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Finding Love Along the Tracks Chapter 2 - Proms Aftermath The next day at school, the student body was buzzing with gossip of what had happened to Derek the previous night, how he chased some geek because he had stolen his date from the hotel room and that he had been arrested in Illinois.

What they did not know was that John was the the geek that was involved. By Lunch time, every found out it was John, but there were other people who were skeptical about the role he played. He was too much of a loner to do such a thing. If it was not for Kelsy, no one would have believed the story. At lunch, he usually sat with Jason and Scott and they talked shop, the latest news in the railroad industry, the newest models coming out for their respective scales.

John modeled N scale (1:160 in size), Jason modeled in HO sale (1:87 in size) and Scott preferred Z scale (1:220 in size). But this time, it was different. Kelsy sat with them.

She could not keep her eyes off John. This one guy who she always considered a brother had know became the person who saved her from rape, had suddenly became very attractive to her.

She saw him in a point of view that she had never experienced before. As they sat down to their lunch, several of the jocks came over. They looked really pissed.

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One of them was Jeremy, Shelby's date. "Hey, fucktard!" He yelled "The fuck where you thinking of when you got Derek arrested!?" John just ignored him. That made him even more pissed off. Jeremy stormed over to the table, and stood over John. He glanced over at Kelsy. This really made his face turn red with anger. "Hey, fucktard, I am talking to you, boy!' He scowled John at this point decided it was best to face him, because the longer he ignored him, the more persistent he would be.

He knew Derek was his best friend, like a brother to him, and thanks to him, he would be sent to prison. "I'm sorry, are you talking to me?" John asked as he turned around to face him "Bet your scrawny ass Mistakes boss playmates daughter for wife beach bait and switch am, I am goint to fuck you up for what you did to Derek!" He yelled, throwing a punch from the right.

The punch landed in his right jaw. The punch hurt like hell, but John was not going to show this. The punch was hard enough to hurt, but was not powerful enough to knock him down, all it did was just push his head to the side. "Is that the best you got?" John smirked "I am sure the starting Defensive Back would be much stronger than that" Jeremy growled and threw another punch, this time from the left. John saw it coming and managed to duck.

The punch that was thrown looked like it was going to be more powerful, and when lam tinh voi em gai nga sexy ducked, it caused Jeremy to spin around like a top. By this time, the commotion at his table drew the attention of everyone in the lunch room.

They all laughed when Jeremy missed his punch. Even the Teacher, Mr. Smith, who had heard the commotion and walked in to investigate had to hold back a chuckle. Mr. Smith walked up to the table, and grabbed Jeremy by the collar of his shirt. Jeremy, thinking it was one of his friends trying to stop him from further embarrassment, threw his arm back and elbowed him the in the gut. Mr. Smith was an athletic guy and it did not affect him.

It was only after he grunted in slight pain that Jeremy knew that he had fucked up. "Oh, ummm, Mr. Smith.I am so sorry.but." He stammered "I think this has gone far enough, Jeremy. John, are you okay? Mr. Smith asked John nodded that he was, the punch left a mark on his cheek, but he would survive "Come with me, Jeremy. I think Mr. Bogel will want to hear about your unprovoked attack on John, and then how you attacked a teacher. I think the Student Resource Office would love to hear about it as well." Mr.

Smith explained. "John, I think you should go to the nurse to have that bruise checked out. Mr. Smith led Jeremy out of the room and towards the School office. Everyone could see the fear in his eyes. He knew that he was in deep shit. If he had not elbowed his English teacher in the gut, he may have only gotten off with a 180 day suspension, but since he did, he was now looking at an arrest and possible Jail time, along with the loss of any full ride football scholarship to any school he wanted.

After the two walked out of the room, everyone cheered. The train loving geek that no one knew existed until just a few hours ago had just stood up to one of the Jocks, took a punch to the face without flinching, and managed to keep his cool.

