Petite blonde babe zoe clark gets fucked in the laundry area

Petite blonde babe zoe clark gets fucked in the laundry area
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My wife Charlotte and I have been married for ten wonderful years. We meet by pure chance in an Ikea parking lot five years before that, when she'd had some trouble loading up her car and I stopped to help. I think she sensed right away that I was a submissive man, because she invited me back to her place that very night.

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Well, more like ordered me. I hadn't realized that I was submissive or that I liked pain, but one night with Charlotte had made me addicted. Charlotte is a short, flame-haired, firecracker of a woman, with petite breasts and large hips. I'm at my happiest when I'm serving her with my head between her legs. I'm 5'9" and rail thin, in a way that hides lean muscle.

I keep myself in excellent shape, biking hundreds of kilometers each week. My wife loves to run her hands over my six pack, admiring my muscles and teasing me with a touch that's tantalizingly close to my cock at the same time. Last year, Charlotte realized that she found women hot. She asked if we could begin sleeping with women together.

She held me down as she asked and whispered incredible things we could do to them in my ears. She was interested in using me as another instrument of domination after she'd have her way with them, she'd make me fuck them too. I was an enthusiastic supporter of the idea and so we put out a Craigslist advertisement and waited for results to come in. That week was torture. Charlotte heightened my anticipation by putting me in a chastity cage.

When we looked at the pictures women would submit, she'd play with my dick through the cage, but she wouldn't take it off of me or let me cum, no matter how much I begged. After the third day, she even made me tell her whenever I had a sexual thought outside of looking through the profiles.

She caned me twenty times for each thought I had. It was delightful torture Finally, we settled on Robyn. She was taller than my wife, almost as tall as me. She had dark hair, dark eyed, and was solidly built.

She was finishing up her last year of university and wanted the release of sex without the work of a relationship. She said that she loved the idea of fucking my wife while I helplessly watched and got a thrill at the thought of being fucked by a sub at the orders of his master.

Charlotte celebrated finding Robyn by tying me cutie blonde teen babe chloe couture banged and creampied the hook in our playroom and beating me with a cane until my legs gave out, dragging me to the bed, tying me face down, and pegging me until I couldn't think straight.

Once I had recovered and thanked her for my ordeal, she shoved my face into her pussy and told me I could thank her by making her come. She didn't take me out of the cage, but she did reward me with a prostrate orgasm. In the shower, afterwards, she was extraordinarily tender to me.

She washed me off and patted me dry and let me eat her out again. She understood better than anyone else ever had what I needed and when I needed it. It was three further days until Robyn came over and those days were some of the most deliciously frustrated days of my life. I was horny basically all of the time, which earned me dozens of canings. I didn't care about that, didn't care that my dick was frequently pressed up against its containing cage. All I could think of was how excited I was to see Charlotte dominate another woman and how hot it was that I would be used like just another of her tools.

Robyn arrived in normal street clothes, as Charlotte requested. Charlotte wore a black dress, while I was already naked (except for my cage). Robyn seemed a bit taken aback by this at first, but she softened when I took her coat and offered her wine. As she shucked off her coat, I saw that she hadn't worn a bra, just like Charlotte had asked.

Robyn accepted the wine. I ushered her to the living room, where I kneeled down and acted as the table. Charlotte and Robyn ate cheese and crackers off my back as they sipped on wine. Robyn seemed to become more and more comfortable as Charlotte talked with her. Once Robyn was at ease, Charlotte turned the topic towards sex. She asked Robyn about her experiences and her limits. We'd already messaged a bit about this, but we'd agreed we'd confirm in person. Charlotte also made sure that Robyn would be okay to have me cum inside of her and showed her our clean STI test results.

With the wine and conversation finished, we retired to the playroom. Robyn watched as Charlotte tied me to a chair, leaving just one hand free (with which she instructed me to get myself hard). She left me no lube and put a ball gag in my mouth. She knew I couldn't cum without lube or saliva to make the rubbing smoother and obviously intended not to leave anything to chance.

With me so desperate to stroke myself to an orgasm after my long imprisonment, I didn't blame her. My dick pov glam ho cum covered interracial pornstars a bit sore after all it had been through, but that didn't stop me from stroking it as much as I sex xxx storys sise gar bear.

It felt so good to be hard and free, rather than cooped up in the tiny cage that Charlotte loved to keep me in. I didn't care that Robyn was staring at me as I jerked off. I was desperate for pleasure in way that felt more important than any embarrassment.

