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Horny big ass brunette teen slut fucks pussy with dildo to orgasm
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Maeghan Wrist ----- 7 -- Carrying my duffle bag past her mother, I followed Montana upstairs as my mom walked in. Stepping into her room, Montana closed the door behind me. "Your mom's not going to tell my mom about you know what-?" "No. She knows what's at stake," I butted in before she could finish. "Anyways, I can't believe you forgot to tell me about this. When my mom told me this morning to ask you if you wanted to spend the weekend here, I about died in excitement." Her voice became higher pitched with almost every word.

We ended up both rambled on to each other for maybe two hours longer about everything we could think of. Most of all, I found talking to her in person about Ean and I's exploits was much more discomforting than on the phone. That was probably due to just realizing how much I must have actually been touching myself while I was telling her on the phone.

I had to cut a lot of my descriptions short as we both ariella ferrera xxx story new 2019 a bit too fidgety. By the time we had killed the conversation, it was nearly ten at night.

I had arrived so late to start with as my mom wanted to talk with hers and hers ended up working late. Neither of us liked that very much as it was going to be our only night alone before Bentlee joined in after her stay at someone's birthday sleepover. But so far, I was truly enjoying every second alone with Montana.

It was weird being with just her outside of school. With no Ean around and no school setting, it was just us two friends saying whatever we wanted.

Soon enough, we changed into our nightgowns and spread out her sleeping bag over the floor in her room. We pulled the covers off her bed and threw them over top it before sitting down on the new makeshift bed for two. "This reminds me a lot of that dream I had last week," I accidently blurted out. "You had a dream about me," she remarked in an overly sarcastic, flattered voice. "Yeah, I don't know why though." "What happened," she asked with genuine interest.

"Um, you were touching my stomach for some reason," I answered coyly. She looked at me for a few seconds. "Can I?" Her voice now shying down. "Why?" "Because, you have a baby in you. I'm sure you and Ean touch it all the time for that reason." I was a bit taken back.

I didn't really ever touch my stomach but then again, I was still trying to deny it all. But I did just then notice how much more attention Ean paid to me there. How he held me there a lot more often. For some reason, coming out of my thought, Horny teens enjoy anal dicking by hung tutor found myself already pressing my hand into my belly.

Montana was smiling at me. I guess it was interesting. I just never thought of it like that. "Okay," my soft voice broke. Montana looked as if she just won a prize and burst into a short crawl over to me. Gently, I felt her hand move over mine and rest above. She was touching me through my nightgown. I didn't know why it was such a big deal to me. We were best friends and it was just my tummy. "You should lay down," she suggested.

Pushing past my insecurities, I obeyed removing my own hand in the process. Getting situated, she shocked me with her next question. "Can I feel the skin?" She was looking at me half scared, half innocently. "I guess." Seconds later, she was tugging at my nightgown and hiking it up to just below my breasts, completely splaying out my bare stomach, down my clinging panties and to my naked feet.

Her warm hand then rested back onto me. "I can't believe that there's a whole 'nother life inside," she said holding her grip in the most gentle position possible.

"Here, let's feel the difference." She pulled her hand away and laid down directly next to me as she pulled her own nightdress up to her bulging chest.

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Reaching over herself and taking my hand into hers, she set it softly on her bare belly as her other one returned back to mine. Her fingers on mine slid off the back and rested next to it on herself. "Now you feel yourself too." Hesitantly, my other hand climbed onto my body next to hers. I was feeling myself compared to her in real time. We didn't feel much different at all but she got her point across pretty well.

Just thinking about it made me feel so special. Below my hand on her was a stomach; below my hand on me was a whole another life. I turned my head sideways to meet Montana already looking at me. "See," she said. All I could do in response was smile. We laid like that for several minutes in silence before she spoke again.

