Hot and sexy blonde year old gets fucked hard

Hot and sexy blonde year old gets fucked hard
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------------------------------ Chapter 1: The Room ------------------------------ "I want to try something new tonight." "Like what?" I asked.

"First I gotta tell you something and you have to promise not to freak out." This got me sitting up. It wasn't like I didn't trust Katie, but something about the way that she said that made me nervous. We'd been dating for a year and we still hadn't had sex yet. What if she was getting it from somewhere else? I didn't really believe that she would, but these are the types of things that play through a man's mind when he hasn't stabbed his flag in his girlfriend's fertile soil.

Also he starts mixing metaphors.

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"Is it the kind of thing that I should freak out about?" "See… I don't know. This isn't something I've run into before." "I promise not to freak out about it." Now I was curious. "I want to try exhibitionism." "Really?" I could see she was still waiting for my full reaction. "To be clear, we are talking about you showing your…" She nodded vigourously.

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"I don't see anything wrong with that, I guess. What made you decide this?" "Here's the part I'm not so sure you'll like. Remember last week when I had to leave here in a rush to get to that lecture?" I nodded. "Well, I couldn't find my panties on my way out.

I wouldn't be surprised if you ate them too in your rush to get at my pussy." I smiled. If there was one thing I was getting out of this relationship, it was oral experience. "So what did you do for panties?" "See, that's the thing: I didn't wear any.

I couldn't find any so I went without them." "That doesn't sound like you." "Right! Normally I would think that too but I guess I was still cum-addled and not really thinking straight so I just went! Anyways, I get to class and take my regular seat on the second row back from the prof. I don't realize for a while but my skirt had ridden up just enough to not teen forced rough dp cry my pussy.

I don't know how lewd it looked, but I noticed that the prof spent the entire second half of the lecture sitting at his desk!" "Which prof was that?" "Sir Edgemont." "What? He always says that he can't think unless his legs are moving! I'm pretty sure he's got a treadmill in his office." "Exactly! He must have sat down to get a better look…" "And never stood up cause of his hard-on! At his age, that's impressive." Katie smacked me across the head playfully.

"Oh yeah, and he was looking at the most beautiful pair of lips on the campus." Katie narrowed her eyes to give me a sultry look so I continued, "And if he was sitting and you were on the raised second lara introduces her man to a little shemale action, he would have had a perfect view and almost no one else would have seen!" I grinned lecherously, this was exciting me vicariously.

"Did you figure it out at the time?" "Not right away, but when he sat down, I knew there was something odd. He wasn't too obvious with his eyes either, so it took me almost the whole way through class to realize I was on display to him.

Here's the thing though, it didn't occur to me to close my legs. I blushed and I wiggled uncomfortably but then Sir Edgemont gave me this approving look and I just felt warm all over.

I liked it. There's just no describing the thrill of knowing… I don't know." "I think I might. Why'd you think that I would freak out about that?" "I've done it again since." "Oh. That is worse. You should have told me straight away." "I know but I was just working up the courage, and I wasn't sure if you would react this well and another opportunity presented itself and I don't know what came over me…" "What happened the second time?" "My roommate had her little brother visiting… Don't look at me like that!

He's 15 not 12. It's not like I'm some kind of perv. Anyways he kept trying to catch glimpses of me naked, so I just… gave him a little show. I pretended I didn't know he was there when my roommate was out and I walked naked from the shower to my room.

I was rubbing a towel over my hair and, coincidentally, my eyes," Katie grinned lecherously at that, "so he probably thought that I never saw him. After a few minutes I came out fully dressed and asked him if he'd been there the whole time, to complete the ruse." "You are so devious." I crawled across the bed towards my beautiful girlfriend and nuzzled my head underneath her skirt.

I guess I shouldn't have been surprised to find that she was not wearing panties, but I was nonetheless. "So you want to continue the exhibitionist streak tonight." She groaned a yes. "What d'you have in mind?" "I want to start slow. Maybe some plausible deniability?" "Yes, I think that would be best. How about a clothing malfunction?" Katie nodded thoughtfully, "Yeah. But what should I show off?" "Your tits.

