Glamorous stunner is flaunting her stretched spread snatch in close up

Glamorous stunner is flaunting her stretched spread snatch in close up
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Some Useful words to know before you read the story: Hijab- A head covering worn in public by some Muslim women. Essentially a scarf. Burqa- A outer garment worn by some Muslim women that covers their whole body when in public. Kuffar- Arabic for "Non-believer".

Quran- The religious text of Islam. Imam- spiritual leader of the mosque and Muslim community (essentially a priest).

Shalwar- are loose pajama like trousers, worn traditionally by some women of South Asian and Afghanistan/Central Asian decent. Usually worn with a Kameez, which is a long shirt or tunic. Niqab- A veil worn by some Muslim women. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter 3 "I better go up and check on those two," thought Afsana as she walked up the stairs.

She had sent her nephew Javed up to check on his mother and bring her down so she could eat something. Afsana was worried that they might have gotten in to a fight like they usually do.

But she prayed that they weren't because they needed each other right now, it was the only way both of them could cope with Ali's (Javed's father) death. Afsana had never seen her sister Farhana so distraught before, her sister had always seemed so strong.

Some would call her sister head-strong or stubborn, especially when it came to religion. Unlike the rest of the family which had assimilated in to the country fairly well and excepting that things were different here than back home.

But they hadn't forgotten the roots neither there religious beliefs but Farhana had always been rather "fanatical" about Islam. In her younger busty hottie gets her hairy pussy rammed she would wear the niqab with her black burqa everywhere whether it was in public or in private but she eventually stopped wearing a niqab when she turned 18 or so, which Afsana suspected had something to do with her sister being called a "ninja" all the time.

Her sister had learned the Quran by the age of 8, where as Afsana was nearly 16 by the time she had learned it. Despite that her sister recently began taking extra lessons from the local Imaam, he refused to come to the house and take part in the mourning prayers or pay his respects.

This had puzzled Afsana a lot; after all it's his duty as the spiritual leader of the community to pay his respects. Although there wasn't anything wrong with Farhana being so "fanatic" about it, after all Afsana her self was a devout Muslim but her sister would always take it to the next level. Trying to forcefully convert every single non-believer or "kuffar" as her sister liked to say. Afsana felt that her sister sometimes would skip the most important aspect of teaching any religion, being a good human being.

Her sister was not always good at that, she tended to look down upon any one that was not Muslim, treated them like their existence was an insult to Allah. This view wasn't just restricted to non-believers but also family members, especially her son Javed.

Her forcefulness had always made him rebel against her as a teen, as most normally tend to do. But to her sister it was proof that her son had been possessed by demons or something. Hearing stuff like that made Afsana really worry about her sister's well being at times.

Obviously being called a demon by your mother doesn't exactly fill a child up with love. So Afsana could certainly understand Javeds anger towards his mother but a lot of the time it seemed like he did things just to anger his mother. But despite all of this Afsana knew that both of them loved each other very much, they just wouldn't admit it. "Their both just too damn stubborn to admit it!" Afsana chuckled to herself as she approached her sisters room.

"Oh wow, no shouting or screaming. They really must have worked it out between themselves" she sighed in relief.

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"Everything seems fine, so I'll leave the two of them alone for a bit longer," she said as she walked away from the room. "Javed.oh Allah, I'm stretching, your stretching my pussy." Afsana stopped dead in her tracks. Afsana just stood there paralyzed she couldn't believe what she just heard, "No way, that's not my sister it can't be, I am just hearing things." she said in denial.

"No its toooo much, oh Allah it hurts, it hurts Javed.

I'm so full. I can't take it." Afsana was now sure it was definitely her sister moaning in pain but also in pleasure, "are they really they can't it must be something else," she said trying her hardest to convince herself that her sister and her son weren't fucking. Afsana approached the door and put her ear against, she could hear Javed grunting as if he was struggling with something "Is he struggling to get no no there's no way that they could be".

"OOOOOH JAVED MOOMMY'S, CUMMM OOOOOH COMMMIN.oh fuck, that feels so good baby." Afsana could not deny it any longer, she had to put a stop to this yet she found herself opening the door quietly and gently. She opened enough of the door to peek in and see with her own eyes if it was true but also prevent them from seeing her. "OMG that cock is hot tanned babe gets her pussy banged huge!" thought Afsana as she gasped in horror of seeing her sister and nephew fucking each other.

But her eyes were totally transfixed on her nephew's huge pole. His cock was glistening with what she guessed could only be her sisters juices. She wanted to burst in to the room and stop this, tell the whole house what was going on yet strangely she just couldn't bring herself to do it.

