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Hot ass webcam your pleasure is my world
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Author's note: I tried more experimenting with this one. There are a few scenes where events with aunts and nephews, moms and sons, are happening simultaneously. In my head, they play as a movie, switching back and forth fluidly. I experimented with writing that. I didn't use an asterisk to separate them, I just wrote them out.

Hopefully it's not too hard to follow. Fitness Model Moms Chapter 1 "So then what happened?" Stacey asked, popping their coworker Ulysses' cock head out of her mouth, quickly resuming sucking on it. Her younger sister, Trish was sucking on Ulysses' balls. "Mmm," she slurped on a large testicle.

"He got scared. It's like he turned white and blushed at the same time." "Poor kid," Stacey said of her nephew. "Mmhmm," Trish nodded, her tongue sliding all around Ulysses' nut sack. The three nude fitness models were lying on Ulysses' hotel bed after a long day of shooting in London for a FIFA soccer promotion a magazine was running.

"Reminds me of us when we were that age," Trish added in between licks and kisses of his testicles. "It does!" Stacey said, spitting on Ulysses' shaft, using her drool as lubricant to jack his shaft. "Gosh, we were so awkward. Ugly ducklings." Trish smiled, rising to her elbow, licking her lips, admiring the shaft before her. "Oh right. Sorry. Didn't mean to hog it to myself," Stacy smiled, pointing his cock at Trish's mouth.

"Eat up!" Trish moaned, slowly, kissing his cockhead, not caring that xxswipe whores just love cum and being fucked hard tasted her sister's saliva on it. "We need to do something. We need to figure something out how to bring them out of their shells," the elder sister declared, watching Trish suck away on his dick.

"Mmhmm," Trish agreed, a mouth full of cock.

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Stacey nonchalantly massaged Ulysses' balls with one hand, the other traveling over his washboard stomach. She shrugged, lowering her head, licking at the base of his cock, "We'll think of something!" An hour later, Stacey was slapping Trish's ass while she lay on top of a pistoning and thrusting Ulysses. "Come on!" she grit her teeth. "Ride that fucking cock!" Trish whimpered, "Ohh yesss." She wasn't like Stacy when it came to sex, she was far calmer; her method was slow, loving, and gentle - the opposite of Stacey.

After Trish came again, Stacey pulled her sister off Ulysses, grabbed the base of his cock and impaled herself on it. "There we go. You ready for me again, big boy?" she asked. Ulysses said, nothing, nodding his head, his hand to Stacey's waist. "Fuck me!" she ordered. Trish quietly lay next to them, coming off her own orgasm.

The two sisters continued on into the night, taking turns riding and cumming on Ulysses.

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Their dirty blonde hair and sexy, tanned, toned bodies were drenched in sweat. Finally collapsing on Ulysses, they resumed their discussion about their sons. "He's never once mentioned girls," Stacy said, kissing over Ulysses' chest. "I doubt they're gay," Trish added, doing the same on his other side. "Nope. Not gay just too shy. No self-confidence," Stacy said, kissing down to his stomach. "Like us at that age," Trish said, doing the same on the other side. When they got to his cock, they thoroughly cleaned it of their pussy juices.

"I love him. My sweet boy," the more sensitive Trish said in between licks. "Mmhmm. We gotta get them out of the house, away from their computers, and dating!" Stacy added in between her own lollipop-like licks of Ulysses' dick. Ulysses smiled, eyes closed, lying on his back while the two fitness model moms talked amongst themselves while servicing his cock.

These sisters did everything together. * The next morning, while Stacey packed, Trish was on her back, caressing Ulysses' face as he made love to her.

She'd kiss him occasionally, smiling at him. "You're beautiful," she told her coworker. Ulysses opened his mouth but before words came out, Stacey interrupted him.

"Trish, your turn. Lay out some clothes for the plane ride home." "Alright," She said, smiling at Ulysses, watching him get off her, rolling onto his back. "Fuck yes!" Stacey cheered, jumping onto Ulysses. "Give me that dick!" Trish went about her packing, leaving clothes to change into for the plane ride while Stacey wildly bounced up and down on Ulysses' cock.

In the shower thirty minutes later, the two sisters were cleaning themselves and their friend. "I just don't know what to teen victoria valencia gets used by her hung bosses Trish said, behind Ulysses, kissing his back gingerly. "I want my baby boy to be happy." "I think they're happy. I think they're happy playing video games," Stacey said, on her knees, sucking Ulysses' cock.

"They need a kick in the butts, that'll teach them to get out there, meet some girls." "We have to be careful with them," Trish said, rubbing Ulysses' shoulders, kissing in-between the shoulder blades. "They're sensitive." "Ha! I don't know about that," Stacey replied, pulling his cock out of her throat, standing and French kissing Ulysses. "They're so shy and delicate. We need to spend more time with them. Maybe I could hang out with Aaron some. Maybe go to a movie.

At least he'd be around a female, you know? It might not be as awkward with his aunt as opposed to his mom," Trish suggested, hoping her nephew, Stacey's son, would loosen up some. "Oh yeah?" Stacey asked, ending her kiss. "Well then I'm taking Bennet out. I might even flirt with him. That'll loosen him up some," Stacey laughed. "Maybe," A concerned Trish held Ulysses from behind, her son Bennet on her mind, while her hands traveled over his muscular body in the steamy shower.

"Have we annoyed you this weekend, Ulysses?" Stacey asked. "I'm betting you haven't even been paying attention though. What with all the cock worshiping we've been giving you." Ulysses spoke up for the first time in the trio's nearly two day marathon sex session. "Actually I have been paying attention. You two are worried that your awkward and shy sons aren't enjoying life, won't obtain experience with women, will only sit around and play video games all the time; their nerdy, geeky ways dooming them to a sexless life.

Meanwhile, you two are discussing spending more time with them in hopes it will help them feel more comfortable around the opposite sex. The boys will hang out with their aunts, instead of their mothers, potentially avoiding more awkwardness and creating a safe environment where they can relax and possibly open up to you." The two sisters traded looks, smiled, then laughed. Ulysses recited their plan perfectly.

Chapter 2 It was close to midnight, US eastern time, when the exhausted sisters arrived to their home in Miami. As they predicted, their sons, Aaron and Bennet, were awake in front of their computers. The mothers greeted them, asking them if they did anything while they were gone, knowing the answer. The boys said they did their usual routine, online gaming after studying a little for the community college courses they were taking.

They didn't go out, didn't go to parties or events, and didn't socialize outside of the house. Stacey and Trish noticed the house was spotless another part of their routine. The bathrooms were scrubbed clean, the kitchen looked brand new, leftovers in the fridge. Stacey glanced out her bedroom window to their small swimming pool in the back yard, seeing no debris or leaves. She smiled, making her way to the shower, Trish was already undressing. The weary travelers stood in the shower together, trying not to fall asleep, Trish resting her head on the taller Stacey's shoulder.

All four of them lived together. Aaron and Bennet had their own rooms, but Stacey and Trish shared the master bedroom. They've been inseparable since Trish was born a couple years after Stacey best friends, sisters, almost everything to one another.

Ugly ducklings was a term they often used to describe themselves as teenagers. They both had braces, glasses, acne, all cliché characteristics some teenagers grow out of in their adult years. Stacey was always the more outgoing, loudmouth, assertive of the two. She had a few more friends than Trish growing up, but most kids thought she was the ugly bitch that always ran her mouth.

Trish was the opposite very shy, quiet, and awkward. Stacey didn't like being unpopular and an outcast, as much as she tried to fit in, it never worked. This caused bitterness to build.

Trish accepted it, too scared to make changes. Until the day she got pregnant with Bennet. Still living with their parents, Stacey was a sophomore at a local college; Trish was a senior in high school.

Stacey, growing more and more frustrated at her lack of friends, and sex, at college, decided to do something crazy. She found another nerdy kid, opened her legs for him, winked at him, and led the poor guy to her parents' house after class. They were in the basement, her parents still at work, going at it like animals xxx story girl on girl download thirty incredible seconds when the classmate came like a busted fire hydrant into her unprotected pussy.

"Oh wow!" the kid exclaimed, rolling off Stacey onto the cool basement floor. "Yep," she agreed, catching her breath.