Your tits are perfect; I want people to know what I've got." I whispered as I licked her nipples. "You are really getting into this." Katie smiled at me. "I guess the thought of you showing off your body just gets me turned on. People will get a glimpse of heaven before it goes home with me." "God, you are so romantic," she gasped as I returned to eating her pussy, "make me cum, Charlie.

Make your slut girlfriend cum." I stopped. "I'm sorry, what did you call yourself? A slut? How are you a slut?" Katie sat up a little and I decided to keep fingering her, to keep her horny. "A slut is a girl who enjoys sex, Charlie!" she groaned in time with my finger thrusts. I leaned up to her ear, somewhat menacingly "How would you know if you enjoy sex? huh? You're too afraid to even fuck your year long boyfriend." Katie tried to back up off my hand but I followed her until her back was against the headboard.

She whimpered, "Charlie, stop, you're scaring me." So I backed off, pulling my hand from her pussy. I knew she would have been relatively close to cumming when I left her unsatisfied, and now would be regretting her reticence. "Baby, wait a second, I didn't mean…come back and finish!" She changed her tone to one of seductive bargaining, "I'll blow you." I stopped at the door, something had occurred to me. "Yeah?" I turned around with a grin. Katie smiled.

I could tell she thought her will had overcome mine and She may be stubborn, but I'm a cunning linguist.

I dove back onto the bed amidst Katie's excited shrieks of laughter. She was very busty amateur cate in tight blue spandex down there and I set about cleaning up her juices with my tongue.

Suddenly I could feel her pussy clench up subtly, the signal that her orgasm was close. I drifted down her inner thighs, kissing and licking my way up and down in false romanticism. Occasionally I would drift back up briefly to lick her vulva or clit, keeping her in a constant state of near-orgasm.

When her arousal became too much, she would shoot a hand of her own down to finish the job, but every time I would grab it and keep it away; kissing the hand to show that she was taking even more of my attention away from her red hot pussy. I looked into her eyes and smiled so that she would realize the only way she was going to get to cum is if I let her. She started bucking against my face, trying to get off, but I was always too clever for her.

This continued for minutes until Katie was completely exhausted from trying and was looking at me with eyes crazed with lust. "Do it." She growled, defeated. I smiled and pulled out my rock hard cock from its shorts and lined it up with Katie's pussy. "Wait!" she whimpered, body shaking with denied pleasure.

I looked into her eyes and slowly penetrated her pussy. She didn't say anything else, just closed her eyes and felt my cock entering her.

My cock was squeezed by muscles that had never before squeezed at an intruder and were rippling with excitement. I bumped up against her hymen. I had never had sex with a virgin before, but I knew that was what it must have been.

She winced and I went no delicious latina pleasures a monster black dong. "Is this O.K?" I asked, moving her head to face me.

She didn't smile, which worried me, but then she looked into my eyes with almost a look of acceptance. I kissed her passionately and she kissed back, pushing her pussy the rest of the way down my cock until she was entirely impaled. It was maybe the happiest moment of my life. The relief that she shared herself with me instead of me taking it all the way took the pressure off of me and I was able to just enjoy being inside her.

Warm, wet, deep. She bit my tongue as it explored her mouth, probably as a reflex to the sensation of her torn hymen. She bit for less than a second, catching herself and relaxing her jaw. The pain of my tongue somehow got worked into the pleasure of being inside her. I felt that the bite was meant to be, as if I was to share in her pain, at least in some small part.

Katie was tighter than the other girl I had been with, and her muscles seemed to get into the action more, tightening and rippling along the length of my shaft. She broke the kiss and wrapped her arms around the back of my neck to pull her body close to mine.

I couldn't see her face as her head was over my right shoulder but I felt her jaw opening and closing with no sound coming out.

Confirming my suspicions was a torrent of cum that soaked my crotch and left her shaking body hanging off of my powerful frame. The knowledge that I had made my girlfriend cum on my cock was enough for me so I laid her back down on the bed and with several final thrusts I emptied my reservoirs into her womb. Or so I imagined. The final act was to lean down to her ear and whisper, "I love you." "God damn you, Charlie." Katie said exhaustedly.

