Rough slave gangbang nina north gets used and d

Rough slave gangbang nina north gets used and d
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She was really nervous as she stood in the cold. It was dark and there was no one around, and for the first time she began to really panic.

Did she really know what she was letting herself in for? He had told her everything she had wanted to hear; he was going to use her as his toy, degrade her, humiliate her, abuse her as he likes.

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Every time she had messaged him, his authority over her had aroused her like never before. She knew that she wanted to be used in this way, it felt so natural, but standing there so alone, no one knowing where she was except him, she felt scared and vulnerable.

She had never actually met him, he had completely dominated her thoughts and dreams over the past few weeks, but up until now, that was all he had ever been. Now it was becoming reality. She had done as he said. In fact she had spent all day preparing herself.

She had a silky smooth cunt dampening her thighs, the cool night's air making her conscious of her lack of underwear. She had to have all holes accessible for him, which meant a very short black leather skirt; no underwear, no tights. Her black satin blouse unbuttoned to her visible red lace bra, her large tits begging to be looked at, touched, groped. The cold and her increasing arousal meant her nipples poked through, hurting as they grazed against the lace.

He had told her to wait here, but she had been waiting a while now, she thought he would be there waiting for her to arrive, or at least he would be prompt. She was worrying that he wasn't going to turn up, that she would be abandoned in this unfamiliar area dressed like the slut she is. She heard a car engine and her heart started to race, was she really ready to commit evelin gets fucked by her nymphomaniac stepmum this?

His car pulled up and she stood there unsure of what to do. The driver's door opened and he got out, she looked at him in awe. His presence so naturally commanding, she felt like he saw straight through her and she loved it.

His eyes scanned her up and down, but his face didn't reveal what he was thinking, his eyes piercing. He said, "Hello slut" and she flustered, unable to utter a coherent response as she revelled in his objectification of her.

"Um h-hello Sir", her vulnerability cracked through her voice. He warned her that this was the last time she would be given a choice, she could walk away now but if she were to get in his car, she would be accepting her position to be curvy bbw model miss woods as he sees fit with no going back. She was so aroused that her swollen clit was hurting, she couldn't have walked away even if she had wanted to.

She knew deep down that this was her place in life and she was so eager to see what was in store for her. She told him that she was staying. Without another word he grabbed her long hair and bent her forward against his car. "I want to check what I am getting first, slut" She squealed unable to help herself as he roughly forced two fingers into her cunt.

"You are soaking, you filthy slut" he spat in her ear, she blushed with shame but getting wetter at the way he was treating her. He removed his fingers as quickly as they had entered and she groaned with the emptiness. His manly hand explored the folds of his new toy, checking to see if she had shaven properly as instructed, then moving closer towards her arse.

She tensed as she felt the tip of his finger applying pressure to her virgin arse hole, waiting for him to plunge his finger, but he didn't. He instead opened the car door and pushed her in by her hair, she clambered to get in, her bare cunt completely exposed to him.

He was going to enjoy breaking in his tight new toy. She was young and inexperienced and that made it all the more exciting for him, he was going to completely abuse her and then he would find out if she was really the filthy slut she had professed to be. Either way he was going to enjoy himself. He got in his car and looked the slut up and down again. He drove for about five minutes and stopped outside of his house. "Stay" he ordered her as he turned off the car and got out.

He came over to her door, opening it and dragging her his cock can actually make me cum by the hair. There was no one about as he pushed her yet again into the car and roughly secured a blindfold over her eyes. He led her into the house by her hair and directed her down a flight of steps. It was freezing as she was pushed down to her knees on the hard concrete floor.

He ordered her to stay still as fear coursed through her body. The blindfold heightening her other senses, she could hear him walk around the room, moving things, looking for something.

Her body tingling with goosebumps and her nipples straining against the fabric of her bra, she was grateful when she heard the order to get to her feet and strip. She unbuttoned her blouse and unclasped her bra, freeing her large pert tits and erect pink nipples.

She couldn't see him ogling her, but she could feel his eyes on her and it only encouraged her. She slid her skirt down over her hips and stepped out of it, now only wearing the blindfold and her heels. She heard his footsteps as he approached her and felt his warm touch down her neck, onto her tit.

His other hand reached to her arse and pulled her closer to him. She was surprised at his tenderness as her lightly pinched her nipples and pressed his lips against hers, exploring her mouth with his tongue.

She kissed back, pressing her tongue passed his, taking her time to enjoy exploring his tongue, becoming lost in the enjoyment of kissing him, almost forgetting where she is, what she is doing here, and she instinctively reaches to the front of his trousers, without thinking. He bites down hard on her tongue; making her scream into his mouth. He clamps down harder and they both taste blood. Her head is pounding from the pain, but she daren't pull away for fear that it will hurt more.

He releases her tongue, satisfied that he has shown her what happens to forward sluts. He grabs her by the wrists and she flinches, his tight grip in such a fragile area makes her feel sick. He knows she hates her wrists being looked at, never mind touched, but he doesn't care. She is there for his pleasure; her comfort is not his priority. Her hands are stretched above her head and secured with rope, to the point where she is on her tiptoes.

He walks around her, looking at her exposed body. What shall he play with first? Her tits are aching for him to maul them, but then her fleshy arse looks so bare. She is so on edge, anticipating his every move. She hears the swish of air, unsure of where the first blow will be, time seems to be going so slowly. She hears a crack and a second later feels a searing pain in her arse, and again.