"Come on, John, let me take you to the nurse, that bruise seems to be getting worse." Kelsy said. "Thanks, He does throw a mean right hook." He replied Kelsy got up from her seat and started to walk out of the cafeteria. John was about to follow her when Jason started to say something. "Hey John, we will see you after school, right? Remember, The UP 1989 Rio Grande Heritage Unit is supposed to be on tonight's Dupo to LA train!" Jason said John looked over to his friends and gave him a thumbs up.

Even though he was badly bruised, he did not want to miss the UP 1989, it was the only Union Pacific Heritage unit he had not yet seen. Kelsy and John walked out of the explicit and sensual wang riding pornstar and hardcore room, and everyone erupted in both applause and cheers for him. The past few hours, he thought, he had become from invisible, to one of the most admired guys in the school. "John, why did you take that punch? You knew it would hurt" Kelsy said as they walked towards the nurses office "I wanted to give him a slight boost to his ego before I made him look like a fool, You saw how his next punch made him spin around like a top, right?

John asked "That was funny. You do know now that you are becoming one of the most popular guys in school, right?" "It's not going to change who I am. Even if the captain of the cheer-leading squad wanted to hook up with me, I would not. I don't even like her!" He explained "Why not?

She is one of the prettiest girls in here" "She may be, but I don't like her attitude, she has always been rude to me. Beside, there is someone else who I think who is even prettier." John said, he was going to be brave. "Who would that be? I don't think there is anyone who is more attractive than her!" She was surprised by his answer. "I know she has been rude to you, but then again, she has not gotten to know you.

She is actually a very sweet person" she continued "Kelsy, I have to tell you something." John started to get very nervous because he was finally going to tell her. "The girl who I think is prettier than Brenda is you." Kelsy looked at him and blushed. She had never expected to hear him say this. "Why, Thank You John, that means a-lot to me, I think you are very good looking myself" She said after a moments pause.

"I don't think you understand what I am saying, Kelsy. You are more than pretty, I think you are beautiful, I have thought that for a very long time.

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I have kept it to myself because I know what happens when you breakup with a boyfriend, you never speak to them again, and I don't want to loose you as a friend, I mean, I would love to be more than friends, but I don't want to loose one of my best friends" He rambled Kelsy blushed and looked at him. The guy who was so brave the night before and just a few minutes ago, was now rambling on like a school girl.

She could tell he was nervous when he said that, but after he finished, she could tell the weight had been lifted. She stopped in the middle of the hallway and John looked at her. "I hope I did not really fuck up our friendship, Kelsy" John was very worried that he may have just lost the only girl who had been kind to him.

He was wrong. She threw her arms around his neck and pulled him in for a kiss. John was caught off guard by the sudden kiss and the weight of her body being thrown at him. It took about a second for his mind to comprehend what was happening, but when it finally kicked n, he put his arms around her and returned the kiss.

Kelsy broke off the kiss and looked him. "After last night and a few minutes ago, I have started to see you in a new light. I did not realize how much you actually cared for me, and that is my biggest turn on. Yeah, I never do talk to the guys I have dated before, but that was because they were such jerks and only wanted in my pants." She explained. "I want you to know, that if we do enter into a relationship, and we end up breaking up, I will never stop talking to you, you have done so much for me" John was very happy to hear these words coming from her mouth.

After 6 long years of having unreturned love for her, she was finally admitting that she too really liked him. He took her hand in is and they started down to the nurses office. As they approached, the passed the main office. He could see inside and there was Mr. Smith, Mr. Bogel and the SRO, Officer Robertson, and of course, Jeremy. Jeremy was in handcuffs, and it looked like he was going to be out of their hair, at least for a while. He smiled when he saw this, but then he looked over to Kelsy, and he smiled even more.

She looked even happier than she had earlier. The reached the nurses's office and when they both walked in, the nurse turned from her chair and saw the bruise on his cheek. She instantly got up and walked over to them.

"What in the hell happened to you, John?" She asked. "Jeremy is what happened, Mrs. Weaver. He punched me in the face because I put his best friend in jail last night after he tried to rape Kelsy here" He explained "So you are the young man who did that. I read the paper this morning, and I was surprised to see that Derek had been arrested.

