Sunny leone oiling her body

Sunny leone oiling her body
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"Cammi. are you sure you don't want us to wait with you so your not all by yourself?" Mike asked me concerned. "Yeah, I'll be fine. I'm a big girl Mikey! I'll just call my mum and she will come and take me home."I replied reassuringly. "Okay. if your sure. Happy New Years Princess!" "Happy New Years Mike." My friends all piled into the car and drove off into the night as I blew a kiss at their departing backs.

Standing alone on the golden sand at the beach party at Kaiteriteri, I dialed my home number to reach only the aggravating beep of the engaged signal. "Shit!" I cursed aloud, hoping Mum would be off the Internet soon. The sky suddenly began to darken and the wind began to howl ferociouslymaking a shiver shoot down my spine. Thunder boomed across the sky and rain poured from the angry black clouds, soaking through my thin top in seconds as I dashed for cover with the rest of the remaining party goers.

My eyes scanned eagerly over the remaining people, hoping to catch a glimpse of someone familiar that I could hang around or get a ride with. I didn't fancy being alone with a bunch of unknown drunken idiots on New Year's for too long. My eyes came to rest happily on a gorgeous guy.The only guy that I have ever loved. I smiled, and started to walk over to him. As I made my way towards him, a slim brunette bitch named Erika bounced super sexy babe parties and sucks cock to him and slid her arms around his neck, drawing him into a passionate kiss.

My heart dropped as she looked up and saw me, smiling nastily at me to let me know she had won.She sent a little wave my way to gloat, and let me know he had chosen her over me. He saw me too, and shrugged as if to say 'Meh. You'll get over it. No biggie.' . With tears in my eyes I spun around on my heel, pushed through the happy crowd and took off down the little alley into the campground. I walked into the slightly grotty campground toilets to get out of the freezing rain to stop getting even more saturated and slumped down in the cubicle dripping water on the concrete floor, and making myself wetter from the tears pouring down my cheeks onto my exposed legs.

I walked shakily out of the cubicle and splashed cold water across my tear-stained face. Trying desperately to call Mum again, just wanting to get home to my nice warm bed, my phone flashed the "No Signal" icon as if to taunt me.

Figuring I'd be able to get better range on top of the hill I walked out the door of the toilet block and paused for a slight second to see how heavy the rain was. Looking up at the sky, I didn't notice the menacing figure lurking in the shadows.

Grabbing my arms he shoved me roughly up against the brick wall of the toilets. I screamed and struggled to get away but he was too strong. I stood there trapped against the wall, unable to move even if I wanted to. I was in shock like a startled deer in the headlights of an oncoming car except for me there was no light.

All around me was dark. I kept hoping someone would hear my screams of desperation but the heavy downpour of rain drowned them out. "Shut the fuck up you stupid little cunt! You got a fucking death wish or something bitch?" Scared, I stopped screaming, but kept praying that somebody, anybody would come.

His shoulders and torso forced me closer to the wall so I couldn't move an inch. I could feel him harden against me as his fingers began moving up the back of my top, his finger's tracing across my skin making me shiver in disgust.

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It tickledbut the pure fact that I didn't want any of it made it sickening. I didn't know how far this man was going to go. I told him not to., I begged and pleaded with him to stop as he began to explore under my bra, his touch almost burning my skin but he wouldn't stop.

"Stop it. Get off me" I yelled in desperation, which earned me a stinging slap across my cheek. His hands free from under my top then moved to my legs and as if to spite me, looked deep into my eyes as he started to slide them higher and higher up my thighs.

I hung my head, and refused to look into his eyes for I was sure that I would vomit. Deeply scared and sickened I struggled again, and my body started shaking violently as his fingers began roughly invading a place they didn't belong.

All the places he touched felt dirty, and I knew no matter how hard I horny brunette slut rubs her clit to orgasm, it wouldn't go away.

Thoughts were racing rapidly through my mind. Was my innocence going to be literally raped and taken by this man? What had I done to deserve this? Would I live through this? Would he take from me what I didn't want to give? He leaned down to fumble with his zipper and I squirmed, trying to take advantage of the opportunity to escape.

"You fucking little cunt!!" he cursed at me and made a grab at me as I tried to run. Catching hold of my arm, he twisted my body round and with his free hand punched me hard in the jaw, causing me to sprawl across the wet ground. I scrambled frantically on the ground to get up but he pushed me back down into the mud again. "Fucking little bitch! You're not going anywhere!" he yelled at me, and I shrank back afraid, yet hoping his loud angry voice would rise over the loud sound of the pouring rain to attract someone to save me from this hell.

I watched eagerly, waiting for someone, anyone to come, and tears began streaming freely down my face as I realized no one had heard. I looked at the man standing above me and realized my fate. He picked me up off the ground as if I was nothing more than a rag doll and carried me into the empty toilets, slamming me down on the filthy bench.

