Legal age teenager love tunnel is nailed well homemade and hardcore

Legal age teenager love tunnel is nailed well homemade and hardcore
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Laura and Jessica left the bar at about 2am. Both were fairly drunk so they played rock, paper, scissors to see who drove. Jessica lost. She slowly crawled behind the wheel of the small sports car. Little did the girls realize they had their car worked on while in the bar.

The sadistic team kept them under constant surveillance inside while members outside worked under the hood to allow the car to stop running after about 5 minutes. The group was made up of 6 guys and 1 hot girl. This girl was twisted and gave orders to the guys on what to do.

She ran the show. She was a sex crazed maniac. She loved the rush of controlling the men and telling them how to ravish her poor female victims. She had done this many times before. It was a hot and steamy July evening. The girls wore hardly anything.

They were fixed up and smelled clean and looked good. Laura and Jessica had known each other for the past 5 years. They lived together in a semi rural part of Way versus pmv video game edit final xvideoscom pawg ass Angeles. Traffic this time of night in their neighbourhood was sparse. Jessica first noticed the car losing power on a slight hill.

She pushed the gas pedal down and it did not react. The car then lost all power and she guided it onto the dirt shoulder. She cursed out loud. Laura by now had passed out completely in the passenger seat, her head drooped over the door and long flowing brown hair dangling down the outside of the car. Jessica popped the hood open and looked at the engine. She had no idea what was wrong. In the distance she could hear a vehicle approaching. She observed the lights coming closer and getting brighter.

The vehicle pulled up beside her. It was a van with no windows. Fear came over Jessica all of a sudden. Then sudden relief. She observed a cute girl driving.

The girl was friendly and had long curly blonde hair. She told Jessica her name was Amy. Amy asked her if she wanted to use her cell and call for a tow. Jessica let her guard down and entered the passenger front side.

After getting in Amy backed the van up behind the disabled car. As Jessica started to dial a number many hands from behind her grabbed her. The hands grabbed and pulled roughly on her long curly hair.

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Hands grabbed her shoulders and a set grabbed her by the neck. In seconds she disappeared into the rear of the windowless van. Her feet being the last thing seen from the front kicking wildly in the air. She was thrown effortlessly onto her back.

Jessica landed on a not so comfortable mattress. It momentarily knocked the wind out of her. Jessica could see 6 guys surrounding her. She could smell the foul stench from the rear of the van. The mattress smelled like cum and sweat.

She wondered to herself as her eyes darted around terrified and wondering how many other poor girls had been ravaged in this van. In a corner she saw clothing remnants.

A destroyed pair of jean shorts missing frontal buttons and a rear pocket, several pairs of different colored panties and a few tee shirts ripped to shreads. One tee shirt was cum stained. The men held her down and shackled each wrist in cold hard tight steel shackles spread far apart. The shackles were somehow welded into the floor of the van. Her poor arms stretched so far they felt like they would rip apart.

The same was done with her legs. When they were finished she resembled a giant stretched out X ready to be abused on laying defencelessly on the cum stained mattress. She could not move at all. Any wiggling made her joints ache. A camera was utilized by one of the men to video tape the ordeal.

She heard a girls voice tell the guys to go get the other girl right now. Three men exited the van. The rear door slammed shut. A minute later she could hear muffled cries and screams. She recognized them as being from Laura. She heard smacks and cries.

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She heard begging and pleading. Then clothes being torn and ripped. More pleading. Then a loud bang against the right side of the van. Then more banging against the side of the van. It shook and rocked. What was happening outside the van she wondered? The remaining men inside the van snickered and laughed. They stroked their hard naked cocks over Jessica. Jessica imagined at any minute cum would spray on her face or body.

It did not. The men held it in. Some pre cum oozed onto her tee shirt from one. The banging against the outside of the van went on for about 5 minutes and then stopped. The rear doors opened. Laura was thrown inside the van and landed on a sprawled out chained up Jessica. Jessica looked at her friend. She then figured it out. He men had been fucking her against the van while she heard the banging.

The men were way larger than the girls and Jessica knew they had easily picked up all four foot eight inch, 100 pound Laura and fucked the shit out of her against the van wall. Laura still had her shorts on but they were open and her belt was undone. Her sexy small lacy panties she had been wearing were gone. Probably ripped off easily by these assholes. Each guy probably took turns pumping their oversized cocks into her little body.

