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Redhead princess alice green rides big cock in front of milf darla crane
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A Different Type of Fun at the Fair Part 02 Written By: Mr. Mongo 8/30/2014 When Nancy's alarm clock went off she seemed to explode awake.

The sudden bust of energy came from Nancy's excitement. Today is the first day of the summer fair coming to town. Last year started out as being Nancy's most humiliating day of her life and quickly turned to the most exciting sexual experience Nancy ever experienced. Nancy was shocked at her behavior and how she acted in front of all those strangers. Videos of Nancy's antics that day at the fair are all over the internet.

A facebook page was started dedicated to Nancy's day at the when she was denuded on the surf ride and ravaged by the carnies and on lookers. Videos and stills from that day are plastered all over the site. Nancy hoped to add new photos and videos this year, she even notified all the people in that facebook group that she was planning all types of antics at the fair. With pep in her step, Nancy filled the back seat of her car with a bag full of bathing suits, sweat pants, halter-tops, and other clothes that it would be easy to escape out of once she is inside the fair.

Nancy also signed up to be a carnie this year. Her plan was simple get involved with the dunking tank, the pie throw victim, the dart throw game, and the fun house. She thought it would be hard to the fair to hire her, but the management felt bad about what happened to Nancy last year, so they hired her without question. "Man was it going to be a great fair this year," thought Nancy. Just the thought of what Nancy was going to do made her hands shake with anticipation.

At ten o'clock the fair was already packed. Nancy was happy to see that, there will be countless numbers of people to see her naked and enjoy her body. The security guards greeted Nancy when she walked past the front gate. Nancy made sure to count the number of security working. After some major budget cuts the number of security was cut in half. The ones they kept were older and had seniority. The all looked in the mid forties and early fifties and sported beer guts. Nancy knew she could easily out run the guards if she had to.

Last year when she lost her bathing suit it took security guards a full half hour to figure out what was going on. This year Nancy hoped security would be even slower to figure out what is going on.

People hooted and hollered when they saw Nancy walk by. They all remembered Nancy from the year before. Just from the catcalls Nancy was already getting wet from the thrill of being seen and felt by strangers. Nancy walked over to the carnie trailer to meet up with Cleetus and Earl the two carnies that got Nancy's fetish started last year. Nancy recruited the two feral carnies to help her in her plans to expose herself this year.

Both carnies jumped at the chance to have fun with the pretty little blonde and see what the crowd does to her. "You boys ready for some fun this year," Nancy asked?

"I can't wait to get my hands on that tight little body of yours, missy," said Cleetus. "More people came to the fair this taxi diver fucks teen anal in public thanks to those posts you made last week, Nancy. Management rockstar gives groupie a hot anal creampie masturbation natural be paying you more," said Earl.

"I can't wait to get out there! First up is the pie throw.

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I'm going to wear my loose fitting halter-top, sweat pants and string bikini bottoms. Everything is ready to slide off due the modifications I made," said Nancy. The trailer was full of carnies when Nancy stripped down to her bare flesh.

Carnies leered at the twenty something as she put on her string bikini bottoms not caring that the carnies could see her trimmed bush and bare ass. Cell phones were held with outstretched arms trying to catch Nancy's nakedness on video.

Nancy loved that she was being recorded and did her best to put on a performance for the toothless and tattooed carnies.

At any moment the carnies could throw her down on the dirty trailer floor to rape her. The thought of this made Nancy's pussy get wet and thighs quiver.

To her disappointment none of the Carnies even touched her while Nancy got dressed. Next was Nancy's modified sweat pants, they were made of a very absorbent material that gets heavier when wet. Nancy removed the drawstring and some of the elastic, so they would be down to her ankles once they are covered in pie.

The halter-top was no better. The elastic was rigged to come off with the slightest provocation. With the pies hitting the halter-top should be around her waist in no time exposing her breasts to the crowd. Nancy marched over to the pie-throwing stand with a giggling Cletus and Earl walking behind her.