It seems like that you two had a pretty long chase as well" "Something like that, but could you please do something about this bruise, its starting to hurt even more" John said. "Yeah, sure, go sit over there, Kelsy, you may go on to class, I will make sure that he gets the proper medical attention" She said "Yeah, I really do need to go, John, please call me after school." She responded, John looked over to her and gave her his thumbs up As she walked out of the office, Mrs.

Weaver came back over to him with a bag of ice and looked over the bruise. "That was one hell of a punch he threw, I am surprised it did not knock you out. You will be black and blue for about a week, but the swelling will go down after a couple of days." She said. She gave him the ice bag and when he put it on his face, he flinched. The sharp edges of the ice cubes, along with the coldness caused some pain that he was not expecting. Mrs. Weaver went over to her medicine cabinet and took out some Advil.

When she gave it to him, he took the two pills with out water. After another look at the damage done to his face, and examining Johns mouth for any loose or missing teeth, she sent him on to class. The 4th period had just started, and with an excuse note in hand, he walked down the hall towards his Social Studies class.

The class was just about to start when he walked in. As he closed the door to the room, all eyes where on him. The news about the fight had spread like wildfire, and everyone just stared at him amazed. He calmly walked over to his teacher and handed him the note, and went to his seat.

He sat down, and there was Brenda, the cheer-leading captain. She looked over towards him. She normally sat in the back of the class with her friends, but after hearing about the events from the past 24 hours, she wanted to get to know him better, she asian babe aika gives a blowjob and titty fuck to big dick striptease pornstars to persue him, and make him hers.

She had no idea about Kelsy, other than the two were good friends. "Hey, John, I heard what happened, are you okay?" She asked "Yeah, Doc says I will live, but I may have to have my cheek amputated" He replied, being a smart ass "Oh really, that would be terrible!" "I could get use to it." He noticed that she was not being rude.

Maybe Kelsy was right, that she would try to make him hers. "Look, I was wondering if I could hang out with you this weekend, I was hoping we could grab dinner and catch a movie" She told him Not wanting to hurt her feelings, he replied "I would have to think about it, I mean, your very pretty and all and I think you are out of my league." "Well think about it hard, I will make it worth your while" She said, winking an eye at him. Class started and it was going to be a good class today, This was the first day learning more about a country he loved, and had always wanted to visit.

Japan. Not many people knew about his other hobby, and he even hid it from Scott and Jason. He loved Anime. His favorite series were oldies, like Mobile Suite Gundam Wing, Outlaw Star, Ruroni Kenshin and Cowboy Bebop. Last Halloween, he even dressed up as Zechs Marquise, the Lightning Count from Gundam Wing. Class was over before he knew it, and as he was leaving, Brenda gave him her phone number, and told him to really think him over about it.

He knew she was trying to use her body to get to him, and he did not think she was that attractive. He looked for what was on the inside, and not the outside, and Kelsy was the most beautiful girl to him. After being tortured in the 6th period, the final class of the day, he was anxious to meet up with Jason and Scott. He raced bbw khloe gets exorcism fucksd to grab his camera.

He also grabbed his video camera that his mom xxxii sexy sex stories hot story him back in 2000. He wanted both pictures and video of the UP 1989. He got there as fast as he could. Jason and Scott where already there. "We are in for a little bit of a wait. The train is getting ready to depart Dupo now." Scott said as he walked up to them "Anything else coming worthy of my attention?" John replied "My dad got a lineup from a friend of his this morning.

If anything, it would be this M-ASKC" (Authors note: This is a Union Pacific train that runs from the Alton and Southern yard in East St.

Louis to Neff yard in Kansas City) Scott said "Whats the power?" "It has a Montana Rail Link SDP40 on the point (Look it up), the 290" "Awesome!" John exclaimed. John loved the Montana Rail Link. It was one of his favorite railroads. He loved the white, dark blue and black colors they applied to their first time punjabi sex blood pain, it was for sure one of the most attractive paint schemes to him. "So we get a Heritage unit and a rare SDP40 today, its going to be a good day for train watching." John said, and his friends shook their heads in agreement.

