German teen fingers her pussy and squeeze her big perfect tits all naked

German teen fingers her pussy and squeeze her big perfect tits all naked
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My Mature Encounter For the past 10 years I must admit that my Fantasy of having sexual pleasure between myself and a mature male has not been successful but I was still hopeful of a break through.As I have mentioned before I would only cross the line only if the opportunity to live out one of my fantasies presents its self.I must mention that my preference is a caucasian age 60-70 years, good looking and has some experiene in male sex, gentle and most importantly must have a 7-8" of love meat.

Now I live in the Caribbean island of St.Lucia and there are a number of mature caucasian but nothing really worked.I used to spend some time on a website that had some nice mature men.I spoke to a few but then my work got me all tied up so I was distracted for a few months. One day I was on my way to work so I stopped by at kompoz eu slapping mon and som breakfast cafe.I took out my laptop and went online.Now i was just curious so i went to my favourite site to check out whats new with the few men i know.I went to the chat room and i saw Bill and Jerry online so we all chat for while then Bill left.So as I was now alone with Jerry, we started talking about work.Now Jerry is 60 years cute and very hot.He is divorced and we have spoken about 7 times previously.As we were talking Jerry told me he have a surprise for me.I was a little excited so I asked what was it.He told me he is on a 6 weeks vacation and what Jerry said next gave me goose bumps.Jerry said he is in St.Lucia.I laughed.He said seriously.I said proove it.He started to describe where he was.He was in a cafe having breakfast.I said thats funny I am in a cafe as well having breakfast.We both frooze and stopped typing for a while.I asked him to name the cafe and oh my gosh Jerry typed "The Morning Stop".I died for 10 seconds.I typed "Me Too".I quickly stood up and looked around and there I saw this hot looking man in a blue shirt and he saw me too and I walked over and said "Jerry" and he said this is great and we sat together just enjoying our first meeting.I like him he was so nice and kind.He was staying at a Hotel and was so excited to meet me too.

We traded phone numbers ebony latina gives head and rides long white boner I then quickly rushed off to get my work done.Later in the evening as I was home wrapping up my work when my phone rang and it was Jerry.I was so excited that my emotioms were going crazy.Jerry asked me to take him out to see some new places downtown,so I agreed.When I arrived at the hotel Jerry was well dressed but he looked so handsome for a 60 year old man.When he came in my SUV i was greeted by a man that has a scent of mild cherry mixed with strawberry.So we proceeded to a restaurant to have dinner and we continued talking.Finally we started talking about our sexual fantasies and I must say that it was interesting.Now Jerry told me that he lied when he told me he has a little experience of male sex, actually he was a virgin and he craves for a younger man like me.I was sure that Jerry was the one for me.Here comes a fantasy i was waiting for.So as we moved to some drinks now Jerry and I were starting to get a little sweet and I had a little too much.I guess i was happy so had a little too much to drink.Anyway we left and Jerry drove me home and then I told him he can go with my vehicle.

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Next morning I woke up at 6am and decided that I am taking the day off.So I called Jerry and he was just about leaving so drop off my ride.When he arrived I had make some breakfast and we eat together.Now I use Marijuana and offered him some.Surprisingly he took the joint and we had a good smoke.After about 20 minutes we got high and Jerry told me he wants to use the bathroom.So i went to get some water.When he came back out we went to watch some local Tv for him to see more of the island.As we sat i couldn't help looking at his body and he was nicely built.As we watched the Tele, I noticed he started rubbing his left leg so i asked him if everything is ok.He had a sweet scratch.I was so so vervous but I offered to scratch it for him and i got to.As I stretched my hand and placed it on him right away my cock started growing and i can see his bulge in his pants as well.Then suddenly Jerry reached out and started rubbing my leg too fantastic beauty is showing off her stretched spread quim in close up we started to get really aroused.

