Riding my girlally until he cums fun sized cronys take a hot

Riding my girlally until he cums fun sized cronys take a hot
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If you've read part 1 to this 3-part tale, then you already know how I originally met Sara and Rick. Since our first chance encounter, we had met a few more times socially, a couple of which end with some basic sexual pleasures, but nothing special until August.

Part 2 The phone rang and when I answered it, I recognized Sara's voice on the other end right away. "No excuses" she said, "we won't take no for dude assists with hymen checkup and drilling of virgin teenie answer". I agreed to meet her and Rick Saturday afternoon and promised to leave my schedule open for the rest of the weekend, as they had so avidly requested.

"It's a surprise she insisted, since my birthday was almost here and they would be out of town that week. Friday afternoon Rick called me and said they would just pick me up at my house around lunch time on the following day and to have a couple of extra sets of clothes packed in a bag.

Just knowing that I was guaranteed the chance to stay the night with them again made my cock begin to stir and my mind begin to fantasize about what may happen this time. I was ready by 11am, so when they arrived at noon, I just climbed into the back seat of their Escalade, set my bag down next to me and asked where to this time. Rick smiled back at me and said nice to see you again, but it was the reception from Sara that I really liked as she spun around in her chair, exposing her right tit and yelled out "Vegas Baby" as she pinched and pulled on her nipple, to which Rick just laughed and said let's go.

We talked as we drove and they informed me that some friends of theirs might join us for the evening, a couple who were also going to be in Vegas for the weekend. Rick assured me that I would enjoy the added company, as they were a wild, fun couple just like Sara and Rick.

We checked into a small Hotel off the strip to avoid the hustle of the casinos and crowds, It was a place I had told them I usually stayed when in town since it has an in room mini refrigerator and no smoke filled casino to deal with.

Kim and Paul met us for dinner and a couple of drinks. Rick was right, they were a great couple. Kim was big garil xxx full sex stories amazing story tall girl, about 5'9" with smaller breasts, an amazing ass and a very exotic look, while Paul was about the same height and quite attractive himself.

We laughed so much during dinner that everyone probably thought we were drunk, but we were just having a good time, enjoying each other's company. After dinner we moved to the bar area and had a couple more drinks. Kim and Paul were all over each other, obviously eager to get back to their room and have some fun.

Sara made a comment to them that if they didn't stop soon we would have to cut the evening short, because watching them was getting her too excited. I let them know I enjoyed the show they were giving and joked that I too would need to "handle" my situation when we get back to the room if they kept it up. Paul suggested to Kim that they should take us to go see "the view" that she liked so much, Kim agreed on the condition we were all ok with it.

Paul explained that they had come across an adult store on the far north end of town, which had special video booths and they thought we might enjoy trying them out. Without hesitation we all agreed that it sounded good and jumped into Rick's Escalade to head out.

During the 15-minute drive up the Blvd. Paul and Kim were all over each other again. Paul had Kim pinned in the middle in the back seat and was kissing her with such intensity that both Sara and I couldn't help but watch.

At one point, while Paul pushed Kim back in her seat and began kissing Kim's neck, she threw her hand back to brace herself and it accidentally landed on my crotch. My cock, already half hard from the excitement of their make-out session, sprang immediately to attention. When Kim realized where her hand had landed, she started to pull it away, but then reached back and gave it a hard squeeze before removing it. Sara, who was turned in her front seat to watch the action, saw what Kim had done and her eyes burned with fire at the site of it.

Once inside the adult store, Paul asked the cashier for change and directed all of us down the hall to the booth area.

He handed everyone a bunch of dollars and said just use these for now, we'll get more if we need it. It was dark, with a circle of booths in the middle, some small enough for just one person and others larger, designed apparently for couples, but big enough for 4 people easy.

Kim directed Rick and Sara to a large booth and me to a smaller one two spaces over. She said they would be in the center booth and told us to pay very close attention to all of the buttons on the control panel in our booths.

I was flipping through the various channels with the volume turned all the way down in hopes to hear what Kim and Paul were up to. My cock was beginning to get hard, so I pulled it out so I could watch it grow.

Robber fuck my wife anal really do love the site of my own cock, I thought to myself, but was interrupted by what sounded like a slow moving drill.

