Bald euro love tunnels get hammered hardcore and groupsex

Bald euro love tunnels get hammered hardcore and groupsex
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I Woke this morning with a new sense of purpose.I new in order to get what I wanted I would have to put my plan into girlfriend teen fucked by her boyfriends hard penis. My plan was simple, to try and catch Hanna naked so I could repay the favore and let her know how hot she looked naked. I got dress and rushed downstairs to find something for breakfast. As i got to the kitchen I noticed Hanna wasn't present.

I looked over at Lisa and asked "Where is Hanna"? "She's about to take her shower" Lisa said. This was my chance I told myself. I rushed back upstairs to see if I were too late. As I made it to the bathroom door I heard the water running. I stepped back out the door and stood and waited.

10 minutes had passed and I hear the water turn off. I decided to enter again when i felt she would be opening the cutain.

"OMG!!!" she cried out and quickly looked for a towel. Her body was still dripping water down her tits and falling from her nipples. Her light thin bush curly wet with moisture clinging the hairs together.

She was truly a thing of beauty. I said "I'm sorry Hanna, I didn't realize you were getting out. I just came to get my brush". "It's ok Billy, you just scared me. I didn't expect anyone to be standin' here when I got out". She looks over at me and asks,"Well, what did you think"? "About what"? I asked playing dumb. "How I looked silly" she said as she smiled and blushed with her beautiful eyes gazing into mine. "I liked it very much".

"Now that makes us even" she said playfully. I decided to go to my room a figure out how I would continue this quest of mine to get that sweet little ass that I was obsessing over. It was all could think about at this point.

Then it hit me. I need to get some more grass and invite Hanna to get high with me again. I called my buddy and brought me a 20 over and left. I rushed in the taxi 69 lesbian full movi and went to my room.

I could hear Lisa and Hanna talking about going to the store. I had a plan though. I walked to my sisters bedroom and poked my head through the door."Hanna, wanna go hit this doobie with me"?

She perked up and said "Hell yea I do". Lisa said "You two can stay here and get blazed and I will be back in an hour or so". "Ok" Hanna said as Lisa tessa lane services a big dick in an elevator out. So we sat there and smoked it to the head and watched tv in my sisters bedroom.

Hanna was so hot. Her nipples poking out of the t-shirt she was wearing. There was no bra holding those beautiful tits in there. as we sit watching tv she looks over and says, "I wish I could get a little something to take home with me tonight when I leave". "I can get you some" I replied. With a sad look on her face she said "I don't have any money though". I sat there thinking of a way to get her some when she says to me, "Unless you got some I can get?" "I guess I could let some go" I told her.

"But I don't have any money" she said softly. "It's ok, i'll get more later". "That would be awsome" she said "but I gotta give you something" "Like what?" I asked. "Wait I got an idea" she said. She gets up and walks to the stereo on the dresser and finds a song she likes. She the proceeds to start dancing around the room very provocatively. She dances over to where I was sitting and started teasing me by raising her t-shirt halk way up her stomach and swaying her hips.

She looked so fucking hot that my cock got hard in only seconds. "What are you doing" I said with a smile on my face. "I'm payin' you for the weed" she replied "seein' as I don't have any money.

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Why you don't like it?" While grabbing the bulge in my pants I said "Um.Hell yea I like it, you can't tell?" She glanced down to see my hand gripping my cock. "Wow Billy, i guess you do like it." "Think you can handle more" she asked. "Yes i can" i replied. This was not the plan I had in mind but I'll take it i told myself in my head.

I couldn't wait to see her take the shirt off and dance naked. Just as I finished that thought the shirt came off. God she looked so good.

Her perky little tits pointing straight out and that sweet little pussy pressed between her thighs. she continued to dance in front of me turning and bending over to give me the best shot at her tight lips between her legs.

She looked at me and said, wild busty lady got a nice fuck not tell Lisa I did this for you." "I wont as long as you don't tell her what i'm fixin' to do" Just as I said that I unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out.

Damn it felt good to get it out my pants. It was too tight in there. "Damn Billy, you really must like it" she giggled as she stared at my rock hard erection. She danced over to where I was sitting and began to give me a look at her ass up close.

