Hair job is the new blowjob brunette big tits

Hair job is the new blowjob brunette big tits
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So my band went to Disney to march in a parade and we had to room with 2 or 3 other people. They had to be boys with boys and girls with girls. So I roomed with my friend who was in my section and he added his friend on drumline and he added another friend. So that filled out our room. But then one guy one drumline couldn't go because of his knee.

So there were 3 of us in the room. I knew my friend the trumpet player for a while but I never really knew his friend the drummer.

So we went to Disney and marched in the parade, which was kinda cool. We played Disney's hot ass webcam your pleasure is my world marches, which is actually pretty freakin hard. I marched my Yamaha ytr-4335 and my friend marched his bach, which is like a $3000 horn.

So after the parade, we went back to the hotel on bus and would stay over night and go to disney to actually visit the park the following morning. So as the 3 of us went up to our room and we saw another band was staying in the next bunch of rooms. As we walked into our room, I noticed a really cute brunette in halves and a ponytail and clearly sun-burnt.

I could tell she played clarinet by the case she was carrying and then I met eyes with her. Her eyes seemed to glow as the light from the room illuminated them.

She had pretty brown eyes. Then she gave me a smile and went in. Another 3 girls followed her. One of them was their drum major. I could tell by the different uniform color. One of the was super super hot. I mean seriously hot.

She was blonde and had a perfect face and body. Would have never imagined she was in band. Another had bleach blonde hair and was kinda hot. The 3 of us ordered pizza, as did every else in the building. That was a really bad idea.

It would be 2 hours before we saw a pizza. So in the mean time, we turned on the tv, chilled and talked. Their were only 2 beds in the rooms, a large comfy seat and a computer chair and tv set with furniture and what not. So I sat on the edge of one bed and the other found seats on the other bed and in the computer chair.

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I finally got to know the drummer, who I thought looked serious and mean. He was short and skinny and had a stern look on his face all the time. Well maybe that was just around band because I learned that he was a serious party animal and has gotten laid time and time again. He managed to sneak in some beer in his backpack and me and the trumpet player took a sip.

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I hated it, so I drank a coke. But the drummer drank the rest. So, we finally got the pizza and it was already 11:30. Which was lights out. So we just closed the door and shut the blinds, that's cartoon fuck xnxxx in marathi I noticed we were in one of those hotels that had a door that connected to the next room. I didn't think about or tell anyone until it was like 1 am, and we all had talked for hours about college, our dreams of drum corps, girls in our band, and of the drummer's many sexual experiences.

Then I told them about the girls next door and the door. Their first question was if they were hot, obviously.

I told them they were okay and about the super hot blonde. So we dared the drummer to go invite them over for drinks.

He agreed and wanted to work his magic. He went over and opened the door to find another door. He knocked quietly as we watched eagerly for a response. We all looked at each other. Then suddenly the bleach blonde swung the door open. We all leaned back a little in surprise. I got a better look at her. She was short, about 5' 5 and bleach blonde with blue eyes and now was in short shorts and a t- shirt.

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I got a hard on. The drummer said " hey, we were just wondering if you guys would like to join us for some drinks?" She laughed a little, then said "hang on." She smiled and went back and conversed with her roommates. Then they all came into our room and the drummer held the door as they came in then after the last one came in he air humped her without her knowing from behind and was like yeeaaaaa! I was like what. So then they all found seats around on the beds or chairs.

The cute brunette i met eyes with earlier sat next to me. The drummer was really good at talking to girls and quickly got all of them laughing and drinking beer. All of the girls drank beer. The trumpet player talked shyly with their drum major, who was a little on the heavy side, but so was the trumpet player. I tried to talk with brunette and it went pretty well.

She offered me a drink and couldn't refuse so I sipped from the can and felt the burn of alcohol down my throat. We all talked for about an hour, then one of the girls ran back to get an ipod dock with stereo thing and it started playing music. Of course the drummer was the first to jump up and dance and the 2 blonde girls joined him. Then I stood up and the brunette joined me. We danced. The trumpet player and heavy girl just talked and laughed at us, especially the drummer, who danced like a gay Jamaican bartender or something.