"I'm sorry if I'm being intrusive, I'm just so amazed. I would wild ebony cutie tiffany nunez gets paid for sex that baby from you any day if it meant Ean would change his entire future just to take care of me." I wanted to think that I would give it to her if I could but after all the hardship it was already giving me, it was still Ean's and my baby in there.

It was ours and it meant and showed that he would do anything for me. Imagining Montana with Ean's baby actually made me jealous.

We laid like that for maybe half an hour. I slowly got sleepier and sleepier. It was strangely comforting with Montana's hand on my belly and mine on hers. "Can I listen?" she asked sleepily.

"What?" "Listen to it?" "I don't think you can hear anything yet," "But still, wouldn't you want to if you could?" she yawned softly. "Yeah," I answered. In slow movements, she curled her body in and turned her head to my belly. All the tiredness in me was quickly leaving as she moved closer to my bare skin down there.

Then the side of her face pressed into me. I tried my hardest not to inhale sharply. Her face was so warm though that it was actually easier than I anticipated. Her breathing was soft and long. It was blowing directly into my skin. Some was even skidding across my panties, she had her face so close. She was so calm. My racing heart had to be beating vibrations into her. She had to feel how nervous I was. I couldn't get any more embarrassed. Her face was not even a foot from my reproductive organ that was being covered by the thinnest material man conceived to put on the most private part of American teenagers.

I was just thankful that I chose to wear a simple designed cotton pair of panties rather than the ones I used to seduce Ean. And that was when I felt as if my life was ending. I could actually feel myself getting wet down there. Why was I getting wet? Why then? My best friends face was less than a foot away. Her nose was probably a school principal gets her ass well screwed length of Ean's penis from the slowly growing wet line in my underwear.

Her breathing was soft and light. Soo warm. My heart was bordering on maniacal. Legal age teenager love tunnel is nailed well homemade and hardcore was a self-destructive cycle. The more anxiety I felt, the wetter I became; the wetter I became, the more I couldn't stop everything that was spiraling out of control.

I could only hope everything I was worth that she was falling quickly into sleep. "What's wrong?" "Um," I stuttered, "I don't feel real good." The anxiety in my voice had to prove the truth behind that.

Montana lifted her head up slowly dragging her eyes from looking down by my feet to where I'm sure she meant to look me in the face. Instead though, she stopped at my crotch. My heart spiked past what I thought it was capable of beating. She had to have just then seen the line of wetness soaking into the tight clinging cloth. She had to have. Why else would she have stopped. She stared it what must have been pure disbelief that her friend would get wet over her head on her belly.

"I'm sorry," I almost cried. "I don't know why, I can't control it." She broke her stare at my words and looked up to me. "Calm down," she cooed. "I just got really nervous and I thought about Ean or something and it all spiraled out of control." I couldn't keep my voice in a constant tone. "Calm down. I understand, it's not bad." She could clearly see that now I was talking, I was only becoming more anxious. "Look," she said pulling her body up and bringing her knees to the sides of her chest, "having another girl under you going through a panic attack because you're on her can have an effect too." I looked down between her legs to find a prominent wet splotch soaked into her panties.

"It's all natural. Your body feels really scared so it does the best thing it knows how to do in order to feel good." "Really?" I asked hopeful and breathless. "Yes. I might not have had many friends in my past but I did have an older sister with ones.

They teased me in the worst ways and the more embarrassed I got from them, the worse off it was for me in front of them." "That sounds mean." I pulled in my elbows and pushed my body up, dropping my nightgown down.

"Yeah, but they were only teasing. They always treated me like a friend afterwards and taught me things while they talked about older girl stuff with my sister.

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They teased each other too like that even if I was their favorite subject. That's how I knew perfectly how to comfort Bentlee after Ean scared her so bad.

I've been tortured like that so many times before." I didn't even want to imagine what it must have felt like to have been tormented like that by a group of older girls she didn't drilling a choco beaver hardcore and blowjob know. I don't think I would have liked an older sister. Ean was about the absolute best sibling anyone could ever ask for. "Did they touch you and stuff?" I asked horrified.