The entire stand was a gaudy backdrop with ties for Nancy's arms and legs and a table loaded down with four levels of custard cream pies. All you need is a dollar for a pie and a good aim to enjoy this fair game. The money went to a pediatric cancer center, so the pie throwers were actually being helpful with their pie throws.

The crowd cheered when Cletus and Earl started to tie Nancy to the pie throwing board. Nancy's breathing sounded like a stutter when her sexual excitement grew. The people in the crowd could feel Nancy's enthusiasm and could not wait to throw the pies at the their hot tied down target. "Aim for that halter top! I bet that carolyn reese the king of coochie creampie big tits will come off in three pie hits," said some fat guy in the crowd.

"That's is you can hit them," yelled Nancy. "Those sweat pants should be down to her ankles once she gets hit with enough pies," laughed some women with a kid.

"I doubt those people have the much accuracy," said Nancy with a giggle. "Isn't she that girl from the surf ride last year," said some teenager getting his cell phone out. "You know if those titties pop out those carnies are going to cover her up," said some kid eating cotton candy. "Those titties come out, they stay out little fella," said Cletus with a wink. Cletus stepped up with a microphone in hand and addressed the crowd, "Y'all get one pie for a dollar and you can throw it at the pretty lady!

All the money is going to kids with cancer, so buy as many pies as you can! You get to help a kid with cancer and maybe make a purdy lady's top fall off!" The crowd began to for a line to get the pies. It did not take long for Earl to fill the till with dollar bills. Men, teens, and boys dropped money into Earl's big hands. Earl was shocked at the number of five and ten-dollar bills handed over.

Once Earl saw how many people were lining up, Earl had to make a quick call for more pies. When the first pie thrower came up to the line to throw their pie Nancy could barely catch her breath from how excited she was.

He was some scrawny little nerd; this was probably the first chance he got to see a bare breast and was not going to ruin his chance to see some bare breast body and cum hole need stimulation hardcore and russian a bad pie throw. The first pie hit Nancy dead center of her breasts. The weight of the custard pie fillings and aluminum pie plate started to weigh down her lose fitting halter-top.

"Is that all ya got! Look at me! My top is still there," yelled Nancy. The next thrower was a local high school quarterback, the big teen looked like he could throw a pie. He purchased five pies and was dead set on denuding Nancy. The first pie hit Nancy in the tits again.

The pie added weight to the first pie that hit Nancy and made her right boob be exposed to the cheering crowd.

Nancy did her best to act embarrassed at the exposure of her right breast. Nancy's nipple was standing erect and facing the crowd.

"We got a titty! Now hit the second tit so she comes out! I think that right titty is looking mighty lonely," Said Cletus into the microphone. The crowd was cheering the teenage quarterback on to free Nancy's left breast. With a hard straight throw the second hit Nancy right in the left tit.

The weight of the three pie hits the halter-top it gave up its struggle to hold on exposing left jug. Nancy's left breast was covered in custard and whip cream. Only Nancy's stiff nipple could be seen poking out of the yellow custard like a lone dark pink berry. "Yehaaaaaw! We got titties, we got titties," screamed Cletus into the microphone. The crowd went insane with cheering and chanting, "Titty, titty, titty!" "We have both her girls out to play not to shabby, not vacationing brunette girlfriends eat eachother out passionately shabby!

Now lets see if her carpet matches the draped," said Cletus. The quarterback took careful air to try to knock down Nancy's sweat pants. When the pie cut through the air it hit Nancy in the middle of her abdomen. The quarterback let out a loud grunt. He could not believe he missed.

"What's the matter kid? Are you afraid of my pussy? They don't bite you know," teased Nancy. To further mock the teen quarterback by swaying her hips back and forth while laughing at him. Upon doing this the pie slid down Nancy's tight abdomen and right onto her waistline of her sweat pants causing them to sag down.

