Shemale fuck girl in forest

Shemale fuck girl in forest
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M says: whats up and yes i know you want me up A says: you want the most blunt answer i likely will ever give you? lol M says: sure thats a big go fuck myself with the coffee yes didn't even offer until now now that its too late yours is already made A says: that was a quick get a coffee to answer to answer what i figured you would say to the question.

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lol so was hurrying back thank you very much lol M says: some people take their time, and thats fine, you don't need to rush around for me A says: i always do u know that but as to the answer to the question M says: whats the answer A says: when i was upstairs lets just say i had certain images. fairly graphic ones and even when and hunted for something specific. lol M says: not your usual one either graphic images of what?

A says: if you want more detail then you semi naked, me completely naked laying on a bed with my pussy completely exposed and ready M says: why am i only half naked? and ready for what? A says: half naked cause it' half naked cause it's a lot more fun and interesting to feel ur cock grow under your pants and then have my warm hands suddenly wrap around it.

and ready the second part ready for your cock to slide into what would be wet and warm M says: if your not sucking it i don't have to take a shower A says: u taboo game and sexy brunette hardcore anal associates sisterly love have to take a shower even if i was M says: its been a day though, i don't know how it is down there A says: it's called taste test *grins* M says: lol, works for me A says: i figured it would.

but i seriously can't sit still. damn u lol M says: lmao. yes i do think its funny A says: i know u do. wonder what ya think of when i mention me, naked, up on the table where your sitting with my legs parted and sitting in front of u . **yes i know I'm evil** M says: well i don't think you should, i wouldn't mind, but what if someone came in the door, you would be fucked and not the way you want A says: that's why i likely wouldn't do it on the table, since this ain't mine or yours place.

lol but it could still be done the same via bed. or even better, me going under the table there, letting my hand slide up ur leg then to where your cock is, slowly massaging it then taking it out from it's confinements and wrapping my mouth around it.

that's another possibility too lol M says: never had that done before might let you too don't know about the clearance though, but you doing what you described can be done on a bed too.

A says: it could be yes. but it did at least get you imaging things. see usually when i would do something like that i would alternate, as you have had before, warm mouth sliding all the way down Ur cock to the base of the shaft then back up, getting all nice and wet so that my hands can slide easily along it. sometimes bring it between my breast and slide them along it too. so many possibilities . M says: i have had thoughts since this morning, lol. just didn't share them.

was waiting, and now yours are getting into my head (the upper one) so now i have lots of thoughts.

your getting more and more graphic with each statement, i like that A says: i told you i could be graphic. that's why i asked how much do u want me to get M says: i see, no worries A says: so what exactly did you want this morning.

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other then obviously sex. lol thinking of any particular like i was already when i woke up . M says: don't know i was but u weren't there A says: u could have woken me up. i did have my cell by me like i ALWAYS do. lol well except for that one day i accidentally left it here lol M says: let u sleep A says: pfftt sleep is over rated lol M says: not always A says: when it comes to that yeah it is.

and u think yu can't type my brain is going a million miles a second and with all mainly one thought pattern which aint helping the antsy thing damn it M says: i know so your really wanting to do something ?????????????????????? might say i was typing, but untill now i wasn't like now again you know what to write, your not a cyber virgin lol A says: with the way i was going shortly after i woke up and then you doing what you did outside, and then under thet able.

umm lets just say. the majority if not ALL of the day i've been wanting something, but wasn't sure how u were feeling. now if you want me to get graphic trust me that i can do M says: its up to you yes it is i believe women should have choices too ha ha ha ha ha A says: and after like i said yesterday. i wasn't gonna start anything unless you gave me some kind of hint as of if u wanted anything or not.

so now on that note i am going ot have a smoke cause thoughts beauty with nice rack dances for the camera getting going again M says: so when you mean half naked, do you mean pants?

pj pants? or boxers? the choice is yours. A said: i was mainly meaning just the top off half, pants and all things below waist line on. that's where the fun part comes in, taking them off. and if u ask how i will tell u but i will prewarn you it will be pretty graphic in the answer xxx sel tt story sex stories 2019 says: i will atleast take my jeans off, now you can tell me how, since i will have nothing to take off of you cause you said you will already be naked A says: that was just one image, there can be other ways.

like you taking my clothes off. but that i'll leave up to you, now as for how the pants come sex with her new bf it would be in stages, so don't answer anything yet until i say done. then u can repsond how ever you want. lol M says: well i like the you already naked idea A says: we'll start with us in a bed, don't matter which one but a bed in general and we'll go with that then that i'm already naked, but i might be a little teasing and have the covers over either all of me or part of me.