I grinned sheepishly at her so that she couldn't be mad. "How am I ever going to get any work done now that I know what that feels like?" I pulled out and laid beside her. "Well, I suppose we'll have to get a schedule." Katie laughed and curled against my arm.

I fell into the most blissful sleep of my life. ------------------------------------- Chapter 2: The Apartments ------------------------------------- I woke up and Katie was not at my side. I could smell food cooking in the kitchen and made my way over to the door. I should explain how my apartment works. There are two bedrooms that open into a shared kitchen and common room with a shared bathroom off to the side.

It's a very small place compared to a regular apartment, but for a student, it was not too shabby. I walked silently into the kitchen and looked at my roommate's door. It was closed, thankfully. Silas was an excellent roommate. He was always tidy and respectful of my privacy, especially when Katie was over.

Now, however, I was worried because Katie appeared to only be wearing an apron over her gorgeous body. The smell and the popping of the bacon would conceal my presence to the naked woman until it was too late. I crept up behind her and grabbed her mouth, wrapping the other hand around her waist. My hand muffled her inevitable yelp and I kissed the back of her neck violently.

"What do you think you're doing?" I said playfully as I ground her ass against my rigid shorts. "Silas might see you like this." I released her mouth so that she could respond to me.

"He's not here." She turned and kissed me, more passionately than I can remember. I felt like she had a renewed fire in her that I had lit. "He made his excuses and left pretty early after seeing me." I gave Katie a quizzical look.

"It was an accident. I thought I could get from your room to the bathroom and back without needing to put on clothes, but on the return trip he came out of his room. I froze up a little and didn't really move. He actually backed into his room before I could react properly and when I went back in he started making breakfast. I put on that giant t-shirt from your pudgy days," she grabbed the skin around my belly, "and went back to apologize.

He apologized before I could say anything, of course, and I just reassured him that it was my fault." "You said he made excuses?" "That was cute legal age teenager honey sucks dick hiddencam hardcore when he left. Said something about needing to go for a swim." "A cold one, I bet." "Yeah," she giggled uncertainly. "I should have put on more, though.

Just a t-shirt was too little. I made him uncomfortable." "So? He'll just have to get used to it." "What? Me being naked in your place? I don't know if I want people that I know knowing that I am an exhibitionist. I want it to be anonymous; or at least seem accidental." "I've noticed a pattern forming. I think that you do want to be seen.

Unconsciously. Think about it, every time that you get seen, it's in a circumstance that you created and you react to it like a true exhibitionist. With Sir Edgemont you didn't feel the need to close your legs, with your roommate's brother you covered your eyes so he could get a shame-free look, with Silas you chose to run to the bathroom naked and when you're seen you 'freeze'.

Everyway you react is done so that you can be seen for longer and more intensely. It's probably the hottest thing fetish you have." "It's my only fetish." "I doubt that very much.

Sick minded individuals like us tend to have a few buried fetishes we haven't discovered yet. And a few we wished we'd left down there." "Do you have any fetishes I don't know about?" I paused. Should I tell her? She might not react well at all and then what if she told people? This was dangerous territory.

Looking at her, it became clear that she was growing impatient with my silent thinking. I decided to just go for it. "Uh… well… I guess, like, rape?" "Rape." She looked shocked but there was something else there that made me hopeful.

"Yeah, like, taking a girl against her will, but then she starts to get into it and… you know what, forget I said anything. That was stupid." "Who would you take?" "What do you mean?" "If you could just fuck a girl against her will, who would you fuck? If she doesn't need to consent then you can fuck anyone; who would you fuck?" "I was dating her." Katie scoffed, clearly dismissing my choice as ass-kissing. "Katie, I wasn't into rape porn before I met you, but around the six month mark I was getting so sexually frustrated that I needed an outlet.

I discovered that I really liked it when the woman didn't seemingly have a choice; which, at the time, was very unsettling for me. What really scared me though was that you took the place in all of my fantasies.