A man on each side held her by her arms while the remaining one squeezed or fondled her tits and drove his rock hard cock into her. Her tail bone and ass were banged into the van with each thrust.

The van started and drove from the area. The cute girl who initially had been driving when the van had pulled up was now in the back. Jessica looked her up and down. She was hot, probably mid twenties with an athletic body and a face that made her look years younger than she actually was. Underneath that sexiness was a twisted controlling sex freak.

Laura was grabbed and handcuffed to the front wall area of the van. She was affixed by a set of cuffs that were fastened to the driver side wall of the vehicle. She was in a standing position. She had been crying. Amy began her instructions as they drove. She told the men in the rear to undress and stroke their cocks. They were not allowed to fuck the girls yet. They had to watch and get horny. First she told them they would get a show. Amy straddled Jessica.

Jessica could not move her body to avoid this due to how she was spread and shackled. Amy went to kiss Jessica's lips. Jessica turned her head. Amy grabbed her face and with a full left arm swing smacked her skinny chick striptease and play with sextoy the face.

The force of the hit dazed Jessica and cut her lip. A little bit of blood dripped from a cut. Amy grabbed her under her jaw and turned her face towards her. Amy kissed her giving Jessica lots of tongue. She sucked at the cut and became turned on. She got off her and then told the guys to undo Laura. One man roughly pulled Laura super sexy babe parties and sucks cock by her hair.

He pushed her to her knees. She cried out because the man was so rough on her. Amy told Laura to eat Jessica's pussy. Laura refused. Amy punched her really hard in the stomach making her double over in pain.

She then knelt beside her and reach into her undone jean shorts. She grabbed her tight shaven cunt and roughly stuck two fingers into her pussy.

Laura cried out again. Amy told her if she did not do it immediately she would have the guys fuck her ass until she passed out. Laura protestingly complied. Laura straddled Jessica's shackled body. Her tight ass rested above Jessica's face. Her open shorts and bare pussy above Jessica's mouth. Her breasts pressed against her stomach. Her nipples hard. Slowly she pulled up Jessica's short cotton summer dress.

The dress was too short to begin with. It barely fell below her luscious tight cunt. When raised it revealed the smallest white panties you had ever seen. A small front triangle of cotton barely bigger than a small slice of pie covered her pussy.

Her pussy was shaven and clean. Her pussy lips could be seen under the fabric. The area was moist.

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Was Jessica excited at this event. Only she knew. Laura's warm and trembling hands slid down the sides of Jessica's tanned firm legs and her fingers snuck under the skimpy single side strings that held the front and rear triangles of the panties on her tight mid section.

She pushed them down her legs as far as she could. The cotton strings stretching to the breaking point. Due to her legs widely spread they only lowered slightly. An unknown hand reached from over her shoulder and grasped the thin fabric. The panties were torn off effortlessly. They landed in a corner of the van on the pile of other previously ripped fabric from previous victims. Someone pushed Laura's head from the back down onto Jessica's pussy. Laura tried to lift her head but it was held in place.

Jessica's pussy smelled clean and fresh. It was smooth and moist. Laura's tongue darted out of her mouth and gently flicked around and then on her clit area.

Jessica let out a moan when tongue first contacted her skin. Her inside legs were smooth. They trembled slightly. Laura knew she would have to do as she was told or she could be hurt or possibly killed. She had no choice but to eat her best friends pussy. As she probed and teased her best friends cunt area Laura had her tight firm ass pushed down onto Jessica's face.

Jessica had to return the favor and licked and sucked on Laura. Laura had always had an overly sensitive clit and just from the way Jessica took it in her teeth gently and licked it caused her to have an orgasm within five minutes. Laura did not even realize being so scared that as she started to climax she had been gently at first and now vigorously began pumping her hips and pussy roughly onto Jessica's face and tongue.

When Laura came she squirted her juices all over Jessica's face. Laura moaned uncontrollably and collapsed on her friend. The van suddenly stopped. The rear nasty nymphos ream the biggest strapons and spray load everywhere flew open.

Laura was grabbed by her ankles and pulled out the rear of the van landing roughly face first on the ground. Four men then grabbed her by each limb and carried her into a house.