"Sometimes. They accidently broke my hymen. That was the last time they teased me relentlessly." "Oh my God!" I couldn't hold back. "Yeah, they were pushing something through my panties into me and I screamed out in pain. When they pulled it out, my underwear was leaking blood. They held me down with my sister's hand over my mouth for maybe ten minutes.

After that, they gave me next to anything I could ever want and treated me just like them until they graduated. Crystal even said after she started dating Ean that she would let me have a go at him if I could convince him.

She was in my debt forever even though I forgave her like a week after it happened." She sat there talking about the most horrific event I could imagine almost as if it were a great past time.

Apparently she saw my disgust. "Trust me, it was so worth it. A couple minutes of pain and every time we went out or I met one of their boyfriends, I could flirt with them all I wanted and they couldn't stop me. Although, if they showed even the tiniest bit of pleasure from my attention, I heard that they got in A Lot of trouble after I was out of the picture.

That's when I started losing touch with kids my age I guess, well losing what little touch I had.

I was never really in their group but I became reliant on them through the few times I bugged my sister into letting me tag along. When they left for college, I realized just how alone that left me." She ended on a sad note.

"And then you found me," I said with a false enthusiasm. "Yep," her voice rose back up, "another girl ahead of her time." For some reason, my eyes glanced real quickly down to her panties and back up to her face. She was still a little wet, but clearly drying. I felt completely dry by then.

Montana just kept looking at my face like she wanted something but wasn't sure if she really did. "What?" I asked. "Nothing, but, it's just, nothing." "You have to tell me now!" "Well," she hesitated. "They were all really good friends and all, well some left and new ones came, but they did things. They said the best thing about friends was they could do anything together. Whatever you could possibly imagine, they would do it at least once because friends don't judge." She gulped hard.

"Sometimes when they were younger like our age before boyfriends, they kissed just to see what it was like. "Some of them wanted me to join but I thought it was disgusting so I never did. It's just now I'm a little curious." I took a gulp at that.

"We don't have to, I was just a little curious and you kiss Ean all the time so I didn't think it would be anything to you. I kissed him too but I don't know. Just forget it." My body was frozen.

I didn't know what to do. The biggest thing I did understand though was right than, Montana was becoming extremely uncomfortable and in the situation like it was, she would always feel weird around me if I just ignored what she said. "Okay," I cooed very softly, "we can kiss." I too was becoming a bit curious. I threesome with cute asian pet villein japanese and hardcore kiss Ean all the time and for some reason it made the idea of kissing Montana less of a deal.

It was just a kiss with another girl, nothing like kissing Ean. Montana stared straight into my eyes. Her face was becoming shiny.

She was sweating. Sitting with her knees to the sides of her chest and her beautiful girl likes being fucked on webcams arms behind her holding her from tipping backwards, I decided that I should take the brave step and move into her. I pulled my body up and squatted onto my hands and knees. Slowly, I pressed forward in a dog walking motion to get closer.

She poked her head forward a tiny bit just as I reached her. Gently, with neither of us puckering, our lips touched each others. The sides of our noses were meeting with surprising comfort. Neither of us closed our eyes but from the dry air between us, we both were blinking every other second. I could feel her quivering mouth push out. She was puckering up for a real kiss in our stand still meeting.

Feeling her moist contact with me, I realized just how dry it was on my end. As discreetly as possible, not very in a situation like that, I pulled in my lips and let my tongue slide out to wet them. And at feeling that tongue make contact with her lips, Montana's arms must have given way in shock. She fell backwards and I immediately reached out both of my own arms to catch her, losing my own balance in the process.

Pulling me with her body as she dropped, pivoting on her butt, I at least lightened the blow she made hitting the floor. She was perfectly still for a second before her knees unfolded around me. Looking down between us in our nightgowns and panties, I figured that we had to be in the absolute most provocative position two girls could get in.

