That chap is good at pussy licking

That chap is good at pussy licking
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This is my first ever story. Please only offer constructive criticism.but all comments are welcome.thanks! The Trip Part 1 I guess I should start out by describing myself. My name is James Tapp, im 6'2 190 pounds, I have a trim athletic body from playing basketball in college. Im 27 years old and im a consultant for a large law firm. It all started the day I had to go to California for a business meeting, where I met the girl of my dreams… Ughhh security.

The most annoying part of airports.having to take your shoes, belt, and hot awesome hottie rides like a wild pro metal off.

Luckly travelling on a Tuesday isn't that bad. I got through security and got to my gate after taking a quick piss before boarding. My seat was in first class which is absolutely necessary for me because im so tall and I didn't have to pay for it because my company expenses all flights. I took my jacket off and stored my carry on and took my window seat. I was just getting comfortable when I heard a loud crash like something had fallen.

I turned in my seat to see a lady on the floor picking up her suitcase.

Oh well I think to myself, only to here a sweet voice say "excuse sorry can you please help me put this up?" It was the same girl that had dropped her suitcase. I hadn't realized just how beautiful she was. Long flowing blonde hair, deep blue eyes, a cute nose and the best dsl's (dick sucking lips) you've ever seen.

I quickly got up and said " problem." She smiled at me and took her seat which luckily for me was right next to mine. I couldn't help but check her body out. It was hard to tell because she was wearing a business suit also but from what I could tell she had amazing 34 DD tits and a very shapely ass.

I took my seat and watched the air hostess go through their billy star amp inga devil double anal orgy with guys sz ballsdeepanal and monstergapes safety routine. An airhostess walked by and asked if we wanted to have anything to drink and that we were a very good looking couple. I quickly replied "oh we areant together." She blushed embarrassed and said "im sorry" I then ordered a water and red wine.

The lady next to me also ordered the same thing saying "that sounds good, ill have that also." And then she smiled at me. She introduced herself to me and told me her name was Alexis smith and shook my hand. I introduced myself to her and told her im a lawyer and I handle mergers and acquisitions.

She said shes going to California because her bosses company was i will fuck you for my chores stepbrother stepsister spreading bought over and he needed his secretary to handle all his calls. We both laughed at the coincidence that we were both going to CA for the same thing. We talked about our jobs and families. I learned that she graduated out of Umass Amherst and was also 26 years old. She wasn't married, had no boyfriends because work kept her way to busy to socialize.

We learned that she lived less then 20 minutes away from me in Boston, MA. We then ate lunch together on the plane and talked about our future aspirations and how we both wanted to find someone soon so we could settle down and start families. By this team we were only 2 hours away from CA. Alexis or Lexi as she liked to be called had to go to the bathroom so she left and I watched her leave and followed her gorgeous ass all the way to the bathroom.

I started to get wood so I quickly thought of something else and by that time lexi came out and said that she was kind of tired and that she was going to take a nap. I thought that was a great idea so we both took a nap and I guess I was really tired because I fell asleep instantly. I woke up when I heard the loud speakers say that we would be landing in 10 mintues and to bring our seats upright and put the tray tables up.

I didn't know whether to wake lexi up or let her sleep. I decided I would wake her up so I said "lexi…Lexi.LExi…LEX…LEXI.?" but it didn't work. So I leaned over and shook her arm and said her name but that failed also so finally I touched her shoulder and shook a little. She woke up a bit startled and I quickly apologized and said we were landing in 5 minutes.

She quickly wiped the sleep out of her eyes and looked at me and smiled and then settled down for the final few minutes of the flight. Within 30 seconds she took her purse out and wrote down something on a piece of paper. Alexis Smith 555-555-5555 I was stunned that this perfect woman had just handed me her number. I accepted it happily and said I would definitely call her.

She said she would be waiting for my call. By this time our flight was taxiing to our gate and I helped her get her bag and we gave each other a hug and we parted our ways. Since I was only in CA for 2 days I didn't have any check in baggage. I went out of the LAX airport and saw my name and a well dressed driver eagerly waiting for me.

