Beeg sasu ji damad up

Beeg sasu ji damad up
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My Asian Treat Pt.8 Love There are a few moments in your life when notable events happened and you can remember exactly where you were and what you were doing.

The landing on the moon, for example, I watched live from the floor of a rented house my parents had. The day the space shuttle exploded. 911. All of these are events that point to an exact place and an exact moment in time. Today was another one of those days. I will always remember Tuesday, July 6th, 1996 as the day I first told Kayko that I loved her.

I know she remembers it. I don't see how she could forget. She was hanging by her ankles and hands with her legs wide apart and every last millimeter of my dick stuffed inside her after having just shot a huge load of cum directly into her uterus.

I will freely admit it was not exactly how I had planned it, but the result was just as I guessed it would be. Upon hearing my admission of love for her, Kaykos eyes immediately began to well up and pour tears down her cheeks. In the instant just before she started hugging the life out of me the biggest smile I have ever seen from her came across her face.

She hugged me tightly and began crying her erika sawajiri sex scenes from helter skelter out as I stood there still fully imbedded inside her now rippling and clenching pussy.

I felt complete. I don't know how else to describe the sensations going through me at that moment. Everything was right, everything! Kayko pulled her face back a little and began brushing her tears away with shaky hands. "I have waited so long to hear that!" she exclaimed with a sniff. "You have?" I asked while gently cradling her back. "Yes," she replied while doing her best to regain her composure. "I have been in love with you from the first time I saw your picture." Well knock me over with a brick.

Now things were starting to fall into place. The practice exercises so diligently followed, the extra care and attention I was getting at every turn, Kayko was mine! Kayko hugged herself very tightly tiny rare story teen stimulated by toys me again.

I could feel her trembling as her breathing began to slow and become more relaxed. She didn't want me to go anywhere and I had no intention of leaving. We were one. After several minutes Kayko released me and leaned back a little.

"I have to finish my exercises," she smiled. Reaching up she grabbed the spreader pole and hung on, allowing me to extract my pussy cum covered dick from inside her. It felt like I was inside her a mile as I slowly slid out. With one slow and steady motion I pulled free. My dick was still rock hard from her massaging me with her internal muscles, even though I had just cum. Taking hold of her hands I slowly lowered her down until she was again hanging upside down.

Her beautiful pussy was gaping wide open having just been vacated by my manhood. With the bright afternoon sun shining down on her open crotch I could easily see deep inside her all the way down to her cervix. I could not see any of my cum inside her. I can only guess that all of it was now inside her uterus. I stepped back and tucked my now deflating dick into my pants. As I stepped around in front of Kayko she looked up at me and smiled. "I think you need this," I said, holding the stone phallus out in my hand.

Kayko smiled at me again and said, "Hy." I didn't give her the chance to reach for it. I reached out with my hand and placed the pointed end against her open pussy. It began to slide in easily. With almost an inch inside her I let go. I was surprised as to nadia ali sexy xxx story happened next.

It was almost like a free fall drop the way the stone disappeared into her, sliding in completely out of sight. Kayko let out a little yelp and quickly placed her hands over the pit of her stomach, grimacing slightly from the force the stone applied to the top end of her pussy. "Oh my God!" I exclaimed as I quickly knelt down next to her. "Are you alright?!" "Yes," she said while nodding her head, "It usually does not go in that easily.

You just surprised me." "I am so sorry sweetie," I exclaimed while cupping her pussy with my hand, "I never meant to hurt you." "I'm ok," she reiterated while placing her hand on my cheek, "that's not the first time that has happened." "It's not?" "No," she replied while bringing her hands down from her stomach and placing them together to start her practice.

"Why do you think I do the horse last?" That made sense. I walked back over to the porch and sat down while Kayko resumed her exercises. Her eyebrows furrowed and her abdomen tightened up and slowly the stone emerged from inside her. I just watched in amazement as for the next ten minutes she pushed the stone up until almost half of it was visible before letting it slide back down inside.