A few quiet moments passed, they dressed, and studied for a few classes they shared, avoiding the awkwardness as best they could until Trish came home. Stacey had ulterior motives. She wanted to get laid, but she also wanted Trish to lose her virginity too. "Stacey, who is " Trish didn't have time to finish her question. Stacey grabbed her, pulling her across the room, standing her in front of the couch. Stacey grabbed her classmate, tore his shirt off, and pulled his pants down. "Um, uh, Stacey?" the nervous college student asked.

"Shut up!" She pulled his boxers off, pushed him on the couch. Trish watched in shock. Stacey then removed Trish's glasses, pulling up her shirt as quickly as she could, ignoring her protests, and pushed her onto her classmate. "Hi, I, um," he stuttered. "Do it!" Stacey commanded. "But, but, you're here," Trish said, covering her bare breasts.

"I don't care. I'm making some changes to our lives, first is losing our virginity. I went first, now it's your turn," Stacey glared.

"Now get to it!" Trish did nothing for a few seconds, scared and unsure. "Please, don't be silly, I've seen you naked before," Stacey said. Then she slapped her sister's ass. Trish gasped, fumbled with the guy's cock, guiding it in, wincing in pain, and got to work. He sat up and guided her to her back on the couch. Stacey watched him fuck her sister as rabidly as he did her earlier that afternoon. She smiled thinking about the changes they would make, watching her sister's eyes close, her mouth slightly open.

Then it was over. "Oh wow, yeah!" he whispered, dumping his load into Trish. "Two in one day! My brother master domination with shemale sissy slave maid never believe this!" he squealed. "Yeah, yeah, whatever, now leave. I have to talk to my sister," Stacey pulled him of her. After he left, Trish dressed, confused about what was happening. Stacey went on to say they weren't going to be ugly ducklings forever; they were going to successful, beautiful women.

They were going slut lesbian and super small teens huge cocks an nearly life sized teddy bear with a have incredible lives.

She promised her younger sister that she would make it happen. Both sisters became pregnant that day. Any plans Stacey would cook up to change their image would have to be put on hold. Chapter 3 They were able to butterface latina with nice ass and tits college, both graduating from the same local school.

It took a naughty lesbians fill up their massive bums with milk and splatter it out longer for Stacey, but with help from family, they made it work. By the time Trish finished college, they ditched their glasses, their acne cleared up, braces were long gone, and something else was occurring they were working out regularly. Stacey purchased gym memberships for each of them.

Stacey also enrolled them both in yoga, spin, and dance classes at the gym. Stacey was able to land a high paying sales job, which she excelled at. A year later, she was able to get Trish an accounting job at the same company. Trish loved it, since she didn't have to deal with people as often as Stacey did. They moved into an apartment together, along with their young sons, and saved as much money as they could. A few years passed, the sisters looked better than ever.

While excelling at their day jobs, Stacey was able to book a few modeling gigs for each of them. Trish was hesitant but after the first photo shoot she wasn't as shy in front of the camera anymore Stacey loved it. Each time the camera would flash, she'd think about their ugly duckling years and how far they've come. By the time Stacey was 30; both sisters were offered a lucrative modeling contract, Stacey serving as a manager of sorts.

It was enough to allow them to quit their jobs and model full-time. They bought a house together, all four moved in, and they kept working.

By this time their sons were old enough to stay at home alone. Stacey arranged dates every once in a while for her and Trish. Some were double dates, some were just the trio. Some duds, others were not. Trish still had trouble watching her sister ravage and manhandle a man in front of her, not caring.

Stacey was so dominant and fierce in bed. As much as Trish tried, she could never, ever be as wild as that. They traveled more and more, the modeling agency sending them to exotic locales across the globe. Sometimes Stacey would arrange a three-way with a fellow model, or photographer here and there over the years. They became used to having sex with the same person, at the same time.

Sucking a cock together was no big deal. They never viewed it as weird or verging on incestuous. After all, they did everything together. As they aged through their 30s, japanese beauteous hottie wets her cunt hardcore blowjob began noticing something very familiar about their sons the boys were just like them at that age.

After their shower, Stacey flipped through the TV stations, Trish snuggling against her. "Nothing," Stacey said, not finding anything worth watching. She placed the remote on the bedside table and held her sister tightly. "So we're going to take those young men out?" she asked Trish. "Mmhmm.

It'll be nice," she replied. "I wonder how much they jack off while we're away." Stacey wondered out loud. "Oh my," Trish trailed off. "I wonder if they do it at the same time. They're sitting there playing their games or whatever and excuse themselves to their rooms," Stacey joked. "I wonder what they think about. I mean," Trish paused. "! None of our business." "They probably jack off to their aunts," Stacey blurted out. "Stacey!" Trish swatted at Stacey's tummy.

"Think about it. The house is spotless, the pool is cleaned, they fixed us dinner, and they are always so sweet to us. We know they don't go out and try to meet girls. I bet young Bennet probably has a huge crush on his Aunt Stacey." "Maybe Aaron has one on his Aunt Trish," Trish quietly suggested.

"If we take those boys out, we could even flirt with them; maybe have a little fun, you know?" Stacey said. Trish shrugged, "I guess. If it helps them feel more at ease around women." "I see us at that age. Nerdy virgins," Stacey said. "We need to help them." "I agree." Stacey kissed the top of Trish's head. "Goodnight." "Goodnight." They fell asleep in each other's arms like they always do. Chapter 4 "Boo!" Stacey startled her nephew from behind. He was washing dishes after dinner the next night.

"Oh hey," Bennet said after a small jump, continuing one of the many chores he and his cousin did without being asked. "What are your plans Saturday night?" his aunt asked. "Uh, well, I was going to do some studying with Aaron then log on to play " "Nope! Wrong answer," Stacey interrupted him. "I mean, yes, study. That's very important but afterward you and I are hanging out." "Hanging out?" Bennet paused, setting a plate in the dishwater.

"Yep. We'll go to dinner and maybe dancing. It'll be great!" "Um, I, uh," he nervously attempted a reply. Stacey moved past him, to the refrigerator, grabbing some water.

She slapped his ass on the way out of the kitchen. "Goodnight!" Bennet stood, mouth agape, watching his aunt in her tank top and pajamas shorts make her way toward her bedroom. Aaron was outside adjusting a sprinkler in the backyard, testing it, making sure it worked for the system it was on. He turned the water off, satisfied it would turn on as scheduled. "Hi," a soft voice grabbed his attention. His Aunt Trish was standing a few feet away, barefoot on the grass.

"Hey," Aaron nodded to her. "Nice night," She smiled, looking to the clear night sky. "Yeah, not too hot either." "Hey Aaron, I was thinking, if you don't have plans Saturday night, maybe you and I could spend some time together." "Um, well I was planning on doing some studying with Bennet and afterward," Aaron looked to the grass. "Play your game," Trish smiled, finishing his thought.

She took a few steps closer to him, placing her hand on his shoulder. "Well, yeah." "Bennet is going to be hanging out with your mom so I was thinking you and I could hang out." "He is?" "Mmhmm.

It'll be nice. A nice night out." "Oh. Well then, I suppose that'll be fine," Bubble butt teen small tits creampie poor jade jantzen adjusted his glasses.

"Great. We'll go to dinner, maybe go to a movie afterward. How's that sound?" Trish asked. Aaron shrugged, "Sure I guess." Trish smiled again, hugging her nephew. "Can't wait." Thirty minutes later, the two sisters were in bed, Stacey flipping through the television, Trish snuggling against her.

"I think this will be wonderful. That's all they need some female interaction," Trish said. Stacey turned off the TV and combed her fingers through her sister's long hair. "Yeah maybe. Maybe not." "What do you mean?" "Think about us at their age. Before I brought that poor guy home from school. Before we got knocked up. We were so nerdy." "Yes I remember." "I think it'll take more than just female interaction to bring them out of their shells, to get them outside, away from their computers," Stacey stated.

"What do you have in mind?" Trish asked. "I'm not sure. I think we should see how things go this weekend. But I'm leaning toward playing pretend pretending that it's a date or we're dating them." "Hmmm, I see." Stacey shrugged, "I don't know.

I'm just thinking out loud. I want them to be hot stud muffins like we turned out to be." "That may happen on its own. And besides they are. To me at least," Trish said. Stacey giggled. "I agree! They are very cute, but you know what I mean. I want women throwing themselves at them, I want them out there, confident, dating." "Again, all that may happen in due time." "But I want to help!" Stacey laughed.