I looked back up to Montana who had apparently just finished accessing the same situation. "My lips were dry, I swear. I was trying to wet them. I wasn't trying to French you." All Montana could do was smile widely at my words. "You think Ean would like to see us right now," she joked.

"Oooh, you have no idea." "Well, we might as well finish the kiss now then. Maybe you can make him as jealous as you always make me telling him about this story." I grinned broadly. She had a very valid point and I had nothing to lose. I felt strangely comfortable with myself and her too, and actually wanted to try it. The moment was just piling up on itself and I only wanted to see what would happen next.

Still smiling, I lowered my face to hers. About two madison ivy bangs during massage oliy massage teens from her head resting on the ground, I slipped my tongue out and wet my lips.

I noticed her follow just after me. We retreated our lathering and I finished dropping my head to hers. "Close your eyes," she said just before we met. Without thinking, I obeyed. Our lips touched. Seconds later we both started shifting them around. We were kissing. I was kissing my best friend. Propping myself just above her body between her legs, I was still kissing her.

Second after second passed. My eyes wouldn't open. They only squeezed tighter shut. I wanted them to open. I needed to see her face and that would make me stop. My breathing became harder into her skin. Hers mimicked mine.

I was slowly falling onto her body as my arms were weakening. My breasts pressed into hers with greater force. Why was I still kissing her? Why was laying on top of her soo comfortable?

Why did I feel so good inside? And then her lips stopped moving. It took all my will power to follow her lead. At that point, I didn't want to open my eyes; I didn't want to see her face. I waited several seconds before realizing that I was on top and she couldn't pull her lips away from mine. Forcing my eyes open, I slowly drew back my mouth. She was staring at me. I was staring at her.

We were both panting as I could not only feel her breath break with mine but also her belly springing up and down with me. Beyond our respiratory systems, the rest of our bodies remained motionless. I could swear minutes passed, but with time feeling as if it was speeding by me but also not even moving, I would never be sure how long we stared into each other so silently.

Neither of us knew what to say or do. Should we compliment the other on how good it was or should we insult in our own defense. I didn't even know how she felt about it. She stopped kissing me. I was on top.

She couldn't move. What was she thinking? I had to get off her. The longer I laid on her body like she was my lover, the worse position I was putting myself into. I made the slightest shrug to move away and stopped instantly feeling her body counter me. Whether she did it cognitively or subconsciously, she blocked me from getting off her. "Sorry," she said. "No, it's okay, I'm getting cold too.

We should probably get under the covers." "Yeah." She broke her eyes from mine. "You are warm," she said quietly to herself. I pushed my body up from her and scooted back catching site of her exposed underwear. They were soaking. "I'll get the lights," I said quickly drawing my eyes away in embarrassment. I stood up and walked over to turn out the light while letting her hide herself under the blanket. Flipping the switch down, in the cover of darkness, I felt myself between the legs in shesnew ariana grands audition sex video tube porn. I couldn't believe it.

I didn't even realize it. My fingers pressed into a thin cotton fabric engorged with fluids, my fluids. How was I so wet? Quickly, I moved to the sleeping arrangements on the floor and climbed myself under the covers. My body was nearly shivering when I got situated. "Why is it so cold all of a sudden?" I asked quietly facing Montana. "You're scared," I heard her answer, "I'm sorry.

Bentlee shakes like that when she's frightened." I didn't know how to respond to that. Was she talking down to me? "How does she warm up," I stupidly spurted out in a shiver. Immediately, Montana rolled to me and squeezed her arm between my side and the covering blanket.

Reaching behind my back, she took me into a half hug. "I remind her that she's not the only one." As so incredibly warm as her body was, being pressed so close to mine, I could feel that she too was twitching a bit.

I instinctively wrapped my own arm under hers and gripping her back, pulled her a little closer. I was still shaking, but I was warm. -