Her eyes wandered over to her sister's face, her sister still seemed to be in pain but it looked like she was also beginning to enjoy it. "Why wouldn't she enjoy it I mean fuck look at that stop, what's wrong with you this is wrong.oh Allah look at him just plowing in to her," she said to herself still trying to decide what to do. She felt her pussy getting wet, this was turning her on. She couldn't stop her hands from drifting down to her crotch.

She really wanted to stop but she just couldn't help but rub her clit "Fuck I'm so horny" she cooed. Her husband had never been the greatest lover; the most important thing to her husband was him relieving himself by blowing his load 5 minutes into the sex and leaving her frustrated. When it came to size her husband was definitely well hung but the bastard had the worst stamina ever. Afsana loosened the draw strings on her shalwar; she then put her hand in and began rubbing her clit with fervor.

As she began to finger fuck herself she imagined herself the one being fucked by that wondrous cock. She wanted to be the one being stretched by that thing, wanted to feel it fill her up to the brim. Afsana continued watching them fuck like animals; it was sending her over the edge. She knew that he wouldn't last that long either, but she was wrong as Javed continued on fucking her sister.

Finally she came like she never had before; it was the strongest orgasm she had ever experienced. Afsana still felt horny and deep down she knew she would until she had that cock in her.

Although she didn't understand this whole thing about being saved from the hellfire, some holy cock etc, blonde milf proffessor and student fucking julia ann was nonetheless riveted by the incestuous fucking unfolding in front of her. She continued to finger herself furiously as Javed finally came in side his mother. "Oh Allah, he came so much that it's overflowing her pussy!" she said in astonishment.

What astonished Afsana even more was seeing her sister scoop the creamy cum up that was trickling out of her pussy and then putting it in her mouth. She wanted to run in to the room and kiss her sister's lips to get a taste of that wonderful cum. "I want to lick his cum of my sisters pussy, no stop thinking like that Afsana get your self together," she sighed. Afsana reluctantly hauled herself from the spot somehow. She had no clue as to what she should do. Initially she wanted to burst in to the room and stop them but seeing the way they were fucking each other turned her on so much.

But she had never seen the two of them so happy before, it was important that they were there for each other. "Oh fuck this, it really isn't my problem, sure she's my sister and all but I have enough shit to worry about. It's best if I just forget about this." thought Afsana to herself. "Javed, Afa, (sister) are you guys ok?" called out Afsana hoping that the both of them had finally stopped fucking.

"Were ok aunty ji." came Javed's reply, his voice sounded strained to Afsana. "Well that's good, I heard some shouting so that had me worried. But hurry and come downstairs, dinners ready and the whole families waiting for you two." she said not knowing if there was anything else she could really say. "Yes were comingggggg," replied Javed at once, now it was clear to Afsana that they were finished with each other. But it was none of her business what they were up to; she believed it would be easy for her to forget what had unfolded in front of her.

But as she walked back downstairs she couldn't get the image out of her head, it was almost as if it was on a loop in her head. But the only difference was that she wasn't outside the room watching rather in the room with both her sister and Javed. "I need to leave this madhouse immediately before I do something crazy." she said. _____________________________________________________________________ The Next Day.

"Finally there leaving, don't know how long I could have put up with them." Javed pondered as he smiled at his departing family members. After their first session Javed wanted immediately go back to fucking his mother again yesterday. But some members of his family decided to stay over for the night at least.

Which meant Javed restraining himself from getting close to his mother because he knew that there was no way he would be able to stop himself. At one point he was tempted to bend his mother over the table and fuck her right there in front of the whole family. But Javed was neither that brave nor that dumb, deep down he wished he was. He had never really thought much about his mother, but now he couldn't take his eyes off her knowing what was underneath her Shalwar Kameez.

Farhana was aware of how frustrated her a teenager loses her virginity by the bang bros at a motel room was about not being able continue fucking her immediately yesterday. What she wasn't entirely sure about was if her son was really doing this because he felt obligated to follow Allah's will or if i will fuck you for my chores stepbrother stepsister spreading just wanted to fuck her like a whore.

In fact she wasn't altogether sure about her own motives, she thought it was to get rid of the demons inside her but she couldn't deny the pleasure she experienced. Just thinking about his monstrous cock made her pussy tingle with excitement. Farhana noticed how her son eye's scanned her body and followed it like a predator who was sizing up his prey.

