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Hardcore bombshell mea melone banged by huge dicks up her tight asshole
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The Wrestler I have been coaching at a local wrestling club for about three months now and it is getting harder and harder to do. The reason…Angela. She is the owner's daughter and she is fifteen. She is absolutely beautiful. She stands 5'6" and is a light skinned Puerto Rican. Her upper body is strong but pales in comparison to her legs. They are toned and muscular yet still maintain a sexy feel.

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Her lips are full and when she smiles, I can't help but shudder. Her perfect teeth combined with those lips make it hard not grab a hold of her and fall into a deep kiss.

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I am a white male who is 38 years old and in good shape. I started wrestling when I was 8 years old and began coaching in an effort to pass on my knowledge. Little did I know that I would be passing on more than my wrestling knowledge.

Angela's father Carlos was a childhood friend of mine though he was a few years younger. He and his family were all trouble makers but weren't we all?

At one point, Carlos was sent to prison for assault and after he was released he made a pact to himself to not allow any other kids to get lost between the cracks.

The work he is doing is working and I'm proud to be a part of it. The problem is…Angela. I started to see her during the season while I was coaching a different team.

I would watch her wrestle the boys and most of the time she would beat them. I found myself feeling a bit jealous they were able to put their hands on her while I had to sit on the side and watch.

After the season is when I went to Carlos and offered my services. He gladly accepted as he knew I was technically sound and on the same page regarding discipline and hard work. Coaching Tuesdays and Thursday sexy milf threesome sex with a couple in the bathroom was going great. The kids were really responding the hoerse and woman porn six scandal becoming good wrestlers.

As I walked around the gym I would see Angela stretching and working out. Damn she was beautiful and the little shorts she wore didn't leave much to the imagination. The problem was that what was left to the imagination was exactly what I was interested in.

After one Thursday practice, Coach Carlos and his wife Cynthia approached me. They both stated how happy they were to have me be a part of the program and could see the benefits.

That was when things changed. Cynthia asked "Coach Tyler, would you be interested in doing one on one coaching sessions?". Not thinking before I spoke, I replied "Aboslutely, I'd love too. Any wrestler that wants to get better, I'm willing to work with". That's when a huge smile came across both Carlos and Cynthia's faces. "That's great brother" quipped Carlos, "Angela has been begging me to have you show her some things.

Can you stay late tonight and get started?" I was a little stunned when they said Angela. I had mixed feelings. On one hand, I was extremely psyched because Angela has such potential. On the other hand, the thought of rolling around with her for an hour had me a bit aroused. After quickly thinking about things, I responded it would be no problem. Let's get going. Angela walked back in the gym, her skin glistening from the earlier practice.

Damn was she beautiful. I looked at her as she smiled at me. I felt frozen in time. That's when the monkey step mom accidentally sucks sons dick in shower was thrown into the mix.

Carlos came over to me and said "Tyler, Cynthia and I have to leave to get the other kids home and ready for school. Can you work with Angela and lock up afterwards?" This man was going to leave his daughter with me all alone? I guess that means he doesn't see the lust in my eyes when I watch her.

After some quick thoughts, I agreed to close the gym after my one on one with Angela. In a few short minutes, Angela and I were alone. We got right to work. I'm not sure if I did it on purpose but we worked moves from the bottom which left me on top of her most of the time.

We worked sit-outs, stand ups, and switches. She was really absorbing what I was teaching. We were twenty minutes in on our hour session when she started to get sloppy. I broke her down and she didn't fight to get back up.

With all my weight on her, I began to chastise her for not being explosive. "You can't just lie there and let me keep my hips on your butt. You have to make room in order to escape." That's when she slightly turned her head and said "What if I don't want to escape?". Oh there was that smile again.

For a split second, I was with her. I didn't want her to escape but then I snapped back. "What wrestler wants to be controlled?" I asked. She replied "One who feels safe and secure with their captor" smile still beaming on her face. "Get some water and get back in here in two minutes" I barked. As she stood up, I just gazed at her beautiful body.

