Naughty milf is priceless at fucking hardcore blowjob

Naughty milf is priceless at fucking hardcore blowjob
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Most of my stories are like couples porn, but not this one. It involves many of the darkest sexual acts as a submissive older man and dominant younger woman find their way to love. "Confusing, isn't it?" mom and sun sex storys hot I had just entered the market and turned into the produce area.

I saw a twenty-something woman checking out the pineapples. She seemed to be fairly tall, but it could have just been that she was slender. Her jeans were tight around her hips and her ass was firm from where I was standing--all in all, a very pleasing sight.

She placed one pineapple after another into her cart before returning it to the shelf. I walked up next to her so she could see me—I didn't want to startle her when I spoke.

She turned, looked at me, and smiled. "Oh, damn!" I exclaimed. "What's wrong?" "Well, when a beautiful young woman like you smiles like that I know you're thinking I'm old and harmless." She checked me out, looking up and down my body before speaking. "Oh, I don't think you're so old," she said kindly. "Yeah, right, I'm probably old enough to be your grandfather." "Maybe," she said pensively, "but…you're not.

Isn't that what really counts? And from what I can see of you I doubt you're even close to harmless. But I do see your wedding ring." "Yeah, I just haven't been able to take it off since&hellip." "Divorce? I hope it wasn't too messy." "No…lung cancer." She quickly brought her hands to her face. "Oh, I am so sorry. I didn't mean to&hellip." "No…really…it's OK. It happened almost nine months ago and she smoked almost a pack a day right until the end.

I must have told her 5,000 times&hellip.not that it did a bit of good." "Still, I'm really sorry. Uh, do you know anything about pineapples? I can't make up my mind." "Actually," I said immodestly, "you're talking to the pineapple expert," as I puffed out my chest. "Let's see what they have here." I handled several, discarding them as I explained that green was BAD.

When I found a brown one I held it for her to examine." "Oh, that one looks good." I shook my head "NO." "Just feel this one…see how soft it is.

Unless you eat it in one sitting it'll be rotten before you know it. It's much too ripe." I checked a few others before we chose baise en exterieur pour karina une milf beurette tres chaude I thought would be just right.

She put it into the cart. "Now that you have one, do you know what to do with it?" She stood there looking really cute and vulnerable before admitting she had no idea. "OK, do you have a cutting board?" "Yeah, a wooden one," She shrunk a bit when I cringed. "How about a knife? You'll need a long slicing knife that's pretty stiff.

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Have anything like that?" She picked up the pineapple and put it back on the shelf. I returned it to the cart. "Tell you what, if you'll allow me to treat you to dinner I'll show you what to do with it and I'll bring a cutting board and a knife with me.

I used to cook a lot and I have plenty, so consider them three raunchy lassies have some kinky fun gift, OK?" She said nothing for almost a minute then dug into her purse for a pen and paper. She gave me her address and phone number. "By the way, I'm Sam." Taking the paper I asked her, "Seven, OK? By the way, I'm Sam." It took her a moment to realize I wasn't teasing her. She began laughing as she pointed to me saying "Sam" and back to herself repeating her name.

I soon joined in the laughter as nearby shoppers gave us some really funny looks. We parted after I told her I'd see her tonight.

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Chapter 2 I recognized her address as a nearby apartment complex—one of the better ones in town. I ought to know—I designed and built it and I still own it. I climbed out of my BMW M5 convertible just before seven, retrieved a bag from the trunk and walked to her door. I rang her bell at 7:02. When she opened it I couldn't believe how really striking she was. I thought she was extremely attractive in the market when we met, but she was gorgeous now.

Her short light-brown hair framed her face perfectly.

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He blouse was cut low enough to show some cleavage; she looked like a B or C-cup, not huge but just right for her slender frame. She had excellent posture, something I had always found appealing in a woman.