I could not help the feeling of satisfaction I felt as I watched her repeat this over and over, knowing she was doing this for me. After about 20 or 30 repetitions she reached down and untied the rope.

Once she had lowered herself to the ground and unstrapped her ankles she stood up and walked over to me. I was mesmerized by her movements. (It was more like my mouth was hanging open again) As she walked her hips swung back and forth very seductively, causing her long black mane of hair to swish across her back.

She walked up to where I was seated and stopped and spread her feet apart. I didn't need any more incentive. I reached out with my hand and cupped her pussy. Moments later I felt the end of the stone press into the palm of my hand. As I withdrew it I still did not see any of the large deposit of cum I had given her just a little while ago. I guess I had planted those seeds deep.

Kayko then went to the horse and finished her exercises. Working from the smallest to the largest upright phallus, she did not vary in the slightest from her routine.

She spent the same teen girl gets fucked on bus first time allys brother rey has a sloppy little secret he of time on each one with the same number of reps. Her diligence was amazing.

When she finished she walked over to me and stood with her clenched fists on her hips and her feet apart. For a moment she reminded me of a warrior that had just walked of the battlefield after having slaughtered an army. She was absolutely beautiful, and my dick agreed with me. I could feel myself getting hard again inside my pants. As I stood up Kayko smiled at me. "So what now?" she had this mischievous grin on her face.

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I unzipped my pants and pulled my hard dick out past the zipper. "How about a ride back to my place," I mused while holding my arms out. Kayko looked down at my hard dick and then back up at my face with a huge smile on her face. "Why aren't you the gentleman?" she smirked while stepping up to me. She lifted her left leg and I hooked it behind her knee at my right elbow. She clasped her hands behind my neck before putting her weight on my right arm and then lifted her left leg.

In turn I hooked it behind the knee. Kayko then took one hand and guided the head of my dick straight into her as I pulled her toward me by her waist.

It is pure heaven sliding into her. Her warm soft depths enveloped me gently as I slid in until our pelvic bones touched.

As soon as all of me was inside her she clamped down on me and started massaging my dick with nice firm squeezes. "That feels so good," I sighed as I turned and walked to the post where her short robe hung.

"Do you need anything from inside?" I asked while turning toward her back door. "What are we doing this afternoon?" she asked. "First of all I need to find a caddy for tomorrow.

Do you know of anyone?" I asked while bouncing her up and down on my dick. "I will be glad to do that for you," Kayko replied while changing the squeezing action of her pussy to match the short little thrusts she was getting. "Have you ever caddied before?" I asked while walking in through her back door and into the hallway. "I have caddied for Hirito several times during some of his business rounds reluctant mature wife suprise threesome golf.

I can handle it." Kayko was smiling and looking long fully into my eyes. I knew she wanted to come along and watch me play. "Ok," I replied. "Do you have the proper clothes to wear?" "I have some clothes that might be suitable," she responded while pointing to her room.

"I have an idea," I said as I drew her close to me. "Why don't we ride into town and I will buy you something new?" The grin on her face and the squeeze of her pussy told me that I said the right thing. "Ok," she cheerfully replied while putting on the short white robe. When she had the black sachet tied around her waist she said, "I'm ready." "You're going to go like that?" I asked while still holding her firmly mounted on my dick.

"Yes," she replied. "I just need to get my cell phone to son rapes his drunk naked mom the limo back." "Ok," I replied while carrying her into her room. Kayko was able to reach her cell phone without me having to put her down. As I walked down her steps and into the garden she called the limo. Speaking Japanese I could not understand what she was saying, but the call was short.

As I walked through the garden I bounced Kayko against me with each step. The short but sharp fuck strokes felt really good, and Kayko just let me beat my dick into her repeatedly with this sexy satisfied smile on her face and her arms lightly draped over my shoulders. "You know what?" I said as I walked through the garden carrying her and looking into her eyes, "You really are something special." A huge smile came across her face and she immediately increased the speed at which she was squeezing my dick.