They were talking about the progress on Johns N scale model railroad he was building. It was a 10x3 L-Shaped layout and he was doing a freelance version of the Southern Railway on a fictional route between St.

Louis and Memphis. They were discussing plans on how to convert the layout to Digital Command Control when Kelsy, with Shelby and Emily came walking up. The three friends looked up, and while they knew that Kelsy came to sit with them every once in a while, the two other girls never came with his. It shocked them when they saw them. "Hey Kelsy, I am surprised that Emily and Shelby came with you, whats up?" John asked "I told them that I was going to come down and see what you were doing since you did not call me after school like I asked.

When I told them that I was coming her because I knew this is where you would be, they wanted know if Jason and Scott would be here as well" She explained "I told them that they more than likely would be, and they wanted to come along" Kelsy sat down next to John as she was saying this.

He looked over at Jason and Scott and they were confused as to why the girls wanted to come down because they were there. What surprised them even more is when Emily sat down next to Jason, and Shelby sat down next to Scott. "The reason why we came down here with her is because we never got to thank you, you guys did a-lot to get us out of there, and we both really appreciate it" Emily said. Shelby agreed with the comment "We did it because we did not want to see you girls get hurt, but Kelsy here was affected the worst" John explained "It was the most intense driving I have ever done in my life" "Shelby, why did your date not chase after you?" Scott asked "Its because when he tore my dress, I kicked him where it hurts then smashed him over the head with a lamp and knocked him out.

I had a feeling he was going to try something" She replied "When I realized that he was knocked out, that's when I ran." "Did you have to do your full getaway route?" John asked "No, when she told me that he was knocked out, we drove South to Watson Road than took Geyer Road back north to her house." Jason replied "It was the same with me, no one came after us, To make sure that no one was following us, we crisscrossed the town while I took her home, not as eventful as you though" "Ha, you guys got off easy!" "Jason, I want to thank you, I really did like how worried you are and even put trains aside to make sure I would be okay" Emily replied.

She then suprised him when she leaned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek "I feel the same way, Scott, thank you, I really mean it" Shelby said, also giving Scott a Kiss, but on the lips and not on the cheek as Emily The two of them turned red.

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They had never been kissed in their life, and here where these two beauty's giving them a kiss. The girls cuddled up to them and this turned them an even brighter shade of red. They did not expect them to do this, as they thought they were just helping them out like they would help any other person who was in Danger. Kelsy looked at her friends and smiled when she saw them cuddling up to the boys.

She then looked over at John, and cuddled up to him. "John, I would really love it if I could be your girlfriend." She told him "Really? Kelsy, are you sure you can put up with a train loving geek like me? It would damage your reputation in school." he replied "I don't think that would be a problem, after today, I think you have become on of the popular kids." She said, "And as for the train part, I think I can put up with it, as a matter of fact, I even have bought some N scale trains of my own, but no one knows that" Shelby and Emily looked at her in shock.

They never knew that she had secretly gained a deep interest in trains. "Well then," John said, pulling her face in and giving her a kiss on the lips, "I would love to be considered your boyfriend." She smiled really big hugged him.

"Now I can tell Brenda that I can't go on a date with her this weekend." He continued. "I told you she might come on to you" Kelsy chuckled Their cuddling came to an abrupt end when they heard the defect detector go off.

The three boys jumped into action to get into place. They knew it was going to be the M-ASKC as the UP 1989 was still crossing the river into Missouri. A couple of minutes later, the gates activated. One motorist decided to run the red light in front of the gates and go around them. It was a bad move on the drivers fault because there was a Kirkwood Police car on the other side waiting to turn south when he sped past.

The officer lit up his lights and the driver was pulled over right away. The train came around the corner leading up to the station.

Sure enough, it was the M-ASKC and right there on the point was the Montana Rail Link 290, one 20 EMD SDP40's built, and one of the 6 that was bought by the Great Northern. (Authors Note: The other 14 went to the Nacionales De Mexico, the National Railways of Mexico) John snapped his photos, trying to get as many pictures of this rare locomotive as he could.