I knew that she'd understand how that worked soon enough. Charlotte ordered Robyn to stillness and paced around her. Robyn couldn't help following with her head, which forced Charlotte to repeat the order. Robyn snapped her head back forward, but it was much too late for that.

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Charlotte grabbed a crop and counted out ten hard hits against Robyn's ass. Robyn didn't flinch. I could tell that she was accustomed to and enjoyed pain. Charlotte made Robyn quickly strip. Robyn had indeed neglected to wear panties. Charlotte again walked around her prize, before pausing to inspect her slit.

She ran her fingers through it and sniffed them. "You're a pain slut, aren't you?" Robyn responded with a submissive "yes mistress". Charlotte walked over to and showed me the juices that coated her fingers.

"See what a slut our new playmate is?" I nodded my head and Charlotte smiled. Charlotte took several minutes to decide which restraints to put Robyn in.

I was sure she was deliberately drawing it out. The room was quiet, save for my quiet masturbating and Robyn's deep breathing. As near as I could tell, she alternated between fear and horniness and split her attention between Charlotte's pacing and my quiet masturbation.

When she felt it, her arousal must be substantial; I could graba escondida asu amiga lesbiana3 the juices of her eager slit dripping down one of her legs. Charlotte gauged the mood of her victim well and eventually settled for the simple four poster bed. Robyn seemed relieved that Charlotte chose this instead of something more intense, like the hook that hung from the roof for standing bondage, the St.

Andrew's Cross, or one of the more elaborate restraints that bent bodies into incredibly helpless positions. Robyn allowed Charlotte to tie her to the bed without a single peep. Charlotte fingered her a bit after every knot and I saw Robyn quickly grow to need that touch. I sympathized. I was deeply addicted to Charlotte's ministrations.

She was an expert and making people so horny they'd do anything for her. Robyn was certainly no exception. When Charlotte asked if Robyn wanted to eat her pussy while I watched helpless and tied up, Robyn begged. Her begging turned me on even more and I frantically stroked myself.

I knew I was close to coming, but I couldn't push myself over the edge, restrained and dry as I was. It was exquisite torture. Charlotte slowly stripped out of her dress, accompanied by Robyn's steady begging. Both Robyn and I started to salivate as we saw Charlotte naked. Even after all these years, I was still always excited to see her in the buff.

Charlotte smiled and winked, before she crawled onto the bed, kneeled over Robyn's face and thrust her dripping cunt into Robyn's mouth. All three of us moaned at the same time, as Robyn's tongue found Charlotte's clit and Charlotte's hips jerked.

Charlotte allowed Robyn to pleasure her for a few minutes before pulling her pussy away. "I'm not letting you make me come yet, little bird." Robyn groaned in frustration.

It was amazing to see the transformation that eating Charlotte's pussy and having her own cunt played with had caused. She no longer exhibited any fear, only desperate horniness. "It would be a shame if I got off before I tormented those beautiful tits of yours, don't you think little bird?" For all that Charlotte's tone was that of a question, both of us horny coed slut spreads her juicy cunt brunette and amateur that it was a rhetorical one.

Charlotte was in control and Robyn would have to accept whatever Charlotte decided. Intoxicated and desperate plaintively, Robyn agreed anyway, blind to her lack of choice.

Charlotte went to her array of tools (pausing only to play briefly with Robyn's slit, leaving her even more mad with desire) reclaimed her crop and grabbed a pair of nipple clamps. Robyn saw them and flinched away from them. She didn't ask Charlotte to stop though. Charlotte stroked Robyn's pussy again. I marvelled at how well she controlled the younger woman. Charlotte was soon begging to have nipple clamps put on, to have that pussy back in her mouth, anything that would lead to her coming more quickly.

This time, Charlotte faced me as she squatted on Robyn's mouth. She didn't start with the nipple clamps. Instead she savaged Robyn's nipples with crop until they were standing up red and hard. Only then did she put on and tighten the clamps, causing Robyn to scream as the metal bit into her puffy areola. Charlotte shifted to drown out the screaming and soon enough Robyn's tongue was back at work.

I saw Charlotte begin to buck in the way she always did when she was close to coming. Robyn must have realized what was going on, because she redoubled her efforts.

Her tongue moved frantically, dancing over Charlotte's clit. Charlotte found my eyes and held them. "Feeling left out?

Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about you sweet pet. Your time will come soon." My cheeks flushed and my cock twitched in my hand.