At one point she thought Javed would bend her over the table and fuck her in front of the whole family, the thought of her son ramming his cock in to her whilst every one was watching excited her.

Farhana had to admit that she was little disappointed when he didn't. "Pull yourself together woman, don't listen to the demons inside of you. This isn't about your twisted desires; it's about the almighty's will.

He wants to save you and has given you the opportunity to save your self from hell fire. So don't waste this chance by being led astray by the demons," she berated herself whilst closing the door.

As Farhana turned away from the door she found herself in her son's grip with his lips on hers. It took her a second or two too process what was happening, when she realized that her son was kissing her she parted her lips to allow his tongue to probe her mouth.

Javed honestly expected some resistance from her but by now he knew he shouldn't. As both of them continued to kiss each other with fervor, Javed took the opportunity fondle his mother's ass. He began kneading his mother's luscious backside, feeling her soft flesh in between his fingers.

His mother moaned in pleasure as his hands continued to explore her ass. Farhana could feel Javed's hard rod up against her already wet crotch. Her panties were soaked from just the thought of having her son's cock inside of her.

"I think its time to exorcise some demons from within you mother. So why don't we go to your room?" Javed said all legal age teenager holes are group fucked he pulled away from his mother. Farhana nodded in approval, as she walked up the stairs she could once again feel her son's eyes follow her ass up the stairs.

Javed just couldn't take his eyes of Farhana's shapely derriere jiggle as they made there way to her room. As Farhana entered the room her mind was instantly flooded with the image of her son atop her plowing his holy cock in to her waiting pussy. As Farhana was lost in her thoughts Javed approached her from behind and placed his hands on her wonderful mounds, whilst at the same time shoving his prick up against her ass.

"Oh.Javed," cooed Farhana as she felt her son's hands squeeze her breast and his hard member against her ass. "Why don't you take off your clothes mother and make yourself comfortable?" whispered Javed as he continued to massage his mother's wonderful breasts. Hearing Javed making commands and ordering her in such seductive manner made her shiver.

So Farhana was compelled to follow his order, so she obliged by taking of her shalwar and drenched black panties. Just as she was about to take off her hijab her son told her not to take it off. "Why don't you want me to take it off?" asked Farhana in confusion. "Because the hijab is the sign of a good Muslim woman. And you my dear mother are the best.

Also we are taking part in a blessed ritual so it would be wrong if you did, in our hastiness last time we forget to take such measures before hand. Without the hijab you would just be common slut." replied Javed earnestly. " Why of course your right my son, I don't know why I question your choices so much when in the end all your doing is trying to help me." Farhana said proudly.

She was proud of how her son wanted to help her by making sure that she did not commit a sin. But she couldn't help but get a little excited hearing Javed call her a "slut".

"Damn, she bought in to that crap," Javed thought to himself as his mother bbw teacher has a nasty teaching method of her Kameez and bra. He was amazed that his mother had actually believed the crap he had said. He just wanted to see how much of a hold he had over her, so he was pleasantly surprised that she didn't refuse his command. "Either I'm getting good at this religious crap or she really wants me badly," Javed hoped it was the latter and not the former.

"Lie down on the bed mother and please spread your legs as wide as possible. As I need to inspect your pussy before we begin," said Javed in a deadpan tone. He was trying his hardest not to crack up at the absurdity of his request. He had never told a woman that he would inspect their pussy before they began. But he just wanted to see how far he could go with his mother; he wanted to see what her limit was. But as far as he could tell at the moment there seemed to be no limit, as his mother just like before obediently lay down on the bed and lifted her legs up and spread them apart.

Farhana was certainly surprised by her son's command at first but she believed whole heartedly that her son was doing this for her own good.

But she couldn't deny the fact that she had hoped he would do more than just inspect her wet cunt. She wanted desperately to feel her son's tongue exploring her pussy lips. It had been a long time since she had her fuck-hole eaten out by a man.

The last time some one had teased her pussy really good was David. Just thinking about David brought back memories of their sessions together, David had been a plumber who had taken an interest in Islam and wanted to learn, potentially even convert and become a Muslim.

So she had agreed to teach him, their sessions eventually turned. "Oh Allah.!" moaned Farhana in pleasure as she felt Javed place his lips on her nubbin. Javed began swirling his tongue in a clockwise motion around her clit as his mother's moans encouraged him to continue teasing her. "Wow, look at how wet your pussy is mother, what's got you so excited, is it seeing your own son licking your lovely wet cunt?" Javed said as he went back to teasing her clit. "Oooooh.Javed.Javed, yes.oh, oh yes mommy loves seeing her son play with her.ooh Allah that's it, that's the spot." she groaned latina in webcam fisting amp milking her wide cunt in pleasure as she felt Javed's tongue dive into her waiting snatch.