Her shorts riding up in the back, shirt all disheveled. Damn, this was really trying my patience. When she returned, my mind was still a little cloudy. Did she really want to be under my control? Was she aware of the feelings she was causing by being so damn beautiful? "Coach…Coach? Are you ok?" Angela said snapping me out of my haze.

"Yeah girly, I'm here" was my reply. "What were you thinking about when I came in?" she asked. "Nothing, lets get back to work" I said. We started rolling around and it happened again. She stayed on the bottom with no real effort to escape. That's when I put my forearm in the back of her neck as she lay flat on her belly. "If you don't try to escape, your opponent will have their way with you, is that what you want?" I asked. With a slight groan from my weight being on her, she answered "Yes Coach, that's what I want." I felt my cock tingle and start to grow.

With forearm still in neck, I asked "Really? Then that is what I will do." I slowly put my face next to her ear and whispered "I'm going to work you over and make you understand that's not a wrestler's mentality." I grabbed one of her arms and had both of my hands on that arm.

I pulled it close while pushing my mature housewife seduces younger man to turn on hubby into her ass. To my surprise, she pushed her ass back and groaned. With one of my hands, I reached up for her neck and "accidentally" brushed her breast. While not yet fully grown they were beautiful. As I began to man-handle her, both of us sweating, she began to turn to her back.

This is a no-no for any wrestler. As she struggled to get to her back, I jumped guard and ended up between her legs and she instinctively wrapped them around my body. At this point, we were face to face with each other and my ever growing cock began to press into her.

I started to get up to reset but she quickly pulled back to her. "Coach, please don't get up. "she says with the most innocent of looks. I didn't know what to do as I lay on top of this beautiful fifteen year old who was literally holding me on her. "Coach, I asked my dad to have you give me a one on one lesson so we could be alone. The only thing is that I don't want one on one wrestling instructions.

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I want you to teach me to be a woman. Before you say anything, please hear me out". I lay on her stunned at what I was hearing.

"I have watched you coach all of us kids and not just in wrestling but also how to be good people. I love my dad but he doesn't understand that I'm growing up and becoming a woman. He won't even let me wear make-up" she said. I interjected without hesitation "You are so beautiful, you don't need any make-up. There it was again, that smile. "That's why I chose you!" she retorted. "Chose me?" I asked.

"Yes, you are my coach. Please teach me to be a woman, Coach" she pleaded. I couldn't take it anymore. I lowered my face to hers and slowly started to kiss her. At first, it was just touching our lips together but slowly I extended my tongue and she responded in kind.

After a few minutes of this, I was fully erect and grinding into her pelvis. Both of our sweaty bodies were perfectly meshed and in rhythm as we both grinded against each other.

I raised up off of her and told her "If you want to be a woman, you will listen to my words and obey them, do you understand?". "Yes Coach, I will obey" she replied. "Take your top off baby" I instructed. She sat up and did just that revealing her beautiful breasts. They were sweaty and inviting and I wasn't waiting any longer.

I leaned forward and took her breast in my mouth. It was salty and sticky yet so satisfying. I flicked her nipple with my tongue as she moaned in approval. Her hands were holding my head close to her bosom as I switched from breast to breast.

I quickly took off my shirt and flipped her over. As I lay on top her, our skin slipping against each other I began to grind her ass with my stiff cock poking her cloth shorts. I grabbed her hair in one hand and lifter her head.

I began to suck and kiss on her neck while continuing to grind her. "Is this what you wanted?" I asked. "Yes Coach" was her only words. I told her "I want you to execute a stand-up with all your energy.

Ready go". With a fierce force, she lifted to her base and began to stand up. As she did so, I grabbed the short shorts she was wearing and pulled them down to her ankles.

At this point, she looked back at me and was visibly shaken. It was her first time being naked in front of a man and I could tell she was uncomfortable. "Freeze" I said. As she stood there with her shorts around her ankles, my face was staring directly at her beautiful ass.

I took my hands, spread her ass cheeks, and slowly started licking her. Her anxiousness slowly dissipated and she began to grind her ass back on my face. Instinctively, she stepped out of her shorts to allow her legs to spread. She tasted wonderful but White college girl enjoy toys on pussy webcam live wasn't satisfied yet.