He drove me to my hotel; Mandalay Bay which was only 10 minutes away from the airport. I went up to the concierge desk and gave my name and security deposit. The concierge handed me a key for room 690 and since I had nothing to do tonight I went to my room and thought id relax for a little bit then hit the tables to try and win a quick buck.

I got to my room and unpacked and took a long hot shower. The whole time in the shower I couldn't get my mind of off one thing…Alexis. I don't know what it was about her but I couldn't stop thinking about her no matter what I tried.

I dried off. I looked at my well toned naked body and then dressed. I was heading out of my room when someone yelled "JAMES!!!!!????" I quickly turned around and I saw none other then Alexis speedily walking towards me. I said "I guess we got so caught up that we forgot to ask what hotel we were staying in haha" she said "I know right, what a coincidence." I said, "well I was just about to go hit the tables, do you want to come?" Lexi said "Of course. Could you just wait like 15 minutes?

I just want to freshen up a little bit?" I said "No doubt, take your time.ill just wait in my room. Knock on the door when your ready" She said "Nonsense come in my room, I wont be long I promise!" So I happily followed her into her room which was, believe it or not room number 691 so It was right across from me. I turned on the tv and watched lexi hastily unpack and find decent clothes to wear to the casino. Unexpectedly she took her suit jacket and shirt off in the corner of her room where I could still see her but she couldn't see me.

She was wearing a bra but damn did her tits look awesome. So large, juicy, and firm. Ohhh what I would do to motor boat those tits. Next she took nubiles marta v ready to fuck tube pants off unfortunently I couldn't see much this time because she had walked into her bathroom and closed the door.

I watched a part of goodfellas that jesse blowjob and pals sister gives riding the old wood coming on the tv when I heard the bathroom door unlock.

I guess my mouth dropped open when I saw lexi in her tight fitting mini skirt and even tighter halter top that looked it was about to tear due to the size of her boobs.

Lexi asked "im guessin by your stare and the drool forming in your mouth that I look okay?" I said "im sorry I was staring its just that your very very pretty." She blushed heavily and said "thanks, you wanna go now?" I opened the door and we walked together down to the casino where I played 21 and some slots. Lexi had never been to a casino so she didn't know what to do so she just watched me.

I guess it was my lucky night because I made 700 dollars on one hand of 21. I didn't wanna ride my hot hand for to long so I cashed out. I said to lexi "I guess this is gonna pay for dinner?" I don't think she got it at first but said "oh of course dinner would be great.

Anything is better then the plane food we just had haha." We went to the Hotels Chinese restaurant and had a few drinks and ate our general gaus chicken which was delicious. By this time it was around 9pm so we decided to call it a night and walk back to our rooms. I stopped outside my door and she stopped at her door and she said "I had a great time and thanks a lot for dinner it was amazing" I said "oh no problem I had a great time also.well umm goodnight" She said "umm yea I guess.

goodnight. Cya tomorrow? I said "no doubt, cant wait haha. Well again goodnight" I turned and opened my door and then lexi said "unless.umm nevermind" I asked her "what happened?" she said "well its like only 9pm you wanna hang out for a little bit?" I said "of course id love too.what do u wanna do?" Lexi said "I don't know up too you.

Wanna watch tv?" I said "yea sure. U want anything to drink?" She said "sure" so I went to the mini bar/fridge and got out a nice bottle of pinot nior. We watched tv and drank and then lexi said she was going to change and get more comfortable.

When she came out she was wearing the hottest lingerie ive ever seen that made me pop a boner automagically. I couldn't even think straight.I was in shock.

I said "uh umm Lexi u look.u look fucking amazing" She said, "thanks. No lets cut the bull shit. Ive wanted you for so long now. Please just fuck me" I said "are you sure?.actually… fuck that. Come here" She quickly came to me and we started kissing passionately and she was undressing me as I was feeling her amazing tits.

I took her bra off and just looked at her perfect tits. Her small pink nipples and light areola. They looked so good I just had to taste them. I started licking her tit and then made my way to her nipples and sucked and lightly nibbled on them. By this time she had my shirt off and my pants off. Leaving me only in my boxers which didn't next to nothing covering my ever growing bulge.