He stood in front of me, and unzipped his pants, his cock hard and bulging through his boxers. I slumped against the wall, and sexy asuka gobbles a hard cock and is fucked hard doggiestyle pulled me forward, wrenching my mouth open and shoving his hard cock into my mouth. I gagged and bit down, as a reflex, which made him yell and push me back against the wall, my head hitting it hard.

I literally saw stars. He bent down, his face about an inch from mine, and whispered "You had better start co operating you little cunt, or I can't be held responsible for my actions" I whimpered in response and nodded slightly at him, basically permitting him to use me however he wanted.

He opened my mouth again, more gently this time and slid his cock in. He started pumping it in and out, holding my head still. He reached his hand down and roughly squeezed my breast, causing me to flinch. He stopped, and took his cock out of my mouth. He pulled me off the bench, and stood by the door. "Strip, bitch" He ordered. I stared pleadingly at him, shaking my head slowly. He took a step menacingly towards me, clenching his fists at his side.

"Alright!!! I'll do it!!!" I yelled, scared of the consequences if I didn't. I slowly released the straps of my top, and it fell to the ground, revealing my purple bra, holding in my C cup perfectly rounded tits. I shivered in the coldness, and reached down, pulling my skirt to my ankles and stepping slowly out of it. I must admit, I must have looked pretty good, my body covered in goose bumps, my long black hair cascading around my shoulders, sex big boobles sex com eyes wide in fear, my lips pouty and red.

I didn't feel good though. I put my hands behind my back and began fumbling with the clasp on my bra, slowly undoing it. It finally snapped undone and I held the bra to me, it shielding me somehow from this man. I sighed and let it drop to the ground, my tits free. My nipples were immediately erect as the cool wind blew across them. I traced my fingers around the line of my panties, looking at him pleadingly. He smirked and motioned with his hand for me to continue.

I hooked my fingers into my panties and pulled them down, then placed them at my feet. He smiled at me, and whistled appreciatively. "Come here honey" He said, not unkindly. I walked slowly over to him, and he grabbed me by the wrists roughly, pulling me to him.

His mouth crushed mine, and his tongue roamed around my mouth, making me feel like vomiting. His hand traveled slowly up my side and cupped my breast. I gasped, his touch being the first touch from a man I had ever experienced. His hand massaged my tit gently, then his finger rubbed slow circles around my hard nipple.

I was repulsed as I found myself being slightly aroused by this man. He slowly leant his head down and encircled my nipple with his tongue. He pushed me backwards onto a bench, and sat in between my legs. I started closing them immediately, and his hand shot out, grabbing my chin. "Listen, bitch, if you don't cum within the next ten minutes, I will let you go, but if you do, then I will fuck you like you've never been fucked before" He growled at me.

I nodded at him and he smiled, before burying his head in between my legs. I felt a slight tickle as he trailed his tongue up my thigh, then he slowly began rubbing my pussy with his palm, softly at first then slowly getting rougher.

His finger then extended and rubbed up and down my clit lightly, tickling it gently, I squirmed slightly and his other hand came up, rubbing my slit softly, each time the tip of his finger going into my pussy a little deeper.

I moaned quietly and he chuckled, then the tip of his tongue rubbed against my clit, causing me to shiver. His tongue started rubbing up and down my clit at a hugely fast pace, causing me to moan. I tried to hold off the impending orgasm, when he slipped a finger inside my pussy, causing me to go over the edge. I screamed in pleasure, and mashed his head into my pussy in a frenzy of lust and rubbed my pussy on his face.

When I calmed down I was mortified at what I had just done. "I guess I won, darlin'" He said, wiping my juices off his face and smiling. I shuddered as I thought about what he was going to do with me, he stood up, revealing his hard cock.

I couldn't really comment on the size, as I had nothing to compare it with, but it was quite skinny, and long. He told me to open my mouth, and he grabbed a handful of hair on either side of my head, swinging it backwards.

He bought it forward again and shoved his cock in my mouth. I learnt from my earlier mistake and just fervent teenie stretches slim cunt and gets deflorated penetrating and virginity my mouth as wide as possible and tried to ignore it banging on the back of my throat.

He seemed satisfied and released my head, sliding his cock out of my mouth. He dragged me across the bathroom, and slammed me down against the sink, my feet barely touching the ground, my hips being mashed into the cold porcelain and my face crushed against the mirror.

He ran his hand up my ass crack, and pushed his finger against my puckered anus. "It'll be a tight squeeze sweetheart, but I think it can be done" He crooned "NO!!!"I yelled, trying to get up His hand pushed two busty blondes lick their wet cunts head back down against the mirror, and the other one came around my waist and squeezed my breast "I told you, you should co operate" He whispered in my ear, pinching my breast until I was on the verge of tears and almost hysterical.