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I looked at the wall that separated our booths and there was a window with what appeared to be aluminum foil covering it from the other side. Damn, I thought, I hope Paul and Kim tear that off, I would love to watch them play while I stroke my cock. Besides, if I could see them, they would also be able to see me as I handle my tool for their viewing pleasure. My cock jumped in my hand at the thought of how I would enjoy being watched, especially by these two.

All of the sudden I heard Sara yell out "holy shit you two, this is awesome". She then called to me asking if I had raised my window shade. I looked around trying to figure out what she meant, but there was nothing. I stroked my cock hard at the thought of being able to see these two in action. As I reached back to find a new channel, Paul called out "the buttons on the right".

I looked and saw a knob and an up/down button. I turned the knob to the right and hit the up button. There it was, the sound of the drill, but it wasn't a drill, it was the foil that was my window shade and it was rising to present me with a view of Kim and Paul in their booth. They were both naked and Kim was sucking on a beautiful 7-8 inch cock. Paul smiled and waived at the window, but Kim just kept sucking.

I pounded my cock at the site of these two, but all of the sudden my tv shut off and the window shade dropped. I quickly realized that my time had run out, so I added couple more dollars and opened the shade again.

As the shade lifted I was greeted with the view of Kim on her knees with her ass right in my window, still sucking on Paul's cock. I could see him looking over her to watch my reaction. I could hardly catch my breath at the sight of her ass spread wide and her pussy lips dripping with her wetness.

I instinctively shot my tongue out as if I was actually licking her juices and that beautiful ass. I then realized that Paul had seen me do this, but when I looked at him, all he did was smile and shake his head approvingly. There was a knock at my door, which startled me, but then the sound of Sara's voice said come out here, come to our booth. I didn't want to leave this view, but then again I would be able to touch Sara's ass if I were in her booth, so I quickly stood up, pulled my shirt over my hard-on and exited my booth.

Sara reached under my shirt and was surprised to find my cock exposed, but grabbed it and used it to pull me to her booth. Once inside, she tossed her jacket off to reveal nothing underneath and then quickly helped me undress too. I looked through the window to see Kim leaning back and Paul's head buried between her legs. This time it was his ass and balls that were 2 feet directly in front of our faces.

It was obvious that Paul shaved not only his balls, but his ass too, since there was no hair at all, not even around his little hole. I stared in wonder as I realized then I felt a strong desire to be on my knees behind him licking and sucking him. Sara leaned down and said she would love to watch Rick and I ebony song xxx story sani leon turns licking Paul's tight little ass and throating his cock.

I just sighed in agreement, as did Rick. Rick suggested we put on a show for Paul and Kim, so he tapped on their window to get their attention.

As they turned to watch, Rick asked me to put my cock in his wife's wet pussy while she sucked him off. I was a little surprised at his request, but Sara spun around so fast she nearly lost her balance. Rick said he knew she wanted to feel my cock inside her, so I should fuck her like the little slut she wanted to be.

As Sara took Rick's cock into her mouth, I leaned down and Began licking her pussy and ass just for a quick taste. She came within seconds and flooded my mouth and face with her sweet nectar. I looked back to see if Kim and Paul were watching and they had their faces glued to the window.

Kim motioned for me to lick Sara's ass, which I was glad to do. At first I licked lightly, just tickling it, then I pushed my tongue as deep in her ass as I could get it. Sara pushed back and I began to thrust my face back and forth, pushing my tongue in and out of her tasty little ass. As I looked back to see the response of our neighbors, Paul had stood up and bent over and Kim was tongue fucking him just like I was Sara.

I couldn't wait any longer after seeing this, so I stood up and rubbed my prick against Sara's soaking pussy. Sara's body shook in anticipation. She reached back between her legs and grabbing my balls pulled me into her as hard as she could. It hurt like hell, as if she was ripping my balls right off of me and without thinking, my natural reaction was to push forward as hard as I could. I pushed so hard it knocked Rick back and impaled his cock into Sara's throat, causing her to gag and choke on it.

Rick's eyes open wide with excitement, unaware of the pain she had just put me through. A lustful rage came over me in reaction to the still intense pain my balls were in and I began fucking her harder than I have ever fucked a pussy. With every thrust she moaned in pain, but it was instantly replaced by the gagging sound of Rick's thick 8" tool being forced into her throat.

