her face.

April, realizing that she was being watched, quickly dropped her hands from touching herself. She asked, "is she OK?" "Yes, mommy. Miss Mary is fine. She'll be back in a minute." "Do you like this, Chris?" "Yes, mommy.

The only thing I don't like is that I have a worthless penis and I can't make girls happy like real men can. But the girls love my mouth and it makes me happy that they use it." "Girls?

Plural?" "Yes, mommy. There are several of Miss Mary's girlfriends that will come over, and there are, well, other women, too." "Like Mrs. Sylvan from next door? Is she having an affair, Chris?" "Please, mommy, don't tell Mrs.

Sylvan that you know! Or worse yet, Mr. Sylvan! I don't know who she has sex with. It could be Mr. Sylvan and she just likes me to lick her out, I don't know. But she's always filled up when I'm there." "Do you like the way she tastes?" "She doesn't taste as sweet as Miss Mary's or her girlfriends do, but even theirs are changing as they have more men and more sex. Sometimes the cum she has in her tastes different, so I guess that she has several lovers." "How many has Mary had?

From the sounds of it, quite a few." "Yes, mommy. Mistress is definitely a slut. But she's my slut." Chris moved into a slightly defensive posture over his passed out Mistress. He was on his knees with his feet under his butt. "It seems that I should have talked to her a lot sooner than now. I'm afraid that cannot be undone.

Once she becomes addicted to sex, it will be difficult if not impossible to make her "normal" again. I guess she's a pure slut, and possibly a whore for Mr. Michaels. How many men on the high school staff does she do? Or shouldn't I ask that question?" "Not unless you want the answer." She nodded her head that she wanted to know. "There are only five gay men on staff, mom." "All of them?" Chris simply nodded his head.

"Do you serve her men, too?" "A few of them, yes. But mostly to take her juices off of them so their wives don't taste her. Don't ask who because I won't tell you." "You are a fascinating boy, but I also think about you, Chris. Between your Mistress here, and your father, you've practically become a girl. Seeing this makes things understandable.

Do you enjoy wearing panties around the house?" "Mommy, please understand that Mistress has always humiliated me and that I have grown to love her attentions. She knows that I crave the things she does and says to me as much as I need food and water.

I know that my little penis won't please a real woman, but her shaming of me makes me so hard that I can't help but cum. It's the only way other than by her mouth that I can cum." "She sucks you?" "Yes, mommy. As a reward for doing her very well she will sometimes suck me and then feed me my own cum. I love her kisses, mommy.

I love my Mistress very deeply." It was at about this time that Mary finally began to come around. When Chris had laid her down, her head was faced away from where her mother was standing.

"Oh, Chrissy! If you get any better sucking my cunt you're going to be arrested for homicide!" And with that, she moved forward and sucked on Chris' penis. "Mistress? We're not alone. Mother's here." He added this so she wouldn't invite blonde facesits on bald submissive facesitting ballbusting to use a hole.

"Mom!?!? Oh, god! How long…?" "Long enough, young Mistress." April moved to her naked daughter's side and rested a hand on her breast and idly played with her nipple. "It seems I should have had a talk with you long before now, but it's too late. I just want you to know that I love you and always will love you.

But please, honey, please promise me you'll be careful. There are a lot of bad men out there who will do harm to you because of your very high sex drive. They will take advantage of your inexperience with life, and your very strong submissive side. "Yes, I've saw it when you were talking about what Mr.

Michaels did to you. I'll have a talk to him in the morning not to stop him, but to make sure he knows that I know new beby xxx storys full sex stories what he's doing with my girl, and that if anything happens to you, I'll look to him first.

I will tell him that if he will be pimping you, he will also be responsible for you. "Also, Chrissy will be watching over you, too. If he sees something different about you or sees you are hurt, I will demand that he come to me. In this, I will usurp your control over him, otherwise, he is yours to do with as you please, and I hope pleases him. Do you agree to this?" Mary looked at her mother with an open mouth throughout her entire soliloquy.

Her heart was filled with the deepest appreciation of what her mother was saying to her. She had effectively given her son as her property to do with as she pleased, and also gave her carte blanche to have as many men as she wanted.

She reached up and grabbed her mother and pulled her down into a vice-like embrace, and kissed her deeply with a new-found love and respect for her. "Mom. You have no idea how much what you just said means to me! All this time I have been running around behind your back just to laugh at your feeble attempts to control me. I never knew you cared or even noticed that I existed!

Oh, mommy! I'm so ashamed of myself, and so excited at the same time! If you ever need to use Chrissy's services some afternoon before daddy comes home, please use him. He's very good and won't talk to anyone. Mommy, his tongue is THE best in the world! "I've been tongued by a lot of men and women. I've been fucked by a lot of Masters, and they were all nice. No one makes me cum like Chrissy does!

It's why I want to own him as my slave. I will always take care of him while he takes care of me. I love the feel of a man's cock pounding away at my pussy and butt. It makes me feel so full. "But Chrissy's mouth is what really makes me cum, and it's Chrissy that makes me do the things that I do so I have the stories to tell him while he sucks their cum from my holes.

I couldn't do this without him. "Please, promise me to use him after you have your lovers, mom! Please!" Chris was openly crying hearing his mistress talk about him like this. He bowed to his Mistress' feet kissing them and profusely thanking her for his existence. To be continued…?