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She bucked, wiggled and screamed and tried to get away. It was to no avail. The men all laughed at her. Jessica was asian girl getting her hairy pussy fucked with toys fisted giving blowjobs for guys on the couch and also carried in the same way. Amy followed them with a big smile on her face. The girls were brought into a large warm sex room and hung by their wrists above their head.

They faced each other about 10 feet apart. All sorts of sex toys filled the room. Anything you could think of. Three men stood around each girl. Completely naked with raging rock hard cocks. They all stroked them. Each head glistened with pre cum. Amy walked around the girls surveying them. She admired how small Laura was. Laura could be picked up and doubled easily by two of the men. She was so light and small, but her body was tight.

She looked innocent, just hanging there waiting to get the crap fucked right out of her. Her shorts open, slutty looking. Her hair dripping sweat and covering her face. Her head drooped down. Little runners and white socks still remained on her small feet.

Amy liked this one. She wanted to take part in the deflowering of her. She would squeeze and suck those hard firm ava addams perfect milf tits big boobs pornstar. She would fuck her with a strap on.

She needed to be taught a lesson. Amy could not help it. She still teased her gang of men and started playing with Laura. She got behind her and breathed on her neck. Laura smelled like sweet strawberries. The nape of her neck was so soft.

Amy licked it. Laura flinched. Amy reached around Laura's waist with her hands and put them down the front of her open shorts. She ground her front into Laura's tight firm ass. The shorts slipped to the ground. Amy drove three of her right fingers into Laura's soaked pussy and then eventually her fist. She pumped her hand right up to the wrist into her. Laura screamed and kicked when she did this. This caused her to orgasm and spray several feet for fifteen seconds.

Amy moved to her right side more and beckoned the man with the largest cock to approach Laura from behind. His cock was at least 10 inches long and had a massive circumfrance. Amy spit on her left hand and stroked the mans cock with saliva.

She then told him to drive it into her little asshole and make her scream. The man grabbed Laura's waist with his massive hands and without any teasing stuffed his cock up her ass.

Laura screamed so loudly it hurt every ones ears. Laura then passed out from the pain. She remembered thinking he would split her poor little body in half just prior to passing out. The man pumped the living shit out of her ass.

He grasped her waist so hard he left large bruises on her. When she came to she was laying on the ground. Cum from someone at one point was squirting onto her face. Her ass felt like it was on fire. She came in and out of consciousness and remembered seeing Jessica getting fucked by all the men and even having Amy fucking her. Amy had an enormous dildo strapped on and was enjoying the fucking as much as the men were if not more. Jessica was on a bed in the room held down by the men.

She began on her back with her legs bent off the edge of the bed, feet touching the floor. Amy drove the 15 inch dildo as far as it would go into Jessica. Jessica being small had one of the tightest cunts ever.

The dildo forced its way in and stretched her to her breaking point. Jessica's eyes were as wide as saucers. She had pain and fear radiating on her face. As Amy fucked her some men took turns fucking her mouth. A few dumped cum down her throat. Others waited to get their chance to fill her asshole or pussy with their baby juice. After Amy had had enough she let the men destroy her well worked over pussy. Jessica lay there on the bed exhausted.

She could not resist. Load after load of cum was shoved deeply into her pussy. Men took turns and grunted like animals as they had their way with blond milf tits and verified amateur blonde xxx step moms new fuck toy little bitch. She eventually ran out of pussy room for cum and it just pooled out of her. He middle body area glistened with sperm. The last two guys picked her up and tore her dress right off.

The dress was a mess anyways. It had been pushed up to her breats. The $200 dress was torn, sweaty and cum stained. They bounced her in unison on their cocks together. One in her ass and one in her pussy. She was so full of cum though she slipped and slid easily up and down on them. Cum squished and dripped down her middle legs. Her tight cunt still made the men cum fairly quickly into her.

When done the two girls were dressed in whatever was left over or in the room. Amy took them back to their car and dropped them off. Jessica paid Amy for the adventure and they parted ways. Jessica thought to herself that this kinky adventure she had found in the paper was well worth the $500. She did wonder to herself though if Laura would ever recover from her fuck fest.

The adventure had stated anyone involved would be taken on an adventure. It probably had went a little far for her friend. She would not tell her.