A completely honest lying cheating wife

A completely honest lying cheating wife
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Author's Note: Now, I did write all of this. This is my own writing. However, this story is very influenced by the story Isabelle's Awakening on literotica by Jasmine30. It used to be on this site under a different name, Nightly Intruder by YngHoneyCandy but was taken down, most likely because it was not hers. I thought I'd put this disclaimer so people weren't like, "You stole this idea from Jasmine30/YngHoneyCandy." Yes.

I technically did. But this story is of my own creation and I thank you for reading it. Elise stirred from her sleep, pulled from the warm comfort of slumber by the nagging pressure of her bladder. She groaned, pushing the covers off her and shivering in the cold of the room.

She walked down the short hallway of her corner apartment to the bathroom, her bare skin puckering into goosebumps from the chill. Why the hell is it so cold? She wondered but was still too sleepy to fully investigate. Her eyes too sensitive for the light, she didn't turn the light on. She took care of her business and washed her hands. A bit more awake, she examined herself in the dim light of the bathroom. It was a full moon, and the light from the kitchen spilled into the hallway, illuminating her reflection in the mirror.

Her eyes gleamed darkly beneath dark brown bangs and she looked over her shoulder in the mirror. The window was wide open, attributing to the chill of the house. Just before she turned to shut it, a dark shadow emerged from behind the open door and slammed her face-first onto naughty teen rides hard on a bbc cumshot facial counter.

She barely had time to gasp before something was tied around her head, fitting into her mouth and effectively gagging her. She tried to struggle, but her thin small frame was no match for her assailant. Her small wrists were gathered at the small of her back and tied with similar cloth around her mouth. And just like that, she was at his mercy. She realized that despite her initial gasp, she hadn't made a noise.

She was about to let loose the biggest scream she could force through her gag when she felt lips against her ear. "Don't do that." The voice was casual and calm and the hand gliding down the center of her back was surprisingly soothing. The breath she'd gathered to scream escaped through her nose in a whoosh.

Elise huffed and struggled a bit, more for her own pride than to get away. She could tell she wasn't going anywhere. But she was wrong. She was surprised when her attacker grasped her shoulders and pulled her up from the sink.

He turned her towards the door to the bathroom and began to slowly walk her down the hall. The fact that he knew where her bedroom was frightened her. She tried to turn and look at him but he grasped her hair, jerking her head back.

Elise cried out, the sound muffled. "Listen, hon. You don't turn to look at me, you don't fight me, you don't scream. And you are to follow every order I give you, or else." Elise didn't have to ask what "or else" meant. She simply nodded as best she could, wincing at the pull on her hair. "Good." He released her hair and walked her towards the bed. "Lie down on the bed." When she started to turn and sit, he stopped her.

"Facedown." Elise shuddered. The thought of being exposed to him, unable to fight with her arms behind her back sent shivers down her spone. And, shockingly, a flood of heat through her pussy. She wasn't sure how to get onto her bed without using her arms.

She leaned down until her chest and stomach touched the bed and tried to wriggle up onto the bed. "That's enough." She flinched a little, feeling even more exposed this way. Elise whimpered when she all girls fuck and squirt his hand on her cheeks, his fingers light and teasing at first and then digging in deep, almost massaging the flesh of her bottom.

She couldn't resist letting out a little sigh of pleasure. Her eyes half-closed and she relaxed into his hands. The hand coming down hard on her ass was more startling than painful, jolting her out of the half-asleep state she was in.

The next one made her back arch, and she gasped, the sting shooting through her body and targeting her core. When another came, harder than the first two, she whined, trying to reach back and shield herself with her bound hands.

"Elise." His growl made her freeze, something about the sinister note making her instantly obey. To her surprise, he untied her hands. She was just rolling her wrists when he grabbed her arms and pulled them to the headboard, tying her hands above her head securely. If she hadn't felt exposed before, she certainly did now.

His warm hands slid down her sides, involuntarily making her muscles contract as his fingertips brushed against the sides of her breasts. She felt those fingertips tracing little patterns on the smooth skin of her spine. Elise knew he was trying to get her to relax again, to take her by surprise with his spanking. She struggled to resist but his strangely tender touch was breaking her. She lost it when he began pressing soft delicate kisses down the length of her spine.

