Unmerciful fuck for a horny mother id like to fuck

Unmerciful fuck for a horny mother id like to fuck
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"Hey man, is your wife going to be here tonight?" I ask our neighbor.

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Saying no he is curious as to why I asked. "Well Ronda and I were hoping you could come over and party with us, we got a bunch of stuff and thought if you want to we can all get high." I tell him. "I'm hoping you and I will be able to make my girl show us the new outfits she got." Telling him to get over here I tell Ronnie to get in the shower so she has to come in on us and get her clothes. As soon as she gets into the shower he knocks. I let him in and hand him the glass pipe.

"So we are going to get my wife naked and give her the best time of her life." I said to our neighbor. "Are you sure? I'm not going to break up your relationship." Mike asks. Assuring him that we have chosen to get with him, I turn on the porn and start to stroke my manhood. "Let's see what you are working with." I say showing him my meat, taking off his pants he shows me his long thick cock. "Do you like it? I'm not bisexual but I will let you try to change my mind." He says as he sits on the bed holding it in his hand with the head pointed at me.

Smiling at me he says that I can touch it, then lays back as I seductively grab his growing rod. Leaning over I slide my mouth down onto the huge black cock tasting the chocolate colored meat with anticipation. "Your going to love this!" I boast as I start to suck him with gusto. Feeling his thick cock push against the back of my throat as he moans in pleasure I force it past the tonsils and sink my lips down all the way nestling my nose in his groomed pubes. "Holy shit. No one has ever swallowed that much of my cock." Mike exclaimed grabbing my hair and humping my face.

Hearing stepsiblings brunette babe lesbian fucks tattooed blonde water stop we get comfortable on the bed and wait for my wife. Stepping out Ronda looks at us and says that she has never been so delighted to see any of our friends as she is to see Mike.

I tell her that we are going to get her high and have our way with her. Then pull her onto the bed and take her towel exposing her to our neighbor."grab her arm and let me inject this into her. Then I would love to see if your cock fits in her little hole." Climbing between her thighs Mike started to rub his fully grown manhood acrossed her swollen fuck slot.

Pushing the shot in to her arm I kiss her lovingly and squirt abunch of lube on his thick cock and guide it to the opening of her sexy little hole. "Be gentle with me Michael I think your going to be the biggest i've ever had." My girl said to our big black playmate as he slowly slides in to her.

I move up to her head and press the tip of my cock against her lips. "Can I get a picture of your cock sliding in to her pussy so we relive this over and over. I promise to never let anyone see it." I ask pointing my camera to the action. Pushing the button I start recording the sight of his long black cock as it disappeared​ into her.

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"Oh baby I'm so hot I think I will have to give him the permission to cum in my pussy so I can see you clean up my cuny with your lips. Then we can see if I can climax during intercourse." My girl declared. "Im sure that your going to get off, and I have to give you my hot cum so I can see the surprise in you eyes as I pump your​ sweet little cunt full of my molten seed." Mike sighs kissing her pretty girl in omegle nena se masturba y goza, as his thick cock drills my wife's dripping vagina rapidly.

My buddy's grunting and groaning increases by the thrust, in seconds his voice becomes urgent. " I'm about to burst,, holy fuck Ronda your fucking hole is so tight that I can't keep from orgasming any longer. I'm not going to pull out of you, feel my love exploding deeply inside of your pussy."Mike groaned slamming his meat fully into her shuddering cunt.

My wife squealed in delight and shook with extasy as his thick cock pulsates with each blast of cum he pumped into her. "That's it baby my vagina is so excited from feeling your lovely cock fuck me that Im going to cum with your​ cock pounding my pussy." Ronda grunts clinging to MikeWith my wife straddling me and my lips on her clitoris I can see Mike's long thick cock pulsating with each blast of cum he shoots deeply Into her tight cunt.

"Damn I love the sight of his thick black cock pushing in and out of your slippery hole! I can tell your​ going to cum." I tell her as he thrusts all the way into her, burying his long black cock as far inside as he can relishing in the extasy that is gripping his soul. Kissing her lustfully as she starts to cum Mike claims she is the best fuck ever!

Looking down at me he says. "You're going to love the taste of my cum, I have puremature busty mature ava addams interrupts phone call for fuck special diet that makes it taste like honey." Taking ahold of his deflating rod I twirl my tongue around the slick head, savoring the taste of her juice and his sweet gooey cum, I start to suck on his semi soft schlong doing everything I learned from my uncle, in a short time his manhood is rock hard.

Ronda rolls off of me, as I feel his fingers timidly take a hold of my stiff rod and start to stroke me as he kisses the tip of my aching rod, parting slightly they slip down the soft shaft sending shivers up my spine. "I'm not sure how to react, I should be freaking out from feeling your dick in my hand and letting you suck me, but it is not as bad as I thought, Mike moans."Fuck me, Jonjon, I need you inside me." Lifting her legs over my shoulders I crawl in between her thighs and press the tip of my aching rod against her swollen labia and push it slowly into her molten gash."I can' believe it, she is still so tight that I need to stop every few inches." My wife is grunting and groaning as I fuck her savagely "oh God!

yes John. make me cum again! I love the way your dick feels baby.

Itell Mike. Adding my seed to his I bring her back to the edge of climax. Cute legal teen mrp 12 spin her around and position her over his hard cock, guiding his meat into her leaking gash I watch her cunt stretching around him as she sinks down.

Riding him with gusto my wife bounces excitedly, crying out in pleasure as she fucks his thick cock. The three of us spend the whole night and half of the next day making love, now my wife and I invite our friend over as often as we can. We are planning on taking a trip to Florida in January so we can get away from the Minnesota winter, as well as getting Ronda to let us fuck her on a public beach.