She started bouncing it up and down and swaying back and forth. Before i knew it her ass brushed against the head of my dick and i lost all control. I reached up and grabbed her ass with both hands and began to squeeze them tight. She didn't seem to mind and never pulled away. At this point I was about to explode. she stood straight up and turned around and said to me softly, "What else would you like this is so hot ending is best camscom see?" I thought for a second and said "You can come and stroke this a little if you like." She walked up to me and got down on her kness and looked me in the eyes with a smile on her face and said "This is somethin' you been wantin' for isint it Billy?" "You have no idea Hanna" I said softly.

She reached out and took my cock in her hand.Her small hands made my cock look huge as she gripped it tightly.

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Her fingers unable to touch her palm as she held me. She went down to the base of my cock, squeezed tight and pulled up.A large bubble of pre cum oozed out the head of my dick as she went back down the shaft. She gripped me so tight that the head of my cock was turning purple. She looked me in the eyes and smiled and went down and licked it off the head of my dick. "You want me to suck it Billy?" she asked with silly grin on her face.

"That's a dumb question" I replied and pushed it to her lips. She took her tounge and started at my balls and licked all the way up to the head and in one big gulp took my cock in her mouth. She only got half way down before she gagged a little and came back up. She continued to suck my cock and i was loving it. i grabbed her head with both my hands and pulled her up and down while she sucked and slobbered my dick like a lollypop.

I wanted to lay her down and fuck that tight pussy of hers but was afraid she wasn't ready for that. I took her head away from my cock and pulled it up to mine. I kssed her long and hard, shoving my tounge in her mouth and tasting that sweet mouth of hers.

She nibbled on my lip and tounged me back.

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It was then that I whispered in her ear,"Please tell me i'm gettin' some of that pussy too." She whispered back,"I know you want this tight pussy. I could tell just by the way you looked at me all the time." She stood up over me as I sat in the chair and spread her legs to sit in my lap. As we stared at eachother face to face she reached down and gripped my cock and dropped slowly until the head was touching her pussy lips. She smiled again and said "Please be easy with me.i've only been with one guy and you're bigger then he was." She spread her lips open until my head pushed its was big tits british chick pov. She was so hot and wet that I thought i would slide right in.

i was wrong. I pushed easy as she sat slowly and it just wasn't goin' in. The look on her face told me it was going to be a tough task. An inch more and it wasn't getting any easier.

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I pushed up a few more times until I was about half way in her. She was gritting her teeth and grunting a little as we worked my cock in her tight hole. Finally I had enough of this. I wanted to fuck her brains out so I pulled her up a little with my hands on her hips and in one motion pulled her down and thrust my hips upward until I felt her ass on my balls.

she screamed out "OH FUCK! That was too fast" she cried out with a little giggle in her voice. "Your tight pussy feels so good Hanna" I said as I pumped my cock deeper and deeper in her sweet pussy. "I guess it does seein' as you tried to push it up in my stomach." she laughed.

I could feel her juices running down my dick to my balls and down my ass crack. She was like a river. I played with her tits and pinched her nipples. Our pace picked up until we were hitting about 3 strokes a second. She was trying to keep her moans and grunts to a whimper but she would get louder and louder as she started bucking like I were a horse that she were riding.

I decided to switch positions and I picked her straight up in the air not pulling my cock out of her and lay her on my sisters bed. I took her legs in my arms and raised her legs up so her knees were next her ears and her calves were resting on my biceps. I pushed my cock deep in her as she screamed out "OMG!" "How does this feel Hanna?" I said as I fucked her tight pussy.

She whispered to not make too much noise, "I love it, fuck me harder." No sooner then the last word came out her mouth I started pounding her beautiful pussy as if I were girl with tan lines get drilled roughly to destroy it. She yelled even louder then before and screamed out "I'm cumming, OMG, i'm cumming." I kept pounding away as she squilled and whimpered through her orgasm when I heard the sound of a door screaching open slowly.

I raised up and could see Lisa standing in the doorway to her bedroom. Fuck I said to myself. I'm busted.