He knew when she gave in when she sighed softly, her body going pliant. The instant he felt her body loosen up, he landed a harsh slap to her left cheek. She cried out, her body arching beneath him. "Listen to me, Elise." She tried to quiet her breathing and listened. "You have no control right now. This is mine right now." His hand gave her ass another quick but somewhat light slap, making her jerk and giving her no question about what "this" was.

"These are mine." His hands slid under her, to where her breasts lay on the soft sheets. She moaned involuntarily when his fingers grasped her nipples--when had they gotten so hard?--and twirled them between finger and thumb. "Your pretty little mouth is mine." He brushed her dark hair away and gave soft teasing kisses to the side of her neck. Elise found herself whimpering, knowing what was coming next and surprising herself by wanting it. Heat swirled darkly in her womb, sending a rush of moisture through her pussy.

"Yes, that's mine, too, Elise. I know what you are thinking.what you're feeling." One hand stayed playing with her tight budded nipple while the other slid beneath her to her sex. She realized she was holding her breath as his fingers lightly teased just above her clit, his touch barely there. His lips teased her outer ear and sucked softly at her lobe.

Her head was swimming and she found her inner muscles clenched helplessly at nothing. "Mm. I felt that, Elise." His hand slid lower, cupping her but doing nothing else. She groaned in frustration, jerking at her bound hands desperately. "Now, now, Elise. Calm down. Remember who is in control." His hand left her breast to run over her ass. She got the message. Do as I say or get spanked.

She moaned when he gave her ass a slap, the sharp sting sending tingles through her wet channel. Now where had that come from? All of a sudden, he was shifting her, pulling her legs up so she knelt on the bed, her arms still stretched out above her head. "Spread your legs more, Elise." Her face burned dick hungry babes cassidy and alyssa get fucked in a bath by a stiff dick embarrassment, already too exposed for her liking. When a blow rained down on her bottom, she cried out and quickly spread herself wide.

She felt him leave the bed and though she couldn't see, she could feel his eyes on her, circling her, making her feel like prey. And he was certainly a predator. "You look so beautiful Elise." She snorted. She was too thin and pale and her breasts were small. Beautiful wasn't the word she'd use. "You disagree?" She grunted in affirmation.

"Well, I don't think so. You're so perfectly built." His voice moved to the end of the bed and she felt her face explode with color and heat as she felt his eyes on her sex.

He made a noise that sent shivers up her spine. "Arch your back," he growled. She complied, aware of how she looked now. "Now stay like that. If you move, you'll most certainly be punished, Elise, I can assure you of that." She swallowed nervously, her mouth dry in her cloth gag. What did he plan to do? At first, when he untied her mouth, she thought it was simply because he had sensed the dryness of her mouth. "I trust you not to scream too loud, Elise.

I want to hear you." His hands slid over the skin of her ass.

"Wh-what are you.?" Elise said in a hushed whisper. "Shh." He was silent for a few moments, his hands teasing her cheeks slowly.

"I'd think that twenty will do just fine, don't you?" She sensed it was a rhetorical question but answered anyway. "Twenty what?" In response, his hand came down on her ass.

She gasped, whimpering and straining in her bonds but keeping her back arched, mindful of his earlier warning. "I'd like you to count for me, Elise.

I'll tell you when to begin." He caressed the warm skin of her ass, soothing the sting from his earlier blows. She held her breath, waiting breathlessly for him to begin. He nudged her hair away from her ear and tenderly kissed her temple. "Now," he whispered and let his hand come down on her ass. He had certainly been pulling his blows earlier, because this hurt far worse than before. She had barely gasped out the word "one" when he landed a blow on the opposite cheek, forcing "Two!" out of her mouth.

By the blonde teen best friends sucking dick in a threesome smack, she was panting, straining and whimpering. Her skin beaded with sweat and her ass was beginning to glow a rosey red. "E-eight, oh, god." Her voice was hoarse and she realized she was arching her hips up to his hand with each blow now. "Nine.oh, please.please." She vaguely realized she was begging. Oh, it wasn't even halfway through and she was reaching desperation.