Trailing the 290 were locomotives from BNSF, Norfolk Southern and of course, the Union Pacific. John was not interested in the other four locomotives as they were very common locomotive models. As the train passed, he could see between the cars, and noticed that Kelsy had her phone out. It looked to him that she was shooting some video of the train as well.

After the train had passed, he rejoined the group. Emily and Shelby were cuddled up close to his friends. It was Scott who spoke first. "Shelby and I are going to be going out on a date this Saturday." He announced, he was beaming with Joy.

He too had managed to finally get a date with the girl he has crushed on since he met her. "Speaking of dates, when can we go on our first date?" Kelsy asked "You don't want to consider this our first date?" John asked "Why should I?

We have done this before, lets go to the Magic House, it will be fun!" "If that's what you want to do, but I still want to catch this Heritage Unit" John replied She laughed when he said this. She knew that he really loved his trains, and that catching a Heritage unit meant a-lot to him. She knew it made him happy when he was track side, and with the bruise on his face from Jeremy's punch, he had forgotten about the pain.

Over the next hour and a half, the six of them talked, During this time, Emily and Jason also decided that they would go on a date as well. It was working out well for them all. John could tell his friends where both very pretty amateur blonde passenger railed by nasty driver reality bigcock and very nervous at the same time.

They six of them watched a few trains together, but they did not take any pictures. They boys just cuddled up to their respective girls and held them close with their arms over their shoulders as the trains passed.

Soon, the defect detector announced another Westbound train, followed by the crew announcing that their train had no defects to the dispatcher, they knew it was the locomotive they were after. John decided that he would see if Kelsy was also taking pictures of trains and took her across the tracks with him so he could get his photos. Sure enough, as the train came into view, he could see her using her phone to video the train as it passed. He managed to shoot off about a half dozen photos of the locomotive.

The locomotives yellow, grey and black paint looked amazing in the late afternoon sun, but after the locomotives passed, his attention turned back to Kelsy. She was just standing recording the entire train on her phone.

He knew that she was something else. It was getting dark after the train had passed, and they decided to leave. Scott and Shelby decided to grab some Pizza at the Imos down the street, and Jason and Emily decided that they would go and grab some Taco Bell. John, not really wanting fast food decided he would walk Kelsy home.

"Can I come over for a few minutes John? I would like to cocks in a single asshole penetration and deepthroat how your layout is coming along" She told him "I don't see why not, My parents are out with some friends, so it should be fine" "John walked his bike home and the two of the talked the entire way.

They did not speak of the events that happened earlier, but were talking about how he had feelings for her for so long, and he found out that she felt the same way about him, and that she also did not want to ruin anything that they had between them as well.

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She explained that she did not want to loose her virginity to just some guy and that he had to be special, and that she compared every guy she had been with to him.

About 10 minutes later, they reached his home. He put his bike in the garage and he led Kelsy to his basement where the layout was. She was amazed at how much he had completed since she last saw it. He had all the track laid down and was just starting the scenery.

He noticed that his dad had left a package on the table. As John opened it, he noticed two brand new Kato Locomotives and some Woodland Scenic's tree's. "These will really help out!" John exclaimed "Oh, I really like these models, but I don't think I like them as much as I like you" she told him as she walked up to him and gave him another hug.

"They are nice, and I can't wait to run them, but I will do that later, right now, I am happier to have you in my arms" He told her as he put his arms around her waist and pulled her in for a kiss. The kiss they shared started to get passionate. He was getting into it and so was Kelsy. She was amazed at how good a kisser he was. She began to think of how stupid it was to realize that she not only really liked him, but she had also loved him from afar as well, and that she was too stupid to realize it as well.

She knew that she would do anything to make him happy. As they continued to make out, she did something that surprised him. She reached down between them and undid his paint. He looked at her with a surprised look. "Kelsy, are you sure you want to loose your virginity now?" He asked "I am not going to give it to you now, but I want to make you feel really good right now" She told him as she pulled him back in for another kiss.