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Now enraged the quarterback let a pie fly right into Nancy's face with a loud splat. All Nancy could do was shake her head and hope the next pie got her in the waistline. Nancy's face was plastered with custard and whipped cream. Nancy hoped no one would hit her in the face. All the people knowing who she was added to the excitement of being seen naked in public.

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"Stop wasting your throws kid, we all want to see some pussy," said an angry man in the crowd. "Come on! Hit her in the pants," a kid standing in the crowd with his parents.

"You only got two throws left, Johnny! Make em' count," yelled the quarterback's social studies teacher. The quarterback took his fourth pie and did his best to calm down. He knew he had to make these last two throws count. The crowd demanded to see some flesh and this quarterback never let the crowd down.

With the look of determination the quarterback let the fourth pie fly through the air and this time the pie hit its target hard. Nancy actually jumped a little when that pie hit her waistline. The sweat pants Nancy was wearing began to sag. The crowd could see the lose knots of Nancy's string bikini holding on to her hips.

The crowd went nuts when they saw the sweat pants begin to shift and expose the top of Nancy's hips. The fourth pie was thrown in high arc and it hit Nancy square in the crotch. When the pie began to slide off it started the descent of the sweat pants. Everyone could now see Nancy's red string bikini amateur pullout cumshot wife wont. You could feel the excitement in the crowd now that Nancy was almost fully naked in front of them.

The next thrower stepped up and positioned his two pies to get them ready to throw. The entire crowd was routing for the next thrower. He was a local firefighter, tall and heavily muscled. The new thrower looked like he could throw harder than the high school quarterback. Nancy gulped when the firefighter wound up throw his pie. The pie ripped through the air and hit Nancy dead center of her bikini bottom. The weight of the pie filling tugged on Nancy's bikini exposing the top of her sandy brown pubic hair.

The second pie was lifted off the table and the firefighter got into a throwing stance to let the pie fly. Nancy bit her lower lip; she prayed this pie would do it. It hopefully would expose her pussy for all to see. With a loud splat the pie his Nancy in the left hip with such force some of the pie splattered onto Cletus. The loose knot came undone exposing the left topside of Nancy's bush.

The crowd cheered with wild abandon. It was like everyone got to see his or her wish come true. Whoever the next thrower is they will certainly expose the cute blonde's pussy. "Wow, the carpet matches the drapes," screamed a man video tapping the pie match with his cell phone. "Do you want any volunteers to lick her clean," offered some sweaty fat guy in the crowd. "One more throw and she'll be complexly naked," yelled an excited boy scout.

The next throw this time was a woman. She was a bored housewife with her kids. All the housewife wanted to do was humiliate Nancy to teach her a lesson for parading around almost naked. The first pie splattered next to Nancy's head with a loud plop. "Ha, you stupid bitch! You couldn't hit the broad side of a barn," yelled Nancy. "You should be ashamed of yourself," yelled back the housewife.

The second pie hit Nancy right between her firm B-Cup breasts. The housewife walked away cursing her bad aim. She hoped to hit Nancy in the face; the crowd booed the housewife when she stomped off back into the crowd.

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Some bald headed fat father pushed his scrawny pimply-faced son up to throw next. The sickly kid stood there while his smirking dad loaded up five pies for the kid to throw. "Come on that kid can barely lift a pie let alone hit the target," said some drunken dude in the crowd. "Mind your business, this kid has an arm on him," boasted the boy's dad. "I am going to hit her right in the pussy," yelled the sickly kid.

"The kid's throwing arm should be strong from all that masturbation he does," laughed Nancy. When the crowd heard the kid's boast they went wild with their cheers. Everyone hoped the kid's throws would strike true. The crowd got to see the edges of Nancy's well-trimmed bush and they desperately wanted to see the whole thing. The sickly kid's first throw fell short of Nancy's feet. Nancy grunted with disappointment while the audience laughed hysterically.

With a loud grunt the sickly kid let his second pie fly, it hit Nancy square in the pussy, but the bikini bottom held strong.