He swung his arm in a terrible arc, leaving a sting behind that turned to warmth in her core, shooting spasms through her pussy. "Ten! Please, please." On and on it went, her punishment, while she got more and more desperate. It was on the seventeenth stroke that she felt herself teetering on the edge of an orgasm, shocking her. He must have sensed it, maybe in the coiling of her muscles. But he stopped and grabbed her hair, yanking her head back and making her cry out.

She gasped as he ground his hips against her sore ass, feeling how hard he had become during her spanking. His breath was hot and harsh against her ear as he growled.

"You do not come. Do you understand me?" She nodded frantically but he jerked her hair again. "Speak, Elise!" "Y-yes! Yes I understand, but oh, please." She didn't understand what was happening to her; his rough treatment, the spanking, the feel of his cock nestled between her burning asscheeks, it all drove her crazy. He pulled away from her, leaving her cold and gasping.

"Listen. The last three won't be on your ass." Before she could let out a sigh of relief, he spoke again. "They're going to be right on your little clit." His thumb pressed down on the hard bud and she cried out as he rubbed, biting her lip to prevent her orgasm. Three slaps, with his strength, on her clit? She'd die for sure. Elise was shaking but she realized that beneath the fear, there was an arousal and wanting so deep it consumed her entire core.

"Ready, Elise?" She took a deep shuddering breath and nodded. "I still expect you to count," he said just as his hand came down onto her pussy, the most force directed on her vulnerable clit.

She gasped silently, her mouth falling open helplessly. The blow sent sparks of electricity racing through her, bouncing around her body from her breasts to her womb to her head. "O.one," she whispered and tensed as the next blow came. "T.ohh, two." She was clinging to her control, the muscles in her cunt trembling and pulsing.

She was afraid the next blow would send her over the edge. And she was right. She let out a soft scream as he smacked her swollen clit, her head spinning as she shook and spasmed.

Her spasms only continued when he grasped her clit in his finger and massaged it roughly, sending a mixture of pain and pleasure through her.

"Mmm, that's right, Elise." Despite his command that she not come, he seemed quite pleased with her response. His voice purred in her ear as her shaking subsided. "But I told you not to come, Elise." "I-I'm sorry," she stammered, still breathless from her orgasm. "I'll forgive you if you do me a little favor." He lifted his hand to her face and she could smell herself on his fingers. "Suck your juices off of me." She opened her mouth and he slid his fingers in. She sucked at his hand, licking the tips of his fingers to clean them of her cum.

She was a little thrilled when he groaned in her ear, the sound purely male and pleasure. He pulled away from her completely and came to the head of the bed to untie her hands. He pulled her off the bed and made her kneel on the floor in front of him.

"Undress me," he whispered. Her hands hesitantly reached for the zipper of his pants as he pulled his shirt off. She was nervous. She was no virgin, but she had only had sex twice in her twenty years.

She hoped he wasn't too large. As soon as she made contact with the front of his pants, she gasped and her pussy gave an involuntary spasm. Good God, he was huge! He jolted a bit when she touched him, fumbling with his button and the tab of his zipper. When she'd worked both open, she slid his pants down and off, leaving him in only his underwear.

His briefs were tight, outlining the shape of his cock and hiding nothing. She was mesmerized and compelled to lean forward and press a kiss to the hard bulge.

He stiffened a bit and sighed and she felt his eyes on her face. She blushed, looking away from his impressive bulge with embarrassment. "No, no, Elise, look up at me." She raised her eyes to where she felt his eyes were, judging by the light gleam she saw. "Pull them down," he said and she heard the hint of smugness, of self-satisfaction at embarrassing her.

It angered her. I'll show him who's afraid, she thought and yanked his boxer briefs down. She was so close to his cock that it almost hit her in the face as it was revealed. The instant it was free, her rapist tangled one hand in her hair and hungry bbws sucking on their subject and cant get enough his other to guide her hand to his cock.

His cock was soft and smooth, the only ridges from the slight veins running through it to the head. She could just barely see it in the light from the moon outside and it made her mouth water.

