Lauren kain blonde milf fucked big tits interracial big dick and blowjob

Lauren kain blonde milf fucked big tits interracial big dick and blowjob
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It was at my brothers wedding where I saw her again after all these years, my cousin Ashleigh…tall, blonde with a great body!

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I was shy at first and sat in the corner of the pub by myself, watching the relatives and guests arrive for the after party. She was wearing a white mini skirt, which showed off her long legs and a revealing light blue tank top.I wanted her.

From the minute she walked through the door. And with a few more drinks I'd be sure to have her to myself… The next hour went by slowly… relatives I'd forgotten about coming up to me for a chat. buying me drinks, and eventually I felt confident enough to go speak to Ashleigh.

She was leaning against the wall looking around at the guests and as I approached her she looked me up and down… 'I can do this, she still wants me.' I told myself. 'Hey Ash,' I said, 'Long time no see, how's things?' She smiled and replied 'Not too bad thanx… your looking good.' 'Thanx, you too&hellip.' We began to chat about everything over a few more drinks and soon I was finding it hard to hold back… I knew she was bisexual like me, but I couldn't make a move on her in this room full of family… she is my cousin after all!

The perfect opportunity came when my brother asked me to nip down the road to his house. I cant remember what I was supposed to be getting but whatever it was got forgotten and it couldn't have been important because my bro didn't ask for anything when I got back.

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As I was leaving I asked Ashleigh if she was coming with me and winked at her. She grinned and followed me down the road and as soon as we got in the house I locked the door behind us so we safe from being interrupted as I had the keys! I poured ourselves yet another drink each and we headed on into the living room. I wasn't planning on doing anything with Ash straight away… but as it turned out that's what she had been waiting for; a chance to be alone with me, which was the main reason she agreed to attend the after party because she knew I'd be there.

We were both sitting on the couch and there was an awkward silence as we were silently trying to work out who was going to make the first move!

I moved closer and turned in my seat to face her and ran my hand along her thigh slowly. She looked at me and had a shy but very sexy smirk on her face which was turning me on so much… she kissed me slowly and every move her tongue made on mine was so soft. so delicate. I wasn't expecting her to kiss me. but I wanted more. we undressed each other both so horny and I layed her down on the sofa and climbed on top of her. I slowly ran my fingers over her firm breasts and her toned belly making her shiver… and moved down so I could gently kiss her inner thighs and began to rub her sweet pussy… getting ever more turned on as she moaned softly, closed her eyes and nibbled on her bottom lip…

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