"And why do you say that?" she asked while looking into my eyes. "I haven't done anything special." "That's a load of bologna. You have done everything a guy could ever dream of." I replied as we crossed over the little bridge that crossed the brook feeding the pond. "You are so beautiful and sweet. You have done everything for me since I got here!" "But I am supposed to do all of those things," she replied while pulling herself up against me.

I could feel her hard nipples rubbing against my chest as I walked. "Besides," she continued as she brought her face up to mine, "I love you." She then reached out and kissed me very softly on the lips before pulling back to gaze into my eyes. I felt like I was the king of the universe! I stopped dead in my tracks and began kissing Kayko like it was my last moment of life.

Her soft lips opened and allowed my tongue to ease into her mouth while I pulled her crotch tightly against me, driving my dick in hard against her cervix. A barely audible whimper escaped from her throat as she opened her legs wider, allowing me the deepest possible access to her. Her hands cradled the back of my head as we kissed and her hot breath teased my cheek as we exchanged our love and passion in the most intimate of embraces.

If the world were to have suddenly come to an end neither one of us would have known or cared. We were completely focused on each other and the moment.

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As Kayko kissed me her pussy sucked on my cock which now felt like a titanium steel rod stuck inside her. It felt like if I had let go of her she would have just hung there by her pussy, impaled by my hardness. Kayko kissed and sucked on my tongue for what seemed like ages before she finally pulled back to look at me. When she did I was surprised to see tears streaming down her face.

"What's wrong honey?" I asked as I started walking through the garden again. "I am just so happy!" she sniffed before hugging herself against me with a death lock from her arms. "I love you so much!" One at a time I unhooked Kaykos knees from my arms and allowed her to wrap her legs around my waist.

With my arms free I hugged her tightly against me, smashing her featherweight body against me. "I love you too sweetie." I replied as I made the turn toward the driveway where the limo was waiting.

Kayko never once hinted at letting go of me as I stepped up to the open door. The limo driver opened the door for us and I did my best to crawl in with Kayko still attached to my waist. It was a little difficult, but we did make it inside with only a few bumps and quite a bit of laughing. Kayko barked out something in Japanese to the driver before he closed the door and got into the drivers' seat.

In seconds we were off toward the city. Kayko sat with her full weight on my dick as she sat backwards in the car facing me, pinning my dick deep inside her. "You like being there don't you?" I queried while running my hands over her ass. "I want you inside me always," she replied while squeezing my dick extremely hard with her pussy. "I can't say that I mind," I replied, enjoying the attention my dick was getting. Titjob before long sex by ariella ferrera has the uncanny ability to keep me hard for extended periods of time by squeezing my dick inside her with varying degrees of intensity.

It is absolutely fabulous! I can stay inside her for as long as she wants and remain just as hard (or harder) than when I entered her. There is nothing quite like being inside your woman for an hour or two and not lose any hardness or interest due to a natasha malkova sex stories porn story of activity.

Kayko is an expert at this. Thirty five minutes later the limo stopped at a very busy block of downtown Tokyo. As the car came to a stop Kayko dismounted and quickly sucked my dick clean before tucking me back into my pants. "Are you not going to ride me into the store?" I joked. For a few seconds Kayko pondered what I said before reaching back over to my pants to unzip them.

"Hold on a second there," I said as I stopped her from pulling my dick back out, "I was just kidding." "I'm not." she replied with a very serious look on her face. I knew she meant it. If I had not stopped her I would have walked into the adjacent store with Kayko wrapped around my waist and my dick buried deep inside her. "It's ok sweetie. Come on," I said as I stepped out of the limo and offered her my hand. "Let's go get you an outfit." I was a little surprised that we did not get any strange looks as we climbed out of the car.

Of course I got some odd looks being a foreigner in downtown Tokyo, but no one even seemed to notice Kayko. And she was almost completely naked! All she had on was the mid-thigh length robe and a black sachet around her waist. Not even shoes! We walked across the busy sidewalk and into a huge sporting goods store without anyone giving us a second glance.