Trish chuckled, "I know what you mean and we will." "We'll see how things go Saturday," Stacey said. "Goodnight." "Goodnight," Trish rose on her elbows, giving her sister a peck on the cheek. They rolled over and spooned, the warmth of each other's bodies quickly guiding them to sleep.

Chapter 5 All four dressed up; Stacey and Trish picked out their son's clothes for their "dates." Nice khaki pants and tucked in shirts, while they wore their usual short, tight dresses, showing off a lot of toned leg. The mothers hugged their sons goodnight; the aunts took their nephews to separate restaurants to start their separate evenings. The sons were quiet and awkward around their aunts. Trish found it odd, blaming her and Stacey's hectic work schedule for causing a rift of sorts.

"Thanks for joining me tonight. Your mother and I work a lot, so it's nice to catch up, you know?" Trish said. "Yeah," her nephew Aaron dipped a breadstick, avoiding eye contact.

Trish cleared her throat, reaching to Aaron's hand, gently placed hers on it. He flinched at first, nodded, giving his aunt a goofy smile. A few miles away at another restaurant, Stacey was chomping down on breadsticks of her own; it'd been so long since they had a cheat meal in their strict diet. "So you and Aaron don't throw any wild parties while we're away? Nothing? You just study and play games?" Stacey half-joked.

"Yeah," the shy Bennet replied. "Gosh, I remember 20 years ago, I was your age and miserable. I had to do something about it. I had to make something happen. I was footsiebabes cum on my perfect little feet of being a virgin. I got knocked up with your cousin!" Stacey chuckled. "Uh, yeah, heh," Bennet's eyes darted from side-to-side, taking a small bite of bread.

Trish asking Aaron during their meal, "Are there any nice girls at school that you've thought about dating?" "Nah," he shook his head. "No one?" He paused, shaking his head again. Trish frowned, patting his thin forearm.

"Why not?" Stacey asked Bennet the same question. He shrugged, playing with his soup. "You can't be scared anymore. You're 20. I feel bad your mom and I have been too busy to push you guys, but only you can make positive changes in your life. We can assist when needed, but if you want to get out there, meet people and socialize you gotta really want it!" Bennet nodded, feeling even more uncomfortable now.

"I'm sorry," Trish sweetly said, removing her hand from Aaron's arm at their table. "Please know that your mom and I care a great deal about you. We love you both so very much. We would hate it if you two weren't happy. Are you happy?" "I guess," Aaron shrugged. "Is there anything we can do to help you besides paying for school and stuff like that?" Aaron's eyes met his aunt's for a brief second; he shook his head "no." Stacey sighed, "Alright.

Well you let me or your mom know if you need anything, alright? We can haul you to the gym with us, we can buy you a prostitute." Bennet's face turned white. "I'm kidding!" Stacey laughed. "Only joking." His face relaxed with relief. "No, no hookers, but I think you and I will be spending more time together.

It'll be kinda like dating, you know? I figured it'd be weirder if you and your mom did this," Stacey explained.

"Yeah," he shrugged, his eyes meeting Stacey's again. "Great," Trish smiled at her and Aaron's table. "Let's go for a nice walk." Aaron's aunt paid the bill and told her nephew where to drive. It was a nearby park where an art festival of sorts was going on.

"Have you been here before?" she asked. "Nah." Trish hooked her arm around Aaron's, feeling him tense up, but slowly relax. They walked mostly in silence, looking at the various art display, Aaron's hands in his pocket, his stiff right arm being held by his aunt. She watched him looking around at the displays, ignoring a few whistles from men they passed. Trish struggled to come up with something to say to Aaron, but failed each time.

Near the end of the long walk, she rested her head on his shoulder, feeling defeated, blaming her and Stacey's work on keeping them away from them. Stacey had a much worse time with Sometimes a scene needs no further introduction th son, Bennet. She took him to an 18 and over dance club a huge mistake. He wouldn't dance, he wouldn't do anything. Stacey hung close to him, checking out girls there, attempting to make conversation, but he was scared rigid.

Several men asked her to dance. One of them, included a friend Stacey and Trish hadn't seen in a while, Rodney. She thought she'd show her nephew how it's done, how they could dance if myveryfirsttime pornstar alice march does her first anal scene wanted to. It turned out to be another mistake. Rodney was looking for sex.

He spun Stacy around, grabbed her hips, and ground his erection against her ass. "Whoa! Whoa! Sorry, Rod, not tonight," Stacey ended the dance, adjusted her hair and smiled weakly at Bennet. "Sorry, maybe we should go," Stacey admitted. Arriving home a few minutes after Trish and Aaron, Stacey hugged Bennet goodnight and went to her bedroom. She joined Trish in the shower. They hugged one another, knowing the night wasn't very good for either of them. Speaking without saying words, they finished their shower, put on their white milf penetrated by black male interracial hardcore and snuggled off to sleep in bed.

* They next day Stacey and Trish were lying out by their pool. Their sons were once again cleaning it without being asked. Stacey flipped through a magazine; Trish closed her eyes, soaking in the rays of sunlight.

After Aaron and Bennet cleaned the pool, they headed inside to prepare lunch. "They're so sweet," Trish said. "They do much more than play games and study. We've never had to ask them to clean or do chores. We certainly never ask them to fix us food." "Yeah I know," Stacey tossed the magazine to the table in between them. She stood, stretched, adjusted her bikini top and did a cannon ball into the pool. Trish giggled, slowly stood, and made her way to the side of the pool.

She sat and eased herself in. She swam over to Stacey, straddling her taller sister in the deep end. "We should go skinny dipping. That'll shock and awe them," Stacey joked. "Maybe scar them for life!" Trish replied. "Nope. They were so awkward around us last night. It can't be because we aren't around that much.

I know they have to have huge crushes on their aunts," Stacey said, swimming around the pool with Trish. "Maybe." They swam and played for a little longer, occasionally getting out of the pool, grabbing a float and lying it in.

Meanwhile in the kitchen, Aaron and Bennet stood silently, looking out the window, the sandwiches and salads prepared. They watched the women in bikinis play and float in the pool, never taking their eyes off them.

When Stacey and Trish grabbed their towels, wrapping it around their bodies, their secret watchers sighed, glanced at one another and moved along. Chapter 6 "Come on! Move it, move it!" Stacey shouted to her nephew. They were jogging on the beach, he was lagging way behind her.

A couple hundred yards down the beach and Stacey stopped, watching Bennet eventually catch up to her out of breath. His hands on his knees, heaving for air, Stacey shaking her head. She gently pushed his shoulder, causing him to lose his balance and topple over. "I think you just want to look at my butt while I run.

That's why you are staying back," She joked. Bennet said nothing, sitting on the sand, panting. Stacey turned to look down the beach, seeing her sister Trish, wearing a similar sports bra and yoga shorts jogging toward them Aaron far behind. The sisters shot each other a look.

Trish waited for Aaron to catch up. He took a seat next to his cousin, out of breath as well. "It's ok Aaron. I know it's hard, but the more you practice the easier it gets," Trish encouraged him, tousling his sweaty hair.

"I told your Bennet, he's probably lagging behind on purpose to check me out," Stacey said. "How about you sweetie? Doing the same?" Stacey playfully kicked at her son's foot. There was no reply. "Alright, well let's head back and get ready for our movies," Stacey said.

Aaron and Bennet watched the two scantily clad, sweaty fitness models walk away. A few seconds later, they stood, following them, lagging behind on purpose, their eyes on the lady's legs and asses. * That evening they went to separate movies in different theaters. Stacey reminded Trish to really pretend it was a date. As a result, she pulled the armrest up, slowly guided her nephew's arm around her, and snuggled against him.

He was tense, but didn't seem to object as much. Stacey did something similar, but was more forward.

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"No making out. At least not this time," she jabbed his side. Making their way back to the cars after the movie, each aunt grabbed their nephew's hand. At home they gave them a kiss. It was meant for the lips a small peck but the son's got nervous and moved, causing the kisses to land just to the side of their lips.

They next day, after fixing breakfast, Aaron and Bennet remained in their rooms. "Hi. You ok?" Trish asked Bennet. "Yeah," he replied, avoiding eye contact with his mother. "Just got to catch up on class work." Stacey did the same with Aaron, getting a similar reply.

Several days passed, Aaron and Bennet kept to themselves, barely even talking to Stacey and Wild blonde amateur on her knees sucking at glory hole. They wondered if something was wrong.

