Dude assists with hymen checkup and drilling of virgin teenie

Dude assists with hymen checkup and drilling of virgin teenie
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I have a friend named rahul.he has a girlfriend named vananya.she is very cute and fair.one day, i and rahul are watching some prone on internet in my room as i used to live in a house for myself as my parents are abroad.he asked me to let him use my room the next weekend.i understood that he is planning to have something from his girlfriend.soi accepted his request.

It is Saturday when i opened the door and saw rahul with his girlfriend vananya .she is too hot .and i was unable to take my eyes off her .but, i hardly my sight towards rahul and sighed him to get in.they both got in to my house .i asked them to sit on the sofa and asked what they would like to have to eat.rahul interrupted and gasped in my ears not to get into their room for some time.i laughed and accepted .rahul took vananya into one of my rooms and locked it.my thing has grown large already just on seeing vananya .she is 5.2 feet tall huge boobs covered under her tight dress peeping out a little layla sin cumshot in muth compilation thighs are exposed to me when she sat on sofa .they are shaved well .i sat there rewinding what i saw and started masturbating my rod.it was 8 inch long and 2 inch wide.after a few seconds, i rose from my seat and peeped into the room .where they went through the ke hole.it erected my thing very hard.they are kissing each other .rahul took off his shirt and his chest is pressing vananya's boobs.his hands are holding her tight.i saw it for a while but, i cant see anymore as they laid on bed .but i can hear the sounds clearly.so, went to another room and started watching porn movies and stared masturbating again.but, i no longer can hold this anxiety .soi walked towards their room again by then, i saw the room's door opened.i peeped into the room.i saw vananya lying on bed with a black bra which is too small to cover her big boobs.i cant see rahul there and thought that he must have gone to bathroom which is in the main hall.so, i came out of the room calmly without making any sound and moved a few steps forward.and i saw rahul without dress and a condom on his dick.his is a 6 inch thing erected straight.he asked me if i want to see them fucking when i hesitated a little.but, he pulled me to his room .but on seeing mevananya covered her body with blanket .rahul laughed and said to her that he is going to watch them having sex.shewith a lot of hesitationaccepted his request .i sat in a chair in a corner and rahul pulled-off the blanket from vananya .my thing erected on seeing her naked hornies latina begging for sex was busy in kissing her all over and was squeezing her boobs.vananya was moaning .feeling his pressings.burning desire rose in myself to fuck her hole .i cant wait and took out my thing and started masturbating .but, rahul noticed that vananya was feeling shy and is not able to give complete cooperation in front of me.so, he lifted her and made her lay over her facing her shaved pussy towards me.i cant hold this situation any more.i stood and walked towards them and touched her thighs.she pushed rahul apart and went away from us looking frightened.rahul looked at my situation and asked her to satisfy both of us.she nodded hesitatingly.

rahul went towards her and took her kissing towards me .he is holding her waist form her back .her face is now in front of me.i cant leave this chance any more and pulled her into my hands forcibly .she hesitatingly hugged me.i threw her on to the bed and took off my dress.my hue dick fell out waiting for some fuck.i and rahul laid on both sides of her and started kissing her.

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rahul took her bra and i took her panty off.i placed my hand on her shaved pussy.she shrugged as my hand fell over her tender pussy.rahul caught her tight kissing and squeezing her boobs.i tried hard to apart her legs and at-last got a good position to masturbate her pussy.i kissed her pussy when she moaned .i started licking her pussy very hard and she started screaming louder and louder.i licking her more and more as she screamed more and more.rahul took his cock and placed it into her mouth .she struggled hard to suck his cock because of my actions at her pussy.i gave her pussy a last kiss and placed one of my figure into her pussy.she raised her pussy to certain height to get ava addams kimmy granger all night rager me from her pussy buti caught her tight and started masturbating her by making my figure in and out of her cute pussy.at the other end, rahul was fucking her in mouth.she looked like a thing being crushed between a toasted bread.i have never stopped masturbating her, even she is screaming, instead increased the number of fingers and pushed into her pussy.she screamed in pain louder and louder.

but i was not in a mood to leave her by there.finallyrahul came to me adjusting his cock .soi left her there and got to her mouth.and started kissing her.i squeezed her boobs and caught both her hands not to push my hands off her boobs to stop that unbearable pain.but, i was merciless at that situation.suddenly she screamed aloud looking at her pussy.i saw rahul's dick was half way inside her pussy.he slowly took it little out side her pussy and pushed it back into her pussy.she screamed like any thing at that situation.and i started my work kissing on her lips and squeezing her lips with mouth and boobs with my hands and rahul was busy throbbing her pussy.she moaned in pain for about 5 minutes and he increased the speed to throbbing her pussy by lying beside her and making her sit over him.she screamed louder and louder as he was fucking her pussy harder with his 6 inch dick.i cant wait until he give me a chance and made her lay over him .he placed his hands around her holding her tight and i went towards her anus.he was fucking her harder and harder and i placed one of my finger into her pussy when she increased her tone of screaming .but, rahul caught her tight and she was not able to oppose me any more and was help less.i placed four of my finger's into her anus.

she was screaming continuously.juices are oozing from her pussy.i took off my finger's and with out any delay, pushed my 8 inch cock completely into her ass in a single push.she yelled aloud.we stopped fucking her for a while and gave her some time to bear the pain.and i started again by slowly pushing my cock in and out of her pussy.she started moaning again.rahul also started throbbing his cock into her pussy and we both are again in action.fucking her holes harder and harder.and let her scream louder and louder.we fucked her for some time and rahul stopped .he rose holding his cock still in hr pussy and stood.

vananya's thighs are held by rahul in air and vananya placed her hands around his neck and i was behind her and placed back my huge dick into her pussy and made her scream her again.and again.we both fucked her for long time and rahul no longer can bear her weight so, left her thighs to let her legs touch the floor, where my dick was still in her anus.i was fervent teenie is gaping spread twat in closeup and having orgasm stretching and close up tired yet, so, i alone fucked her in doggy style placing my cock completely into her negacomendcu da novinha e fazendela chora sem pena10 screamed louder and louder as i increased my speed.after fucking her in that position ,for about 5 minutes, i wanted her pussy .so,i made her turn towards me and lifted herand her legs rounded my waist and my dick easily entered her pussy.she opened her mouth wider and yelled louder as my 8 inch dick was pounding her pussy.thenrahul came behind her and placed his dick into her ass hole and we again started fucking her both holes harder and harder .we both are about ot cum and are pounding her so hard that she tried to push us apart but failed and was screaming louder and louder shouting to stop fucking, but we cant stop before cumming and ignoring her shouts, continued fucking her too hard.Atlast, all our screams ended with our dicks cumming in her .rahul has a condom sohis cum did not fill her ass.but, i has no condom.

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so, i filled her pussy with my cum and we laid on bed tired when vananya started taking my dick into her mouth for last cum oozing from my dick. me and vananya did not have any words but, has every thing in sex.i thanked rahul for his cooperation.from then, we used to fuck now and then even in the absence of rahul during evenings and some times along with rahul mostly during weekends.

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