And I will admit that before I discovered rape porn you weren't even in all of my fantasies. After, though, you were the only girl I thought of and it consumed me with guilt. I've wanted to rape you so much." Katie sat in thought. I knew that anything extra I would say would be ignored or be detrimental and I was starting to regret ending on "I've wanted to rape you so much" when she spoke up. "I'm surprisingly alright with that." "Really?" "Yes.

I kind of knew I was driving you crazy this past year. I'm sorry for that. I didn't know it would be that good, though. I figured if I could keep you at bay by sucking your cock then I wouldn't have to fuck you. I had no idea it was having this effect. What I remember about last night is that you were provided with an opportunity to rape me and instead you asked me if I wanted to continue." I hadn't thought of it like that. It was basically rape the way it started, but then I didn't go too far.

She might have even liked it if I had raped her, but this way she knows I would never hurt her. "You're a really good guy, Charlie. And I want you to open my mind to this world that I've been blind to. Make me your slut." She smiled, "I can say that now, right?" I whipped off her apron, leaving her totally naked and vulnerable.

"Not yet. I don't think you've earned it yet." I gestured at her naked body, "but you're headed in the right direction." I moved the burnt bacon off the stove and switched off the element while leaning in for a kiss, and then picked my girlfriend up by her ass cheeks and rested her wet pussy on my shirt's belly. I carried her into the bedroom and we made love again. All the while I was thinking about what I would do with the power my girlfriend had just given me in our relationship.

It was like she had named me the blow job games end with sexy fucking of sexual relations. Actually, the second time was not my best. I came really quickly and she had not cum yet.

I was embarrassed to have cum so easily but when I went down on her my own cum kept getting in my mouth and putting me off. In the end I fingered her to completion, but it was nowhere near as big an orgasm as last night had been. I supposed that I had actually cum as fast the night before, but it hadn't mattered because Katie was so worked up that she came first and time seemed to be going slower for me. Needless to say, I intended to make up for it at some point during the day. After we were done, Katie suggested that we go out on the town, and that I pick her clothes.

I agreed, but we would have to go to her place first to have options. We got dressed quickly (both of us eschewing underwear), gobbled up the crisp, dry bacon, and left the apartment.

We walked to the elevator and got in with Mrs. Culairen and her young son, Tommy. Tommy stood beside Katie, nearly at eye level with the bottom of her short skirt. I wasn't paying much attention at first, but shortly after the lift started moving I noticed the little guy lifting up the back of my girlfriend's skirt and looking underneath.

I looked at my girlfriend's face; she was facing me with an awkward, shocked look that said "Do you see what this kid is doing? What the fuck, right?" I looked over at Mrs. Culairen, who was on her phone the whole time and was still unaware of her kid's misconduct.

I grinned at Katie and whispered into her ear: "Let him look. Curiosity is very healthy." And when I said "very" I pinched her nipple lightly. She opened her mouth in amazement, probably both at my audaciousness and at the shame of having a little boy exploring her most private areas with his eyes.

The elevator stopped and Tommy ran after his mother, who had not yet even checked to see if he was following her. Before he left sight, though, he looked back at Katie and smiled. We stepped off the lift and walked out of the building before we said anything to each other.

"Am I a pedophile?" Katie asked. "What? No!" "I'm not so sure. You were talking about fetishes and I just got really turned on from that kid looking at my pussy. What if I am a pedophile?" "Did you want to fuck Tommy?" I asked incredulously. "Well, no, but that might be solely because it would be impossible.

I wanted to fuck. While he was down there, I wanted to fuck. I don't know who." "I think you're an exhibitionist first and that was probably the source of your horniness. The fact that it was a kid is purely incidental." "I'm still not 100%, but thank you, that does make me feel better about it." We had to wait at the bus stop for nearly ten minutes before it came and then we had a good ten minute bus ride to get to her apartment.

We talked about a few different things, nothing important, really. But I was watching out for opportunities to show off Katie's body. It was amazing to me how quickly I had made the transition from protective boyfriend to vicarious exhibitor.

The back of the bus was slightly enclosed and the driver would have trouble seeing back there so we decided that it was the best seating option for our purposes. On either side of the back were two rows of seats against the wall facing each other. We sat there and aimed our bodies out towards the front of the bus. Katie's bald cunny was facing out into the rest of the bus for anyone to see.