I felt a surge of affection towards my mistress. I knew she'd take care of me. Robyn thrust her hips into the air with Charlotte's declaration. I would have if I could have. I settled for massaging my dick instead. Charlotte threw her head back. "Oh little bird, you're an excellent black stockings slut ass fucked in taxi hardcore european You're making me come little bird." Robyn moaned in sympathetic pleasure (or desperation to come herself) and writhed on the bed.

Charlotte rode out her orgasm with the same determination she always did. She felt incredibly sensitive after one, but she loved to push herself and see how much she could take. She pushed herself especially hard because she knew that I was always desperate by the time she came and she loved to make me wait just a little longer.

It seemed like today she was doing the same thing to Robyn. Finally, Charlotte had enough and lurched off of Robyn's face. Robyn's writhing's didn't even slow. Charlotte kissed her deeply and stroked her clit a bit, which didn't settle courtney cameo minor part major star twistys in the least.

Then she bid Robyn patience and came to see me. She looked at my hard cock and smiled. "You did well pet. Here's my reward." She went to the shelf of toys and grabbed a vibrating cock ring. With my cock finally released from its restraints, I knew could stay hard in a cock ring for a long time, even after I came.

I simultaneously looked forward to the pleasure I would feel and dreaded how hard she would push me to keep going once I had pumped Robyn full of my load and was at my most sensitive. Charlotte slipped the ring on to my dick and set it to vibrate before she freed me from my restraints. I whimpered at the vibrations on my throbbing cock.

Charlotte merely patted my cheek, then led me to Robyn. "You'll find that my pet is able to last quite a long time with the right encouragement," Charlotte bragged.

Robyn said nothing. She was beyond speech. She merely thrust her hips in my direction. Charlotte grabbed me by the dick and maneuvered me so that it was at the entrance to Robyn's pussy.

"Here's my reward to you, pet. You can cum as soon and as often as you like. But you aren't allowed to slow down at all." I nodded frantically, then thrust deeply into Robyn as Charlotte struck my ass with the crop. Robyn was dripping wet and my cock slid in easily. She thrust into me, desperate to be filled with my cock and desperate for the vibrations emanating from the ring on it.

We quickly lost ourselves in an animalistic rhythm. I think neither of us saw the other as a person, just as a way to finally assuage our aching need for release. Charlotte used her crop with wild abandon whenever I slowed even for a single moment. It added a frantic edge to my thrusts, an edge that became even more desperate as I felt the orgasm start to build in my balls.

I began to emit high pitched whines as I pushed myself ever closer to coming. "Hear that little bird? My pet is about to cum inside of you. You're going to be my slut after that. I own that cock and its seed. Once it's inside you, I'll own your cunt as well." Robyn merely ground into me faster.

I could tell that she was close to coming too, but I didn't care. All that mattered was that I was finally allowed to come and Threesomes big dick from ass at the by roby bianchi was finally coming.

I filled Robyn with cum. I filled her until it leaked out her and squelched with every frenetic thrust. True to her word, Charlotte didn't let me rest after I came. I was forced to keep thrusting by the ever-present crop.

Robyn began to moan just like I had. Charlotte gave my ass a respite for a single second and paused to stroke Charlotte's face as she came. "That's it. Come like a good slut little bird. You're going to regret it in a minute." Sure enough, Robyn began to wriggle away from my cock and its vibrations a minute after her orgasm.

It seemed like her clit was also sensitive after she came. I tried briefly to stop, but Charlotte wouldn't let me. She savaged my ass, forcing me to abandon my attempt to give Robyn a respite. I was barely better off. My dick was incredibly sensitive. The vibrations felt like they were shaking it almost apart and every twitch of Robyn's pussy around me felt like an electric shock.

Robyn began to cry and beg. "Please, oh please, it's too much." I empathized, but I couldn't stop. The pain in my ass was still worse than the pain in my dick. I realized that this was Charlotte's final touch. She really was using me to dominate Robyn. Robyn seemed to realize it as well. And enjoy it too; for all of her yelling, she didn't use her safeword. After five long minutes of pain and pleasure mingled so tightly that I didn't know which was which, Charlotte let me stop. Robyn's ordeal wasn't quite over yet through.

Charlotte removed my gag and made me clean her up with my tongue, a process that seemed to cause her sweet agony whenever I touched her clit. Finally, even that was over. Charlotte removed Robyn's bonds and lay between us on the bed. Each of us idly stroked one of her breasts. "Did you have fun, my pets?" Charlotte's voice was high and hopeful.

We both tripped over ourselves to tell Charlotte that we had.