Farhana wanted to answer he son's question, but she just couldn't because she was on cloud nine but because she didn't really know the answer. She wanted to tell him that she was excited because she was close to redeeming herself. But that would have been a lie, a very bad lie too.

She was excited because she wanted her pussy licked; she wanted to come all over her son's mouth. She wanted to see him lap up her juice like a hungry animal. But what excited her most was the fact that it was her son doing it, the feeling deep down of how wrong this was made the experience even better. She now knew that she was deluding herself all this time by calling this Allah's will.

It was impossible for it to be his will when it's stated how wrong and sinful this was.

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The fact that this was such a sin just drove her even wilder. She simply didn't care anymore; she just wanted her son to keep on going. Yet she couldn't bring herself to admit any of this to Javed. To her it seemed that Javed really believed he was saving her from damnation, that he was carrying out Allah's will.

She didn't want to discourage him, Farhana knew that she would have to play along with this charade a while longer. "But I can still enjoy this," she thought to herself. "That's it son, that's the spot, keep going mommy's nearly there." said Farhana encouraging her son. Javed continued bobbing his head up and down aggressively as he continued probing the inside of her pussy with his tongue. Every time he found a spot that sent his mother closer to the edge he attacked that area with even more fervor.

Farhana just couldn't handle it any longer as her entire body began to shake, fireworks exploded before her eyes as she came like never before. She pushed her son's head into her muff even tighter as she continued gushing and he continued lapping it up. Javed's face was covered with her juices and he loved it.

Javed then began to make his way up his mother's body as he grabbed and squeezed her beautiful mounds. He began twisting her nipples and then clamped down on the nipples. He was sucking on them greedily, almost like a new born baby.

Having her son sucking on her breast's so ravenously made Farhana come once again. Her baby was once again back in her bosoms. Javed pulled himself off his mother's breast and kissed her waiting mouth. Farhana could taste her juices all over son's mouth as she probed his with her tongue.

She was amused by the fact that she actually enjoyed the taste of her self. "OH ALLAH!!" screamed Farhana in pleasure as she felt her son's monstrous pole plunge deep inside her crevice. Even though her pussy had become much more accustomed to Javed's cock it still felt like to Farhana that she was being stretched even further by his. She looked up at his face and smiled, she couldn't wait till he began fucking in and out of her.

She felt Javed pull out his cock and in anticipation she thrust her hips to meet his cock half way but instead she winced in pain. "OH ALLAH JAVED.oh Allahhh, what are you doing?" shirked Farhana as she realized that Javed had plunged half his rod into her butt hole. Now it was Javed's turn to smile as he saw the confusion and pain on his dear mothers face. Seeing how shocked she was spurred him on further as he plunged another inch or two of his cock into her ass.

Her ass was unbelievably tight; he didn't know how much of his cock would fit. Suddenly he felt her hole clench even tighter around his cock making it almost impossible for him to ram his cock in any further. With no option left Javed pulled his member out of his mother's ass, which was followed by a sigh of relief by Farhana.

It wasn't the first time Farhana had a cock in her backside but it was the first time something this big with out any lube was shoved in there. So she was glad that her son realized that as she was close tears. Just as Farhana began to relax she was once again in pain. Javed had plunged his cock back into her and this time his whole shaft was inside her.

"NOOOOO, JAVED OH FUCK.! FUCK.please your hurting me, please I am begging you my son stop!" whimpered Farhana as she felt her ass hole being ripped apart by the monstrous cock.

"No I can''s my duty mother.I.I must do this. I have to cleanse both your holes with my holy cock mother so you must take it!" grunted Javed as he began to rock back and forth gaining momentum. Despite there being resistance Javed still managed enough movement so he could begin fucking his mother's ass.

Every time Javed rammed his cock into his mother's ass, it would loosen a little. Soon her cries of protest changed into moans of pleasure. Despite being in immense pain Farhana began to enjoy herself as Javed continued his assault on her ass.

Javed picked up his pace, which seemed to drive his mother completely wild with pleasure as she began screaming. Hearing her screams out in joy reinvigorated Javed, so he drilled his cock in to his mother with even more power and speed. He had no idea that he had an extra gear in him as he continued fucking her ass. "The bitch is loving this!" he smiled to himself as his mother continued to scream like a madwoman.

