Hawt hammering of luscious cutie from brazil

Hawt hammering of luscious cutie from brazil
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Michael continued to lick and suck her until her clit was too sensitive. Jade wasn't sure how she felt, she was a little bit ashamed that she'd just done such things with her stepbrother, but this was overridden by the feeling of pure satisfaction from the pleasure she'd just received. 'That was by far better then any orgasm I've ever given myself' she thought. She'd definitely have to pay him back. Michael looked up from Jade's well pleasured pussy with his face covered in her delicious, sweet juices.

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'Thankyou so much' Jade mumbled, too tired to say anything else. 'Your very welcome' Michael replied. Jade reached up and planted one last sleepy kiss on Michaels yummy lips, tasting herself on his mouth, she couldnt believe just how horny this made her. She reached down and stroked Michaels enormous, pulsing member through his trousers.

She so badly wanted it in her mouth or her pussy despite being extremely tired. 'Your turn' she whispered sleepily. 'No Jade, your too tired' he chuckled, ignoring his aching hard cock, 'Would you like me to carry you to your bed babe?' Michael asked. Jade mumbled something, defeated. Michael took this as permission. He lifted her up gently, grabbing her clothes off the sofa as he went.

she rested her head on his shoulder and was fast asleep before he'd even reached the top of the stairs. He layed her down gently on her bed, putting her blanket over her just incase their he nails her old pussy from behind arrived home before she woke.

He then left to get ready for bed himself. once he was in bed, he used Jade as his wanking material, thinking of how close he was to putting his huge cock right inside her tight little pussy. Jade woke at around 8am feeling pretty amazing. She smiled to herself at her memories from the previous night. She wanted to pay Michael back for the great orgasm he'd given her.

She pulled on her bath robe and tiptoed quietly onto the hallway, she could hear Emily downstairs watching cartoons. She creeped across the hallway into Michaels room and closed the door behind her. He was sleeping in his king sized bed with his blanket draped across his lower body, even through the blanket she could see his 'morning glory'.

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She walked over to him and perched on the edge of the bed. She slowly rubbed her hand over Michaels smooth, toned torso, and ran it down la carlota cba argentina porn empleada his big, hard penis. She removed the blanket and admired his huge package.

It had to be at least 8 inches, it was extremely thick and his sac was trimmed nice and neat. She eagerly began to stroke her hand up and down the shaft of Michaels cock. Michael moaned and tossed his head in his sleep. She took his bulbous penis head in her mouth and licked at it delicately while continuing to stroke it up and down.

Just as she began to lick his penis from base to tip, Michael woke up. He felt the sensation of somebody playing and licking his stiff cock.

He opened his eyes and saw Jade licking up and down penis with her bath robe open enough for him to see her full, perky breasts and her shaven pussy. The sight was wonderful. She looked up at him with a cheeky grin on her face while continuing to stroke his penis.

He just chuckled. She moved so that she was positioned inbetween Michaels legs and had better access to his cock. She took as much of it in her mouth as she could and sucked delicately while stroking it with her warm hand.

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Using the silky underside of her tongue, she swept it side to side against Michaels frenulum before continuing her sucking. She stared in to his eyes devilishly while doing this. This cutie hot chick katie wants it deep smalltits and pornstars Michael on to the extreme, his breathing got even faster and deeper. Instead of bobbing and sucking at a constant speed like how he usually had it, Jade started off with five slow bobs, then moved on to four slow bobs, then one fast, then three slow and two fast, sucking at his penis delightfully.

She repeated this over and over while she used her hand to massage Michaels balls. He felt them tighten and contract, he grunted and moaned gratefully, his whole body trembling with pleasure as he erupted his warm, delicious load into his stepsisters waiting mouth. She kept her mouth around his penis as the last few squirts of his cum shot into her mouth.

She swallowed the massive load appreciatively after savouring the taste of his salty cum, she opened her mouth to show Michael. 'Good girl' he said, stroking her hair. Just then they heard their parents car pull up on the driveway. 'Shit' Michael said jumping up and pulling on some shorts. Jade pulled her bath robe tighter around her and scrambled into her own room.

After pulling on a skirt and a shirt, without having time to put on any underwear, she checked her face for any signs of her stepbrothers delicious cum and went downstairs to greet her parents.

Michael was already down there making coffee for everyone. He looked over at Jade and they smiled knowingly at one another. She went and joined her parents at the dining room table. 'how was your night' she asked sara luvv and evan stone, as Michael bought over the coffee and took a seat next to Jade. 'It was great' her mum replied 'the food was really nice and the hotel was spectacular wasn't it Jeff?' Jade's stepdad nodded in agreement, reading the newspaper.

'How about you, how was your night?' Her mum asked checking her phone. 'Oh it was great' Jade huge cock reverse cowgirl style homemade and hardcore, taking a quick glance over at Michael who was already looking at her.

'Yeah' Michael said, 'we watched a movie and then erm had some fun' Michael winked at Jade. 'Hmmm' their mum said, not really paying much attention. Michael subtly reached under the table and put his hand on Jade's leg. She took his hand and moved it so it was touching her bare pussy lips. He felt that she was moist from being aroused, probably from the blowjob she'd given him a few minutes ago. He started to rub up and down her damp slit with his finger.

Her breathing became deeper but luckily her parents didn't notice. Jade's mum got up from the table and Michael immediately pulled his hand away, leaving Jade wanting more.

'I better get started on cooking Sunday lunch' her mum said. 'I think I'm going to go and do some homework' Jade said, signalling to Michael for him to come up. A few minutes after Jade had went upstairs, Michael followed her using the excuse that he was going to play xbox.