After about two minutes I came to my senses and stopped pushing. Sara pulled off of Rick's cock coughing and trying to catch her breath. She looked back at me with crazy lust in her tear filled eyes. She stood up and kissed me hard. I could taste the familiar flavor of Rick's cum in her mouth. When we stopped kissing she said she had never cum so hard in her life and Rick exclaimed neither had he.

It was at that moment that I realized that when I began pushing so hard, they thought it was at the previous request of Rick, for me to fuck her like the little slut she wanted to be. The excitement of me fulfilling this request had driven them both instantly over the edge. The floor of gym xx giral and boys booth was soaked with the come of Sara and Rick and it turned me on to know that what I did sent then whirling.

We all seemed to realize at the same time that Kim and Paul were still next to us and as we turned to two saucy bimbos and one stiff cock at them, they were just staring at us playing with themselves.

They motioned for us to come to their booth.

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Rick commented that it would be really crowded, but we would surely make it work. They said our brief show was amazing and that they really enjoyed it. We were trying to get situated with all of us in one booth and since I was the last to enter, I was standing against the door.

I suddenly blurted out that it was so hot the way that Kim was licking Paul's ass the same way I was licking Sara's. I hadn't even realized the thought was in my mind until it came out.

Paul said that I made it look so good that he just had to feel it. Sara then told them that she knew I liked it too, since the first time we were together she had not only licked my ass, but that I had gotten so excited that she was able to get three fingers in it.

Kim, who was standing in front of me, without warning just dropped down, said, "I have to taste Kim's cum" and began sucking my cock clean. I commented on how good it would taste and told Rick he should let Paul taste his wife's pussy, to which Rick agreed. Sara slid way back onto the bench so that Paul could lean forward and eat her out.

Rick's cock had not yet recovered from his explosive orgasm, so he just leaned close to watched Kim suck on my cock. At one point, Kim stopped for a breath of air and I surprised her by turning my cock to Rick who greedily began to lick and suck it. Kim stood up and asked if I liked my cock sucked by Rick to which I just smiled.

I was staring at pon sex full sex stories viddeo tan, shaven ass of Paul as he hungrily lavished the sweetness of Sara's pussy. Kim noticed my stares and told me to watch as she licked and played with his ass.

Rick continued sucking my cock as Kim's tongue danced around one of the sexiest ass-holes I had ever seen. Then she proceeded to slide her middle finger into that tight little hole as she licked around it, causing Paul to grunt with pleasure. Kim kept her finger in Paul's ass as she stood up to me and began kissing me.

She slid her tongue into my mouth, teasing me to suck on it. As I did, I could taste the dull flavor of her mans ass on her tongue. She kissed my neck and whispered to me that Paul was fantasizing that it was my tongue in his ass, not hers, and now she knows I'm not opposed to the taste of a mans ass.

She said she would love to watch me tongue fuck his ass while she sucked his cock. All of the nasty talk along with Rick's hot mouth on my meat was more than I could stand and I told Rick to prepare himself. Kim said no and pushed Rick off of me.

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She said she wanted to be the one to make me come, but she wanted me to shoot it all over Paul's ass-hole while he was licking Sara. It only took a few seconds of Kim deep throating my tool to bring me to the breaking point I grabbed Kim's head as she pulled off, purposefully sending my first shot onto her face and into her still open mouth.

The rest of my load I put right in the crack of Paul's ass, just as she had asked me too. With my cum still dripping off of her face, Kim stood up to hot amazing hotties lusty seduction hardcore reality the full view of me stroking the last bit of my load on her mans ass. Paul had stopped licking Sara and was moaning about how warm it was and how good it felt to feel it splash against his little hole.

Sara was looking over his back to see it coating his muscular ass. Rick again surprised Kim by leaning in to kiss her and lick my cum from her face. She just stood there shocked, kissing him back and sharing my load with her best friends husband.

Sara was looking at me with a very sexy smile on her face. "Go ahead" she said, "You know you want to, I want to watch you do it". Kim pulled away to see what she was talking about. Sara slid out from in front of Paul and told him to move forward, but to stay bent over. Paul looked back and told Sara that he hoped she was going to lick my cum from his ass, but Sara said no, she wasn't going to do that, but I was.

