Stunning babe plays with two dicks at once

Stunning babe plays with two dicks at once
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Chris's first time with Larry part 1 disclaimer to this story was written by a person that had a reading and spelling disability. So pleases be kind in your Comment and Feedback.

Larry and Chris been dating for 6 months. Larry was trying to get in Chris pants for the last three month. On one date larry kiss Chris on the lips and try to push his toung in her mouth. Chris ask him what he was thinking. Larry toilet fuck giving head then fucking and taking a facial cum load he was try to show is love for her. Her told him she was not that kind of girl. On the next date larry ask Chris for he could gave her a back rub.

She said yes. Larry start with her shoulders the move to her back. She was feeling good. Larry ask if the could remove her shirt? Chris was not thinking she said yes. So Larry start pulling her shirt off and then start rub her back again. Larry was felling little more bolder and start to undo her bra. Chris turn around and slapped him. Chris put her shirt back on and left him.

As Chris was drive home from Larry's she was feeling little funny. She never felt this was about any man she date before. She nipples was hard and her panties was little wet. Chris had read some books on love and know she was horny. So when she got back her place she call Larry and told him she was sorry about what she did. Larry was a ok with it and ask her if she like to go out tomorrow night and she said yes.

That night Chris was in bed and could not sleep. She was feeling little horny. She know she had to do something the get some sleep. So she start rub her breasts together. She was make little noise. Then she move her right hand down to her panties. She felt how her pantie was wet and hot.

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She started rub her mound and like to way it was feeling. So she decides to remove her pantie. She started rub her mound again. She rubbing it little faster and feeling how wet she was.

So she decided to put a finger in for the first time. She was made herself about to cum. She falls a sleep right after she came. The next morning Chris was sitting at the breakfast table. She was feeling good and had a great smile on her face. When her roommate came in. She looks at Chris and ask if she had fun last night. Chris just look at her and said what are you talking about.

Come on Chris I heard you last night. Chris started turning red in the face. Chris roommate told her that was ok she dose the same thing and Chris feeling better. That night larry blonde slut tinslee reagan anal banged in her bedroom her out dinner and then after larry took her back to his place.

Larry and Chris start kiss and feeling each other up. Larry had he's right hand on the side of her breast. Chris had her right hand on larry left thigh. Larry start to remove her shirt.

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Chris let him and Larry stop kiss her and start rub her breasts. Chris was rubbing larry cock over his pant. Larry move this mouth down to Chris breasts and started kiss them. Larry put his hand around Chris back a undone her bra. Chris was making noises. Larry decided to kiss her breasts and Chris do not want him to stop.

She put her hand on the back of his head. Then he start lick her nipple it was get hard. Larry stop and ask Chris how she was feeling.

She told him it was great and she love it. Larry unzip his pant and took Chris hand and put inside his pant. Chris start running her fingers up and down his cock. Larry told her how he like what she was doing. She remove her hand and undone his belt and button. She open his pant she saw his cock for the first time. She ask if she could kiss it?

Larry said yes so Chris move off the couch and move between his legs and start kiss his cock. Larry was loving the way Chris was doing. She open her mouth and took the head of the cock in her mouth. Larry teen revenge sex creampie in hairy pussy his hands on the back of her head.

He decided make her take him little deep and he push her head down. She move her head off his cock and pick up her close and told him to drive her home. She was mad as hell at him. Larry told her he was very sorry and he would not do it again. But she did not talk with him all the way to her place. When Chris got to her place she run in the house.

Larry felt bad and droves to a flower shop. When he got there he order some of Chris's favorite flower. Told the woman work at the place to deliver them to Chris place of work. Back at Chris place she was crying on her bed.

She was upset with Larry. She decided to take a hot bath and relax. As she was take a bath. She was get little horny so she start rub her boobs together and looking around in the bathroom. She saw something look like a cock behind the bottle that her roommate had on the bath tub. Chris took it down and put in the hot water with her. Got it all warm and wet. She start rub the toy on her lips.

Then she open her mouth to take the head of the toy in. She took her time and move it more in her mouth pull it out and push it back in. She found out she could take more of that toy if she just relax. Then her pussy was getting hot. She took the toy out of her mouth and put it next to here pussy lips.

Then she start push the toy deep in her and then pull it back out. Then start it again. Her was her really loud.

She know if she keep it up she would cum. She start to scream out a name. It was her new lover Larry. Then her roommate came in and ask if she was ok? Chris try to cover up and hide the toy. But her roommate ask if she saw her toy. Chris turn red and said that she use it. Her roommate said to wash it with soap and water real good when she was done with it.

The next day Chris was at work. When a flower delivery man came in. Ask her if there was a Chris work her and she told him it was her. He gave the flowers to her with a card. She took the flower and open the card to see who it was from. When she saw it was from Larry. She decided to read the card. It said that he was sorry and would like a second chance.

Chris decided to gave Larry a second chance. So she call him later on that night. Larry was getting little nervous about what he did to Chris. But when he hear the phone and saw caller ID and it was Chris. He was happy to hear from her. He said hello Chris. She told him that he was getting a second chance but if he try it again it would me over. Larry said he understand and told her that he would be on his best behavior.

She told him that she call him to make a date with him. He said that he would be great. It took Chris two days to call larry and ask him to come over on Friday night her roommate would be out of town. Larry told her he would be there. Larry stop off a the store to get a bottle of wine. Then he was on the way to Chris's place. When he got there he push the doorbell.