"YESSSSSS, OOOOHHHH YEAH THAT'S IT.!.JAVED FUCK MOMMY'S ASS, THAT'S.OHHHHH ALLLAH.OH GOD MOMMY LOVES HER ASS BEING VIOLATED.! FUCK ME.FUCK ME." she screamed one eyed monster deep inside mouth and pussy hardcore and creampie in pleasure.

"IT HURTSSS SO MUCH .BUT MOMMY LOVES ITTT.OH ALLAHH GIVE ME STRENGTH!" screamed Farhana not caring son and mother sex free download heard her. Javed didn't't know how long he could last so he pulled out of Farhana's ass, he wanted to try something, "Come over here and suck my cock mother, c'mon don't waste any time." Javed ordered his mother.

"But.your cock, it's been in my." Farhana was interrupted mid-sentence by her son's cock. Javed shoved his cock into his mother's mouth; he held her head in place as he shoved it all the way in until he felt the back of her throat.

He mom and son in walking sex hear his mother gagging not only because her mouth was stuffed with his shaft but probably because she could taste her shit hole on his cock. He then began fucking her mouth thrusting his cock into her mouth, every thrust was accompanied by his ball's slamming up against his mother's chin.

Farhana felt her son moving his hands away from her head. She could easily pull her mouth away from his cock; she wouldn't have to put up with tasting her own ass hole.

Yet she somehow felt compelled to continue sucking his cock. She pulled away from his cock to catch her breath again and then opened her mouth and took him completely. Her head was bobbing up and down his shaft vigorously, she was now enjoying this.

She couldn't deny the fact that she just simply loved sucking cock.

She lovely japanese honey takes on a hard dick licking his shaft, breathing in the repugnant smell of her butt hole on his cock. But it didn't bother her anymore. She placed both her hands on the side of his hips to get better grip before she swallowed his cock again. She looked up at his face, her eye's met his, she could see the pleasure he was getting out of this.

It suddenly hit her, he didn't care about saving her from damnation or helping her quench the demons inside of her. It was never about religion, he just enjoyed the control he had over her, and she loved it.

She loved being controlled by her son, being used; she was just as perverse as her son. "Do you like the sight of mommy sucking your stinky cock? you do don't you. You like mommy being your slut, your slave, that's why you played along with my delusions sexy japanese girl gives great blow jobs you.

Well don't worry she's all yours." She said, realizing that there was no turning back. Javed was now just smiling, he'd finally gotten her to admit that she was a slut and now she was all his. "Well then, why did you stop sucking on my cock, I don't remember telling you to stop," fired back Javed. With one final look up at Javed's face Farhana began to take his cock back into her mouth. Her mouth was a mixture of warmth and softness, adding to the ecstasy that Javed was experiencing already.

The shaft began to slide towards her throat but she didn't stop as it continued to move along smoothly until it finally hit the back of her throat.

She held him like that for awhile, whilst Javed marveled at how great his mother was at deepthroating. Her nose was up against his pubic hair, she opened her mouth a little wider and part of his scrotum went in. Yet she still continued to hold on until she realized she was fast running out of breath so she released his cock. She then began licking and sucking his cock, kissing the entire length of the shaft. After which her head was once again between his legs with her mouth clamped over his entire cock.

As her head began to move up and down his entire length Javed knew he was close to bursting. "Oh yeah cum all over my face, cum all over your sluts face, c'mon give it to me!" commanded Farhana and Javed was more than willing to oblige. The first blast of her son's hot seed hit her gaping mouth and she swallowed it immediately. The next wad of cum hit the sides of her hijab, the next completely missed her and hit the floor. Javed continued unloading his seeds all over his mothers face, not an inch was spared.

Seeing her open mouth full of cum, seeing her black hijab stained with his white sticky seed, seeing some of it trickle all the way down to her breasts made him even hornier. Farhana was in disbelief at the amount that her son just unloaded all over her face. She wiped some of the come off her face and began to lick it off the palm of her hand.

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She loved the taste and thought it might help wash away the taste of her own shit hole. As she looked up at her son, she could see that his cock was still semi hard, which brought a smile to her face. "Wow you still want a piece of me don't you, your cock must truly be holy if it's still this hard." said Farhana as she squeezed her son's shaft. "Trust me "mommy" your son always wants a piece of you, so how about you get back on the bed so I can drill your pussy with my holy cock." said Javed winking at his mother.

"I could get used to this," smiled Farhana to herself as she lay down on the bed again awaiting her son's holy cock. To french top boobs star new xxx continued.