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Teen with great tits and ass teen faye was supposed to meet her dealer in a fresh spot he
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They were miles away from anyone. Macario aimed the laser cannon at his wife as she flew by, a hundred feet up. He pressed the trigger. Lisa exploded into a giant fireball, then resolidified back into her flying form. She banked and flew back down, landing in front of him.

"Did you flare first or let the laser do it?" Mac wanted to know. "I let it happen," Lisa insisted. "It evaporated my body and I rematerialized it." Her mind was sealed and Mac knew she was lying. There wouldn't have been any fireball if she hadn't done it herself.

"Sweetheart," Mac said, trying not to upset her, "You have a problem with control. I need to find out if, taken by surprise, you can reform your body, after." "Why?" Lisa asked. "I tell you that I can reform every time! You don't xxx sexy bhabhi fuck storys to test me anymore.

Mom set off a nuclear explosion a couple of weeks ago and I survived that!" "Did you know it was going to happen?" Mac asked. Lisa didn't answer. "Well?" "She teleported right into somebody!" Lisa insisted. "They both blew up. Okay?" Mac pulled her against him, hugging her tightly. "I understand, Sweetie. But, did you know it was going to happen or did it take you completely by surprise?" Lisa sighed. "I knew." "How?" "I just knew, okay?" Lisa exclaimed defensively. "I always know!

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It's part of what I am!" "Explain it to me," Mac said. "Start with that force field in your Mom's living room the day after we met. How did you get trapped in that if you always know what's going to happen to you?" Lisa stared at her lifemate.

"It doesn't work that way. That happened too slowly. By the time I realized that I was being dissoluted into that time field, I was already touching it." "That's not a word," Mac grinned at her, "and you still haven't explained.

I'm not trying to argue with you I just want to know how you know." "Let's go a day earlier," Lisa said stubbornly, "to when I protected you from being shot." "Yeah, that'll work, I guess," Mac said.

"How did you do that? And why didn't you protect yourself?" "Macario," she said, sighing. "Sometimes, there are two… me's. There's a 'me' that gets killed every time. Then there's a 'me' that changes that. When I feel 'me' appear, I know I'm going to die, then it happens. I die. Every time. Then I go back as the other 'me', and change it." "So I killed you with this laser?" Mac asked incredulously.

Lisa nodded. There were tears in her eyes. "That first day, when that evil bastard shot you, you died. So I went back and created a force field in front of you so you wouldn't get shot." "So why didn't you protect me from the knife attack?" he asked.

"You didn't die," she explained, group of girls sucking and fucking cocks in the bedroom simply. "I made you immortal instead." "There's still something I don't understand," Mac said, his compulsive need to know everything running unabated.

"You 'went back' and created a force field around me?" Lisa nodded. "What happened to the other you?" Mac asked. "The one in your body that was standing next to me?" "She died," she said. "There can only be one of me. The other 'me' always has to die." "What?" Mac exclaimed, not understanding. "How did she die?" "The bastard shot her," Lisa said, simply. "Right after he shot you." "How did Naughty girl big tits xxx a brides revenge miss that?" he asked.

"It didn't happen the second time," Lisa said. "I yelled at him and he didn't blow my head off like he did hers. He changed his mind about killing me and just wanted to wound me. That way, he could take me inside and keep me for awhile to play with…" "Sick bastard," Mac muttered. "So do you mind if you don't kill me anymore?" Lisa asked, looking at the cannon in his arms. She looked upset and petulant at the same time. Mac dropped the cannon and pulled her into his arms. He held her tight and kissed her.

"You're a fake," he said, smiling into her face, "and I love you." Lisa groaned as she felt his next question forming in his insatiable mind.

"If he didn't kill you the second time," he asked, an instant later, "what happened to the 'other' you the one who came back." "I'm right here," Lisa said quietly. "The original 'me' died. The universe straightens itself out so there is only one of me left every time. I don't always know which one of us it will be.

We always fight for an instant, trying to occupy the same space. The winner survives. Sometimes, I can't determine if I'm the original or the one who came back, but I have the memories of both." "You live in a nightmare world," Macario whispered.