Their sons gave the excuse of being busy. Trish was able to convince Stacey not to press the matter. Stacey agreed, restating her theory that they had crushes on their aunts and this was their way of dealing with it being reclusive. They agreed to continue to spend one-on-one time with them after their upcoming photo shoot in Atlanta the following week. * It was close to midnight on the last night of their trip to Atlanta.

They were leaving in the morning. Moonlight mixed with city lights traveled through an apartment balcony, shining on Stacey and Trish's slick backs.

They were riding two men on a couch. Ulysses and his equally muscular and hunky half-brother, TJ, quietly watched the two women grind into them, their hands resting on the couch cushion behind them. Something was wrong. Stacey and Trish couldn't concentrate. They had been going at it for two hours, riding and cumming on one cock, then switching to the other. But something was off. The sisters slowed down, glanced at one another, and nodded. The men smiled, their hands traveling over the toned tummy of the ladies.

A few days earlier, Stacey called Ulysses letting him know they were in town, he invited them over for dinner after their shoot - TJ was with him. They were hoping to go all night. But something, someone was on the forefront of Stacey and Trish's minds - their sons. blonde teen charlyse bella having sex with bf ok?" Ulysses asked his friends. "We have to go," Stacey spoke up.

"I'm sorry." "Oh. I see. Did we do something to upset you?" Ulysses asked. "No, not at all," Trish said, smiling at Ulysses, caressing TJ's face. Stacey planted her feet on the floor, standing, Ulysses' cock slurping out of her. "We have a long trip tomorrow. Plus we're dealing with some family things." "I understand," The two men watched Trish get off of TJ, wipe her face with a towel, and get dressed.

"It was fun, maybe another time," he added. "Yes," Trish said. Stacey grabbed TJ's still erect cock, shaking it like she would shake someone's hand, "It was nice meeting you." "Likewise," he nodded. They watched them leave, standing nude, as the door closed. After an awkward several second silence, TJ passed gas. "Whew. I've been holding that in all night." "I guess it's good they left then," Ulysses joked, walking past his half-brother. * "I don't care if we wake them up," Stacey said, her cell phone dialing her son's number, while driving back to the hotel.

"Mom?" Aaron answered. "Hi! You're awake!" Stacey beamed. "Yeah. Bennet and I are trying a new rebecca linares is about to get anal How do you feel?" "Um, ok, I guess. You?" "We miss you so much! We haven't talked with you or seen you much this past week," Stacey said. "Yeah, well, we've been busy," Aaron trailed off.

"We'll be home tomorrow. We can't wait to see you," she said, Trish grabbing at the phone. "Put Bennet on the phone, Trish wants to talk to him. I love you!" Trish took the phone, waiting for her son to answer.

"Hello? Hi sweety. We've been thinking about you a lot the past few days." "Hey mom. Oh, well thanks?" Bennet said. "We love you so much and your aunt and I are enjoying hanging out with you. You don't mind me spending time with Aaron?" Trish asked. "Um, no, it's fine." "We just thought spending time with your aunt instead of mommy might be more fun," Trish said, Stacey pulling into the hotel parking lot. "Mom, it's fine, really it is," Bennet said, glancing at Aaron.

"Ok extremely hot turkish girl strips during cam show then get caughty by tube porn. We'll see you both tomorrow. I love you." There was a slight pause, "I love you too." The phone call ended, Stacey and Trish entered their hotel room, stripped naked and showered.

They fell asleep a little later after talking about plans for their return. They decided to kick things up a notch and really flirt and be like a girlfriend to their nephews. Back at their home in Miami, Aaron and Bennet were quietly watching a slideshow of images. The slideshow was loading from a laptop, displayed on a 60 inch TV in the living room.

The cousins were both erect, watching images of bikini clad fitness models - Stacey and Trish - scroll from one to the next on the large screen. It was close to 1am and they couldn't take it anymore. They glanced at one another; Bennet ended the slideshow, turned off the TV and gathered his laptop. Each son went to their own room, closed the door, undressed and jacked off until their cocks exploded with cum.

Chapter 7 The four of them were inseparable upon Stacey and Trish's return. Their sons attempted to avoid them, making excuses about why they couldn't spend time with them. Their mothers ignored them. Stacey ordered them to join them in the living room after dinner, suggesting that missing a night of studying wouldn't cause them to flunk out of community college.

Their anxiety and nervousness never fully went away. Trish would snuggle sex xxx school girl com m Aaron on the couch while Stacey would sit in Bennet's lap.

They'd pick on them; flirt with them, all to zero reaction from their nephews. They went on a double date the following weekend. It was mostly Stacey and Trish gabbing away while Aaron and Bennet sat quietly, picking at their dinner. "This has been our third date," Stacey told her nephew Bennet when they arrived home. "Take me to bed.

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Now." "Uh, what?" "I think that's a good idea," Trish grabbed Aaron's hand. The boys glanced at their mothers and gulped. A minute later, Stacey pushed Bennet onto his bed, "Get on there!" She climbed on top of him, still in her dress, straddling him, smiling at him, pinning him down. She kissed his cheek, rolled off him, and snuggled against him. Across the hall, Trish sat on the bed, patting the mattress for Aaron to lie next to her.

"I'm chilly," she pouted. Later that night, Aaron and Bennet were wide awake, their aunts sleeping soundly in their arms, their minds racing. The next weekend they kept their sons out even later. They went to the same club Stacey took Bennet to a few weeks prior.

As predicted they were too nervous to dance. They looked like a fish out of water. Trish felt guilt for bringing them there. Stacey didn't seem to care as she had fat bitch is double fucked after photosession pretty big buzz going after a couple shots.

"If you two doofuses aren't going to dance with us, we'll dance with each other!" Stacey stood, grabbing Trish, pulling her along. "Mmm, hey baby," Stacey said once they reached a good spot in the crowded dance floor, their sons out of sight. "Hi," Trish giggled back. "At least we're getting them out of the house," Stacey said. "Yes, maybe this is building confidence in them.

Slowly though." "I hope it is. But we have to keep it up. I've been flirting with Bennet, he's unfazed." Trish nodded, "Same with Aaron." Stacey quickly turned Trish around, pulling her hips backward. "Mmmm, if I had a dick, your butt would feel so good against it right now." "Uh huh," Trish rolled her eyes and kept dancing. "If I had beautiful shemale mariana lins takes dicks in her ass Stacey leaned in close, whispering into her sister's ear from behind, "I'd fuck you all night." Stacey felt Trish's body shake from laughter.

Trish brought her hand up behind Stacey's head. Stacey's hands slowly traveled up Trish's body. She kissed her neck, Trish closed her eyes. Stacey's hands landed on Trish's chest, giving her breasts a quick squeeze before Trish's eyes shot open and she turned around.

"Stacey!" she swatted at her sister, a smile on her face. "Come on, let's go. You can drive," Stacey said. Once again the aunts were in bed with the nephews. This time they each gave them a nice neck massage. They said thanks and rolled over and went to sleep - or pretended to. * Over the next couple months the foursome did everything together. Stacey and Trish were able to reschedule a few photo shoots to spend time with their nephews.

They made sure each weekend was full of stuff to do as a group. They'd go play miniature golf, go to movies, dinner and so on. They didn't go dancing again, much to Aaron and Bennet's relief. Little by little, Aaron and Bennet loosened up around their aunts. They didn't seem as tense. Hugs were easily given without awkwardness. They felt like one big happy family. Something was still off though.

At night, the mothers would say good night to their sons and join their nephews in bed. There was something about those amateur webcam brunette with cum on face that confused Stacey and Trish - but they couldn't put their finger on it.

Everything was great until a brunette hottie is a nasty gang sucker of Twister shortly before Christmas.

"Go Aaron. Your turn, sweetie," his mother, Stacey said. The two sons were having trouble concentrating. Their mothers were wearing their standard tight pajamas shorts and tank tops. But that wasn't as big a deal as the position Stacey and Trish were locked into on the Twister mat. They were propping themselves up on their hands and feet, their legs entwined, their crotches right up against each other's.

"Uh, my stomach," Bennet spoke up. "Yeah, indigestion," Aaron finished his thought. The boys quickly excused themselves, leaving their aunts in a provocative position. Trish sighed, watching them leave. "Do we keep playing?" Stacey said nothing; she stared at Trish, and slowly gyrated her hips so her crotch would slide against her sister's.

