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Webcam german teen with perfect tits compilation teen amateur teen cumsho
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My Weakness Exposed It all happened so fast, I didn't realize I could be so exposed so easily. Completely covered in cum from this experience and also cum oozing out of my gaping pussy.

Let me back track first. I'm a married 43 yo professional woman. I have 3 kids and a great husband. I am not at all skinny, I'm a white BBW.

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Tho my husband is hot as hell and great in bed, he does lack size. He about 6 in. with a nice big head. But I always fantasized about those well built black guys and their huge fat cocks. My oldest daughter who is now 21 has dated only black guys since she was 16.

I see them come into the house and catch busty blonde nympho cam model riding orgasm staring at their bulges in their pants.

I have sex with my husband but I make believe that its one of these hot guys coming in here and totally wreaking my fat white pussy with their big fat black cocks!! Then it happened last week. My husband had to go away on his once a year Manager's meeting in Vegas. He works for a logistics company. The weather here in New Jersey has been so rainy and cold this December.

I was feeling a little down, so my daughter, Amanda, thought it would be a good idea to throw a pre holiday party. My younger daughter was away with my ex husband for the week.

I was thrilled that we would be having a party and even more happy that Amanda would be inviting her friends!

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I went to the local department store to buy a new outfit for the night. I bought a black dress which was rather sexxy very herd xxx story considering the size of my ass and the fact that for the most part, I dress pretty conservatively during my daily "Mom" life. I hit the liquor store on the way home to get beer, whiskey and vodka. I don't drink much, but the younger crowd we are having likes to booze it up.

Me and Amanda showered and got dressed and were waiting for everyone to arrive. While we were waiting, she asked me a strange question. She asked me if me and my husband were having problems.

The truth is that we kind of hit a dull patch. My husband Ron was distracted with work lately and hasn't really been in the mood for sex for the last two months.

I know this is common for married couples and we love each other so we would get through it. But I didn't tell her that its been 3 weeks since we made love and that was not earth shattering to say the least. As our guest started to arrive, I noticed that besides me and Amanda there were only 2 other women coming.

The majority of our guest were men. Amanda doesn't have many friends that were females. I knew all of the guys at the party. They all called me Mom. The three guys that I knew the best were Ray, Hassan and Jalen. They went to high school with Amanda and were always around the house. Ron was a little jealous of them because they were well built and were always flirting with me.

As the party went on, I started to become really buzzed. I wasn't used to drinking a lot and I was trying to keep up with the younger crowd. A popular hip hop song was playing and Hassan grabbed my arm and said "let dance Momma" I went with it and we joined Amanda and her boyfriend cocks in a single asshole penetration and deepthroat two other couples.

Hassan was a good dancer charlee chase big tit happy ending massage was really rubbing up against me. I was very turned on feeling his strong body against mine. He was making me very wet as he manhandled me. Hassan got behind me and started rubbing his crotch on my ass. I could feel his semi erect cock up against my big ass and it felt so big!! He got me so hot and horny.

After we danced I went upstairs to the bathroom and removed my panties and started to rub my clit. All I could think about was Hassan's big cock filling me up. After a few minutes of working my clit, I felt my orgasm coming on strong. Just as I felt my pussy started to cum, the door flew open and Jalen saw me as I went into ecstasy. He stood there watching as I came hard. I felt so horny that I couldn't stop as he watched me please myself.

He smiled and started rubbing his cock threw his pants. When I finished cumming I felt embarrassed and rushed out of the bathroom brushing past Jalen. As the party went on, I drank some more and was feeling very horny and I started flirting with the guys. It was around 2am when most of the people started to leave.

Ray, Hassan and Jalen were still hanging out on the couch. Amanda and her boyfriend, Leon went upstairs to her room. I was cleaning up a little and noticed everytime I looked over at them, they were eyeing me. I sat down next to Ray feeling rather tipsy. It was just the four of us hanging out in the living room. I was sipping my drink when Hassan said "Mrs Nelson you look hot as hell tonight".

I blushed and said thank you. I told them that they all looked great as always. Just as I said that Jalen pulled my panties out of his pocket and held them to his face. "And you smell damn good too Mrs Nelson!" I couldn't believe it! I must have left them on the floor in the bathroom when I rushed out earlier in the night.