She invited me in, asking what I had brought in the bag. I walked straight into her kitchen; it was small—a galley (of course I already knew that) that was clean and neat. I pulled out a pack of acrylic cutting boards. They sexy asuka gobbles a hard cock and is fucked hard doggiestyle brand new, still vacuum wrapped in plastic. I also brought out a set of knives. She looked at them with amazement.

"Are those…metal?" "No," I replied, "they're ceramic. But, promise me you'll be very careful with them—they're extremely sharp." To demonstrate I pulled a paper towel from the roll as I picked up a slicer.

"This is too thin to work well on a pineapple, but this is just a demonstration." I held the paper up and dropped it. By the time it had fallen a foot I had cut it into four pieces. "Wow!" Sam exclaimed. We talked briefly about where to eat and settled on a small Italian restaurant a few miles out of town. Once we were seated we made small talk. I learned she was a physician's assistant specializing in orthopedics; she was shocked to learn that I had designed, built, and owned her apartment complex.

Too soon dinner was over and I drove her back to her home. I walked into her kitchen, washed my hands and placed the pineapple on its side on the cutting board. I selected a chef's knife and showed her how to cut the top and bottom—roughly an inch off of each end. Next I stood the pineapple up and sliced off the remaining skin, or rind. The rest was easy, discarding the hard inedible core, I cut dozens of small chunks.

I picked one up intending to place it into her hand, but she had a different idea. She took my hand gently as she led it to her mouth. She put my fingers into her mouth as she licked and sucked them clean, locking her eyes on mine the entire time. I was amazed; it was the most sensual thing I had ever experienced. At least, that's what I thought until she brought a small chunk to my mouth.

I couldn't help myself—I sucked those fingers and would have kept it up had she not pulled me out of the kitchen toward her bedroom. We stood at the edge staring into each other's eyes. I broke the silence, "Uh, you know, I haven't done anything like this for more than forty years." "That's OK, I have, so why don't you let me lead?" She reached up to hold my head as she pulled me down for our first kiss.

I ran my hands up her back as I held her so very close. Her lips were soft and delicious. They parted to let my tongue intrude. Our tongues danced together as our passion built.

It became intense, so intense that it seemed we were trying to pull the two of us into a single being.

In time she broke the kiss, "Wow, you are definitely not harmless." I laughed and soon she joined me before getting back to business. She pulled my shirt over my head before working on my belt.

My pants fell to my ankles and when they did she hooked her thumbs inside my boxers, pulling them also to the floor. I never thought dani daniels birtsex storiesay in brazzers house cock was especially long, but it is thick—disproportionately thick. It's about seven inches long but more than two inches in diameter. Sam took one look at it, returned her eyes to mine and commented, "I can see you're definitely not harmless.

You could do a lot of damage with that thing, but what fun it would be." She came back for another long hot kiss as she tightly gripped my cock, slowly stroking it. When she broke it, she whispered, "Your turn; start with my skirt." I've always been good at following directions.

I unbuttoned and unzipped the skirt, helping her to step out of it before carefully laying it on a chair. Turning back to her I placed my hands on the hem of her blouse and slowly lifted it over her head.

That, too, I placed on the chair. Reaching behind her I unfastened her bra, exposing her lovely breasts. I cupped them in my hands, savoring their smooth firmness. "I wish they were bigger," she whispered. "I don't," I replied. "I think they're perfect for you—just perfect." I reached down to kiss her again. As we kissed I moved my hands down to slide her panties down her legs. I felt for her pussy. Her hair was trimmed, maybe a half inch long and shaved or waxed back from her legs.

I could see her tan lines from what I would consider an extremely skimpy bikini. Sam pushed me onto the bed and moved between my legs.

"Uh,uh," I told her, "not unless I get to do you, too." Sam grinned and moved over me to 69. Her pussy was just above my face; her aroma was sweet, musky, and clean; I found it intoxicating.

I put my nose right into her slit and inhaled. It had been so long—almost two years since I'd been able to eat a pussy. My wife had never really appreciated it, allowing me to do it more as a means of mollifying me than from her own desire. "Sam, it's been a long time—almost two years—since I had any real sex so Desirable bitches get nailed in the club don't think I'll last very long.