"I had no idea…" "No one does," Lisa replied quietly and looking very serious. "It's my little secret insanity and yours, too, now." She laughed quietly and Macario was certain that he'd never hear a sadder sound.

"I'm a phoenix. I'm continually reborn every time I die. What did you think that meant when I told you?" Macario didn't answer. He was holding his phoenix too tightly, not wanting her to see his tears as they flowed down his face.

After a few moments, he regained control of his emotions. He was teen anya krey gets her wet pussy banged by chris big cock that some part of her would always be reborn and live on.

From his perspective, she was immortal and he'd always have her. But from hers? … He decided that it would be best if he didn't think about that too much. For the first time in his life, it occurred to him that he shouldn't ask so many questions.

He hadn't wanted to know that last answer. But, after all this time, he finally had his wish he understood her, now. Lisa was responding erotically to his tight embrace. He could feel her teeth chewing on his shoulder through his light jacket. Gently wrapping his fingers in her soft, dark hair, he pulled her head back so he could see her face.

She didn't look sad. She looked mischievous and playful. Macario yelped as she grabbed the front of his jacket and leaned back, pulling him down on top of her. The last little bit of unknown data fell into place. Lisa lived hard and played hard because she died hard. She accepted it the whole package. Macario realized that Lisa liked who she was. She liked the constant fight for survival, even though she often fought herself for her very existence.

The one who survived was always the winner. He landed hard on top of her, knocking the wind out of her lungs. They wrestled on the ground for a few minutes, each becoming more aroused. When he finally had her pinned, Lisa bit off one of the buttons on his jacket and vanished. As Mac fell through the space she'd occupied, she landed on his back and tried to get her arm around his neck. He rolled over and was on top of her again, only facing away from her now.

As he continued to roll, Lisa got both arms around his neck and wrapped her bare legs around his waist. "Yippee! Ride 'em, Cowgirl!" Lisa yelped, raising one hand in the air like a bull rider. "Whoa, boy! Whoops! Gnuugh!" She grunted as she found herself slammed into the ground again with Mac lying on top of her.

When Mac rolled over again, she let him roll off. They lay on the ground panting and gazing at each other. "You're all dirty," Mac grinned. Lisa looked down at herself. She was, of course, naked, but her skin was caked with dirt and dust from rolling around on the ground with Mac. "Well, you're naked," Lisa smirked back at him. "No I'm no…" Mac started to say, then stopped as Lisa vanquished his clothes, teleporting them somewhere.

"You little witch!" He grabbed her and sucked a tit into his mouth. Lisa yelped at the sudden sensation, then arched her back and shrieked as he bit down on her nipple. She fell back to the ground laughing and boxing his head with her hands, trying to make him let go. He new school xxx story sex stories as his jeans dropped down on his head, finally reaching the ground from where Lisa had tossed them with her mind.

His shirt, being somewhat lighter, had caught a light breeze and floated down some distance away. Mac looked around. "Where's my jacket?" "Why?" Lisa asked. "Do you need one?" "No," Mac replied, "But I had one and now, I don't." "I'm sure it'll turn up," Lisa chirped, then relaxed, lying comfortably on the ground. Something in her voice made Macario look at any one know who this girl is riding the dildo. She was lying naked and dirty on his jacket!

Another short tussling match enabled him to pull it out from underneath her. She was even dirtier, now, out of the family xxx arts and sex crafts she sat and glared at him in pretended ire. Her face and neck were streaked with dirt, as were her arms and legs, breasts and stomach. Her hair was wind-blown and needed brushed, but it usually looked like that when she was outdoors. "My wild angel," Macario murmured, unable to take his eyes off his foxy little firebird.

He reached for her and suddenly found her legs wrapped around his head and he was being twisted sideways with her on top of him. They both landed heavily, Mac on his back with his face trapped against Lisa's squirming body on top of him, with her pelvis exactly where she wanted it.

With most of her weight pressed down against his face, Blonde teenage babe has her pussy penetrated cumshot facial discovered that he couldn't move. He couldn't breathe, either. After a few seconds of muffled yelling, Lisa raised up a little. "That feels really good," she said, peering down between her legs at him.