"Well?" Trish turned to her. "One of us has to win," Stacey said. "Yeah?" "Mmhmm," she winked at Trish, slowly rubbing against her, knowing exactly how this looked. "Stacey," Trish shook her head. "What?" She kept grinding against Trish. "Someone has to win." "Yeah but," Stacey smiled, her eyes locked on Trish. Trish stared right back, letting Stacey grind her pajama shorts covered pussy against her own. After a few intense seconds, Trish broke the position, falling to the mat, "Fine.

You win." Stacey laughed, pouncing on her sister, squatting, lifting Trish over her shoulder and taking her to her bedroom. Stacey slammed Trish on the bed, climbing on top of her, Trish's legs wrapping around Stacey's waist. "I haven't slept with you in a long time," Stacey said, kissing Trish's cheek.

"I know. You've been sleeping with my son." "And you've been sleeping with mine," Stacey kissed Trish's mouth fairly hard. "Mmmph," Trish tried to speak. "Get off me," she said when Stacey ended the kiss. "Fine," Stacey rolled over, taking Trish with her. Trish was now straddling her. "How is it going, by the way?" Trish asked. "Ok, I guess. I've been giving him pecks here and there. He seems to feel a little more comfortable around his secret crush," Stacey winked. "Uh huh. So you're positive they have crushes on their aunts?" "Yep." Trish slid off Stacey, resting her head on Stacey's shoulder.

"They aren't as afraid anymore. They've been more talkative, going on about classes, games and so on. They seem a bit more comfortable around women, us." "It sucks that we can't be here for New Year's though," Stacey said.

"We'll be in Hawaii, so that'll be nice," Trish said of their upcoming shoot. "I'll miss our boys." "We'll have a boy there with us," Stacey said, referring to their coworker Ulysses. "True," Trish pulled Stacey's tank top up, revealing her washboard stomach. She peppered it with kisses, similar to how she's done to Ulysses in the past.

"Mmm, yeah baby," Stacey said, lowering her voice as if she were Ulysses. "Now go lower." "Ha, you're silly," Trish resumed lying against her, this time rubbing Stacey's tummy. "I don't really feel like doing anything with Ulysses." "Yeah me neither. Your son is, mmm, giving me good loving," Stacey joked.

"Oh I'm sure," Trish giggled. "I'd never, you know, be inappropriate, beyond innocent flirting, with Aaron." "I know Trish, same here." Stacey paused, thinking for a moment. "You know since we'll miss out on New Year's with them, we should go out on separate dates again.

This time someplace very romantic. It'll be cute." Stacey grabbed Trish's butt, squeezing it playfully. Trish smiled, snuggling with her sister. "Good idea," In Bennet's room, he used a dirty t-shirt to wipe the semen off his chin.

His cock erupted so hard some of it landed on his face. He put his pajamas back on and knocked on Aaron's door across the hall. "Hey," Aaron opened it, having just jacked off too. "I think it's time we tell them the truth," Bennet said.

"I think it's time they know." Aaron sighed, looking downward, "What will they do?" "No idea. But we need bigass ebony babes fucked in black threesome make them promise to keep it a secret." "Yes. Maybe we can tell them before their Hawaii trip, so we don't have to be around them for a while," Aaron suggested. Bennet nodded in agreement, heading back to his room. "Good idea." Chapter 8 Christmas Day ended with aunts cookie licked and banged hardcore and blowjob nephews on the couch, in each other's arms, drifting off to sleep as movies played on their big screen TV.

The next night would be special, romantic date a nice evening before Stacey and Trish flew to Hawaii on the morning of the 27th. Wearing new suits their mothers purchased, Aaron and Bennet waited for their dates. Stacey and Trish arrived wearing new dresses. They weren't tight like their usual ones, they weren't quite as sexy either, but had a more elegant, flowery design. Their nephews smiled politely, extended their arm to their aunts. "Wow, maybe we've made progress with these guys after all," Stacey noted.

"Maybe," Trish smiled at Aaron, taking his arm. The boys glanced at their mothers, nodding to them. They went to their own beachside restaurant, a few miles away from the other.

Both were Italian and had similar atmospheres low lit, romantic. After a lull in the conversation, Trish looked to her nephew Aaron, her hand on his. "I'm very proud of you. The past few months, I've seen you open up more around us. I know it's hard dealing with the opposite sex sometimes, but you've come out of your shell and these practice dates have helped. I'm sorry your mom and I have been away a lot of over the years, we are trying to make up for it." At Bennet and Stacey's table a few miles away, she had said some similar, though not as gentle.

"Now, you'll be able to talk to a girl at school, take her out and all that. You'll have more confidence. If your mom and I had been around more, maybe it would've helped. So? You got any lucky ladies in mind?" Bennet paused, setting his spoon down, taking a sip of tea. He took a deep breath, "Yes." "Great! So talk to her!" His aunt encouraged him. "Listen, Stacey, I appreciate what you and my mom have been doing.

But there's something you need to know," Bennet said. "Ah, here it comes," Stacey placed her hand on her nephew's. "You have a crush on me, and Aaron on Trish. I get it. It's totally cool too." "No, no," Bennet shook his head, stopping his aunt from continuing. "We don't." "What?" Stacey couldn't believe what she was hearing.

They were having a similar conversation at Aaron and Trish's table. "You can tell me, Aaron. That's one thing we've tried to do, get you to open up more. If there's a special girl, maybe I can help you, give you advice," Trish was saying. "I don't think that'll work. I don't think that's a good idea. This woman can never know how I feel," Aaron said.

"Woman?" Trish asked, thinking maybe she was older, perhaps a teacher. "Yes. I'm in love with her. I have been for a very long time," Aaron replied. "I see. Well, if you don't want to tell me, you don't have to." "I do. I need to get it off my chest." Trish nodded, listening intently, her hand on Aaron's. He paused, taking a sip of water. He sighed heavily. "It's mom." "Your mom?" Stacey asked at their table, having just heard the same thing out of Bennet's mouth.

"What do you mean?" "It's her. She's the one I've been head over heels for all this time. She's the one I love." "Right, you mean love her like a son " "No," Bennet interrupted her. "More than that. In love. Like romantic love." Stacey was in shock, unable to speak. "I've never gone out, never tried to get with girls at school, mom has always been on my mind the only one I've wanted.

I didn't care about doing anything else," Bennet explained. "I see," was all Stacey could say, her heart rate speeding. Trish was having a similar reaction, "So this is why, the house, the chores, why you've been so perfect." "Yes," Aaron said. "That woman, my mother." He closed his eyes. "She's the one who's perfect." "Bennet," Trish thought of her own son. "You and him both have been this way. Never going out, never socializing, and always being so sweet to us.

He feels the same way about me?" At Stacey's table, Bennet nodded "yes" when Stacey asked the same question about Aaron.

"He and I both have been in love with our moms. It's so stupid," Bennet shook his head. "No, I mean," Stacey paused. "How long have you and him felt this way about us?" "As long as we can remember.

As long as we've liked girls, I guess," Bennet answered. "Was Aaron, was he," Stacey had trouble focusing. "You two didn't seem to care that your moms were hanging out with their nephews. Not their sons. Why?" Trish had just asked Aaron if he was jealous that Bennet was spending time with his mother, Stacey, instead of him.

"No. Never bothered us. We've kept it a secret so long. We know nothing could ever happen, we know we could never be with our mothers like that. So we didn't care. I love you Aunt Trish, but not like that," Aaron admitted. "Bennet is the same way about mom. We were never jealous because no one could know how we felt.

Until now." "So why tell us?" Trish asked. "Because you two have been spending so much time with us, hoping we'll be more comfortable around women. The thing jacks pov scene kayden kross p freevideos, we don't want any other women.

We've only wanted our moms, all these years. We figured it'd be best to tell you so you'd stop wasting your time." Trish teared up, "It hasn't been a waste of time." Stacey slowly looked to her nearly finished meal, "So you've never been interested, never cared about any of the stuff we've been trying to make your more comfortable around?" "Never," Bennet answered. "Mom is the reason I didn't want to go away to college. She's the reason we don't go out and why we stay at home.

Aaron is like that with you too. He loves it when you get sassy and kinda bossy." Stacey smiled weakly, "Yes, I can be." Aaron was telling Trish something similar, "Bennet loves your smile, your sweet and gentle ways." Both sons sat back, relief watching over them. The aunts suggested they may grow out of it in the years to come. Their nephews told their aunts they might, but probably not.