I'll try to warn you before I cum." "Why? I'd love for you to cum in my mouth. You're really hard. Do you use something?" "Yes, Levitra, why? "Oh, planning to get lucky, eh?" "Well…not planning, just hoping. I like to be prepared." "I'm glad you did.

You'll be able to keep it up for a long time, won't you?" "Yes, sometimes for an hour or more." "Good, after I take care of you we can work on me." "I'm planning on doing that now, but later…well, that'll be OK, too." I plunged into her sweet cunt causing her to moan.

I placed my mouth so it covered her entire cunt, plunged my tongue into her and sucked like crazy. She jumped all over the bed.

"No fair, Sam, you needed to warn me about that. Damn, you do that so well." "Isn't that part of the fun…the discovery?" Sam nodded as I returned to licking and sucking her juicy pussy, ignoring her swollen clit—that would come later, when I wanted her to cum. Sam leaned down to lick all around my cock. "Mmmm, you do taste great—very masculine. I love doing this, by the way. She returned her attentions to my cock which was so hard I thought it might burst.

Then she took me into her mouth, sucking me all the way into her throat. I could never believe that someone could swallow my thick cock, but she did! The combination of her tongue running up and down and the suction she generated felt incredible.

Like most men I would jerk off occasionally, more often since my wife's illness and death. I'd found some pretty good free porn sites that helped stimulate me, but nothing I'd yet experienced was anything like this.

I was glad Sam wanted me to cum in her mouth because it was coming on fast…too damned fast. I pulled off her pussy and barely got out the words, "Sam, I'm&hellip." I exploded in her throat, driving a huge stream of slippery white semen into her stomach. Again and again cum rocketed into her, ending so much sexual frustration in just an instant. I would have been justified in lying back and resting after such exertion, but would that be fair? Sam had done so much for me I just had to reciprocate.

I turned my attention to her clit. Using my fingers I pulled back the hood. It was red and swollen petite girl gets her tight pussy fucked her desire and lust. I sucked it between my teeth. I was immediately rewarded with a major moan from Sam's lips.

I gently nibbled as I sucked big time. When I rolled my tongue over and around it I got what I gf denies pussy till wedding but butt is there looking for—Sam shook and trembled, bouncing on my body like a ball.

I put my hands on her firm butt to hold her as I released her button but continued to slowly lick her juicy slit until she finally came to rest. I twisted her around holding her in my embrace as we kissed again. She broke it a minute later still out of breath when she whispered, "You are definitely, absolutely not harmless. You are also definitely, absolutely amazing." "Funny, I was thinking exactly the same thing about you." Chapter 3 We lay in each other's arms for some time recovering when Sam pulled back slightly.

"Can I ask you a question, Sam? It's kind of personal." "You can ask me anything after what we just went through." "I've had a few partners, after all I am 28, but I've never had anyone do what you just did to me. Your wife must have really enjoyed what you did for her." "Well, that's not really a question, but no—my wife didn't enjoy sex anywhere near as much as I do.

I love it and I also believe in giving your best whatever you do. I've always loved eating a juicy pussy, unfortunately I rarely had the chance—she let me only so I'd leave her alone." "Did you ever cheat on her?

I know I couldn't live with someone who didn't want to make love with me." "I'm not the kind of person who cheats—at anything. For example, ever hear your neighbors? You have four of them. I could have saved almost a million by eliminating soundproofing in these buildings, but then they'd be second rate. I never do anything second rate if I can help it. Of course, I've made up that money several times because the apartments here are so desirable.

I'm sure you know there's a waiting list for openings." "Wow, I never even thought about stuff like that. I guess that's why you've been so successful. I didn't even realize you were THE Sam Warner until dinner. You're like a legend in this town. No wonder so many people were looking at us in the restaurant…but you're such a regular guy. You even help maidens in distress…OK, I don't quite qualify as a maiden, but you know what I mean." "Sam, I started out as a poor farm kid.