She guided me toward his ass, knowing I had earlier desires to lick it. I gave in and put my tongue right to his hole. My own cum was smearing all around my mouth as I licked from his hole to his balls and back again. Sara, knowing I enjoy the same treatment had worked her way behind me and began to lick and finger my ass also. This made me lick and suck even better on Rick's ass and balls.

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The site of this drove Kim wild and she leaned forward to kneel on the bench. Then saying to Sara, "I hope you don't mind", she grabbed Rick's now fully erect prick and pulled it to the entry of her dripping pussy. It only took a couple of minute or so for Kim to begin cumming erratically. She thrashed about for a short while, then fell slightly forward, seemingly exhausted.

We all stopped briefly and watched as Kim fell of Rick's juice covered prick. Rick sighed in anguish that he hadn't got to cum again. We all adjusted our positions in the tight fitting booth and I turned Paul over so that his cock was now in front of me, standing very tall and hard and Kim turned and started licking Paul's nipples. Sara, who still had two fingers in my ass, slid them out and moved over in front of her mans rock hard cock.

She slid two of his fingers into her sopping pussy to get them wet and then placed his hand at my hole and told him to keep my ass warm while America naughty girl natasha malkova mofos house party sucked on Paul's tool. Then pushing my head down onto Paul's cock, she told Rick to put his fingers inside me.

He was amazed at how easily they slid in and asked me if I could handle another one. I was so turned on, I told him I think I cold handle all of them at this point. He pushed hard to insert his third finger, leaving only his pinky and thumb free. He told Sara it felt hot having three fingers, three knuckles deep in my ass. I told him I didn't know how they fit, but it felt good and not to stop.

Sara said she thought I would like it. "Now" she said to Rick, "since no-one else has a use for this nice cock of yours and it obviously needs to be inside something, I will just have to suck it off, but when you are ready to cum, pull your fingers out and shoot it all over that sexy ass you are finger fucking". At hearing that, Rick gave my ass a couple of hard thrusts while he twisted his fingers inside me.

I don't know what made me do what I did next, but it shocked every one involved. The words that Sara said must have stirred the thought in my mind, but I pushed Rick's hand out of my ass, spun him toward me with my one free hand and shoved my ass right into his crotch.

He was stumbling over words trying to say something when Sara said, "Just fuck him" and I pushed back. Without taking my mouth off of Paul's engorged cock, I took Rick's cock deep into my ass. Never could I have imagined how it would feel to be filled by cock, in both of my holes, especially at the same time. They seemed to start working together, first thrusting one after the other, but I wanted to be plunged simultaneously and somehow they knew it. All of the sudden they were both balls deep in me at the same time, over and over and over.

I could feel Sara and Kim touching me all over, but I was focused on what I thought I would never feel, two hard cocks penetrating me at the same time. I started to stroke my tool with their rhythm and in no time was cumming all over.

Then, as if planned, I felt both cocks swell inside me and their bodies began to tense up. I felt Rick explode first in my ass and as I moaned, Paul's wand let loose with a load that I thought would blow my head right off. Sara quietly hollered no-no, outside-outside. Both cocks were immediately pulled out of me and continued to empty their loads on my face and ass. I was frozen, unable to move a muscle.

The next thing I knew was each couple had positioned themselves at one end of me, with the apparent intention of licking me clean. Wanting to give them one last shock I stopped them and spun around.

I told them I wanted them to lick hola soy nicole leyva y quisiera ser actriz porno maacutes en others cum off of me, so Kim and Paul licked my ass clean, while Sara and Rick licked my face clean.

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As we tried to get dressed Sara realized that we had left both of the shades open and one of the windows was now blasted with a load from who ever had been watching. I looked into the booth behind me and there was an older gentleman trying to clean up the mess he had made all over himself during our little show. When we finally finished dressing and left the booth area, the cashier told us that if we were going to use their establishment again, we would have to keep the noise down a little.

I don't think he knew we were all in the same booth, but I wasn't surprised at all that he had heard us. We apologized, purchased a couple of videos and left.