It was ridiculous! He would like twerk and shit, start booty dancing. But it definitely worked, the girls were all laughing. I just did the white people dance. Like when you take steps to the right and left and snap your fingers. But when gangnam style came the brunette taught me how to dance! She would like grind on me and stroke my cock between her ass cheeks. Pretty good stuff lol.

The drummer was the middle of a sandwich with the two girls. They were dancing really sexy. I couldn't believe it. This went on for about an hour. The girls had a few more beers and it was like 3 am. Soon it started to get really hot, they slowly started to undress, like little by little. Soon the super hot blonde was just in a bra wild dildo playing with sexy lesbians hardcore and reality panties, and the bleach blonde was in a t shirt and panties.

The brunette I was with stripped to her bra and jean short shorts. The trumpet player and heavy drum major were finally dancing slowly at least, him hugging her from behind slowly rocking left and right. Then I hear the drummer say something like "I hear clarinet players give the best blowjobs." Then the bleach blonde said " All of us are clarinet players." We all laughed. Then I looked at the brunette's perfect ass a she walked over to change the song, then I look over and I see the super hot blonde chick sucking the drummers dick while the bleach blonde records it with her phone!

I was in pure awe. I watched the master at work lol, as we continued to dance in the room. then finally she started playing with my dick.

She sat me down on the edge of bed and pulled my dick out of where you put your legs through the shorts. Very hot. Then she started gently stoking my dick, just watching it. Then the bleach blonde left the drummer and interrupted and started full on sucking my dick like a pornstar while recording herself with the phone.

The brunette finally took her bra off and I grabbed her left tit with my right hand and couldn't take my eyes off my first blowjob then the brunette kissed me and touched me all over then I hear loud moans and look over and see the drummer on his back with the super hot blonde riding him like a cowgirl bebop. It was the sexiest thing ever, how her hair hung down as she leaned back, then leaned forward and did a really sexy hip motion forward and back over and over again on his teen beauty jasmine callipygian creampied with an epic view of budapest that made her ass look great!

She had a perfect pink ass hole that complemented her tan lines perfectly from hours of band practice. I really wanted to get at that. The brunette finally pull off all my clothes and the bleach went over to record the others. I quickly grabbed my phone and took a pic on my dick ready to penetrate the brunette's awesome pussy! It was my first time!

Then I switched it to video and record every second of the penetration and fist piece of pussy I ever got. It was nice, pink, and shaven too.

I just did what felt right and fucked her for like 10 minutes as she showed me all the positions. Then, in between her moans, she told me not to cum inside her, as she does not have any protection at all. Ooops! I didn't tell her that I cumed in her about a minute after penetration but kept fucking because it was my first time and it was so good!

I said okay. So we kissed on it anyway and kept fucking, then soon I got an idea from a porno. I said "I'll be back baby, I need to cum." I really wanted to get my fist piece of tight pink ass but the cute bruntte didn't do anal.

So I went over to the drummer as the bleach blonde filmed me and then I got behind the super hot blonde as she was riding the drummer. I looked down at my dick, the head was really red and shiny and a string of semen hanging from the tip. My dick was totally wet with the brunette's pussy juice that smelled like sex. I put my hands on the hot blonde's hips and got into position to double penetrate her. I took a deep breath, the bleach blonde did a close up of the hot blonde's pussy getting fucked, then I inserted my hot, wet, dick into the tight, available hole in the girl.

The head went in, but it was so tight, her ass hole spit my dick out. Then I went for it again using more force and struggled for it to get accepted.

It worked. Now I tried to get up to pace with the action happening in the next hole. But the drummer started to fucking her even harder.

She let out a loud "fuck!!!" we fucked for another 5 minutes. I got the urge to cum for the second time that night. I figured she wouldn't mind some sperm deep in her rectum. But then I got an idea, I pulled my throbbing dick, which was now a rock hard cock, out of her anus which was dripping with semen, and shoved it in the bleach ass gapes and drips spunk asscreampie creampies mouth who was playing camera girl.

I cumed quickly before she rejected it out of her mouth. I squeezed one of her tits hard with my left hand and felt her bra and perky tits in my hand. The cum shot straight to the back of her throat. She let out a choked scream and her eyes widened.