She was about to pull them off but I stopped her and said "let me take care off you first." I sucked her nipples again and licked down her stomach past her navel down to her waist band of her panties.

I slowly pulled her panties down and what I saw was absolutely the most gorgeous thing on this earth. Her pussy looked incredible. Completely shaved pubic mound two beautiful pussy lips a barely noticeable clit. I could see she was already wet because her pussy was glistening in her girl cum. It looked delicious and her smell was one to die for.

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I thought I was in heaven. As soon as I was about to take my first taste of her delicious pussy the god damn phone rang…BUZZ BUZZ: that took lexi out of ecstasy filled state. I said, "No, don't answer that." But she was like no I have to its probly my boss. So I pulled back and let her answer the phone. "Hello?" lexi said, I just stared at her for a few seconds and the she said, "Shit, right now? I though it was tomorrow…damn.ugh fine im leaving now." Then she hung and said to me."im so sorry, the boss says I need to be at a meeting right now.

the acquiring companies boss just flew in." as soon as she said that my cell phone rang, "hello." I said. "wow, really? Okay im leaving right now." I quickly hung up and said, "Lexi, what company do you work for?" as soon as I asked her this his face lit up and said, " No way, you're the lawyer acquiring our company?" I said, "it seems so." At this time she was still just in her panties so she put her bra back on and put her clothes and I put my clothes back on. I said," I guess we could just rent a cab together" it wasn't that long of a drive and Lexi was about to take money out of her purse but I quickly pushed her hang lightly and took my wallet out and paid the driver a 20 and said, "keep the change." We got inside the building and I shook hands with the owner and my boss.

Lexi was just sitting in the conference room with us taking notes and I was explaining to my boss and the seller some legal responsibilities they each had. It was mostly boring compliance issues but Lexi seemed impressed by my skills so I was happy about that. The entire meeting took about 2 hours so it was already about mid night and my boss had an early flight in the morning while I had to stay back and get some more paperwork signed by Lexi's boss before I could return back to boston.

So after the meeting ended Lexi and I shared a cab back to the hotel. We quickly ran into the elevator and I pressed level 6 and as soon as the door closed Lexi jumped on top of me in a bear hug and started kissing me and biting my neck and started unbuttoning my shirt.

And I started rubbing her tits and opening up her blouse. We made it back into Lexi's room and she went into the bathroom to freshen up and I took my clothes off and just stayed in my boxers, which did absolutely nothing to cover my huge boner. Lexi came out and posed for me in her Bra and thong that pretty much left nothing to imagination. I said, "Now where did we leave off?

That's right I was about to enjoy my treat for completing a successful business deal." That made her laugh and she said, "yes, yes you are." I quickly grabbed her and we made our way to the bed and we started kissing and I took her bra off and sucked her hard nipples and then I pulled her thong down.

Looked at my beautiful pink present and went to town on it. I sucked, licked, nibbled, and slurped all I could till I was out of breath. I lost count after the first couple orgasms Lexi had. Lexi was also left panting and gasping for air. Lexi said, "now its your turn, lets see what your packing!" she took my boxers off and her face when she saw my cock was off absolute shock and lust.

Her exact words were, "Oh My God, there is now way that will fit." I said, "cmon, lets give it a shot…you look like you can handle 10 inches of hard thick dick." She looked into my eyes with her beautiful dark green eyes and whispered, "ill make sure it fits for you." She quickly got on her knees and licked the head of my dick.

Then she put her mouth the entire head and pushed her throat onto my dick. She got around 3 inches the first try before she got hit by her gag reflex. She pulled of and licked the underneath of my shaft and then surprisingly she went down and sucked on my balls. She made her way back to my dick and started sucked hard on the 3 inches she could get down. It was then when my manly insticts kicked in and I grabbed the back of her throat and push harder on my dick, that motion got an extra inch down but that all.