I had to work my way through college and graduate school. Sometimes I even had three jobs while going to school full-time. I learned that humility and hard work mean a lot in life.

I've always been what you call a regular guy." While I was making this little speech Sam had rediscovered my cock, rubbing and stroking it slowly but firmly, hardening me in the process.

"I'm glad you always try your best, Sam," she told me, "because now I want to fuck you." "Sam," I responded, " I don't have any condoms." "Not to worry—if you've never cheated I'm sure you're safe and I promise you that I am, too. Besides, I'm on the pill, so nothing to worry about," and then, giggling, she continued, "except getting me off!" "I'm yours to command," I whispered just before engaging her in a torrid kiss as I rolled her on top of me.

I rubbed my cock, now like granite, into her slit. She was ready—her cunt was soaking wet. I pushed firmly into her, stopping when I was about two inches deep.

I pulled back and pushed again—three inches. So I continued until I was balls deep in her pussy. My girth made most pussies tight, but Sam was incredible—hot and tight like a circular vise that squeezed my cock firmly.

Sam took a minute to grow accustomed to the massive intruder then she began to rock, slowly grinding her clit into me. I'd selected this position for that reason—she could control her pace en route to, hopefully, several mind blowing orgasms. Sam began a circular motion, rotating on my cock, and rubbing her clit in circles, as well. I reached up to massage and fondle her breasts, flicking her sensitive nipples and pinching them between my fingernails. Sam gazed down at me, showing her appreciation for what she was experiencing by moaning with every breath.

Suddenly she leaned all the way down to kiss me fiercely, gripping my head with both hands as she thrust her tongue deep into my mouth, her lips mashing into mine. She was a woman possessed by her lust. There was a slow but steady increase in Sam's tempo as she began to ram her clit into me. I reached down to help release her clit from its hood. The expression on Sam's face told me it was a good move.

She began to pant, her breaths rapid and shallow. Her moaning was louder and more frequent—virtually non-stop. To help her I pushed up into her for the first time, driving her almost a foot off the bed. I could feel my cock drive into her cervix. If it hurt her she never showed it; she was in rapture in her pursuit of orgasm. Now Sam had picked up the pace, rubbing and moving my cock in her tunnel as though trying to break it.

As suddenly as she had started she stopped. I could see tiny rumblings running up and down her entire body. She rocked three more times and as she exhaled she emitted a guttural scream. Her orgasm had taken possession of her body; all she could do was react as her muscles rippled in paroxysms over and over until she collapsed onto my chest. Sam was breathing hard as she recovered. I was still hard so I moved my cock within her hot slimy cunt. I was hoping I could get at least one more orgasm out of her.

She turned her head to nibble my ear. I almost jumped when I felt her tongue in it. This woman certainly knew what buttons to push. I was still hard, pumping slowly in her gooey cunt, and now I desperately wanted to cum. I thrust repeatedly and deeply into her. "Good boy, do what mama wants and you'll get a wonderful reward. Drive it into me…ram that thick cock into my tight wet cunt.

Yes, I do use that word. That's what I have a tight wet cunt that wants to cum again and again with you." We began moving together, my rock hard cock bending within her tunnel, her clit rubbing into my pubic hair repeatedly. I pushed hard, determined to hit every square millimeter of her cunt.

We were both breathing heavily from our exertions. I could feel her clench around my cock so I was pretty sure she was getting close again. I was accustomed to cumming maybe once a week so it was going to be a struggle for me. Sam sat up, I thought to get more pressure on her clit, but I realized her real intent when she pushed two fingers into my ass to massage my prostate.

That turned out to be exactly what I needed. It pushed me over the edge. My balls clenched as I could feel my body eject fluids evolved over the millennia to maximize reproductive opportunities. Literally millions of sperm shot into Sam with every potent spurt. I sagged into the mattress, spent, but I still had a job to complete. I gripped her clit firmly between my fingers rubbing it furiously until she exploded in her rapture. I rubbed and massaged her back as we rested.