"You want to suck my cock, don't you, you hungry little slut?" His words surprised her and her gaze snapped back to his. Slut? She wasn't a slut. But as she looked at the man's cock again, she certainly felt like one. Her jaw ached to be stretched wide by his girth, her throat already tight in anticipation of his cock pressing into it. Yes, she felt like a slut. She was far too prideful, however, to admit it.

She shrugged nonchalantly instead. "I don't really seem to have a choice, do I?" The hand in her hair tightened, yanking her head back and up. "I said, don't you, you hungry. Little. Slut?" Each word was punctuated by his hand jerking in her hair again, each one raising her a half inch. "Yes! Yes, I want to suck your fucking cock!" The admission burst from her, both from pain and release of her outward denial.

It was silent while she breathed heavily, her cheeks burning with her amateur real lesbos love to get naked. She had just admitted to wanting to have her rapist's cock in her mouth.down her throat. Her eyes had been squeezed shut but when she opened them, she was startled to see his gleaming eyes so close to hers.

A slice of moonlight cut sharply across his face, allowing her the barest glimpse of his features as he murmurred, "Good." He pulled back before she could get a closer look at him.

She was breathless and startled but somehow, calm. He lowered her back to her knees, arranging her body to his liking. Legs spread, back slightly arched, hands resting on her knees.

He combed the tangles that had formed in her long hair out and let it fall down against her back. The fine strands tickled and made her shiver. His fingers tilted her chin up, making her look at him. She could again barely see him, only able to discern the gleam of his eyes in the glint of light in the room. "Now, Elise. Open your mouth." Her stomach clenched with the order that she hesitantly obeyed. He pressed the head of his cock against her lips, teasing her, not entering farther than the barest centimeter.

He teased the inner part of her lips, circling the round O of her mouth. She flicked her tongue out, slightly playful in her actions and caught at the small slit in his head.

She felt the shudder go through his body and it sent an answering one through her sex xxx boy story com warming sheath.

"You won't bite me, will you, slut?" He pressed his cockhead into her mouth, and she wrapped her lips around it, applying soft suction. She shook her head, not willing to let go of his cock. Her tongue teased the underside of his mushroom head, flicking and swirling over his most sensitive areas.

He groaned, one hand finding her hair again and pulling her in closer. The more of his cock that he sank into her, the more she feared she would choke.

He was so large, filling her entire mouth. "That's it, Elise. More, baby." She complied, struggling to slide her mouth down further onto his cock. When she couldn't, she tried to pull back and say something. He let out a feral seachamateur femoms bbw ass cleaner and using his hand on the back of her head, forced his cock further back.

She gagged, tears forming in her eyes as he ground the tip of his cock into her throat. Her eyes raised to his, pleading and he lightly caressed her cheek. "There, there, Elise. You're fine." He pulled his cock back and she reached up to his hips, shoving him away and coughing. He grabbed her hands and yanked her up, gazing into her face again.

"You do not push me away again. I will fuck your throat and make you choke and gag as much as I want because right now, you are MINE, Elise." Elise's heart pounded, her pulse fluttering in her throat. "B.but I can't." "You can. And you will. After all.you have no choice. Right, Elise?" His tone mocked her and she shut her eyes, trying to escape from his gaze. "Open your eyes and look at me." She did, reluctantly. His voice was softer, gentler. "I'm doing this because you want this as much as I do.

You know that, Elise." He reached up to tuck a strand of hair behind her ear, lightly trailing his fingers down her cheek. Yes, she knew it. She knew. He set her back down on her knees and guided his cock to her mouth again.

"Take a deep breath and then open, Elise." She did, her body shaking. He slid his cock in and for a moment, simply slid in and out of her mouth, her may gets slammed in the doggy position playing with his tip when he retreated and her lips massaging his shaft when he came back.

He grasped the back of her head and began thrusting his hips forward more, his cock sliding into her throat. She struggled not to gag but couldn't help the feeling of choking. Her eyes instinctively raised to his, begging. She saw the gleam of his teeth, poised in a merciless grin before his fingers clamped on her nose.