Lexi was getting better at sucking dick and could hold her breath longer while trying to take it deeper. I didn't want to cum by just getting head so I pulled her off my dick and mad my way back to her sweet dripping pussy and licked some more. I then turned her over onto her stomach and did ladyboy assfingers while jerking her dick tube porn ive never done before.I started licking her tight, brown, puckered asshole.

When my tungue hit the inside of her asshole that just drove Lexi over the edge and she came so hard that she actually squirted all over the bed sheets. After that orgasm she was really out of breath but managed to say some words she said,"pl.please, candy sweet vyxen receives an anal pounding tube porn fuck me already!" Those words were what I had been waiting rayveness is not a women to sit home night for so I didn't waste any time.

But Lexi, who just recovered from an intense orgasm said, "stop, not in my pussy…im saving it till im married. Take my ass instead." I was completely shocked when I heard those words, I said, "are you seriously a virgin?" she said, "technically yes, but ive sucked dick and taken it up the ass many times, I'm just saving my self for my husband." I said, "wow, I cant believe it. Are you sure you are ready for anal?" she just looked at me and nodded her head so I lined my rigid 10 inch dick with her tight asshole and slowly pushed.

At first I couldn't even get my head in but with her slick pussy juices flowing down into her brunette ex girlfriend nina noxx sucking dick and electric toy I got in my head and a couple inches more after a few minutes.

The position we were in wasn't good so I pulled her over the edge of the bed with her ass still on the bed but her feet on the floor and re aligned my dick with her ass and shoved in half my cock. Lexi let out a loud moan while recovering from another intense orgasm.

With 5 Inches in already I slowly worked my cock in and out stretching her tight anal ring out. Lexi was holding my arm that was rubbing her huge tits and when I started thrusting to hard she would pinch my arm telling me to slow down. I could tell I was close to cumming so instead of thrusting in the 5 inches that I could get in I slowly worked it in and out.

Lexi was always looking directly into my eyes and I had know clue why. Maybe she was in pain or was just spaced out but something about that stare gave my chills. It gave me chills in a good way that I knew we had something special and that she wasn't just a one night only type of girl. As I was thinking about this I felt a lot of tension in my balls and I knew I was about to cum so I said, "Lexi, im about to cum. Where do you want it?" she said, "cum in my ass. Blow your seed deep into my ass." I started rubbng her clit with my free hand and I could tell she was about to cum also because her breathes where becoming deep and fast.

As soon as I got one final thrust of my cock in her I blew my load deep into her ass and as I was cumming Lexi had a huge orgasm also. I probably came like a gallon or at least that's what it felt like because my dick kept spasming for almost a minute.

I was about to pull my still semi-hard cock out of her asshole when lexi said, "no, keep it in. It feels amazing." So I kept my flaccid dick in her and re positioned us on the bed.

I was on my side as was lexi and we just talked into the night. She told me about her childhood in the suburbs of MA and her family. I told her about my childhood and family as well. Turns out we lived about 20 minutes away from each other and she actually knew kids who went to my high school. She told me she has a younger sister who is still in college and I told her I have an older brother and we just had a great talk.

Somewhere around the time where we were sharing stories of what we did in college we both fell asleep. When she fell asleep I remember I shifted a little bit to get more comfortable on the bed with my dick still in her ass but I remember my final thought before I went to sleep that Lexi was a really special girl and that we had something special.

Part 2 The next morning I woke up and opened my eyes to see the back of Lexis head. I remembered all that had happened yesterday and last night. Then all of a sudden I felt a stir in dick, I looked down and realized that my cock was still buried in Lexi's ass.

The sudden feeling of her tight asshole around my dick made the blood rush to my cock and I was semi-hard. I re-positioned my self to feel more comfortable and not wake Lexi up but my dick was quickly growing and when I moved my dick when into her ass more and then Lexi woke up. It took her a few seconds to remember what had happened and what that strange fervid chick gapes soft cunt and loses virginity in her ass was.

She turned her head and looked at me and I smiled and said, "Good morning Beautiful, How are you feeling?". "Good morning, im good but your dicks still in my ass." She laughingly said.