They admitted they'd rather be virgins forever, instead of dating girls, or marry one they didn't love. The aunts paid the meal, holding the hands of their nephews as they drove home. They each received a long embrace from their aunts in front of their bedroom door.

Stacey and Trish said nothing to one another the rest of the night, showering together, packing a few last minute items, and went to sleep in each other's arms. The next morning brought more silence. Aaron and Bennet took them to the airport, they received quick hugs from their moms and they went on devouring soft perky bra buddies smalltits hardcore way. "Do you think they'll tell each other?" Aaron asked, watching his aunt and mother walk toward the security checkpoint.

"No idea. But honestly, we've had this secret for so long, I don't care if they did," Bennet replied. "Me neither." Chapter 9 Not while showering together, not while sleeping in the same bed together, not while occasionally having sex with men at the same time, not while occasionally having three-ways over the years, have Stacey and Trish felt awkward around one another. Until the day their nephews confided in them. They slept most of the way to Los Angeles; only briefly speaking while waiting for the connecting flight to Hawaii.

Someone recognized them something that happens maybe twice a year. He was a huge, muscle bound man. He thanked them for inspiring him to get into shape. They signed a napkin and posed for a picture with him, trading glances at one another, and boarded their flight to Hawaii.

Stacey and Trish arrived at their hotel room, speaking only about how nice it was, noting the huge bathtub everything was casual conversation, they avoided talking about their last date with Aaron and Bennet. At dinner, they could barely eat. They retreated to their room, watched a little TV and went to sleep. The next couple days were extremely busy. Shoots and re-shoots went on all day. Their concentration was low, they struggled, and the photographer had trouble getting the perfect shot.

Ulysses was there, working a different photo shoot. He said hello to them, asking them how were things with the df back from the gym humiliation foot smelling. Stacey and Trish glanced at one another again, shaking their head. Ulysses didn't pry, only saying he was sorry they were having a tough time. On New Year's Eve they managed to finish up early.

Stacey bought a couple of wine bottles, headed back to their hotel room, and started drinking. She uncorked the top and drank straight from the bottle, handing Trish the other bottle. She smiled, quietly taking it, pouring herself a plastic cup full of wine. They said nothing for the next 15 minutes until Stacey's wine bottle was halfway empty. Stacey broke the silence. "Tub, you and me," She said, standing, pulling off her t-shirt, unhooking her bra, stepping out of her thong.

Trish downed the rest of her wine and joined Stacey. They waited lovely blonde chick having easter fun masturbation the water to fill the tub, testing it to see it wasn't too hot. Stacey slid in first, taking a wine bottle with her.

Trish followed, sitting across from her sister. They traded the bottle back and forth, sipping from it until it was gone. More silence, in the hot, soothing water, resting their heads back against the edge of the tub. They traded a few looks, their mouths opened as though they were going to speak, but changed their minds. "Trish," Stacey said. "Stacey," Trish said at the same time.

"Sorry, you first." Stacey said nothing, shaking her head. "I think," "I think we both know the same piece of information," Stacey said, then burped. "We do, yes," Trish confirmed. A small smile formed on Stacey's face. "Our sons have crushes on their mothers. Except it's a little more than a crush isn't it?" "It's much more than a crush," Trish replied. Stacey started laughing, the wine helping her see the humor it in, Trish following suit. "What in the world are we going to do?" Stacey asked.

"No idea. They've missed out on so much because of us." "They'd rather not have anyone if they can't have us." "They can't," Trish solemnly shook her head, staring at her breasts, under the water. "Well, I don't know about that," Stacey said, another small burp. "Huh?" She giggled, "You heard me." "Are you suggesting incest?" Stacey shrugged. "Maybe." "You're drunk," Trish said; the thought of sex with Bennet flooded her brain. "I'm drunk too," she said, blaming those thoughts on the wine.

Stacey was rubbing Trish's knee, "I mean, look at you and I. We're naked all the time around each other. Some of the stuff we've done borders on incest." "True," Trish's fingers were lightly caressing Stacey's calf.

"Hell, I've tasted your pussy on a cock before. I've tasted your saliva." "Same here." "I'm not a lesbian, but if someone ordered me to make love to woman for some reason, you'd be the only choice," Stacey admitted.

Trish laughed. "I guess I could say the same about you." The sisters smiled at one another, gazing into each other's eyes for a moment. Stacey slowly moved Trish's foot to the side, her leg's opening.

They stared at one another, studying each other's faces. "We could give them everything they've ever wanted," Stacey said. "It could be beautiful - wrong, but beautiful," Trish added.

There was a final pause; eyes burning through each other's, hearts were racing. Then it happened. The sisters lunged at one another, spilling water out of the tub, their mouths joined together, and tongues wrestling. They gripped each other's head, locking one another in place, kissing madly. Stacey took control, diving over the side of the tub, taking Trish with her. The sisters rolled around on the bathroom asian hidden camera sex in hotel room adultsmartlinksorg, making their way to the door.

Their mouths separated; "Oh fuck!" Stacey cried out, climbing off Trish, pulling her to her knees. Stacey grabbed Trish's ass, Trish wrapped her legs around Stacey, and Stacey stood, their intense kissing resuming. At that moment, Ulysses was at their hotel room door, holding a dozen roses - six for each sister he planned on making love to that night.

He took a deep breath, raised his fist to knock on their door. Just before his knuckles made contact with it, something on the other side of the door slammed against it hard. Ulysses, startled at first, leaned in close and listened. Stacey had slammed Trish against the door, kissing at her neck, holding her with one hand, the other sliding fingers up and down her pussy lips. "I love you," Trish moaned, arms wrapped around Stacey's shoulders.

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Ulysses heard more moaning. "I love you too," Stacey grunted back, her hand moving faster and faster against Trish's wet pussy. She slid her fingers in, and bounced Trish against the door, mimicking fucking her with a cock. Ulysses smiled, placing the roses on the carpeted hallway floor in front of their door.

"I guess it's me and you tonight little Uly," he whispered to the growing bulge in his cargo shorts. He walked down the hall toward his room; the sister's secret would be safe with him.

"Ahh fuck!" Stacey cried out. She was on top of Trish, on the bed, kissing and licking at her neck, rubbing her thigh against Trish's pussy, her own pussy rubbing against Trish's thigh. "Yes!" Trish called out, grabbing Stacey's face, kissing her hard. They rolled around a couple times, Stacey sitting up in bed, her hands gliding up Trish's back, into her long hair, pulling her head back.

Stacey attacked Trish's breasts, swirling her tongue around the hard nipples, and then sucking them hungrily. She laid Trish on her back once again, licking her way down her body. "Never ate a pussy before," Stacey said, in between licks.

"I'm sure you'll do fine," Trish assured her. She arched her back even more when Stacey's tongue licked at her engorged clit, lapping at it like an animal. Stacey plunged her tongue into her sister's pussy, swirling it around, licking juices she'd tasted several times before over the years this time it was directly from the source. She tasted so very delicious.

Trish tweaked her own nipples as Stacey worked. Trish started shaking, her body small tits lesbo pussy pumped with fat dildo up.

Stacey rested her hand on Trish's tummy, continuing to lick and tongue-fuck her pussy, the bridge of her nose and forehead banging against Trish's clit. "Yes!" Trish moaned, her hands running through Stacey's hair. "Yes!" Several minutes later, when Stacey's thirst was satisfied, she wiped her mouth clean. She pushed Trish onto her back and straddled her face, her hands gripping Trish's hair, holding her in place. Trish was to return the favor to her sister.

Trish licked and slurped at Stacey's pussy, her hands cupping her ass. "Yes! Keep going!" Stacey commanded, tightly gripping Trish's hair. "Ugh!" Trish's hands roamed over Stacey's butt and thighs, while her tongue remained buried in Stacey's pussy. A few moments passed, an orgasm building in Stacey, and she began grinding against Trish, rubbing her pussy against her mouth.

"Ahhh fuck!" Satisfied, Stacey rolled off Trish, lying next to her, out of breath. "We're not done," she said. "Nope," Trish agreed. The sisters turned to one another, smiled, and began kissing savagely.

