You should be careful how you rub it

You should be careful how you rub it
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Well, looks like I got talked into writing a story here. For those of you who don't know me, my name is… Brock. For a while now, Cameron has been trying to get me to tell a story from my view and I suppose for the few fans out there that enjoy his stuff, I should tell you. (I've gotta say, it kinda turns me on thinking about you all reading about our lives. Its skinny wench is up for some anal brunette cumshot kinda hot.

And I mean him telling me these stories…you think you have it good? I got to live these!) I guess I'll start at the beginning: I was 18 and figured it was time I dated someone seriously for once. Sure, I had a few flings here and there in high school, but it was senior year and I wanted…I needed…something real.

As you know by now, I met Cameron on a dating site. I figured most people on there would be serious, but managed somehow to get a very serious relationship with the one guy there as a joke. We ended up meeting in a coffee shop at a local mall on accident. I remember looking up as a cold gust of wind blew through the open door as a tall guy, about my age, walked in. He was wearing a jacket and somewhat tight jeans, though as hot as that was nothing compared to the eyes that stunned me when he looked straight at me as the door shut behind him.

He didn't know I was here, and I had no clue he was even in the area. I made my way over to say hello, nervous of what he might be like for real. Turns out, had I only known how amazing he is, I probably would have died the moment my eyes met his. Shortly thereafter, we got serious. Simple days hanging out turned into dates with fireplaces and blankets and s'mores.

Ok fine and sex. Lots of sex. Ok really not THAT much sex. We really didn't hook up all that much. See that's the thing that was so cool. Most relationships were built so heavily on the sex and us…sure it was AMAZING but…we were perfectly happy just playing mini golf and staring at each other while talking for hours and hours about…life.

But you're here for sex so here we go.

Most of you were wondering what happened the next night. You know, after I had him over for dinner. He fucked me (and he sure did kat dior gets tied up and fucked hell of a job at that lmao) the first night. The second, I decided it was my turn to take control. After dinner was over, we cuddled up on the couch to watch a movie, another fire slowly burning to keep us warm.

He was behind me, one arm under my neck and the other pulling my into him. With my free hand, I gently rubbed his leg. The movie ended and I was a little turned on. OK fine I was horny as hell. We started to mess with each other and ended up on the floor wrestling. I would pin him down, and then he would break loose and flip us. Then I would sweep out his legs and pin him down and steal a kiss. We started to get warm and clothes just get in the way, so soon we were tussling in just our boxers.

I pinned Cameron to the floor and sat, grinding my hips into his crotch. He was fighting so hard not to get hard but…well I know the guy. One tickle of those low hangin nuts and that boy was at attention.

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spicy teens ride the biggest strapons and spray charge all around splattering and monstercock I started to grin and leaned over and whispered in his ear, "I'm in control tonight." With that, I ran my finger down his bare stomach as he squirmed and unbuttoned his boxers to release that poor cooped up beast inside.

I gave it a lick or two, eyes locked on his, then started to tease each testicle. He squirmed as I pinned down his hands. Being strong like he is though, he managed to get a hand free and started guiding my head up and down on his pole.

I slurped and sucked while tickling his balls with my now free hand. He finally gave up fighting to get in control and just let me go at it. Once he got close, I stopped. I slithered up his body and whipped out my semi-hard cock. "It's a little flat," I said with a wink. "Blow it up for me here." With that, I pushed his chin down as he made an "aaaahhhh" i break my virginity girl and I slid my increasingly hard dick in.

He started sucking away, flicking his tongue on the tip to wipe off any tasty precum he could manage to find. I let my head fall back and moaned low. It felt sooo amazing. After I was nice and slobbered up, I pulled out and pushed his legs up, exposing his tight pink hole.

He had only been fucked be me, and really only a few times. I spit on it twice and massaged in the lube with a finger. Then, slowly pushing, my cock. With a little pop, not quite as loud as the first time, I was sucked into the abyss. He groaned and I just giggled. He was my bitch now. I know how it hurts at first so I was gently.

But hey, once you warm up, love hero full hd dj slow motion better to go at it. I started fucking him hard. After 5 minutes I kinda pushed him off the rug and all the way onto the wood floor. Like I said, I fuck HARD so we ended up sliding around the floor.

Hey, fuck and mop at the same time, right?? It was awesome. I love the way it feels when my balls slap against that boys tight bubble butt. (For a white boy…damn he has a sexy ass!!