She loses count of the blows as each one seems to find a new untouched patch of arse and thigh. She can't figure out what he is using, she is unfamiliar with bdsm toys but all she knows is that each crack brings her closer to a hazy place she has never been before. Her brain explodes with blackness from the pain and she feels almost as if she is separated from her body.

She hears the heavy breathing and moaning escaping her lips and she feels so alive. She wants to beg him to continue, to hit harder, to treat her like the pain slut she is, but she refrains. Until he suddenly stops, she doesn't say anything but her frustrated whimper gives away her disappointment. She can feel his hot breath on her neck as he whispers in her ear. "You are a filthy slut, my fuckmeat", he is getting into her head and it is driving her wild with pleasure, just not enough to the point of cumming.

He is keeping her on the edge of orgasm. He walks away for a few minutes and she comes down from the pleasure high slightly, feeling the burning sensation of pain and beginning to shake with tattooed babe maya bijou first steamy sex session.

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She hears him move closer again, he rolls a nipple between his fingers and pinches harder than she could have imagined. Her nipples are so sensitive as he twists and pulls them, his fingertips mauling her tit flesh as she can feel it bruising.

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She can't help but whimper in pain. The short pause in attention means that now his focus on her tits is more pain than pleasure. She can't help but think about how he must have known exactly what he was doing. She continues to shake, the cold air against her body, her aching wet cunt.

As if he has read her mind, a hand moves between her legs. She does her best to spread her legs open as he sniggers at the slut she is. He brutally grabs a handful of cunt making her groan in intense pain, he brings her close to orgasm yet again. She starts to panic. She knows he expects her to ask to cum in a certain way, but she cannot remember what she must say. Her mind is a blank and she is struggling to fight off the increasing tightening of her muscles, the oncoming orgasm feels so intense.

She doesn't get a chance to beg him to let her cum as his hand is removed. He smears his hand all over her face as she greedily opens her mouth to taste lexi bandera gets punished hardcore and big dick cunt juice, trying to suck his fingers into her mouth, swirling her tongue around to enjoy the sweet taste. He was definitely right in thinking that this one was a slut.

She feels her hands being let down as he unbinds her wrists, the blood rushing back into her hands hurts, and her legs too weak to support her, she drops to her knees.

He takes the opportunity to remove her blindfold which is soaked in her tears, her mascara framing the desperation in her eyes. She looks up at him, in awe of him and also still frightened, anticipating his next move.

It doesn't take her long to figure out what is now expected as she looks forward to see she is looking at his rock hard cock. The precum oozing out of the tip is enough to entice the filthy cock whore. She sticks her tongue out, flicking it around the head of his cock, fully enjoying the salty sweet taste. She licks her lips, fully focussed on giving the blowjob of her life.

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She starts by exploring his entire cock with lashes of her soft warm tongue, getting his cock nice and wet. He groans as she pops the head of his cock through her soft full lips. He looks down to see her pink lips wrapped around his cock as she looks up at him to see the pleasure on his face. She feels his hands starting to run through her hair, so she begins to suck hard, creating a vacuum around his hard cock as she bobs her head up and down, taking all of him into her mouth.

She gags the first few times as his cock enters her throat. But she is determined to please him, to show off what luscious teenie becomes lewd during sex hardcore massage is capable of doing. As she continuously bobs her head in rhythm she swirls her tongue around.

She places her hands on his bum, grabbing hold of him, helping him fuck her face. She moans around his cock as she hears "good slut" and feels the spasms of a building orgasm. She forces her head down, taking him into her throat as far as possible as she feels rope after rope of cum going down her throat.

She greedily moves off a little so that her tongue can tease the sensitive head of his cock as he cums, so she can taste the last few spurts on her tongue. She deliberately shows him his cum on her tongue as she swallows and licks her lips. Giving his cock a few more sucks for good measure. Her thighs are soaked with her arousal, but she had become so involved in pleasing him that she didn't care about her own release any more. He pulled her to her feet by her hair and kissed her on her forehead.

She feels so worthy for being able to satisfy him like she has. She became conscious of her sweat covered body, her tangled hair, the cunt juice drying on her face. She forgot herself for a second and casually said "I need a shower." As soon as it had slipped out of her story recopilatoride descuidos de famosas she regretted it, she hadn't meant to sound so demanding, she should have asked courteously or just waited until he instructed her to shower.

"Yes you do" was all he responded.

He took her to the corner of this cold room and secured her into a pair of handcuffs which riley reyes lance hart slut shaming batman more attached to a chain from the wall.

She sat and looked at him, forgetting to be bothered about her restrained wrists. It took her a while to realise what he was doing as he took hold of his cock and aimed at her face. She just closed her eyes in time as a stream of hot piss hit her face and ran down her naked bruised body, soaking her, humiliating her. "Open your mouth", she was hesitant but didn't need him to ask her again as she reluctantly opened her mouth, she tasted the sour piss and knew that she didn't have a say in how she would be treated.

As he finished pissing, he took a moment to admire the desperate look on the slut's face, then headed towards the door, turning off the light and before leaving said, "Get some sleep because soon I am going to fuck your virgin arse, slut."