I said," yea, what do we do about this." She said, "well I can feel your already hard…wait what time is it?" I looked at my watch and said, "6:30am, we have plenty of time till we need to go to work at 9." Lexi said, "yea we do, now lets fuck." That was all I needed and My cock grew to being 10 inches of hard steel.

I flipped Lexi over into the doggy style position and started ramming. Her was still pretty loose as my dick had been in it for over 7 hours.

I got 5 inches of my dick in without a problem and I was trying to work more of it in with out hurting her. I had gotten about 6 inches riley reyes lance hart slut shaming batman more now and when I tried to fit more inside her ass she was say ouch or that hurts. So I settled for just having 6 inches in.

I was so horny that once the doggy position got boring I lefted her off the bed and started fucking her while standing up. She was turned the other way from me so I flipped her to face me and we started making out while ass fucked her. I kept raling her hard and deep and soon she started cumming. I could feel her pussy spasming through her ass wall and that just send me over the edge. So I put her back on the bed and rammed my cock hard into her.

I had probly now 7 inches inside of her and I blew another huge load deep into the depths of her ass. We were both panting and gasping for breath when her damn phone started to ring again.

Her phone was on the side table so Lexi just had to stretch her arm to get it. She picked up the phone with my dick still buried deep in her ass and said, "hello, no im up, yea I can be there by 8.

Bye." She told me that it was her boss asking her to come in to the office at 8 to get some final paperwork done. I made a sad face and said, "ughhh fineeee you can go, but what do we do about this." Pointing to my dick. She said, "lift me up and lets go take a shower." So I picked her up and brought her into the bathroom and turned the hot water on.

All this movement and excitement to take a shower with Lexi made my dick jump and it was already getting hard again. Lexi felt it in her ass and said, "WOW, I cant believe your ready to go again. You are amazing." I said laughingly, "its all your fault that my dick can never rest." I lifted us in to the shower and then lexi put her feet down on the floor and bent down with my dick still in her ass and the view that I saw off Lexi's asshole being spread by my dick and water caressing down her back made my dick rock hard and when I flexed my dick I actually felt Lexi get lifted of the ground a little.

Lexi said, "OMG your dick just lifted me off the ground that unbelievable!" After that lexi grabbed the complementary shampoo and applied to her hair and then she grabbed the body wash and said, "Can you rub this all over my body please?" I said, "you no problem, my pleasure." So I applied the body wash in my hands and lathered it p and started rubbing her back, her neck, her ass crack around my dick. Then I turned her over to face me and started rubbing her tits, chest, stomach and then her gorgeous pussy.

Then she rinsed off her body and her hair and said, "now your turn, start fucking my ass again hard, it should be lubed well enough lets try fitting that whole thing in there." So I started ramming my dick into her I had about 7 inches and then pulled out and as I was about to thrust back in Lexi thrust herself back on to my dick and I got 8 inches in. Lexi sounded like she was in pain after that so I said, "Its okay, maybe with a little practice we can fit it in later." As soon as I finished Lexi again pushed back extremely hard that it almost made me fall over.

I was Thrusting back in as hard as I could and Lexi was thrusting back as hard as she could and on the final thrust I got all 10 inches in and that feeling of my dick being completely engulfed and swallowed by her asshole pushed me over the edge and I blew another load deep into her ass.

I was completely spent as was Lexi and then she said, " Turn the water off, and then slowly take your dick out." So I turned the water off and started pulling out and when my head finally popped out after being in her asshole for over 8 hours her ass was completely gaped. Her asshole was a complete circle probably the size of a flashlights handle. It looked stunning, I was surprised that it was even dirty at all. Lexi said, "wow my ass feels great, now what should I do with the cum?" Lexi then sat down on her haunches and proceeded to shit out all the cum I put in her over the past 8 hours.

It was a total of 3 cum loads and when she was shitting it out a large stream of clear, creamy white cum fell onto the floor of the shower. I was actually surprised not to see and pieces of shit or other home group sex and mother virgin first time bring your associates daughter to work day goo.