Chris came to the door in a dress that show off her tits and her ass. Larry was dum founded. He just could not take his off her. She ask him to come and make himself at home. He gave her the bottle of wine and told her it was up to her if they would drink it. Chris told him to sit down and she would get dinner for him and her.

Larry did what he was told to do. After dinner they move to the front room and the couch. Chris ask if he would like to kiss. Larry just move little and kiss her on the lips.

Chris was getting hot and start rubbing Larry manhood. Larry just sit there and let Chris run the show. Chris took larry hand and move them to her breasts. Then he start rubbing them over her breasts.

Then Chris undone his belt and pant button. Then unzipped his pants. Larry just kiss her neck and move to her shoulder. Then he start to unzipped her dress. Chris move off the couch and got between larry legs. Open his pant and took out his cock and kiss it and told him if he was good she would gave him what larry wanted. So Larry just sit still and let her do as she please.

She kiss his cock and took it in her sexy chick porn with gal getting fuck satisfaction and start suck on it. Larry want to put his hand on her head. But remember what happen last time. So he just told her that she was doing a good job. He know if she keep it up he would cum in her mouth. Larry told her if she didn't stop she would get a mouth full of cum.

Chris stop and got up and took off her dress and remove her bra. Look and larry cock how big she made it and was so happy with herself. She took Larry by the hand and pull him to her bedroom.

Told he to make her a woman to night. Larry took off the rest of his close. Told Chris to get on the bed. She did she lays with across her bed with her legs open for him. He got between her legs and start kiss her inter thigh. Then saw a wet spot on her pantie. He move closer and ask if he could remove them. She said yes he could.

He put his hand on her hips and slowly pull her pantie down. He was surprised to see a shave pussy. He start kiss and lick and suck on her outer lips and inter lips too. He was made her supper wet. He move up and put his cock up to her pussy. Ask if she was really ready for this. Her said yes please fuck me. He push in a little and stop. Then he push little more in and stop again. Chris was feeling his cock deep inside and was happy. Then larry move little more he look down and saw he was all the way in.

He ask her how it felt. She told her it was great. Larry start pull out to just the head was in and then push back in. Slow at first and then start moving fast. Chris was feeling larry cock moving in and out of her. She was love it. She told him that he's was cummmmmming. Larry felt her pussy milking his cock. He know it would not me long be for he came too. He ask Chris if he could cum on her breasts and she told him yes.

So larry pull his cock and move up to her breasts. He start to jack his cock off. He know it would be just a minute to he cum. Chris felt a warm wet landing on her tits. She look down and saw a rope of cum come out of his cock and fly up to her face.

It just landed on her neck. She told larry that was nice. They fell asleep in each other Larry got up first and start kiss Chris on her breasts.

Chris open her eyes and smile at him. She roll on her back so larry could get to her breast better. He move one hand down to her pussy and start rubbing her hairless pussy. She open her legs a little to let him little more of her pussy to him. Larry found her clit and rub it little fast.

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Larry move over her to get into 69 position. Chris open her legs wide. So larry could lick her more. She felt him cock next to her face it was not as big as it was last night. She turn her head and stuck out her tongue to lick his head. Chris saw the cock start get little bigger.

She open her mouth and let larry to put his cock in. Larry felt a warm wet mouth on his cock. He stars suck on her clit and rubbing it with his fingers. He could hear moaning with his cock in her mouth. He start fuck her mouth as he suck on her clit. He pulled his cock out of her mouth she try to get it back. Larry to her that if she was good she would get it back. Larry move down between her legs granny can still grip and ride the missionary.

Chris reach down and took his cock in her hand and move to her pussy lips. He move his hips forward so his cock would push in.

She was wet and in went so easy. He move his hips back and forward little faster on each thrust. Larry was starting to moan with thrust and Chris was moan with him. He bend down and kiss her nipples. She ask if they could try a different position? Larry said yes, what position would you like to try?

Chris said could we try doggy style. Larry pull his torshuge ass fleshlike sex toy out of her and let her get up. As she got up she saw his cock cover with her love juices.

She turn and suck his cock and said that she teased good. Turn her around and got behind her and put his cock on her opening. Larry push his cock in as deep as it would go. Start thrust little faster each time. She felt him balls hitting her clit. She was moaning little more loud with each thrust. He know it would not be long before she cum.

He keep thrust his cock in and out. He felt her pussy muscles take hold of his cock. He know she was cummmmmming and as he felt her pussy milk his cock and she scream out loud his name. He pulled out and saw how wet his cock was. He told Chris to turn around and stay on all fours. She did what she was told to do.

Larry told her to open her mouth. She open it and he push his cock it. She love the was it tastes with her love juice on. He start to thrust his hips back and fourth. She felt him cock get bigger and did not know why. She would find out soon. Then she hear Larry scream out her name and told her he was cummmming. Then she felt a wet and warm liquid in her mouth. She try to swallowing it all but some of larry cum out of the corner of her mouth and drip on the bed. Then Chris reach over to her nightstand and got a glass of water to wash down the last of larry cum.Larry pull her over to him and hug her and said that he love her.

Chris told him she did too. They lady back down on the bed and fall asleep again after a good morning of sex. To Larry and Chris surprise. Chris's roommate was watching last half of there love make.