He stopped and stepped back, my ass and pussy exposed to him. He slapped my ass, hard and then pushed the head of his cock into my virgin pussy.

I squealed and he slapped my ass again, pushing more of his cock into me. I felt stretched but the pain was bearable, he slid his cock out, and then back in again. My wetness helped lube up his cock and gave him a more easy entrance, luckily for me. He slammed his cock up inside of me, causing me to scream, and I felt something trickle along my thigh. His finger traced along it, then smeared my blood on the mirror.

"You were a virgin baby?" He asked, sneering at me. I began to cry and nodded. He laughed and pushed the rest of his cock into me, stretching my pussy muscles to accommodate for his long thin shaft. I felt his balls resting against my thighs and suddenly he was pumping his cock back and forwards into me, building up speed. I tried to fight the feelings of pleasure building in my stomach but it was useless, and as he reached around to tweak my nipple, I came again, moaning long and hard.

He smiled at me and slapped my ass again. He finally slid his cock out of my pussy, and I sighed in relief, his constant pumping was taking a toll on me everywhere, my hips were bruised and sore from the sink, my buttocks were sore from his slaps, and my thighs were hurting from his balls. My relief came bubble assed beauteous cutie impaled on cock soon when I realized what was happening.

I felt a pressure on my anus and all of a sudden the head of his cock was buried in my ass.

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I howled in pain while he just sat there, not thrusting or moving, just waiting. I finally stopped yelling and he began pushing. I screamed and begged for him to stop, but it just made him push harder. I felt like I was being torn in half from the inside. When he finally stopped pushing, I was in so much pain that I was sobbing uncontrollably.

He slapped the back of my head and started pumping in and out slowly. I groaned as his hand reached round and his finger found my clit, and began rubbing. My vision became blurry as another orgasm came on, the pleasure of his finger, the pain of his cock, and my tits being jammed against the metal taps, was all too much and That chap is good at pussy licking groaned loudly as I came again.

He grunted and shoved his cock hard up inside me, and I felt a warm liquid splash around in my insides, filling me to the hilt with his cum. He groaned and flopped down on top of me. "You sure are a good fuck" He whispered cruelly in my ear.

"Now go clean yourself up in the toilet" I staggered over to the toilet and sat down, disgusted to hear his semen drop out of my ass and into the toilet. I wiped the rest up and came out of the toilet to him splashing cold water over his cock, cleaning it.

"Lick it clean, bitch" He ordered. I shook my head, not wanting to touch it after it had been up my ass. "LICK IT CLEAN!!" He yelled at me. I jumped and walked slowly over to him, he pushed me onto the ground and stuck his cock in my face. He was already semi hard again, from his rubbing it. I took it into my mouth and almost vomited as I tasted shit and cum on his cock, but carried on sucking it anyway. After a while he was fully hard again, and I felt him shudder, and realized he was about to xxx mia kalifa sex with gift. I panicked and tried pushing his cock out of my mouth with tongue, a stupid thing to do, I know.

"Oh fuck yeah baby" He moaned and cum directly into my mouth. I choked and spluttered on his cum, til he reached down and held my jaw in his hands, keeping my mouth closed. "Swallow it" He said So I did, and he smiled at me. "Well, this has been fun, but I have things to attend to. I certainly hope we meet again" He said, before sauntering off into the night. I quietly picked up my clothes and got dressed slowly, moving my legs hurt, and my ass and pussy were cute redhead babe enjoys two hard cocks in threesome from the beating they'd received.

I went out into the cool night air and looked up and screamed into the night. I reported my rape to the police but nothing was ever found of the cruel man that raped me of my virginity and dignity that night. The worst thing is, that I now find myself being nothing but turned on by the experience. In fact, I was thinking about it the other day, while I was home alone, and lying on the couch in the lounge, and before I knew what I was doing my hands were roaming all over my body. I slipped my hand down my panties and rubbed my clit softly, while my other hand sought out my nipple and squeezed it gently.

I moaned and rubbed my clit harder, breathing heavily and grunting as I remembered the intimate details of my rape. I heard the front door close to late, and my dad had entered the lounge, his mouth wide open and staring at me. I blushed a deep scarlet and ran upstairs. I was mortified that my dad had seen me masturbating. A few hours later, when I had composed myself, I walked down to dinner, and took my place next to dad.

He smiled awkwardly at me as mum asked me about my day. "I didn't really do anything mu…" I trailed off as I felt a hand caress my inner thigh, moving higher. I looked at my dad in horror, and he winked at me, his hand moving up towards my pussy&hellip.