"What now?" I asked her. "Sleep," she replied, pulling the blankets over us. "Everything else can wait until morning." She snuggled that fine ass up against me, pulled my hand to her breast, closed her eyes and went to sleep. I followed her a moment later. Chapter 4 I awoke early as always but this time I found myself looking up into a pussy covered in dried cum and juice. "Is this my reward from last night?" "Yes, it is," Sam replied, "I'd love to have you lick and suck my cummy pussy." That was good enough for me!

I leaned up to begin cleaning her. I started with her thigh; it was firm but so very soft. I licked up from her teen alexis celebrates anniversary by threesome sex with milf bianca knee toward her pussy, removing any encrusted material I could find. When I was satisfied I moved to the other thigh—the left.

She had lain on her left side so there was much more here due to gravity. There was so much here I was able to chew once I had cleaned the material from her skin. As I got closer and closer to her pussy I could see how encrusted it was as a result of our multiple couplings last night. I sucked and licked her clean.

Of course, all this licking and sucking had the obvious effect. Sam was groaning and grinding her pussy into my face so actively that once I had finished cleaning her I went right on to make yet another mess.

It was worth it though as Sam had another sensational orgasm before falling in a heap onto my head. "Fuck, Sam," she whispered in my ear, "that is one great way to start the day. I could really get used to that." I smiled and kissed her, allowing her to taste herself from my lips and face.

"I don't think I'd mind that myself." I took her hand, leading it to my cock. All my work so far had made me hard again—hard enough that it actually hurt in spite of having cum several times the previous evening. Sam wrapped her hand around me, stroking slowly but strongly. "Oh, Sam," I groaned, "Jerk me off…please…please jerk me off." I looked into her face and was surprised by the expression she wore.

It was one of power and dominance—one I would come to see many times in the weeks and months ahead. She sat up and, moving a breast to my mouth, went to work on me. She spit on her hand, rubbing it into my cock. Not quite satisfied, she sat up farther so she could drool saliva onto my helmet. She must have done this before because she was doing a great job, rubbing the helmet with both hands while running up and down my shaft. I felt I was getting close; my breathing was heavy and rapid.

My cock shook and jerked as I blew a load a foot into the air. Five times cum spurted from my cock, settling mostly on my abdomen and Sam's hands. She squeezed the last drops out of me then surprisingly brought her hands to my mouth. I licked and sucked my own jiz from her fingers. She managed to scrape up almost all the semen she could find and when she did I drank and sucked her fingers clean.

I had never done anything like that before, but it was surprisingly hot and something I'd definitely do again. It was Sunday morning, a time I usually went to church, but I figured I could miss for such a special occasion—it wasn't every day I was entertained by a super-hot 28 year-old woman in her bed. We rose and showered together, ate a simple breakfast and went back to bed. We fucked all day and just before we went out to dinner Sam asked me about tomorrow.

"I have a lot of time off coming. I'll use some of it if we can stay together. I called my office, leaving a message that I'd be taking some time off and when I hung up she did the same. I suggested we go to my place so we could have the privacy to be outdoors and use the pool. Sam packed a small suitcase and also brought a mid-sized leather valise. I live in the country just outside town on fifty acres of heavily wooded land.

I have two acres cleared near the middle so there's plenty of space buffering me from the nearest neighbor. Additionally, I have an eight foot high privacy fence surrounding the back yard where I have the pool.

My wife and I used to swim naked there in complete security and privacy. I parked the Beemer in the garage and led Sam into the house.

I offered to carry the bags, but Sam insisted on carrying the valise herself. As the week progressed I noticed that Sam was becoming more and more assertive and more demanding in what she wanted and expected me to do. As she did I became more submissive to her, allowing her to control our activities and dominate me. It was Saturday morning, exactly one week since we had met that I was eating her pussy.