I executed a back heel trip to bring her down to her belly and quickly rolled her over. I quickly dove into her young pussy and began licking furiously. She grabbed my head and lifted her hips which gave me a full access. Her legs ended up around my head as she dug her little nails into my head. "I'm cumming Coach" as she sprayed my face with her seed. My face was glistening with her juices and my cock was extremely hard and in need of attention.

At this point, I stood up. "On your knees" I instructed. She rose up and was sitting on her heels as her face was directly sweet chick vanessa cage fucking hard for pleasure front of my cock. "You are going to learn to deep throat. It is a required skill of a woman and one that doesn't come easily. You will feel like you are being choked and spit and tears will appear. It is ok, just relax and stay focused.

Now open your mouth". She opened her mouth and started to take me in. At first she stayed on the first two inches, when all of a sudden I grabbed the back of her head and slammed it down on all seven inches. As I held her head, she started to push away when I told her "Relax and open your throat and everything will be ok".

As she slowly relaxed, the gagging subsided and teen victoria valencia gets used by her hung bosses was finally resting with my cock in her throat.

"Now start to go up and down and make Coach happy". And that's exactly what she did. I found it hard to believe this was her first blow job but knowing her controlling and protective daddy it most likely was.

I was so excited but didn't want to cum yet, I sadly pushed her off of my cock. "On your back Angela" I instructed and she obediently moved there. I asked "Are you a virgin?". "Yes Coach" she replied. "This may hurt a bit but it will eventually feel better.

As I crawled on top of her and lined my cockhead up with her pussy I could see the fear in her eyes. "It's ok baby, Coach is here for you". I started to push in and she started to tense up. Slowly, inch by inch I started to bury myself inside her until I felt her hymen. "Ok, this is going to be a sharp pain, Are you ready?" I asked.

"Yes Coach, I'm ready". With one firm push, her cherry was popped. As I look into her eyes, I see a tear forming in the corner of her eye. I paused and gave her time to adjust to me being inside of her.

Once the pain has subsided, I began to slowly stroke hungry bbws sucking on their subject and cant get enough and out of her wet pussy. "Oh Coach, that feels very good. Please don't stop. Please make me cum again." "I'm going to make you cum baby. Cum for Coach." was my reply. As I continued to stroke, I felt her start to tense and then she cums like I've never felt before. She squirts all over my cock soaking me and the mat beneath us.

Breathing heavy, she says "Coach, I want to make you cum now. Please let me make you cum". I continue to stroke and whisper in her ear "I'm getting close. When I am ready you will rise to your knees and take me in your mouth. Do you understand?". "Yes Coach".

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Feeling the buildup in my balls, I slowly rise and tell her "To your knees" baby. She quickly rises to her knees and sees my cock directly in front of her face.

As I begin to stroke my cock I tell her "Open your mouth baby". As she opens her mouth, I begin to erupt as the first shot of cum hits her in the eye and the second enters her mouth.

After three more ropes of cum land on her beautiful teeth, she is all smiles. She starts to clean the cum out of her eye and licks it off her fingers. She takes my sensitive cock in her mouth and begins to clean me. After we get dressed and lock up the gym, I offer her a ride home. The short ten minute ride was silent and as we pulled up I saw Antony outside detailing his truck. Shit I think, will he know that I just took his daughter's virginity in his gym?

Stay calm is all I can think. As Angela gets out of the car, she big tits british chick pov back at me and says "Thanks for the one on one Coach, I learned a lot".

Flashing that smile once more, she turns and goes into the house. Carlos comes over to my truck and asks how it went. "It went great. I think she learned a lot. Anytime, you want me to work with her let me know". "Thanks bro, actually I was hoping you could work with Savanna next" he says. "She could learn a lot from you. Then maybe you could work both of them out". It was then that he winked at me and said "If they have to learn how to be women, who better than you to teach.

Maybe Cynthia could use a lesson or two as well". Riding home, all I could think about was that Carlos has recruited me to teach his ladies how to be women. Volunteer work and giving back is very rewarding. Part 2??