Johnny sins a student teacher affair

Johnny sins a student teacher affair
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You and I stayed in touch after our first encounter in the parking lot with me, the stranger and the cop. I had hit the nose right on the head with our experience in the parking lot. You were into ANYTHING my horny little cockold let fuck his wife at the beach by a fr could conjure up. We chatted about everything and I found out about some other fantasies she had.

You had always thought about a group situation but had never before been able to get the guts to tell anyone about it until now. You felt you could open up to me; there was nothing I wouldn't at least listen to. This you knew in your heart. After my mind had been working on the plan for a few weeks I felt it was time to put it into action. I had done my research, made the necessary plans and we were ready to play. I showed up at your door at the agreed time 8:30 PM.

"Did you follow the rules, Tessa?" I asked. "Yes, sir." "Good answer. I see you're wearing the loose-fitting skirt. Lift it up." You did and when it got high enough I saw your shiny, freshly-shaven pussy staring back at me. "Good. I can see you're not wearing a bra.

Excellent. Let's go." We climbed into my car and as soon as you sat down you giggled a bit. "Why the giggle?" "I was thinking of the last time I was in your car. Fuck that was hot. Me sucking off a stranger and a cop while you fucked the shit out of me. I still think of that when I'm rubbing my cunt." I smile and we start off. "Where are we going?" you ask.

"You'll find out." "What are we doing>" "You should be asking 'What AREN'T we doing," I answer with a laugh. We drive downtown. I occasionally reach over and rub your thigh. You wiggle around a bit in the seat. By the time we get downtown I have lifted up your skirt and I can see your bald pussy. "Are you wet, Tessa?" You stick two fingers in your pussy, remove them and hold them up to my lips.

I see your juices glistening on them and open my mouth to cleanse you. You move your fingers inside me and my mouth closes around them. "Mmmmmmmm. My favorite flavor." I say as you very slowly and seductively slide your digits out of my orifice.

We're near our destination and I'm lucky enough to find parking on the street. "Are you ready, Tessa?" “As ready as I'll ever be." I can sense a small tremor in your voice and to comfort you I lean over and give you a deep kiss.

You moan and thrust your tongue into my mouth. You NEEDED this and I knew that. I break the kiss and we leave the car. We walk about a block and turn the corner. You see the sign. "We're going to the theatre?" you say gleefully. "That's the plan. How do you feel?" You throw your arms around me and kiss me. "I love it." We get to the box office and the girl behind the counter looks at us. "Just the two of you?" she asks.

"Yes. I was told to ask for Rusty." "Your first time?" "Yes." She turns and calls Rusty's name.

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Within a minute we've paid and Rusty is escorting us into the theatre. "We have three areas. The area behind the ropes to the rear of the theatre is the couples only area.

The area to the left is our gay section and all the rest is a free-for-all. There are some basic rules. You'll see that there are many areas where condoms are supplied. We ask that you use them for your own safety, but we do not monitor it.

It's your discretion in the end. The main rule of our business is No MEANS NO. If anybody says they don't want to do something that's the final word. If we get word of anybody not obeying this they are banned for life.

Lastly there are some showers over there if you need them." "That makes me feel good," you say. "That's the tour, folks. I hope you have a great evening." "Thank you Rusty," we both say and begin a slow walk around the place, Neither of us know what to expect so we check out the whole place.

We start at the couples only area. We walk into the area and are immediately impressed. There are no couples there, yet, but the area is very clean and there are a number of places to sit.

There are a few rows of regular movie seats, 4 large couches and 3 futons at the back. We notice 8 condom dispensers and are comforted by that. We look up at the movie that's playing and see an extremely well endowed man having a blonde for lunch. From this area we can see the whole theatre. We can see there are a few guys in the gay section; two of them are getting blown by two other guys. You're intrigued by this. In the rest of the theatre we xxx 2019 brazzer sex stories story full sex stories about 10 guys sitting by them selves masturbating.

Again you're intrigued. We leave the couples area and walk around the rest. As we're walking through the straight section every head turns when you pass. You feel a rush of excitement and you can FEEL your pussy get wetter. "I bet it would really help these guys in their endeavors if they were to get a look at your boobs." You giggle and whip your tits out at the next guy we pass.

He grunts and pounds his cock harder. You feel the rush again and move closer. He can't take his eyes off you. You put your hands under your breasts and offer them to the stranger. He dives in and sucks your nipples. You can feel your pussy juice running down your legs.

Our friend groans and you see his cock begin to spew its seed. You are enraptured.

The power you wield is getting to you. You pull your tit out of his mouth and move up to the next row where an elderly man is seated. "Can I have some too, Sweety?" "I was always taught to respect my elders, sir." You drop to your knees and take his average sized cock into your mouth. You bob up and down for natasha malkova sex stories porn story 10 minutes before the man grunts and fills your mouth.

You stand and kiss him, transferring all his cum into HIS mouth. He swallows and you giggle. It's the power again. You're curious about the gay section so that's where we venture next. When we get there we now see about 8 guys there. Three are getting blown and 1 guy is getting fucked up the ass. You HAVE to see this. We walk over and they're more than happy to share the view. You're mesmerized by the sight of the cock driving in and out of the other guy's ass.

You turn and kiss me while rubbing my rod through my pants. "Do you mind if I watch closely?" you ask the guy doing the fucking. He shakes his head and you move closer to watch the action. After a few minutes he starts pounding the guys ass hard and moaning.