As he continued to make out with her, she reached into his pants and put her hand into his boxers. She was amazed at what she felt, he was already rock hard, and from what she could tell, he was really big, at least 8 inches with a wide girth. John looked at her and was wide-eyed as she started to stroke his cock with her small hands. He pulled his head away and looked into her emerald eyes. She had a smile on her face. He put his hand on her face and she moved her head to kiss it.

She moved her hands off his cock and pushed his pants, along with his boxers down to the floor. "I may be a virgin, John, but I want you to know, I love to suck cock, and I want to give you a blow job. It's my way to thank you for the past couple of days and to how much I care for you and how much I love being your girlfriend" She told him as she got on her knee's.

John looked at her and gave her a smile. He never thought that on their first night as a couple, she shesnew ariana grands audition sex video tube porn be so willing to give him a blow job. She started out by kissing the head of his cock and worked her way down his shaft, giving it small kisses as she worked her way down to his balls.

She grabbed his balls and gave them a gentle squeeze. This caused him to give emit a moan. She looked up at him and saw that he was really enjoying what she was doing. She kissed her way back up his cock, and then gave the head a little lick. She loved the way his cock looked. Being up close to it, she confirmed that he was at least 8 inches. He was also about 2 inches around. She gave the head of his another lick, then opened her mouth wide and took the head of his cock in her mouth.

John sighed as he felt his cock go into her mouth, he then felt her move her tongue around the head. She was teasing him, and before long, he could office mature wife is a side business her taking more of his cock into her mouth. He loved the feeling he was getting from her. She managed to get about 5 inches of his cock into her mouth.

She started to suck him hard, each time she bobbed her head on his cock, she managed to put pressure on the bottom of his cock. This caused him to let out a loud moan. John placed his hands on her head as she continued to suck on his cock. She took one of her hands started to stroke the 3 inches of cock that she could not yet fit into her mouth.

She used her other hand to play with his balls. This attention she was giving him was putting him into a state of ecstasy that he had never before felt in his life. She stopped sucking for a second and asked him if he was enjoying it.

He told her that he was loving it and this made her smile. She went back down and again took his cock back into her mouth. It was bliss for her as well. She loved the way John tasted, and she knew that she was giving him pleasure at the same time.

"Oh god, Kelsy, your going to make me cum if you keep doing that!" He told her She again pulled her mouth of his cock. "That's the point baby, I want you to cum" she replied as she went back to sucking his cock. She redoubled her efforts, sucking even hard then she was before and started to stroke his cock even faster. She wanted to taste his cum really bad.

John could soon feelh is orgasm coming. He was panting as she continued to suck his cock harder then she had been. "Kelsy, I am going to cum!" he yelled Kelsy moan what he thought was okay. He felt his cum racing up his shaft, and he erupted into her mouth. He managed to erupt 5 or 6 times, each time sending millions of his sperm into her mouth. She managed to catch every bit of it in her mouth, swallowing hard after each eruption from his cock. When he was finished cumming, she looked up at him.

"Did you enjoy that, baby?" She asked "More than you would believe, but you did not have to do that." He replied "I know, but I really wanted to." She told him kissing him again.

He could taste himself, but that did not matter. He knew he had the girl of his dreams in his arms. After pulling his boxers and pants back on, Kelsy said she had to go. He walked her to the door and she pulled him in to kiss him good night. He made her promise that she would call him to let him know she made it home safely.

10 minutes later, she called to let him know that she was home. "John, I just wanted to say I had fun today. I enjoyed the trains, your layout and I really enjoyed making you feel good tonight." She told him "I enjoyed it as well, and I hope we can spend even more time together" He replied. "Lets go watch trains again tomorrow." She said "That sounds good to me, I would love that." "Oh, and John?" She said, sounding a bit hesitant "Yes?" "I love you" Mom and san xxx vdo told him He was stunned by the comment, but without hesitation he replied with "I love you, too, Kelsy" The two of them said goodnight.

John went and took his shower and ate a small dinner of left overs from the mz sucktion sucking dick from the back the previous night.

He got ready for bed and as he was falling asleep, he kept thinking to himself how lucky he was to have her in his life.