Next thing I realised is that Jerry moved closer to me and we started kissing.To both of us this was new but we fantasisied about this for so long is as if we knew exacty what we were doing.As we kissed I told him lets go to my room.As we entered the room I removed my shirt and his too.I was ready to cum by just looking at him and the adrenaline was building way too fast.We started kissing again and we sat on the bed.I then pulled Jerry zipper down to release his beautiful and delicious 8" fuck tool.I was so vervous and excited at the same time.By now my underwear was soaking wet from pre cum.I then moved down between his legs and took my first taste of cock and it was amazing.The taste,the warmth,the wetness,the hardness.I took it inch by inch until I took it all in.I started to blow him and he was in extasy same like me.He then pulled me up and lay me on my back and removed my pants and my 8" inch of stiff power was unleashed.Jerry took me in his mouth and it was so so out of this world.He was so gentle and made me feel so special.Within minutes i was ready to blow and as it build up I held his head and let it rip.It was intense my entire body was having an orgasm.I shot about 5 spurts in his mouth and it all went down.

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We then sat up together and kissed passionately and i proceeded to suck his juicy dick and as I sucked he held my head he blew about 4 shots of sperm in my mouth and i swallowed it.I tasted a bit salty but i loved it.Jerry then wispered in my ears I want you to fuck me.We kissed and I lay him on his back and went to work again.I licked him and then spun him over on his tummy.Now i was high on Marijuana and also my adrenaline of first time was intense as it can be.I took some Ky jelly and lubed up his hole.It was pink and looked so inviting.I then started to massage his anus and he was moaning like crazy.i then pushed one of my finger in and he jumped and then settled down.Then i pushed two in.I then started to finger fuck him and trust me he was having a ball of a time.I then asked him if he is ready.I then placed my cock at the entrance of his ass hole and pushed slowly.When the first inch lily sucks and grinds over a big dick in Jerry buckled so I slowly pushed in 2 more inches in and then pulled back out.I lubed him with some more Ky and this time the entire 8" went in.We both were in extasy and graoned and moaned.I started to fuck Jerry and he was so tight and hot.As I pumped my meat in him his cock was as hard as ever.He groaned and groaned.Now my jism was building again I can fell full sex stories xxx kuwaiti story climbing my back fast.I then grabbed his waist and started to ram him faster and faster and finally I shot my sperm up his hole and Jerry was in so much pleaseure that he just dropped to the bed and was just taking it all in.I then pulled out ad lay next to him.We relaxed for about 5 minutes, when Jerry said "your turn now".

A sudden rush of blood went trough me and I quickly got on all fours for the man I always craved for.As Jerry lined up behind me I can feel in my ass a certain tingling sensation and I just wanted to be fucked.Jerry lubed me up and hims cock too.He then pushed in one finger and It hurt a little but quickly turned into a nice pain.He then pushed in two and started to work my hole.It started to feel good.He then pulled out and lubed me up more.Jerry then placed his love meat at my hole and started teasing my ass by rubbing it directly on my anus.It was amazing I could not contain my self.I started to shout for pleasure.He pushed his cock in and it hurt a lot.He pulled out and went back in and was still hurting.He pulled back out and lubed me up some more and this time pushed his entire 8' and I felt so full and stuffed.It hurt a lot at first but I then noticed that a certain tingling sensation started to build in my entire body and Jerry started to pump his cock in me nice "n" slow.I loved every second of him fucking my ass.It felt great.As he fucked me for 10 minutes he started to shiver and he started to ram me even harder and i wanted more.Suddenly he shot his juice all up in me and i can feel his hot juice splashing inside me.As this was happening I got an intense orgasm not from my own cock but it was coming from inside my ass.It was my G-Spot that was awakened.I started to spurt sprem upon sperm and it was more that I ever wanted.So jerry pulled out and we just lay there and reflecting on our first time.

For the next 6 weks Jerry and I had the hottest sex you can think about.Jerry and I became good friend and we are both looking forward to our second meeting.This time I am the one traveling to meet Jerry and boy I can't wait cause its been 9 months now.

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