Hours passed. Stacey and Trish were locked into the same position that caused their sons to excuse themselves while playing Twister. This time they were naked, sweating profusely, and cumming non-stop. They were grinding their pussies together, their asses bouncing up and down, looks cherie deville and lucy tyler crazy way determination on their faces.

Finally, they came again, moaning loudly, their quivering pussies spasming against each other. They collapsed on the bed, rubbing each other's feet and calves, catching their breath. Stacey sat up, pulling Trish with her.

They climbed off the bed, arms around each other, their sweaty bodies sticking together. They walked to the bathroom, bent forward and rolled into the now room temperature bathtub. There was still some water left in it. They kissed, caressed, and held each other until they cooled off.

"Happy New Year," Trish said. "We missed watching the ball drop and fireworks." "I'd say there was plenty of fireworks in here," Stacey said. "Yes." "When we get home, we're taking our sons to bed," Stacey said matter-of-factly. "We'll cross that line." Trish added. They dried off later, got in bed, and snuggled. Too tired to make love again, they fell asleep as best friends, sisters, and now, everything to one another.

Chapter 10 Aaron and Bennet waited for their dates by the front door. They were wearing a shirt and tie, their dates wearing matching black, spaghetti strapped dresses. It had been a few days since their moms returned from Hawaii and an early morning anal with sophie lynx pussy licking and hardcore was planned.

They thought this would be another date with their aunts. They were wrong. "Switch," Stacey said, moving to her son, Aaron's arm. Trish did the same, holding Bennet's hand. "Uh, switching?" Aaron asked.

"Yes, you're on a date with your mothers tonight," Stacey said. "Let's go." They went to the same beachside, romantic restaurants again, each a few miles apart. There was barely any talking between the two. Stacey and Trish had wine and salads, holding their son's hands the whole time. They would occasionally stare at them, not smiling, a slightly seductive look on their faces. Aaron and Bennet tried their best to hide their discomfort.

When the meal ended, the moms paid the bill; the sons held the door open for them and drove. "We're not going home," Stacey told Aaron. "We're not?" Aaron asked nervously.

Trish had told the shaved cock girl miho gets screwed in the backyard thing to Bennet "No, we have a nice hotel room waiting for us." "A hotel room?" Bennet asked. "Just drive," Stacey ordered Aaron, plugging in the directions to the GPS.

They arrived the same time as Bennet and Trish. The mothers said nothing to one another, holding the arms of their sons, they marched toward the hotel. The elevator ride was silent. When they arrived to the top floor, ten stories up, the mothers gave each other a sly grin, exited the elevator with their sons, and walked off in opposite directions.

Aaron and Bennet looked over their shoulder at one another and shrugged. Inside Aaron and Stacey's room, the magnitude of what she was planning hit her. She had ideas, thoughts, unsure if any of them would pan out. She took a deep breath and moved into the room. She didn't turn on the lights. Stacey instead found several strategically placed candles next to the bed, lighting them one by one. "Mom?" Aaron asked, watching her. Stacey said nothing. She guided Aaron to sit on the edge of the bed.

"What's going " He was interrupted by his mother's index finger. She smiled softly at him. Stacey leaned down, giving his lips a kiss just as soft as her smile.

"I love you," she whispered. In Bennet and Trish's room, Trish closed the door, the magnitude of what she was planning hit her. She paused and turned around to face her son. A lamp next to the bed was left on.

She stared at his confused face looking back at hers. Something ignited in Trish at that moment. She saw red, not of anger, but of lust. Channeling Stacey she lunged at her son. "Mom?" Bennet asked.

Trish grabbed his shirt and flung him against the wall. "Shut up!" she ordered, then grabbed his face kissing him hard. Breaking the kiss for air, Bennet managed to ask, "What's going on?" His mother pulled him away from the wall and flung him on the bed. She quickly mounted him, "I'm fucking you!" she ripped his shirt away from his chest.

In Aaron and Stacey's room, Stacey kissed Aaron's lips several more times, slowly going to her knees in front of him. Not taking her eyes off him, she undid his belt, pulling it away, and then unbuttoned his pants. His mouth hung open. "I, I, love you too," he whispered back. Stacey smiled, pulling her shocked son's cock out of his boxer shorts. She looked at his erection, then back to his face. Reaching up to caress his cheek then grabbing the base of his cock with both hand, she smiled one more time.

Channeling Trish, she opened her mouth, lovingly licking, kissing, all over his cock, taking her sweet and agonizing time. Aaron's eyes rolled in the back of his head, watching the love of his life worship his cock. In the other room, Trish had torn her son's clothes completely off. She then carelessly clawed her own dress off. She jumped back on Bennet, grabbing his face.

"Are you ready? Huh?" she kissed him hard. "Holy shit!" he cried after her tongue slithered out of his mouth. "Watch your language!" Trish slapped him. "Now fuck me! Fill my cunt with your cum! You're a mother fucker now! And I'm your slut! Do you understand me?" Bennet gulped and nodded his head. Trish grabbed the base of his cock, sitting on it, impaling herself easily. "Yes! Mmm, this is my dick and this is your pussy!

Now fill me up!" Stacey loved hearing Aaron moan as she worked. She had removed his pants, neatly folding them, and was back on her knees, slowly bobbing her head up and down on his cock. "Ahh, mom, it's so good," Aaron struggled to say. "I can't last." "Let me drink from you my love," Stacey whispered once again. "Please?" "Uh huh," Aaron breathed. "" "Mmmm," Stacey moaned, her mouth filling with semen.

She knew her inexperienced son wouldn't last long. She didn't care. She felt his cock pulsate and pump cum into her mouth, swallowing every last drop. She sucked it clean when it was done. Stacey stood, smiling at him, slowly removing her dress, sliding the straps over her shoulder one at a time.

"Mom, I just," Aaron glanced to his crotch. "It's fine, we can be naked for a while, then make love later, when you're ready," Stacey replied. Aaron nodded. His naked mother sat next to him, assisting him with removing his shirt. Folding it, she put her arm around him, hugging his naked body against hers, kissing his cheek. "Let's cuddle," She said, working her way to the pillows.

Aaron held her in his arms, still in shock over what was happening. "Bam! Bam! Bam!" Trish screamed out every time she landed on Bennet's cock. He was lying on his back, watching his mother fuck him wildly. "Fill my pussy with your cum! Now!" "Ah geez!" Bennet said, unable to hold it in, unable to keep his cock from exploding. His body shook and he moaned once more while Trish landed on him one last time, grinding her clit against him. "That's it!

That's what I want!" She exclaimed, grabbing Bennet's head, kissing him hard again, his glasses crooked, his hair messy. Trish collapsed on his chest. "Mmmm, I'm going to wake your dick up and we'll keep going!" She kissed his face more and more, she bit at his neck, sucking his skin down his chest, tummy, and finally his cock.

"Delicious!" Trish licked cum and pussy juices from Bennet's shaft. Bennet winced with pleasure and agony, rising to his elbows after straightening his glasses.

Stacey was kissing slowly at Aaron's neck, still in his arms, her hand roaming over his chest and stomach. She pulled his face to hers, giving him a long, deep kiss. "I'm sorry," she giggled. "For what?" Aaron asked. "That kiss probably tasted like sperm," she replied. "It's fine, mom," Aaron said. "Good," Stacey kissed him again, her hand finding his weakened cock, stroking it, bringing it back to life.

Trish's head was banging against Bennet's lower abdomen over and over, his cock coming back to life, and reaching into the back of Trish's throat.

She wouldn't stop, not until she felt his seed flow down her gullet. Trish was an animal with Bennet. Minutes later it happened, Bennet gripped the sheets of the bed, face contorting with pleasure as his cock erupted again, injecting his mother's throat with his warm cum. "Oh fuck!" Trish called out, after blonde milf proffessor and student fucking julia ann the last of his semen.

She wiped her mouth and jumped back onto Bennet. Stacey was already on top of Aaron. She had gently guided his erect cock inside her, shaking, moaning as she felt his length enter. "Yes," she whispered, kissing him again. "It's perfect. You're perfect." She removed Aaron's glasses, carefully placing them on the bedside table and continued kissing him, slowly grinding herself against him. "Mom, I can't - " "I told you it doesn't matter," Stacey said, pausing her kisses. "If you want to go, do it inside me." Aaron nodded, staring into his mother's face, watching her smile back at his.

She felt so good, so perfect. He came again, filling her with his seed, "Mommm." "I love you," Stacey hugged him, her pussy oozing with his cum.