Just letting you know.) Anyhow so we fucked and I got carried away and launched a huge load of cum in him. We hadn't used jade and her stepmom fucking a rich guy since he was definitely clean and I had been tested a few times.

It was amazing, though my dick was so sensitive I had to just lay there and jack him off until I deflated enough to slip out. He ended up cumming in my mouth soon after. It tasted so good. We were both tired of fucking after that so we just spend the day together. But don't worry. A few days later is my favorite story. We met at his apartment to "study." In reality, we just lay on his bed and played Super Mario.

He got on his computer after to actually look up something for school when a porn ad popped up. It was straight porn, and being that both of us are somewhat attracted to girls, we ended up getting a little horny.

Being guys, we started to explore a site or two and…well when you're hard it don't feel good to leave it trapped inside tight pants. So off came the shorts.

I mean, we HAD seen the other naked before. Haha who am I kidding, we not only SAW each other, we done fucked each other. So we started jacking off. I know it's kinda weird I guess.

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But hey, were both guys and like I said, we don't just fuck 24/7, so it was cool just to jack off like buddies. And exploring your own body is kinda fun too. Though eventually we decided he would rather touch my dick and I really wanted his. We lay on his bed rubbing dicks and laughing at the porn videos. His favorite was a bi video where two teachers fuck a really hot blonde cheerleader.

Mine is…well one we made the second night we had sex but that don't count. It's private. Anyhow… ;) His dick felt so different than mine. It was smooth yet you could feel the veins pulse when he got really excited. And the head was large and pink. I rubbed a finger over the top, then continued to pump up and down.

He teased my nuts and leaned in for a tongue filled kiss. The bed started to creak as we both thrust our hips into the others hands. He would squeeze tighter and tighter, making me start to pant between each kiss. His hips started to gyrate and his testicles tightened up into fire mode. I broke the kiss to watch. I started to cum, first oozing down his hand clear liquid, then a fire of white hot juice onto my stomach as he continued to tickle and squeeze. He looked at his cock; veins now pulsing out the side, rock hard, and opened his mouth to breathe more air.

His body glistened. His eyes so gorgeous. Panting. I shot another load, knowing he would soon. After 4 shots onto my chest, he relaxed his grip to focus on his upcoming orgasm.

Panting. Panting. Panting. I stroked harder and pull over i need my black cock in your pussy acid rain, now free to tickle all his sensitive spots with my other hand. He squirmed as he bucked into my hand, moaning. Suddenly he tensed up and moaned low. "ooohhhh…" Out shot a huge ball of white cum and landed, somehow, in his mouth.

My cock sprang back to life. It was so hot, him unintentionally catching his own cum. (Guess I can aim his gun pretty well, huh? I mean I have shot it off a few times.) He was a little shocked and the next shot hit his chin. Then another on his stomach. He looked at me, not believing he shot that hard. I simple grinned. As he continued to ooze cum, each pulse growing weaker, he reached over and pulled me into a kiss.

His cum covered chin smeared on mine as he stuck his tongue, as well as his man-juice, in my mouth. I scooped the jizz off my stomach and let it drop in his mouth as I licked his seductively off my chin.

It was so hot. I climbed on top redhead milf layla redd gets her mature twat fucked his hot body and pressed out semi-hard cocks together as we swirled out tongues and cum in the others mouth. After 30 minutes of grinding and making out, and though the um was now mostly swallowed, I was hard again, as was he.

We decided to suck the other in a 69 position. My leg over his head and his over mine, balls deep in the others mouth. Oh yeah, we had gotten GOOD at this. Needless to say, I pretty much drowned in cum that day. But it was sooo hot. I'm ok to die that way if it's his. We let out about four loads I think that day. The first jerking. The second sucking. And…yeah about two in the shower. At that point we were just locked and ready to drip so it wasn't much. That has got to be the hottest day I've had with him.

Watching him catch a shot of his own cum and then swapping it with me as we made out.

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Meh i'm horny now. Id write more but hes getting dressed for dinner. Who knows, writing is kinda fun. Maybe ill have another story after tonight for yall. ;) I know he closes with this so& ya go: Based on a true story.

Any advice or ideas would be amazing and much appreciated. Hope ypu xxx cex move hb 2019. If I can ask, please keep the comments free of hookup ads and all, especially if you are underage. Any comments on the story and ideas for another, if you would like one, would be awesome though! Thanks! --Brock. (And Cameron)

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