You KNOW he's cumming. You've seen enough so we head back to the couples area. Still we're the only couple there and we sit on a couch and kiss some. As we're kissing I remove your shirt and in short time your skirt is gone, too.

You still have your stockings, garters and shoes on. "Wanna go for a stroll again?" I ask. "But I'm NAKED!" "I don't think anyone will mind, babe." We leave the couples area and walk into the straight section; you naked and me still fully clothed.

As soon as we enter the straight section three guys get up and come over. One reaches out to touch you. I grab his hand. "SHE does the touching. You only touch her if she asks you to." You feel safe in my care, but you knew coming in that I'd be there for you. "You two suck my tits and you get on your knees and lick my cunt." They don't need to be told twice. You part your legs a bit to give the guy easier access to your pussy.

You let out an extended moan when all three are in position. This is so much better than you ever thought it would be. The three guys do not stray from their tasks. You're enjoying this A LOT and after about 20 minutes you feel the orgasm approaching. Your hips start to buck to meet the man's tongue and you have a hand on the back of each of the tit-suckers' head; holding them in place.

A scream moves from you inner-most area to your lungs and finally your mouth. Shortly after your orgasm you push the three men away. You pull my hand and drag me back to the couples area. "That was the wildest experience I've ever had, Brett. I don't know how much more I can take." We lay down on a futon and kiss passionately.

We lay there kissing and rubbing each others' bodies for a while; occasionally stopping and resting. I look at my watch 10:30 and still no other couples. We don't mind. We're having a great time without them.

"Wanna try that gang bang we discussed?" I ask. "I dunno. I'm a bit extremely hot turkish girl strips during cam show then get caughty by tube porn KNOW I'll take care of you, right?" "Yes, but I've only thought about it.

What if it doesn't go as I thought." "What if it's BETTTER?" You sit and ponder it for a minute or two. You get up and take my hand. Before we leave the couples area I stop you. "Just a sec.

I'm going to go ask Rusty something." "What?" "Just wait here and I'll be back." I leave and you sit on a couch feeling a bit uneasy. In about 3 minutes I return. "You stay here again.

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I'm going to go in the straight area and I'll be right back." Again I leave. You're unsure about what's happening. I return. "Okay here's the plan. I talked to Rusty and he agreed that we can have other guys come into the couples area.

I thought you'd be a lot more comfortable here on the futons than out in the straight area. We're going to fuck here and other guys can come in here and watch us. From there it's totally up to you what happens." By the time I'm finished it looks like all the guys from the straight area were at the rope entrance. I smile at you. You smile back and kiss me. As we kiss I take my shirt, pants and shoes off.

I can't be bothered taking my socks off. You suck my nipples while the jealous guys watch. This is hotter than I expected. The guys are all standing around the futon jerking their cocks as they watch. You move down and take my cock in your mouth. I'm on my back and you're on your hands and knees. One of the guys moans and shoots his load all over your back. You love the warm feeling of his fresh cum on your skin. There must be twenty guys standing there pulling on their dicks.

You feel safe. This is a great experience. You put a condom on me and climb on my rock hard member. Hard xx lesbian 3jp story slowly glide your wet pussy up and down with your eyes closed. When you open your eyes you see three dicks pretty much right beside you. They are respecting the rules no one is violating your space. You open your mouth wide and they know it's an invitation.

One fills your open orifice. It's about 5 inches long and average thickness. Your head bobs while you bounce on my dick. Within a few minutes he shoots his load into your eager throat. I roll you over and mount you missionary. Your head cute teen gets her sweet pussy hammered at the edge of the futon and as I slam your pussy, guy after guy cums on you.

Some get sucked by you, most are self-service. This is extremely erotic and I blow my load. I guess that more than 10 guys have shot their load on you. You eyes are closed to keep the cum out of them. You learned the hard way a bunch of years ago how much that stings. I dismount you. There are still probably 15 guys there. "Okay. You can finger fuck her cunt and ass.

You can suck her tits. You can eat her cunt. You can kiss her. You can stick your dick in her mouth. You can cum on her, but YOU CANNOT STICK YOUR DICK IN HER CUNT OR ASS. Is that understood?" I say. There is universal agreement and I move out of the way. You are ravaged by these strangers and after an hour there are only a few left. You lost count of the number of times you came and you have no idea of the number of times you were cum ON. We ask the last 3 guys to hurry and they drain their cocks on you pretty quickly.

They leave and we're left there. You wipe the cum away from your eyes and open them. You can't BELIEVE what a mess you are. We can only look at each other.

We're about to get up when 3 other people enter the couples area. They're all women. They see you and stop dead. "What the fuck happened here?" We give them the shortened rundown and by the time we're finished they're naked licking the cum off you. Their licks stray from the cum and before long they're licking us EVERYWHERE. One is sucking my cock, one is sucking your pussy and one is sitting on your face.

You are very into the one on your face. She shaved her pussy too and you love that. You lap away at her while her friend does the same to you. I soon blow my load into the girl sucking me and the one on your face quivers wildly with her orgasm. You push the other one away from your pussy. You haven't cum yet but you don't think you can survive another orgasm. The three of them get up and walk into the straight area naked. We got up and walked naked to the showers.

We had a shower together and kiss while washing each other.

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When we're done we walk back to our clothes, dress and leave. It's 3:45.