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that i'll decide when and if anything happens. so i'm in the bed, naked, not anything on at all and my curves slightly hidden under the covers, the only hint that i have no clothes on when you see me is the fact that you can see that my shoulders are bare and you can almost see the erect hard nipples. that's where this will begin now you come into the room, you see me like that and you have ur pj bottoms on and come to the bed, slowly moving the sheets off and seeing me now fully exposed and naked under the covers.

you can use your imagination as to how you come closer to me, either slowly side in beside me or any other method you wish to do. cont'd when you are beside me i lean over and bring my lips close to yours, my chest brushing against ur side as my hand slides down your stomach, nails only slightly grazing on the skin as they make their way down to your waist, one finger sliding between the waist band and your skin brushing it slightly with the tip of my fingertip.

M says: my balls are tingling seriously A says: apparently i write better then i thought i did. cause there's more to this if you want to hear it M says: keep going A says: my lips still pressing against yours, soft and sweet as my tongue darts and entangles with yours, a low soft moan escaping my lips as my hand goes to the base of ur cock, letting my finger once more just tease and taunt it as it circles completely around the base of it, letting it slide briefly against your balls before bringing them up and slide along ur shaft, stopping just at the tip of it.

feeling the moisture of the precum already there i whip it off with the tip of the finger, breaking the kiss i bring the finger to my mouth, licking off the sweet taste of it with my tongue, watching ur reaction as i do, seeing your cock grow harder as i do, smiling i bring my hand once more down, hearing your breathing slightly grow as i push the fabric of your pjs down some to gain better access a evil grin on my lips i bring that one finger away again, bringing to my moist and swollen clit i graze it against it, a shudder running through me as i do before bringing it down to your cock once more, mingling now the precum that is on the tip with the small amount of my own juices, then bringing my mouth down to the tip of it using my tongue to lick off both of them, tasting them intermingle M says: this is amazing A says: good or bad amazing?

lol M says: good only one thing A says: what's that? M says: i will be waiting in the bed for you ha ha ha ha A massage rooms cute teen gets a dirty massage in horny lesbian romp this is just my thought pattern. would prefer the other way, but hey whatever works for you. lol want me to keep going or this getting too much yet?

M says: keep going, thats the only thing i would change A says: moving my body into a different angel, brushing the little strand of hair that is determined to fall in my eyes away and behing my ears i look back at you for a moment, just to see how much you are enjoying this.

hoping to see a look of contentment i smile and bring my mouth just on the tip, pushing the fabric of the pjs down farther so that my other hand could gently caress your balls, feeling the smooth skin upon my hand, my teeth just and i do mean just brush the tip before bringing my mouth completely and quickly all the way down ur cock, my lips reaching the base of the shaft as the tip hits the very back of my throat, my pussy now glistening with my juices as it starts to coat my lips, my clit swollen and even more moist, my chest rising and falling as my nipples become even mroe erect and hard, pushing into ur skin as my tongue starts to swirl around your shaft, tasting ever inch of it as my mouth moves up ur cock, slowly so slowly so that you can feel every inch of pleasure, my mouth reaching the tip once more, my one hand moving to now your wet moist cock, sliding with such ease along it all the while pushing the pjs completely off you and letting tossing them to the floor.

so that's one way they would come off, told you i would be graphic, graphic enough for even me to need another smoke lol M says: lol, there's more go for your smoke A says: how is there more? . let me guess something wil be written when i cum back in? M says: you just said that that was only one aspect. how wet are you right now writing this? very i am guessing, going to take a shower now, so i am clean for you. brb so if there is more, i will read it when i am done A says: as for the wet part, been that way pretty much all day yes.

now tho umm up there on the wetness factor. question is how hard are u reading this? lol . so that was one aspect yes, meaning one version as to how to how to remove that certain article of clothing another way is starting off the way you would normally have it start off, which is I'm upstairs for whatever reason when you ask me to come downstairs (yes using ur room for an example this time lol) and when I do i see the covers over you, tho not enough to cover up the fact that you aren't wearing a shirt.

I give you my famous look of "now what is he up to" and come to the bed, slowly getting upon it i debate lifting the covers or not, then decide that i would since I'm usually chilly when I am down there, because of the cold my nipples are already hard and slightly noticeable from under my shirt as i lay under the covers, turning i lean on my side, my one hand supporting my head as i tilt lean slightly up, pushing the strands of hair that keep wanting to fall into my eyes and hide the colour that they are, which have now darkened slightly with the image before me of you half unclothed.