"Do it some more!" She dropped back down on him and ground her pelvis against his teeth. Then she yelped as he threw her, both rolling completely over with Lisa barely managing to keep his head trapped between her legs. After another minute, Mac became more interested in eating her out instead of beating her up. 'Oh, yeah!" Lisa moaned as she finally felt his tongue get to work down there. After a moment, she hopped up off his face and turned around.

"Wait!" Mac yelled as she dropped back down on him, mashing her butt hole against his nose with her wet pussy lips kissing against his mouth.

She lay down on his belly as he went back to work on her tingling cunt. "Well, hello there," she murmured, mostly to herself because she was pretty sure Mac couldn't hear her with her legs clamped against his head like that. She blew gently on the magnificent cock swaying in front of her nose, giggling when it twitched in response to her gentle breath. She felt Macario moan into her tingling pussy and wiggled her rump in response. Macario's magnificent organ was standing up straighter now and Lisa giggled again as she thought of it standing on tipi-toe and blindly searching, thinking, "Is there someone out there?

Someone please suck on me…" "Aw, poor little monster," she cooed, breathing her warm breath on it again. Mac's cock definitely twitched this time and seemed to grow some more. Lisa tentatively licked her tongue against it and watched it pulse upward again. After all this time together, Mac's cock still fascinated her. It was the only one she'd ever seen that could actually do as much damage to her tender pussy as it promised. Perhaps that was because he knew how she liked it used on her.

She licked the sides of Mac's cock a few more times, then stretched up to surround its head with her lips. She wished her mouth and throat were as big as Tanya's. Tanya could take Mac's cock all the way down her throat and into her stomach. She would always pass out from lack of air after a minute and Frank would have to pull her off, but she could do it. Lisa's pussy was quivering inside and she knew she was ready. Raising up off Macario's face, she turned around and carefully guided herself down until her saliva-soaked pussy lips were pressed against his hard cock.

She looked up at his face and smiled as she watched him. Slowly, she lowered herself down, surrounding his pole with her hot, quivering girl-flesh.

She gazed into his eyes, broadcasting her sensations at him as she slowly impaled herself. Macario lay on the ground, watching his exotic love-angel, feeling her pussy stretch and fill as she broadcast her sensations through him. His cock was tingling with its own sensation and he was sure there was a sensual flow traveling directly from the insides of her tight, wet pussy to his massive hard-on. He could mia serene loves tastes of eds cock edpowers and brunette it!

Mac ground his teeth together trying to prevent that wondrous flow that was occurring at the base of his cock from traveling on up its entire length. Lisa grinned down at him, feeling it as well, and squeezed her pussy even tighter against his cock. When she released and squeezed again, Mac's orgasm was on its way up and there was nothing he could do to stop it. He cried out as it exploded out of the end of his cock and up into Lisa's womb.

He could see the sensation traveling through her body like a shock wave up through her undulating belly and into her chest. Her nipples hardened as his orgasm combined with hers and swept on up through her body. Lisa threw back her head and cried out, allowing their orgasms to escape through her throat and out into the sky. Lisa fell forward, panting heavily, and held herself up with her hands on his heaving chest.

Her eyes glowed with an inner light that Macario didn't see often enough. This was a moment of perfect bonding their minds and bodies were one.

Macario could feel the pleasurable pain as Lisa sank the rest of the way down on his cock, rupturing the entrance into her womb with his magnificent cockhead. After a few minutes, Lisa began moving, ever so slightly. All that marvelous, tight, wet female flesh surrounding his cock gently slid, sending a jolt of sensation completely through his body.

His nipples even got hard. "God, you're greedy," Mac whispered up at her, amazed at her resilience and the slippery sensations she could make him feel. His cock was still hard inside her. It was almost as if the tight entrance into her warm, loving pussy prevented his cock from going down. She was holding him all inside her and not letting any of him escape, not the blood inside his cock or his cum trapped deep within her womb.

Lisa gazed down at him in total control of both their bodies now.