She panicked, unable to get air with her mouth and nose blocked. He fucked her throat slowly, her head spinning with the lack of oxygen. One of his hands trailed down to tweak and pinch her hard nipples and she whimpered, making him groan.

"Mm, yes, I love that." He finally released her nose and Elise sucked in as much air as she could through her nose, tears sliding down her cheeks. Her rapist pulled his cock from her throat and tilted her face up to his. She was panting hard, her face red with embarrassment and lack of air.

"You're doing well, Elise. But I find chair fraiche et papys niqueurs old men and hot sex 4 I just can't wait to play with your beautiful pussy. Do you want that, my little slut?" Again, that word made her inner muscles contract almost violently. "I.I.yes. Yes, I do," she choked out breathlessly. "Good." He patted her cheek in what could definitely be called a slap and pulled her up off the floor with ease, tossing her on the bed.

Elise was startled. She hadn't realized he was that strong. He took the ties he used on her hands and secured them once daddy cums in his daughters mouth to the headboard.

She swallowed nervously. Being tied down felt dangerous; it enflamed her, making her pussy lips glisten with moisture but it frightened her at her inability to move or fight.

He produced two more silky ties from, she assumed, the pocket of his pants that lay nearly forgotten on the floor. He lifted her leg, raising it above her head and securing it to the headboard. She began to protest when he started to raise the other leg in a similar position but saw his eyes flicker to hers in the dark. She understood.

Don't argue. She was fully exposed to him, her legs spread just enough for him to see every inch of her. "Now you remember the rules, right, slut?" His hand came down in a light slap directly on her pussy and she jumped, moaning.

"Wh-what rules?" "You are not to come." Another blow rained down on her and she jerked, straining and groaning helplessly.

"Understood?" "Y-yes, Sir." Her automatic use of "Sir" seemed to surprise him, as he stopped in his motion. "Yes. That's right." Elise blushed and turned her head so she couldn't see him in the dim light. His lips brushed against her, so light she thought for a moment she had imagined it.

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Until her lips firmly closed around her clit and gave it a rough suck. She gasped, her back arching but not getting far with the way she was tied. Oh, no. Not this. Anything but oral. How could she not come with his lips and tongue and teeth so effectively teasing her most sensitive parts? It had to be impossible. He teased back the hood of her clit with his tongue, lightly tickling at the sensitive nerve endings in her swollen nub.

She let out a high keening moan, thrashing under him. "St-stop.please, please, oh, God." No amount of begging would stop her rapist. He used one hand to pull back the hood of her clit, holding her open and vulnerable. He blew on it, watching her glistening pink skin twitch. He continued to blow cool air over her until her clit was very cold. She tilted her head back, hoping for relief and cried out when his hot mouth descended angela white busty aussie hardcore and facial her again.

This time his teeth gently worried her exposed clit while his tongue flicked at it hard. Then he treated her tortured bud to long slow and rough laps of his tongue. She thrashed and wailed, her entire body shaking with the effort to hold back her orgasms.

Elise was granted a moment of relief when he pulled away to say, "You're doing very well." For some reason, his praise warmed her, the pleasantness of his comment coiling in her belly. His mouth was back on her clit, sucking but not stimulating as much. Real mother and son zex realized why as he slid a finger into her soaked pussy.

She moaned, her muscles immediately clamping down and pulsing, trying to gain more. But he thrust shallowly, no more than an inch of his finger inside her. "Please.please." her pleading was back. "No, Elise." His voice was light and teasing. She groaned in frustration. helplessly struggling to thrust up against his hand but unable to with her ties.

He was merciless in his teasing now. He suckled and licked at her clit, stimulating her already frazzled nerves. Her clit was so swollen he no longer needed to hold back her hood. He used his free thumb to press lightly against her puckered asshole, making her shudder. No one had ever touched her there before.

His finger retreated and she began to whimper in protest when his mouth covered her hole, thrusting his tongue deep inside her. She shrieked, squirming until his thumb pressed down hard, penetrating her tight hole. He slowly thrust in and out, loosening her sphincter, raping her ass with his thumb. His other thumb teased her clit roughly, rubbing fast but light and then hard and slow, in circles and in quick fast flickers.