Many hands patted the sickly kid on the back. "That first pie was a mishap! My boy's aim is point accurate," yelled the kid's father. "I think that kid is more likely to hit the crowd than me," laughed Nancy. "It better be," said the fat guy as he snatched a finger full of custard from the sickly kid's third pie. The third pie hit Nancy right on the hip directly on the strap and the crowd goes wild. The weight of the custard and pie tin started to work on the bikini strap.

When the sickly kid picked up his fourth pie, the crowd began to chant, "Right in the pussy, right in the pussy!" "Are you ready to be bare naked, miss," yelled the sickly kid! "You don't have what it takes kid," laughed Nancy. Nancy hoped the kid could pull it off with this throw.

This time the sickly kid aimed for the bottom of Nancy's bikini bottoms that was falling away from her body. The throw was on a high arc and hit the bottom of the string bikini causing the bikini to slide slowly down Nancy's hips and legs fully exposing her custard and cream splattered bush to cheering crowd.

Just about every cell phone Nancy saw recording her humiliation just added to her excitement. "Here we go, here we go! We got bush, we got bush," screamed an excited Cletus into the microphone.

Nancy began to thrash about pulling against the ropes making it look like she did not want to be naked. The more Nancy flailed around the hotter she got. "For the love of fucks neighbor while wife in the kitchen cams, Cletus cover me up!

Earl please cover me up! Someone please help me! Stop recording with your damn cell phones and help me, pleeeeeease," screamed Nancy. The crowd mocked Nancy's pleas to cover her up and release her. The sickly kid jumped up and down with wild abandoned as he put Nancy into her place and exposed her pussy brazzers audrey bitoni big tits at school free brazzers download the crowd.

People hoisted the kid onto their shoulders like he was a conquering hero. "Hey she's naked now and I did not get to throw my pie! I paid for five pies," complained some fat slob in the crowd.

"We has her naked! Now you can try to get as much pie on her as we can and we'll have an old fashion pie eating contested," said Cletus with a wink and a smirk "Nooo!

Not that, Cletus! Let me go, let me go! I did not sign up for that," screamed Nancy/ The crowd went wild when they head that, but not as wild as Nancy's vagina.

Nancy could not wait for all those strange tongues and mouths to be all over her naked flesh. For twenty minutes hit Nancy all over her body.

Nancy pretended to hate being splattered with that many pies and especially being naked in front of everyone. All the pleas for mercy did was to work the crowd into a frenzy of pie throws and jeers. For fifteen minutes pies splattered Nancy from head to toe in a thick custardy sloppy mess.

"Eeeew weeee! Is she a sloppy mess or what," asked Cletus? "Who here likes custard pie and would like a taste," screamed Earl.

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The crowd went wild and began to surround the table that hot girlfriend shares bfs dick with bestie group sex and hardcore held all the custard pies. Earl and Cletus walked up to a squirming and begging Nancy. They quickly undid the ropes that help Nancy to the board. Nancy dug her heals in to make it look like she was resisting what was coming next. Nancy wanted nothing more to be licked for all she was worth by the horny strangers who surrounded the table that held the pies.

Cletus and Earl slid Nancy across the table and people of all ages, sexes, and races began to lick and suck on Nancy's custard slicked body. Nancy writhed as the strange tongues began to lick her clean.

The tongues left extremity or orifice unlicked. "No please stop! Let me go," begged Nancy as she repositioned her body so the crowd could lick more areas. When it was over Nancy was left naked and sticky on the pie table and the crowds' faces and hair was slick with custard and Nancy's juices.

Nancy lost count of how many orgasms the crowd gave her and could barely walk due to her legs and abdomen-feeling week. Cletus covered Nancy in a blanket and found a place to wash her down were some lucky fair goers could watch Nancy get hosed down and soaped up by the two dirty looking tattooed carneys.

Nancy could not wait to see what else she could get away with before the end of the day.