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All Mac had to do was hang on and his little firebird would fly them both to heaven. Macario swore that he had just erupted every ounce of semen in his body only a moment before, but his cock responded to her movement and throbbed upward, trying to eject even more. Lisa laughed low in her throat as she felt his cock spasm inside her as though his movement was tickling her, deep inside. Both their bodies were warming up toward their next mutual orgasm as Lisa increased her sensual motion.

She wasn't moving up and down so much as she was twisting sideways as well as back and forth. Mac was so deep inside her that he could feel her moving in several directions at the same time. Lisa's eyes were still locked on his and she knew exactly what he was feeling. The xxx story mota land lmba land 3gb in her eyes and the look on her face gave it away.

"Have you ever wondered what it would be like to come so hard your flesh catches fire?" she asked, an odd smile on her face. Mac realized that he should be worried about what she might do but was too much into the massive tide of sensations flowing back and forth between them to care. He knew she wouldn't hurt… Well, he hoped she wouldn't hurt him, but if she did, he also knew that, with her ability to move backward through time, she could fix whatever she did to him.

As she continued moving, Macario could feel himself getting closer and closer to coming. Finally, he was gritting his teeth and clenching his back and shoulder muscles to hold back so that he wouldn't come before she did.

Her cunt was jade amber needs a dick for her hungry juicy pussy hot it felt like his cock was surrounded with liquid fire. As his orgasm slowly forced itself nearer, he could feel his skin tingling on his arms, chest and stomach.

He suddenly noticed that Lisa's body was glowing. Even in the bright sunlight, her flesh was radiating its own reddish, yellow light.

His hands, holding tightly onto her writhing hips, were glowing, as well. In fact, his body was glowing, just like hers. He could even feel it a cool, crisp sensation as his flesh peeled off, layer by layer. Suddenly fearful, he gasped. The superheated air scorched his lungs. Then his skin ignited. 'This is my supreme gift to you, my Beloved,' he heard Lisa say in his mind. 'Enjoy…' He watched as Lisa burst into flames, still writhing on his cock. He was fucking a fire demon, now, but it didn't matter.

His cock was made of flame, as well as the rest of him. He watched, amazed, as he felt himself separate from the two fiery bodies fornicating on the ground. He could still feel everything that was happening to them both.

His orgasm exploded into the center of the fire demon sitting on him. Her body exploded as it received his orgasm and they both became one magnificent fireball that consumed them completely and roiled upward into the air above.

They were united into a single entity at last. He was lying on a beach and basking in the morning sun. The gulls were diving bombing the concession stand. Someone had dropped their food on the ground, or perhaps the gulls forced the incident and made it happen.

They always seemed to know who they could terrorize. In any event, it was a feast for whoever got there first. The sun seemed to get brighter, attracting his attention. He looked up and saw Lisa floating above him. He smiled at her, then flinched away as another image slammed into him. He and the unseen beast fought furiously for an instant, then he felt himself turning into vapor. He screamed in protest as he evaporated.

"Wow!" Macario groaned, sitting up. "Fucking weird dream…" He looked over at Lisa. She was naked, lying beside him, her eyes closed in sleep, her body splayed out like she had fallen from a height.

His mind started to coalesce as the images of what had happened became more accessible. 'She asked me not to kill her anymore,' he thought to himself. Then, when they were making love, she'd killed them both. Or did she? Was that an illusion? Whatever it was, it had been incredible.

He looked down at her again. Her eyes were open. She was watching him. "Did we die?" he asked, needing to know. She pushed up with her arm and sat, still gazing at him.

"Yes…" was all she said. "I killed him," Macario said, remembering now.

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"Yes," Lisa agreed quietly, "and I killed her." "He fought as hard as he could to live," Macario said, his attention totally absorbed by the short, fierce fight. "He didn't want to die." "Sometimes they don't want to," Lisa told him. "But they have to. There can fellows fuck one beautiful girlie pornstar and hardcore be one… If we meet, one of us must die." "Did she fight you?" Mac wanted to know.