I feel my body tingle as i look at you, wanting you as I always do but suddenly increased ten fold. A small soft smile forming on my lips as i decided to test the waters a little to make sure that you want me as much as I want you, bringing my body that is still clothed at this point beside you, the warmth of my skin seeming to graze against yours as my chest sits mere inches from your side, seeing if your hands reach for anything, hoping that they do, Ebony teen freak and casting couch teens xxx nothing happens in the temple sans president lay there for a moment.

Seeing a certain look from you letting me know that if anything of mine comes off it would be up to me I grin and sit up, my back to you to a degree as i bring my clothes over my head, my skin instantly breaking out in goosebumps as the cold air hits it, the nipples suddenly harder then they were before.

Leaning back once more in the same position as I was, i move now even more closer to you, letting you feel the hardness of my nipples as they press into you and the warmth of my skin as it brushes and teases yours. My hand glides to your cock, above the fabric of your pants, just placing them there, letting the heat radiate from them.

I bring my lips to yours and just brushing against them in a whisper i say something softly, almost unhearable, my blue eyes seeming to sparkle as i bring my lips from yours before clearly saying what i had whispered (that will leave up to what you would want to hear) then moving my hand that still remained on now your hardened cock, M says: i do like very much.

put it on hold for now A said: it is on hold. just let me know if u want me to keep going lol M says: anytime A says: letting it massage and caress the hardness that is underneath it, my fingers drawing lines where your shaft pushes against the fabric, i use my other hand and slightly turn ur head to the side so that it is once more facing me, the little amount of light around us casting shadows upon my form showing hot busty webcam teen sucks big dildo curve of my body as my chest continues to rise and fall, my breathing a little more raggid then it was before.

My lips come to yours once again as i feel your hands start to caress my skin, my body shuddering from your touch as my kiss intensifies, my lips pressing harder upon yours as the need and want continues to grow, my lips spasiming more between my legs as i feel my pussy start to clench and unclench, a low moan catching in the back of my throat is barely bearable as i give a low groan. My hand still upon your cock starts to quicken, feeling and caressing every inch of it until the want to have the smooth skin in the palm of my hand takes over, pushing away the fabric of your pants quickly with some urgency i bring my palm nida ch pk xxx sex upon what is now your rock hard cock, not moving it for a moment and just letting my palm graze it as it rests upon it.

contd M says: damn i like your being graphic A says: told you i could be. lol now how u feeling? M says: I'm feeling great how are you A says: I'm sure you already know exactly how I'm feeling lol and i can guess with yours, but can't be certain since i can't feel anything at this exact moment lol M says: lol A says: letting my hand feel the spasms that it gives, now matching my own pussy. Deciding that a little more teasing is in order, i stop all that i am doing and move off the bed, the look of confusion clearly on your face.

I grin as my hands move to the lower part of what i am wearing, slowly i start to remove the last articles of clothing and letting them lay upon the floor.

I crawl back into the bed and with a evil i look i spread my legs across you, one leg on either side of your hips. Not wanting to have you in just yet i bring my lips down to your cock, pushing it down against your stomach flat then bring my soaked lips upon it, letting them hug the shaft as i start to move my hips back and forth, letting my clit and lips start tp stroke your cock, soaking it with my juices.

My chest moving to my movements as i sit straight up letting you look over my naked form. I bite my lip and close my eyes, tilting my head back as the pleasure runs through my viens like fire, my hips moving quicker feeling your cock shudder and my own pussy tingle and clench, knowing that if i keep this up i myself will cum. Not wanting that to happen i quickly move off of you, seeing your cock now glisten brightly with my juices a smile as i move my mouth to it, bringing it fully inside i consume ever inch of it tasting the mixture once more of both of us.

Licking every last inch of it off as my hands take off the last remaining stiching of clothing from you. another aspect as to how whatever you're wearing on your bottom half could be removed M says: thats enough, no more, your getting too bad too naughty yes i know i asked for it but didn't think it was going to be like that A says: i'm done don't wrry M says: good, you must be sopping right now need a mop?

A says: maybe and how r u doing? and don't say just great either. lol i told you exactly so fair is fair lol M says: lol i'm doing well, considering lol A says: considering? M says: considering what you wrote A says: turn on or off? M says: oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn A says: that can be fixed u know lol M says: i know when i don't know, might wait till your done work tomorrow A says: now that just aint nice or fair.

M says: i thought it was suspense is cute beautiful babe touches pussy hardcore blowjob you lol lol lol and to the bedroom we went, and yes she fulfilled what she said she wanted.

While on our sides spooning I also made her squirt 3 times by pulling her hair, squeezing her tit hard, and ramming her with all my cock had.