Then she quickly put her phone camera on her lips as she continued to suck the head of the now semi- hard penis. She swallowed the cum, smiled at me, kissed the tip of the penis, and went back to filming the the 2 masters of sex as if it was nothing. That was the biggest cumshot shot far for me. Then I see the trumpet player getting his trumpet mouthpiece from the desk and go over and put it in his girl's vagina and start buzzing.

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The girl moaned with satisfaction. He played sirens inside her and went back to fucking her. I went to get my mouthpiece and did the same to the cute brunette i left,who was watching me the entire time. She liked it a lot and I did some more.

Then I look over and see the bleach blonde now fully naked having sex.

But she has a purity ring so she's only into anal. I watch her get fucked like a dog as she lets out loud breathy moans like "ah! ah! ah! ah!" The super hot blonde fingers herself as she watches. I continue to fuck my girl, occasionally pulling out to cum on the tits, stomach, back, feet, hands,and face.

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I played a game with myself, I would pull out and cum, then the next time I would cum inside her (since I already cumed inside of her earlier), then I would pull out and cum somewhere. And over again. Then when she fell asleep I fucked and cumed inside her even more! I literally jizzed more than 15 times total.

It was just so good! But she thought I only cumed outside of her. So we fucked a lot till I fell asleep, which was a little after her. In the morning, when I woke, was when I noticed how absolutely beautiful she was and became proud. I took a lot of pics of her on my phone. I took a lot of her cum covered pussy and some of me fucking her and cuming some more. And some full body nude teen milana witch gets bent over by hung tutor and some of her ass hole.

And I even stuck my penis deep into her ass while she was asleep and took a pic, because she doesn't do anal. And yes I cumed in there too. I couldn't get a hard anymore because of the pure fuckfeast from last night.

Taming males demanding knob hardcore and blowjob as I walked to the bathroom, the drummer signaled me to come over. I went, He was next to the bleach blonde who was face down ass up on the bed still with fresh cum oozing out of her anus. ( she only does anal, remember?) And he said he was gonna fuck her pussy anyway. I said ok. So we took turns fucking her as she was asleep and both emptied the rest of ours loads in her pussy knowing she has no protection.

We took pics. Lots of pics. When they awoke we all took showers with our main girls except there was 1 extra girl so I showered with the brunette and the bleach blonde. Not as much happened in the shower, except I made out and and more sex with the 2 girls I probably just got pregnant, but they are unaware.

So when everyone finished showering, we all got back in uniform. Then an idea hit the drummer of course, and he went and got everyone in one room. He wanted to fuck them all one last time before we leave.

So he said the girls should climb on the bed, lean forward and put their ass' up while in uniform. And that we should set up a stopwatch to go off every minute until we finish and what we do is fuck a girl for a minute then when it goes off we go to the next one for a mnute, then the next one, and so one. The girls said they would only do it if we agreed not to cum in their pussies except for the super hot blonde who was on birth control, and that no anal for the 2 brunettes, anal only for the bleach blonde, and whatever for the super hot blonde.

So we could only cum in the two blondes. which was ok for us even though we secretly broke those rules last night and this morning. So we did that even though none of could get a hard on anymore. It was a very, very fun night and morning. So we said our goodbyes and left forever. Me and the drummer were kinda glad we would never see them again cause we probably got them pego. So we went to the park that morning with the rest of our band. It was okay, but it was no match for time we spent in the hotel with those girls.

We still got some action at the park, there is a ride that never has any lines and goes through a dark tunnel for about 2 minutes. We rode it with some girls from our band and the drummer finally got a blowjob from the hottest girl in the naomi mae ride her step bros cock on the couch brunette big dick that day, on that ride. and so did I, she let me feel her fine ass for the first time, which was like nothing to me now.

On the ride when I ask her to go with me. I also asked another girl I admired to come with me on the ride. She was my friend, but I ask her straight up for a blowjob and she quickly shot me down, but finally said ".okay. But just this once, but promise you won't tell anybody, and I mean anybody about this, okay?!" I gave her $60 and she gave me a nice blowjob on the ride as I thought about the cute brunette from last night.

This happened last school year, around May or June 2013, my band got invited back this year and I hope for even better results, wish me luck! ~Mu Alpha Beta Psi