"Do you enjoy pleasing me, Sam?" "Yes," I replied, "I love it." "What would you do to please me, Sam? How far would you go?" I looked up from her pussy, my face glistening with her juices, gulped several times before telling her, "Anything…I'd do anything." She rose from the bed standing above me, her hands on her slender hips like an Amazon—a goddess—so strong, determined, and forceful.

I knew I could not resist her. "Well, let's see, shall we? Finger my ass, Sam. Fuck my ass with your fingers." I moistened my fingers in her cunt and pushed them into her ass. I was licking and sucking her clit while working her tight ass when she told me to stop.

"Take your fingers out and lick them, Sam. Put them in your mouth and suck them clean." I looked up. home group sex and mother virgin first time bring your associates daughter to work day

Her eyes were locked onto mine, her expression one of authority and domination. Meekly I pulled my fingers out and put them into my mouth. I licked them clean, sucking off any remnant of her ass. "Show me," she demanded. When I did she smiled, patted my head and told me, "Good boy. Now do it again." I repeated, fucking her glorious ass for almost thirty seconds before plunging my dirty fingers into my mouth.

"Again?" I asked. "Yes, once more—both hands this time." I moistened two fingers on each hand and plunged them into her ass.

"Deeper, Sam, put them in all the way." All four fingers were in her ass. They rubbed her bowel walls with every stroke. After a minute this time Sam told me to stop. "That feels incredible, but that's not the point of this exercise, is it?

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Take them out and clean them—all four in your mouth, now." I licked and sucked those fingers furiously until they were spotless. I grinned when I showed them to her. "Very, very good, Sam; I do believe you." I was about to return to eating her cunt, but she stopped me. "We can finish that later. We have more important business to deal with now, Sam. You like it when I tell you what to do, don't you?" I hung my head in submission, looking up at her standing tall over me and whispered, "Yes." "I didn't hear you, Sam." "Yes," I repeated, "I love it when you tell me what to do." "You enjoy being dominated and controlled, don't you?" I gulped, my head down in submission, brave white guy craving for black cocks, I do enjoy it.

I love it when you dominate me." "Good boy, Sam, I think you'd enjoy serving me as much as you enjoy servicing me, wouldn't you?" Again I replied meekly, "Yes." "Do you fully understand what I'm suggesting—that you would be at my beck and call to use as I wish—to use you and, perhaps even abuse you—your body to give me pleasure?" "Yes, that's exactly what I want." "Good, again, now if you're going to serve me, what will I be?

What will my role be?" "My Mistress?" I gulped. "Correct, now what will you be?" "Your slave." I hung my head again, deeper in my submission to her. "Is this what you want to do—be my slave?" I looked up at her again, my eyes pleading, "Yes…oh, yes…it's what I want. I want to serve you. I want to be your slave." "Excellent, now come here and kneel at my feet." I scrambled down to kneel near where she was standing.

I was totally submissive to her. "Stay here!" She left the room, walked into the closet, and returned with a long thin object and her valise.

She opened it and placed numerous items father in law sex scandal the bottom of the bed. When she was finished she pointed me to the first item.

"What's this?" "A paddle," I replied just above a whisper. "Right, and this one?" "A riding crop." "Very good, slave. And this one?" It was the long thin object I'd seen her carry. "A cane." "And why do I have these items?" "To discipline and punish me if I am bad and don't please my mistress." "Excellent, now what are these? "Restraints, so you can do anything you want to me—secure me during discipline or for your sexual pleasure." "Good, and these?" "A cock cage and restraining rings, so I don't play with myself, get erections, or cum without your permission." "And the final one?" "A collar, to remind me always that I am your property, to remind me that hd povd busty alexis adams bounces on cock outdoors body belongs totally to you." "You've done very well, slave, but I have still one additional item in the valise.

Take it out and tell me about it." I reached into the valise and removed a strap-on with a big dildo, almost ten inches long and very thick. "It's a strap-on," I explained, "so you can fuck my ass to remind me that every part of my body is yours to do with as you please." "I am amazed by you, slave. You scored a hundred. Now come over here and put this on." She had pointed to the cock cage. I unlocked the brass Master padlock and selected what I thought would be the correct size ring—it had to be tight, but not too tight.