I have been wearing no undie's for the last few hours! I thought I was buzzed but how did I not realize this. No wonder they were looking at me when I was cleaning up. My ass was on display the whole time! I turned red and didn't know what to say. Just then, we heard Amanda moaning from upstairs. Ray said "she's gettin it good now".

Ray's cell phone rang. After a brief conversation, he hung up and said he was leaving. He came over to me and gave me a hug and a kiss.

Before pulling away he grabbed my ass and told me "this ass is unbelievable." I blushed and said thank you. With Amanda now making sounds of ecstasy upstairs, I sat down between Jalen and Hassan. They both moved in for the kill. Within seconds they were both naked and showing off their huge cocks to me.

I immediately got down on the floor on my knees and started sucking Hassan's cock. It was at least 8 inches and super fat.

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I've never had anything like this before. The musky smell was so sexy. He sat down on the couch as I continued working on his huge dick. Jalen got behind me and started to massage my big breasts through my dress. His big cock gliding on top of my ass crack. My pussy so sopping wet as I bobbed up and down on Hassan's big black cock. He pushed me away for a moment to pull my dress off. I grabbed his cock at the base and rubbed it all over my face. His precum oozing out and I gobbled it up.

It tasted so damn good. "I have alot more of that Mrs Nelson." Hassan said. I couldnt get enough of his cock. I was like a starved animal. I arched my back to give easier access to my hot pussy to Jalen. He slapped my ass three times. "Yeah big momma, you're about to get fucked real good. Gonna make that white pussy cum like never before!" "Yea baby fill me up with your big black dick!" I said loudly.

Just then, he grabbed my left ass cheek and ran the huge head of his cock up and down my pussy lips. I was still feeding on Hassan's precum, which was flowing heavier and heavier.

Jalen started parting my pussy lips very slowly. It felt so big entering me. He wasnt as long as Hassan but quite a bit thicker.

I couldn't help but moaning loudly as he started going deeper in my married white pussy. I wasn't used to such a big cock but it felt amazing. Now I truly understood why Amanda only dated black guys! He was stretching my pussy as he penetrated me more and more. I could feel my juices flowing around him as he started to pick up the pace. He grabbed my thick ass and said "damn Hassan this pussy is good.

Nice and tight." Hassan held the top of my head and told me to get ready for dessert. I could feel his cock get rock hard. I gently took his balls in my hand and massaged them softly and sucked hard. "Hold still now Maam!" I held Hassan's cock in my mouth as he unloaded in my mouth. Spurt after spurt filling my mouth.

I swallowed it as fast as I could but some escaped running porn-star latina in latinaporn tube porn my chin. Hassan moaning was so sexy. I sucked him so I could get more cum as Jalen longstroked me slapping my fat ass hard. Pumping my pussy with his thick cock made me start to cum!!

I screamed loudly as my pussy felt like never before clinching around big black cock. Amanda came running down the stairs thinking something was wrong. She was naked, she saw what was really causing my screams. Sweet hot chick demi lopez loves a cock laughed and she "good for you Mom.

Getting that real cock." she turned around and went back upstairs. As my orgasm started to subside Jalen said he was going to cum. He pulled out and rolled me on the floor laying me on my back. He stood over me and started spraying me down with his load. He came so much! Globs of hot cum splashing down on my face, titties and belly. I started to work my pussy as the feeling of being covered by his cum drove me to another orgasm.

As he finished cumming all over me, Amanda's boyfriend came down the stairs naked. His cock was rock hard and bigger than Jalen's and Hassan's. I could see it was still wet from fucking Amanda. He got on the floor between my legs and quickly mounted me. He pumped me hard and fast as the guys told him to "breed her". I came and came as he opened my pussy up wide.

"Here it comes momma!" Leon let his cum loose in me. I could feel his cock twitching hard as stream after stream filled my pussy. I came one last time as his cum started running out of my pussy onto the living room carpet. I was for the first time in my life completely sexually satified.

As I started drifting off to sleep on the floor, I saw Amanda coming down the steps with nothing on. She said "thanks guys for taking care of Mom. Now its my turn!" I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer. The last thing I saw my Amanda getting on her knees in front of them.