"Not really," Lisa admitted. "She knew what she did would kill her. That's why she made it so glorious for us. She wanted to go out on a high note." "Could what happened be some sort of an illusion?" Mac asked hopefully.

"Maybe that's just the way our limited minds interpret these things. Maybe it didn't really happen." Lisa smirked. "I've died too many times to believe it doesn't really happen. If it is an illusion, it's damned convincing." "Anyway," Lisa sighed, changing the subject. "Did you find out everything you wanted to know today?" "Yeah, pretty much," Mac admitted.

Lisa cringed, knowing there would be more questions. "I understand how you work, now," Mac said, formulating another series of questions. "But, I'd like to know more about the energy you have in your mind.

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You told me once that it's not really yours. That you absorbed it somehow." "Yeah?" Lisa admitted. "So, where are we going with this?" "Well," he replied, "I was wondering if you can, um… un-absorb it?" "What?" she asked, surprised. "Well, I do that all the time. I'm always using that energy as a power source. It seems to be inexhaustible. I use it to flare, I use it to heal my body, I use it for… oh, let's see… Levitation! Sometimes I use it as a weapon. I've killed people with it.

I can go for weeks without food, feeding off it." "So," that hated word again! "It's a part of who and what you are." "Yeah," Lisa admitted.

"I guess." "So you can't get rid of it," Mac conjectured. "Well, I don't know," Lisa said thoughtfully. "I've never tried. Where would I put it?" Mac smirked. "Hell, I don't masturbation on top of my washing machines On the moon?" Lisa laughed at the thought, then became more serious.

"Why are you so interested all of a sudden?" Macario sighed. "Your mind-ship." "What about it?" Lisa frowned at him. "We can't get enough battery power to run the ship's drive. We need an alternate source of energy." "You want to use me as a battery backup?" Lisa asked, smiling at the silliness of the idea.

"Well, not exactly," Mac admitted. "Your nuclear energy isn't radioactive like what you find in a power plant. We could put a nuclear power plant in the ship, but then we'd have to shield it so that the Normals could survive the trip." "We already coated the ship with liquid lead," Lisa told him. "Why not put the power plant outside the ship like they did on your Star Trek shows?" "It would break off," Mac told her. "It's too heavy and we don't have the convenient magical technology to make everything move inside the same gravity field." "Why not?" Lisa asked.

"It doesn't seem complicated." "It's just imaginary, Doofy!" Macario laughed. "There is no such technology!" Lisa frowned.

She didn't know what a 'doofy' was, but she remembered her father's (grandfather's?) ship. When it moved, the karlee grey and eliza jane love licking ship moved in a single gravity field.

Then she remembered. They accelerated and decelerated and changed course very slowly and they'd always had to hang onto something when any of that happened. It took years for them to go even between a couple of planets, but all that was because their star drive was broken… "Okay," Lisa said, defeated.

"Go on…" "If we could put your nuclear energy inside a container, like maybe one of Tabatha's time shields or something… Anyway, if we could access it, it could be an alternative power plant.

And it wouldn't weigh anything!" "You want me to see if I can separate it from me?" she asked. "Yeah," Mac said. "I do." "Okay," she said, her voice sounding a little unsteady. She looked up into the sky.

"Here goes…" A brilliant flash brighter than the sun lit up the sky, blinding both of them. It expanded quickly. Lisa flared her shield to protect them from the blast, only to discover she couldn't flare! She grabbed Macario and teleported home just as the shock wave reached them.

The incredible flash in the sky blinded Macario. His vision was just beginning to return now. Something had happened, but he didn't know what. They were in their bedroom. Lisa was lying across the bed, naked and unconscious.

Her body looked thin and gaunt. 'She used her own bodily energy to teleport,' he realized. 'She's going to be starving when she wakes up like Mama Bee and the other girls when they do heavy mental stuff like this!' 'God, what have I done?' Macario lamented. 'What have I un-done? Darling Lisa's always had unlimited power and she threw it away because I asked her to. Is she still a phoenix, or is she limited now to what powers Mama Bee passed down to her?

If she dies again, can she still come back?' He sat and nervously watched over her as she slept.