Carefully I pushed my cock into the steel ring followed by each of my heavy balls—it was a very tight fit. I took the other part, added a bit of lube, slid my cock into the stainless steel cage and brought the two pieces together.

I locked them and handed my Mistress the key. She had picked up the collar. It was solid stainless steel, hinged in the middle, about a half-inch high and an eighth thick. She wrapped it around my neck—it was also a fairly tight fit-- and fastened it together. "This uses a special set screw with an irregularly shaped Allen wrench. Once I put it on you only I can take it off." "I won't take it off, Mistress, I won't want to.

I've been praying all week for this moment." I looked up briefly to see the wrench suspended between her magnificent breasts by a thin silver chain. "Now I need to make sure you understand and adorable beauty is flashing her spread soft vagina in closeup my authority. Pick out one of the punishment implements for me to use on you." I moved to the other side of the bed, selecting the cane.

It was a four-foot piece of flexible bamboo. "Interesting, slave, you picked the most painful one." "I want you to know how much I want to serve you. Where do you want me, Mistress?" "Come here and lean over the table." I did while she retrieved the restraints. She ran a rope from my right wrist cuff around the leg at the other end of the table across to the leg opposite and wicked slut likes to be on top hardcore and blowjob it off tightly at the cuff on my left wrist.

She tied each leg cuff to the table legs beneath me. I was spread eagled at the edge of the table. She picked up the cane and whipped it through the air. Finally, she was ready. Whoosh-smack--the cane bit into my buttocks. "Thank you, Mistress, I needed that," a tear forming in my eye.

The pain was exquisite. Again, she swung, cutting a welt into my ass cheeks; again I thanked her. Ten more times she swung and connected before she figured I'd had enough. It was worth suffering the pain to feel her soothing hands caress my ass immediately following my punishment, but I knew she wasn't done yet. She stepped into the strap-on, lubed it as well as my ass and pushed it into me.

Truthfully, it hurt like hell but I wasn't going to complain. Eventually, my ass relaxed and the nerve endings in my anus began to appreciate the intrusion. I'm sure I would have gotten a massive hard-on had I not been wearing the cage which was specifically designed to prevent me from getting an erection.

All the same I had been close to cumming just from the action in my ass. My Mistress must have noticed because she remarked, "You liked that too much; that wasn't much of a punishment." She untied me, attached a metal link leash to my collar and led me to the bathroom.

"I have to pee. Get into the shower with me and kneel. Open your mouth and let's see how much you can catch and drink." She placed one leg on the shower seat as I scooted into position.

She started when she thought I was right under her pussy. Her hot urine trickled down onto my face until I moved, catching almost all of it in my mouth. "Drink it!" she ordered. I did. When she was finished I moved up to lick away any remaining droplets. After drying myself she returned to the bed. She fluffed the pillows and sat back at about a sixty degree angle and spread her legs. "I believe I interrupted you, slave." "Thank you, Mistress, I love eating your delicious pussy." I dove in with a relish.

I licked and sucked her for almost thirty minutes before she begged me to make her cum. Even a slave has some power. I sucked her clit—hard and hot and extremely swollen—between my teeth. She came so hard she squirted repeatedly, bathing my grateful face in her juices. I looked back on the events of the past week quite pleased with the outcome. Sam Warner was one of the richest and most powerful men in the county, if not the state, yet I was willingly the slave—the property--of a 28 year old woman.

I didn't tell her, but I had been a slave before—for more than forty years. My wife Marjorie had also been my Mistress. I would come home stressed from building my empire but, once there, she made all the decisions for me. I always told people that she wasn't much into sex, but, in fact, I ate her or fucked her or she fucked me every single day of those forty-plus years. I had been looking for a Mistress ever since she had died, and now I had found one.

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