It was big tits amy reid fingering her pussy huge puddle of cum and then Lexi turned the water on and it all drained down. Lexi then looked at me just standing there and my flaccid cock which had been inside her ass for 8 hours and then she bent down onto her knees and proceeded to lick and swallow my limp dick and all the cum and goo that was on my cock.

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I was completely spent so I didn't get a boner. Lexi said, " you were great last night and today, two amazing gals play with dildo masturbation smalltits god your cum tastes good even after it was inside me for q third of big tits tigerr benson anal masturbation p day haha." I said, " thanks, now lets get ready for work, since its already 7:30." I got out of the bathroom after drying my self off and put on my suit and tie.

5 minutes later Lexi came out wearing an extremely tight button down with the top 2 buttons open exposing a good amount of cleavage and the she was wearing a knee high skirt. She looked absolutely stunning, she then said, " I take it by your staring that I look good?" "well guess what? I got a surprise for you." She then sat on the bed and spread her legs open and I saw she was wearing no panties and I saw her beautiful completely shaved pink pussy.

I said, "theres no way your into to work with no panties on, right?" she said, "of course I am, what I need you in the office I don't want panties to get in the way off that." With that we both put our shoes on and wile walking out the door I asked, "hows your asshole doing, still gaped haha?" she said, "nope I have really strong anal muscles so its probly already as tight as it was last night." Then I said, "well looks like im gonna have to re-loosen them tonight haha." She responded by saying with a sly grin, " cant wait, and this time im not gonna waste any of your sweet cum." Part 3 We both took a taxi to the main office and kissed each other before heading to our separate meetings.

Lexi had to go to her desk and man the phones and schedule her boss' meetings. I was in the main conference room that luckily for me is right near Lexi's table. I couls see the back of her body through the glass conference room windows. I was just filling out paperwork for my boss who ad already left back for Boston.

While I was filling out the paperwork I happened to glance towards lexis direction and I was shocked to see that she was facing me with her legs spread open and her fingering her pussy and with her free hand pointing at me to come to her. I automatically got a semi- hard on and excused myself saying I was getting water. I walked out of the conference room with my dick growing fast, so if anyone had seen me walking they would have seen that I had a boner.

While I was walking in Lexis direction she quickly got up picked her glass of water up and started walking out towards some empty rooms. So I followed her into chick peta jensen enjoys cock and jizz of masseur pornstars hardcore empty room while trying to hide my uncomfortably large boner in my pants. When I reached the room Lexi was getting naked and I followed her. We started making out and then she got on her knees and started sucking the head of my dick.

She pulled back and said, "we don't have much time, so we better make it fast." I said, "no problem, ive needed to bust a nut for a while so it wont take me to long." She then proceeded to suck my dickhead and then she tried to force my dick all the way into her mouth.

She got about 4 inches in and started to gag. She again tried to deep throat my whole dick and got 4 inches again. She pulled off said, "I cant get anymore down. Im sorry." I said, "what, why are you sorry that fact that you would even do that for me makes me like you even more." She smiled and said, "you ready for the main dish?" and got up on the empty table, lifted her skirt, and stuck a finger into her ass. I didn't even say anything and just dived in. I tongued her tasty asshole deep.

I probably got my tongue a solid inch into her ass. Then I worked down on her pussy and got her juices flowing. My dick was still a bit wet but just to make it more comfortable for Lexi I rubbed my dick along her pussy to get it nice and wet before I put it in her ass. I lined my dick with her tight, brown asshole and pushed slowly. I got my head in and Lexi moaned and told me to just hold it in place for a second.

I waited patiently and then she nodded her head and said, "im ready." I pushed my 10 inch dick in more and got a couple inches in. Then I proceeded to slowly rock her body back and forth making her fuck my dick. It loosened her ass considerably so I got about 4 inches of dick into her ass. I could tell I was already near to cumming so I picked up my pace and starting ramming hard into her ass.

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Lexi tried not to make a noise or moan but my thrusts where to powerful and she started to cum and if anyone had passed by the room they would have surely heard her moans of pleasure. TO BE CONTINUED&hellip.