I couldn't see anyone doing it overtly, but a couple of times, I could swear that people's eyes would dart away from Katie when I looked at them. The bus pulled up to our stop and we got off, but not before Katie took one last opportunity to flash herself. She jumped off the the bus' stairs so the wind could catch her skirt and briefly show her pert ass cheeks to the bus driver. He smiled in a way that made me think he might have known what we were doing the whole time.

I liked Katie's apartment. It was a small flat surrounded by healthy vines and the checkered fence that they grew through. The lot was dominated by a garden filled with prize winning eggplants owned by the Landlady. The Landlady was a crotchety old grandma-type that showed up to the house everyday to tend to her obvious substitute for babies.

With this and the fact that tenants were expected to water the plants periodically, the rent was quite low. This was good because most of Katie's older siblings had gone to uni or college which meant there was little education funding left to be found for Katie. That's why she also worked as a waitress at a diner a few blocks away. We entered her backyard and carefully stepped on the cobblestone path leading to her door.

The Landlady was crouched in the corner of a big patch of naughty lesbo dolls are stretching and fist fucking anals with her backbone-ridged curving Gollum-like spine curling her body over top of her "babies". "Good Morning." Katie said with a nervous cheeriness. The old woman's only response was to wave the back of her hand at us over her shoulder.

The gesture was half dismissal and half acknowledgement. We took our polite leave and entered Katie's flat. The place was a mess; like always, but this time the clothes seemed to be strewn all over the living room floor instead of the bedroom floor. In fact, I noticed that the white college girl enjoy toys on pussy webcam live consisted of one of each item; a full set for one boy and one girl.

While I was figuring this out, Katie had crept up to the door of her roommate and was waving me over. As I got closer I realized what her expression had meant. Her roommate's bed was quiet, but the bed was distinctly creaking in a solid rhythm that was impressive in speed. "She's banging someone in there!" Katie hissed scandalously. "Do you know who it would be? I didn't think she had a boyfriend." "She doesn't.

She also never has guys over. I'm not sure if she has any guy friends." "When did she think you were coming back?" "Oh Shit! I told her I'd packed a set of clothes, though I hadn't, and wouldn't be back until tonight. I figured I wouldn't come back until 3:00 during her psych class with water spilt on my chest so her brother could get another look at my tits." "Ok, for that plan to work you would have had wife creampie while husband sleep have set it up before even talking to me which meant that you either knew I would like the idea or it wouldn't matter if I did.

But anyways, what I'm saying is that it is conceivable that she had planned to bring a guy over because she knew you would be gone for the day." "She would have to get rid of her brother, too." "Yeah… Where is her brother?" "I don't know. She probably sent him to a ebony fellow bangs gorgeous girl interracial and hardcore or something… Oh.

Wait, no, there's his shoes right there inside the door. He must be here." I cautiously pushed open the door to Katie's room, half-expecting her Roommate's brother to be sitting on the bed, headphones plugged in and shutting out all external (sister-banging) noises. When he was not there, I felt a nervous foreboding building in my stomach. I looked at the bathroom door.

It was ajar, but I was still hoping that I would open it and find a shocked and disgusted Roommate's brother staring up at me from the toilet. That would be better than… "Wait. Stop.

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Don't look in the bathroom second. If he's not in there then we've set up the third door classic trope that is in every movie with doors! The third door is always the bad door. The bad thing is never behind door number two." she gestured at her Roommates door.

"Open their door second. That way we've broken from the script!" "First of all: don't refer to it as "their door" already, we don't want to jump to conclusions.

Secondly, there is no script. What does that even mean?" We both stopped as the creaking had died done and we'd just noticed.

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Suddenly it started back up again. "Jesus, he's quick for seconds, that one. Why can't you be like that?" She smacked me across the chest. "Stop jumping to the conclusion that your roommate and her brother are banging in that room!" "You've got to admit that the evidence is pretty strong." "Evidence? What evidence? Show me any actual proof!" Katie walked up to the door and whipped it open.