Maybe I should have been inside her. This store had everything. Golf clubs, tennis gear, hiking and swimming gear, and even surf boards. We looked around for a little bit before I found this really nice pleated white skirt with a pink belt and pink stripes down the sides. It looked like it was a tennis skirt and would leave two thirds of Kaykos thighs exposed. I liked it and asked for one in her size. As the store saleswoman went to retrieve the proper size for Kayko we looked at some nice golf shirts.

Kayko found a pink one that would match the highlights on the skirt exactly. With both garments in hand Kayko went to the fitting room to try them on. It only took her about 30 seconds before she came out in the new outfit. She looked fabulous! The skirt was a little shorter than I thought, covering only a quarter of her thighs. As she stood there I could just barely see the place on her legs where they began to open up just below her pussy.

The top was equally nice, allowing her hard nipples to show plainly through the thin material. I was hard again and almost drooling all over myself. She is absolutely beautiful. Kayko looked at me and then looked down at herself. "What do you think?" she asked and then gave a little spin to show me the back. When she did the skirt flew out exposing a glimpse of her pussy and her delicious ass. She stopped with her back to me and looked over her shoulder.

The smile on her face gave away the fact that I was standing there with my mouth hanging open. "From the look on your face I can tell that you like it," she said while smiling.

"Oh yea sweetie, you look terrific!" That was a tremendous understatement. She was an absolute knockout! "Let's get you some shoes." After picking out a pair of white and pink Nike's and some pink trimmed bootie socks she was set. At the counter I picked up a sleeve of Titleist golf balls and a new golf glove before making the purchase. I don't even know how much it cost because I couldn't keep my eyes off her delicious legs and shapely ass.

The sales woman just handed me the credit card slip and the bag, and Kayko wore her new outfit out of the store. As we approached the limo I told Kayko to get in. As she climbed into the car I stepped up to the limo driver and asked him, "Do you speak English?" "Yes," he replied, "Where would you like to go?" "Take us to the nicest Jewelry store you know of and be quiet about it." The driver nodded and then shut the cute redhead babe enjoys two hard cocks in threesome behind me.

Inside Kayko picked up the phone and buzzed the driver. She said something to him in Japanese and the car then started moving. I knew where we were going but Kayko had no idea. When the car stopped several blocks later Kayko seemed a little bit pissed off. "What is the driver doing?!" she barked and quickly reached for the phone. I stopped her and said, "It's alright sweetie. He is doing exactly what I told him to do." Kayko looked at me with a really puzzled look on her face as the door swung open.

"Come on," I said as I climbed out of the car. At the curb Kayko looked around and asked, "What are unusual czech sweetie stretches her spread slit to the unusual doing here?" I took her hand and said, "Just trust me honey." Directly adjacent pussy you porn 69 bang 2019 the limo was a large and expensive looking jewelry store.

Giving her hand a little tug I walked her into the store. I started getting butterflies in my stomach as I walked her over to the display case and began looking at the sparkling diamonds below.

"What are you going to buy?" she asked with a noted degree of uncertainty in her voice. I did not give her a reply; I just motioned for the saleswoman to come over.

When she arrived I pointed to a three quarter carrot 24K yellow gold engagement ring in the case below and asked to see it. As the sparkling ring was brought out I heard Kayko gasp a little. I took the ring from the holder and looked closely at it.

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It's a flawless stone and brilliant in color and clarity. I turned to Kayko and then quietly dropped to one knee. Before I could say a word tears began streaming from Kaykos' eyes. "Kayko, you are the most beautiful and amazing woman I have ever known in my life. I don't think my life would ever be complete without you. So,…" I said as I slipped the ring onto her left ring finger, "Kayko, will you marry me?" The ring was an exact fit. Kaykos' hands were shaking and the streams of tears running down her face were dripping onto the floor like miniature waterfalls.

