Geneva gets her pussy fucked by lps cock

Geneva gets her pussy fucked by lps cock
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It all began with a camping trip my dad and I took when I was a little girl. My mother had died giving birth to me so it was just my father and I alone. One summer, when I was nine, we went on a camping trip to bond even closer and just to relax and have a good vacation. Since we were alone on a campsite with no one around for miles it was just he and I, so we spent up the days usually fishing or playing cards. But one night, my father went to take a dip in the lake and i went and followed, I had nothing better to do and i thought he would wear his swimming trunks; but I was thankfully wrong as he was completely naked and showing off a hard eight inch dick.

I had felt a tingling sensation in my pussy and I didnt know what to do, so I ran back to the tent and rubbed it to make it go away, but that made it feel better so I just continued, and since that trip I havent been able to stop thinking about my daddy's dick.

My name is Kameron and I was fifteen when my dad and I started fucking. Beautiful curly babe in white lingerie uses ohmibod have D cups and a small waist with a big ass ready to take the world by storm.

I see the way my dad looks at me hot milf porn ebony dialogue I come out of the shower and it makes me want him more.

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So one day, I came up with a plan to fuck my father. "Daddy, can you help me study for this test?" I called out from my bedroom while I sat at my desk. "Sure honey, I'll be right there." He came in wearing shorts and a tight muscle shirt, (he was mowing the lawn and was sweaty from the work) and when he came in he couldnt believe his eyes.

I was wearing a very short skirt with no panties, and a tight tank top without a bra. He scanned my body starting at my eyes going down to my legs and I watched as his cock grew hard with wonder. "Well, you have to come over and see what I need help with silly!" I giggled as my dad slowly walked over watching my pussy move. He looked at the math book on my desk and helped me with some of the problems before I grabbed his leg and started stroking it up and down.

"Uhh, honey," he sat on the bed, "did you really call me in here to help you study?" he looked me straight in the eye and I knew I couldnt lie. "No, I called you in here because. Daddy I want you so badly! Ever since that camping trip when I was nine and I saw your hard cock! Please Daddy, I big tits blonde needs young cock courtney cummz big dick and bigtits it's wrong but I want you so badly!" I spilled out everything while getting on my knees in front of him.

"Please daddy, I see the way you look at me, you want me too, I know it! Please fuck me! Please" he looked all over my body, then went back to my eyes and said Yes I want you too. As long as we don't say a word to anyone, we can do this, OK?" I started crying with pleasure as my pussy got wet with the thought of fucking my dad. He picked me up and started kissing me on my bed.

He quickly pulled off his clothes and I got out of mine.

Without me knowing what he was going to do, my dad went down and started licking my slit, playing with my lips and kissing along my thighs, making me shiver with mini orgasms as he stuck his tongue in me. "Oh daddy, you are amazing!!" He just kept licking unti Ialost bursted with climax, but he knew the signs and backed off at the start of it just to tease me.

He grinned and played my my clit with his thumb Then, I flipped around under him and started licking and sucking his cock. He moaned with pleasre and I loved making him groan. I started licking his head and moving down his shaft, after a little bit Iwas rubbing it while sucking his balls. He then shouted out "I'm cumming!!" and I let him cum all over my naked tits and mouth, unlike what he did to me. I then told him to put his cock in me.

He knew I wasnt a virgin, and that i had been on the pill for a year now, so he had no worries about hurting me.

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He put his eight inch cock at my wet opening and thrusted in. I let out a loud moan as he pulled out halfway and pushed into me again and again letting his big balls hit my ass each time. Soon i was yelling out "Oh Goodness Daddy I'm cumming!!" and i squirted out all over him as he screamed and came again. He then said "Now it"s time to repay you for sucking me" He smiled as he pulled his cock out and put his face when it was.

He then started licking the juices coming out of my pussy and lapping them onto his ready tongue, not very long after i was screaming out with pleasure and telling him that i was cumming. He let my new juices hit his tongue with greediness and then he came up, wrapped me in his arms and told me, "I've been waiting for this moment ever since you were a little girl, you've always have been so unique and interesting, and you've been budding into an amazing young lady, and an even better fuck buddy!" He winked, "But I need you to know that I love you baby girl," "I love you too daddy.

I really do, I always have." I smiled and curled up to him more, "Ok, so how about going and getting cleaned up in the shower babe?" i smiled and ran off before he could even grab skinny teen lily rader is manhandled by angry bf pornstars and hardcore and we met in a hot and lusty embrace under the steamy hot water.

It was then that i knew i wanted my daddy in all my holes, so I bent over, showing him my ass as the hot water hit the middle of my back, "Daddy, I want you to fuck my ass. I know it will hurt, even more so with that big cock of yours, but I want you in there.

Please?" and without me asking twice he shoved his cock in my tight ass and fucked int better than my pussy. When he came he cleaned it off, letting my wash it with soap.

I then kissed my daddy for the first time, and i loved it more than fucking him. "Oh baby, that was amazing." i laughed as we got out of the shower and used one towel. As we dried off he kept grabbing my tits and pinching my nipples as i grabbed his balls and rubbed. WE both were very horny by this time and we wanted each other even more.

I kissed my dad as we fell on the bathroom floor, groping and touching each other. Suddenly his dick was in me and we were kissing and fucking while rolling on the floor in a passion. It was an amzing fuck and we came at almost the same time. Then we got up, wiped ourselves clean, and went to get dressed. Afterwards we went downstairs to watch tv and we flipped on a movie we both liked.

I curled up in his arms and we cuddled there on the couch. Then, randomly I went and grabbed on daddy's cock and licked it. It sprang up and harden very quickly. WE kissed as I sat up on his lap grinding against him as we started pulling off clothes piece by piece and tearing into one another. I knew fucking my daddy was going to be fun.