The whole time his tongue thrust slowly in and out of her hole, in direct opposite with his thumb in her ass. Elise's whole body was tense and trembling. He seemed determined to make her orgasm, even though his orders specifically told her not to. But when his thumb vibrated across her clit, his tongue brushed her G-spot, and his thumb thrust far into her ass, she lost it.

She let out a high-pitched wail, her body bucking helplessly as her head exploded. Colors and sparkles of light danced in her vision, feeling her legs shake and her inner muscles ripple and clench desperately. It took her a moment to gain her voice, but when she did, she gasped out, "Oh, please! Please, please fuck me!" "Not yet, Elise." His light casual comment tore a frustrated scream from her that died out when he continued his attack on her poor pussy.

His motions became rougher, removing his thumb in her ass to replace it with a finger, sliding and stretching her tight muscles. His teeth nibbled and teased her clit and she gasped, her hips jerking with each bite. He used his other hand to thrust his fingers in and out of her pussy.

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"Please, I-I beg you.oh, god!" Elise panted, feeling an incoming orgasm. It barreled into her stomach and raced through her body as his fingertips roughly massaged her G-spot. He powered her through two more orgasms before she became close to insane and she could feel his hunger and savage pleasure growing.

"Oh, PLEASE!" She felt empty when he jerked away from her only to untie and lower her legs down to the bed. He covered her with his body, his sparse chest hair tickling her tight nipples. She arched as she felt his cock brush against her swollen lips. He held her squirming hips still as he slid slowly inside her.

Even with as slick and excited as she was, it was a stretch. But secretly, she loved that burning, stretching, knowing that he was stuffing her full to bursting with his cock. Elise gazed up at him, breathless and silent for the moment as he filled her with him. When he bottomed out, his balls resting against her ass, she caught her breath sharply. She swore she could feel his cockhead swelling in her sheath, pulsing with life.

A noise escaped her and she saw the flash of his teeth in the dark, that smug, pleased smile as he circled his hips, keeping his full ebony slut rachel raxxx bends over for white cock in her. He rubbed repeatedly over her G-spot making her tense up and shake. He laughed, a bit cruelly, his fingers leaving her hips to grasp her nipples and twist them.

Elise did her best to calm herself, refusing to let him control her. She almost succeeded until he pulled out and thrust hard back. Into her. The air in her lungs burst out in a harsh gasp. Before she could regain her control, he did it again, using his grip on her throbbing nipples for leverage. "Mmm, Elise, your pussy is so tight." He groaned, and she was left breathless as he ground himself inside her again, so deep she could practically taste him in her throat. "Oh, please," she breathed, her cunt spasming around his cock.

"Please, just fuck me?" She begged, yes, begged him to rape her. And he did. His cock slid smoothly in and out of her, slow at first until her breathless moans drove him crazy, pushing him sex tow girl one boy thrust harder and faster.

He went from long, slow and deep thrusts to quick, short but rough pumps of his hips. Elise was dying. It was the only thing that could feel this wonderful but this terrible. She felt that it went on for hours, her pleasure growing but never quite peaking when she opened her eyes, shocked to find not only tears filling them but the sight of his eyes as well.

They were blue. "Now, Elise." His voice was breathless and tight as he gave one last thrust and pressed his mouth to hers in a hard but surprisingly loving kiss. That was all it took to send her over the edge.

His lips caressed hers tenderly, in direct contrast to the violent spasms rocking her body, her moans caught him his mouth as her womb accepted his cum inside her. When Elise came back to Earth, he was resting his head on her breasts. It seemed that the instant she came to, he pulled away, his softened cock sliding from her still slightly-twitching pussy. "Thank you, Elise. I hope you enjoyed yourself as much as I did." He untied her hands but before he could pull away, she grasped his face "Please." She stammered, sensual teen opens up juicy vagina and loses virginity defloration and hardcore what she was asking.

"D.don't leave." His lips brushed against hers and she felt regret in it. "I have to," he whispered against her lips. He pulled away from her, leaving her cold and alone. Thomas glanced back at the dark-haired beauty, sitting on the bed in a puddle of twisted sheets and moonlight. He would leave tonight but someday.someday he'd be back.