An hour later, Bennet was on top of Trish, her legs trapping him in place. She slapped him a couple times, "That's it! Keep going! You give mommy that perfect cock!" "Oh shit!" Bennet couldn't believe it.

"Sweetie, stop," Trish reverted back to her normal self. "You really need to practice not cussing. I'd hate for you to slip up and say a bad word on a job interview." "Yes, mom, I understand." "Good," the crazed lust returned to her eyes. "No don't you dare stop fucking me! You understand me, young man?" "Yes ma'am!" "Good! Good," Trish, gripped her pillow, the other hand gripping the back of Bennet's head, an orgasm approaching.

"Come on!" she snarled at him, biting her bottom lip." Trish's pussy shaking, ready to open a floodgate of pleasure, drowning her body with orgasmic bliss, she cried out to her son. "Yes! Yes!" she screamed in the hotel room. "Ohhhh yesssss." She pulled Bennet in for a long embrace. "I love you," sexy chick porn with gal getting fuck satisfaction said.

"So much." "I love you too. More than anyone and anything," Bennet replied. At that same moment in Aaron and Stacey's room, Stacey was on all fours. She had presented and offered herself to Aaron earlier. Aaron gently pulled her back against his body, his hands cupping her breasts.

"I don't know if I can keep up with you," he joked. Stacey returned to her normal self, "Oh no, no, no, don't you hand me that crap! Get back to work boy!" "Yes ma'am!" Aaron resumed slowly thrusting in and out of her from behind. "That's it," she whispered. "Yes my darling, yes." She turned to face him, looking slightly over her shoulder.

Aaron's mouth found hers, his beautiful tiffany takes it up the butt teasing and rubbing her nipples.

"Mmmm," she moaned, her body tensing up. Aaron wrapped an arm around his mother, the other caressing her face. "Y-yessss." "So good," Aaron whispered in her ear. "I love you, I've always been in love with you." "Oh Aaron," Stacey teared up, her body tightening more, her pussy convulsing around his shaft.

The fire of love and passion ignited, sister love me com xxx sexy story sex stories 2019 her in orgasmic flames. Stacey arched her back and moaned soulfully, powerfully cumming, while her son held her from behind.

Nerdy slut fucks for a facial big tits and cumshot hour later, after cumming again, made to jerk off during confession by sister taylor sons were exhausted, the moms unable to stop smiling.

They waited for them to fall asleep and snuck out of bed. Not bothering to put clothes on, nor caring, they exited their hotel rooms, seeing each other at the opposite end of the hallway.

Stacey and Trish, giggling, jogged toward one another, meeting in the middle at the elevator. "We did it!" Stacey exclaimed. "Yes!" Trish hugged her. They held each other and hopped up and down, giddy over what they've done. The elevator door opened, it was the late night cleaning service for empty rooms. The woman's mouth hung open, seeing two naked women hug and laugh. The sisters saw someone in their peripheral vision. They both turned to the open elevator and said "hi" in unison.

The door closed, the shocked cleaning lady went to another floor. "It was the best I've ever had," Stacey said. "Me too! It was incredible. He didn't last long, but I don't care," Trish said. "Same here! They are exhausted now. Let's let them rest and we'll continue this back at home." "We will?" Trish asked.

"Absolutely. We'll turn them into sexual dynamos. It'll be our secret." "Maybe they could be our, um, you know, lovers?" Trish meekly suggested.

Stacey gasped. "Great idea! It's wrong, but I don't care!" They hugged each other once more. "Wanna switch?" Stacey winked.

Trish giggled, "No, not in the least." "Fair enough. But perhaps their aunts can take them out on one last date in the near future," Stacey suggested. They parted ways in the hallway, Stacey slapping Trish's ass when she turned to leave. Back at their rooms, they curled up into their new lover's arms. Chapter 11 All four slept late the next morning, barely making their checkout time.

The extended shower the couples took contributed to the delay. Each mom thoroughly cleaned their son, chatting casually about how their relationship is changed, thanking them for confessing their feelings to their aunts. They kissed in the hot shower, telling each other they loved them, how good and natural it felt.

When they arrived home each mom took their son to bed. They spent the rest of the day there. Aaron and Bennet were tired, sore, but couldn't get enough of them saying over and over how much they've wanted this, how much they desired these women. They skipped Monday through Wednesday classes, spending that time having sex with their fitness model moms. Over time Trish started showing signs of her normal sweet, gentle, loving self but for the most part was still a wild animal in bed with her son and only her son.

The same thing was occurring with Stacey. She showed signs of her wild, crazy, dominant self but for the most part was slowly making sweet love to her son the only man she'd been like that with.

A week after their hotel stay the cousins had a break from their mothers. Saturday night their aunts suggested a date night. A "real date" Stacey called it. Aaron was once again with Trish and Bennet was with Stacey. They went to their own restaurants and had planned on seeing a movie afterward. They never made it to the theater. Arriving home at the same time, Stacey took Bennet to his room, Trish took Aaron to his. Stacey pushed Bennet on his bed, quickly flinging her dress off.

"You're a smart guy. I think you knew this would happen eventually," she grinned. Bennet smiled, watching his naked aunt mount him. "Yep." In Aaron's room, Trish was sitting next to her nephew.

"I know you big tit teen gets fucked in her ass by a lucky guy hardcore staxxx you loved me, but not in a, you know, sexual way." "Oh well, I mean," Aaron said. "It's ok, really it is.

But I was thinking maybe we could play tonight? It'd be fun, you know?" Trish suggested. "Yeah, it would," Aaron said, the muffled sounds of his mother grunting behind closed doors across the hall.

Trish smiled, tipping Aaron's chin toward her and kissing him. Their eyes closed and they leaned back on his bed, beginning a night of lovemaking. Hours later, near dawn; Stacey and Trish tip-toed out of their sleeping nephew's rooms, and holding hands, they made their way to their shower.

The hot steam enveloped them, their mouths joined, tongues swirling around each other. Stacey's fingers were embedded deep inside Trish, Trish's inside Stacey.

Breaking the kiss, they told each other they loved one another in unison. Also climaxing in unison, the sister's moans echoed throughout the bathroom. Under the covers, kissing between words, Stacey suggested they sleep in their son's rooms from now on.

"Good idea," Trish agreed. "We can use this room as something special." "Yes. Every weekend. You and Bennet can be in here, then the following weekend Aaron and I." "What about the two of us?" Trish asked. "Well we can sneak off every once in a while. Or on the third weekend after you and Bennet, then Aaron and I, you and I could be in here.

It'd be special mommy-sister time. I'm sure they'd understand. They could even watch if they wanted," Stacy suggested. "Yes!" Trish agreed. They did just that. The next weekend Trish and Bennet were in the master bedroom, enjoying a nice bath. The following weekend was Aaron and Stacey. The third weekend, Friday night, Stacey convinced her son and nephew to sit naked on the couch. They were shy at first, Stacey telling them not to look at one another, rolling her eyes in the process.

The sons finally loosened up, not glancing at each other's cocks. "Gosh you probably jacked those things off to us all the time. You never did it together?" Stacey asked, straddling Aaron. "Ew, no," Aaron answered. "Mom we've been talking. I think we want to change school some. Not drop out, but change direction," Bennet spoke up. "Yes? What'd you have in mind?" Trish was straddling him too. "We were thinking photography," Bennet said. The sons smiling at their mothers.

Stacey and Trish nodded. "That's a wonderful idea," Trish said, leaning down to kiss Bennet. She offered him a breast, Stacey doing the same. * It was close to midnight a couple hours later. Moonlight mixed with street lights traveled through their living room window, shining on Stacey older black amateur woman in boots with white interracial cunnilingus Trish's slick backs.

They were riding two men on a couch their sons. It had been two hours, they had no plans to stop; they were going all night. Their sons had gotten better, their stamina improved.

Just after midnight Aaron and Bennet came inside Stacey and Trish, filling them with cum. They looked embarrassed, not lasting as long as their mothers deserved. Stacey and Trish kissed them, letting them know without words, that it didn't matter if they didn't last as long as they'd like. They would rest up and keep going. After a passionate kiss to their sons, Stacey and Trish turned to face one another.

Aaron and Bennet watched their mothers kiss, tongues clashing. It ended with a long string of saliva connecting their mouths. They smiled at one another, then to their sons, resuming their night of passion. These sisters did everything together. The end.