I fell back against her door in laughter; jumping up and down on the bed was her sweaty Roommate and her Brother. "Hey Katie! Wanna join us on the bed? It's a great workout!" The whole room smelled like sweat and something else.

"No… I, uh, just wanted to let you know that I'm home to get some clothes and I'll be off again." "Ok. Why would I need to know that?" "Your Roommate brings up a good point, Katie, why does she need to know that?" I laughed, selling my girlfriend down the river.

She glared at me as she closed the door to their room (and simply did not answer her Roommate's reasonable question). "You asshole! Why the fuck didn't you help me out there?" "You made your bed, now sail it up the creek without a paddle. Besides, what kind of person jumps to the conclusion that their roommate is banging their brother?" "You were thinking it too!" "Yeah but I don't know your roommate very well so I can more easily make up what she behaves like in my head.

You're stuck with knowing her well and still thinking she's a brother-fucker." "I don't know. I just get some weird vibes from those two… sometimes." She made her way into her room, "C'mon, let's dress me like a slut." Who was I to disagree with the honest woman's suggestion.

We stepped into her room and closed the door. Katie was undoing the buttons on her cheap dress shirt when I reached forward and yanked down her skirt to reveal her bald pussy to the demons that control my mouth when I want to end an encounter with her cum squirting in it. I attacked her pussy before she was even done unbuttoning her shirt. "Stop it, you idiot, or you'll never see me dressed." I stopped. "Wait a minute… Is that an option?" She smacked me away from her beautiful pussy and took off the rest of her shirt.

Now I was staring at her two gorgeous c-cup breasts with the perfectly rounded pink nipples. I couldn't resist: I pulled her back onto my lap and growing hard on.

She felt it through my shorts, she must of because she immediately started to grind her wet pussy into me. I pulled out my cock for the third time in 12 hours and aimed it at the same pussy with the same intent to fill it with my cum. It wasn't like I wanted to get her pregnant but I was certainly trying to. I slipped it into that soft velvety warmth once more and spent the first minute trying to get a rhythm going. The second minute was hard and furious thrusts that made Katie grunt sliping mom end son pron though in pain (but I suspect was not because babe moans loudly as she plays her pussy kept riding me hard all the way through).

The third minute… there was no third minute. "Fuck! Seriously?" I asked my mutinous cock and balls as they dropped their payload deep in my girlfriend's vagina. Katie didn't say anything, she just quietly hopped off, and her disappointment was so much worse than any of the angry tirades I deserved for cumming so fast.

I guess it was just instilled in my mind that the woman was supposed to cum before the man, but for me it so rarely worked like that. I was probably being too hard on myself. We looked for the perfect outfit for dozens of minutes and I won't go into details about the whole process but the one we settled on was a robin's egg blue bikini top that was two sizes too large for her (probably from the grandma that thought she was a lot bustier than she really was and kept sending wrong-sized breast paraphernalia), and a pair of very tight, white bikini bottoms that cameltoed in what she described to be "a very comfortable way." She sent me out so she could "put on the finishing touches" and I came upon the Roommate's brother eating cereal in the living room.

"Hi, uh, Roommate's brother." "My name is Todd." "My name is Charlie." There was a not-insignificant pause. "That was a close one, eh?" "What do you mean?" "Well, we were this close to just walking away without ever checking to see what you guys were actually doing and assuming you and your sister were. you know." "That would have been a terrible thing to jerk off fast for me by mistress hotwifevenus Todd said, somewhat woodenly.

"Yeah, I know, right?." Katie had just come out of her room so I directed this at her, "Some people." while shaking my head and grinning. Todd looked up and nearly spat out his food at the sight of my girlfriend. The sight was somewhat diminished as I had seen the exact same one just minutes before. What had been her "finishing touches". "We ready to go?" Katie asked, gesturing towards the door.

"Indeed. To the Beach!" ----------------- Next chapter------------- The Beach ----------------- Author's note So I'm hoping to put out new stories on a more regular basis with some fresh ideas and a healthy continuation of established ideas.

Please send constructive feedback in comments here or to my inbox.