Clutching her face with her right hand she looked at the shiny ring and said without a moment's hesitation, "Yes!" before bursting out into an all out cry.

As I stood up she threw her arms around me and squeezed every last bit of breath out of me. It was only then lovely vanessa enjoys fingering her twat outdoors I noticed that everyone in the store was clapping and all of the women were crying.

I am so glad she said yes because I don't think I could go through that again. The butterflies in my stomach were swirling around so fast that I felt like I would throw up right there! Kayko gave me a big kiss and then stepped back to look at her ring. I gave her my handkerchief so she could wipe her eyes while I paid for it. I think the sales woman was torn up worse that Kayko because she dropped my American Express card three times while trying to conduct the transaction!

I know this will seem sudden to my readers and you might think I am full of shit. After all, I have known Kayko for only a few days. But in my own defense I will say that I am a bit impulsive at times and a genuine hopeless romantic at heart.

And proposing to Kayko at this point and time seemed to be the right thing to do at the exact right time. Besides, it was already done so I would have to live with my decision.

(And the bill! It's not every day you give a $12,000 ring to woman.) But as far as I am concerned, that was the easiest decision I have made in my 45 years of life. With the transaction completed we headed out of the store and climbed into the limo.

I barely had time to get in before Kayko was on me. In a matter of seconds my pants were off and she had her sweet lips wrapped around my cock and was sucking away. I picked up the car phone and told the driver to take the long way home. As soon as I was hard Kayko climbed up into my lap and quickly sat down, taking every last inch of me into her in one fast motion. Her usually smooth and deliberate movements seemed like the movements of someone in a panic, quick and sporadic.

Once she was fully impaled on me and she clamped down her movements became more sexy amateur babe cecilia lion gets pounded in public. "I take it that you like your new sparkler?" I queried. "Yes!" she replied with a huge smile on her face. She was holding her hand up and admiring the new accessory on her finger.

But then she looked over her hand at me and said, "But what is really important is that it means I'm yours forever." "That's right sweetie," I replied as I leaned back in the seat to enjoy my fiancé. "And I am all yours." Kayko didn't say another word, she switched her pussy into super suck mode and leaned over onto me and began kissing me with as much passion and fervor as I have ever experienced.

Even though we were in a car and it was not the most comfortable of places, we had the most satisfying session of love making that I had yet experienced.

Kayko was very slow and deliberate, bringing me to the threshold of orgasm before changing her movements and manipulations to prolong our lovemaking. At least 7 or 8 time she brought me to the brink without letting me go over the edge before we pulled into the driveway. When the limo door opened she was still riding me. "Sweetie," I said as I sat her upright on me, "We're home." Kayko spun her head and looked at the open door before dismounting. I would swear that my dick was at least an inch longer as she slid off and sat down next to me.

In a flash she was sucking my dick to clean it again before she tucked it back into my pants. "I'm not done with you," she said as she climbed out of the car. I grabbed the bag and followed her out. She was saying something to the driver as I stood up. With a nod of his head he closed the door and climbed back into the drivers' seat before backing out of the driveway. As the car headed down the road Kayko looked at me and said, "He is going to get us some food. Come, I will give you a bath." I like bath time!

It was definitely one of my more favorite activities. And Kayko never disappointed me when she "cleaned" me. As we walked toward the guest house I got a good look at my little Asian treat in her new outfit. WOW!! That should sum it up in a nutshell. Her delicious tanned legs extending out of the pleated skirt, her hard hot latin teen dances and masturbates thewildcamcom nipples' jabbing at the material of her top, and her silky black hair flowing down over her back made for a memory that is burned into my brain until this day.

In that moment I could not believe how my life had made such a miraculous turn as I watched her climb the steps in front of me. I had always wanted to have someone like her in my life, and now that we were engaged, she would be mine forever. I felt like the luckiest man in the universe! But the next 24 hours were going to test my metal in ways I could not have possibly imagined.

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End Ch. 8