Frisky girls bang the biggest belt cocks and spray semen everywhere

Frisky girls bang the biggest belt cocks and spray semen everywhere
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Every day after school the wife would go pick the grand kids up from primary school, bring them home, feed them, do homework with them and watch tv before their mother would come pick them up when she finished work. This happened up till the eldest was about 15.

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Old enough to look after the other two when they finished school. There was 3 girls. Louise, Sarah and Michelle.

They all had different hobbies. Louise liked music and was always in trouble at school, Sarah more quiet liked computer games and kept to herself and Amy the baby of the girls and she lived up to the name always sooking. The wife and i were retired. I kept to myself, restored old computers and was a whiz at downloading anything and everything. The wife and I still in love although slept in separate beds and hadn't been romantic in quiet a while. I liked when my wife went to the gym in the mornings so I could have some alone time watching you know "special movies".

I had always been a sexual man too often the kids when they were younger would walk in and catch me with the wife on all 4's or on the couch sucking my cock. Oh how I missed those days. It was summer and cute little Sarah came into my office. Secretly she was my favorite of the girls kept to herself quiet and good with computers for someone so young.

She was early primary school and walked in with her cute checked school dress on which was far too short for my likings in the past but today something was different. Something about her made my cock sand tall. She was a tall slim girl, just starting to produce tiny bud tits and her legs went on for miles! On this day all I wanted to do was touch her. "Poppy can I do some games on your computer" she said looking so fuckable and cute.

"Sure come sit on puppy's lap I got some good games you can try" I said as I adjusted my cock in my pants so she wouldn't feel the huge boldge and ask what it was. I have to say my cock was average size just under 9 inches.

As she sat there on my lap playing computer games I slowly ran my hand through her hair and up and down her legs. She was too young to know this was wrong. And I knew she would never tell anyone. I half closed the door to my office which is where I spend most khloe capri and alexis fawx ffm threeway in shower room my time and turned the tv down a little so I could hear if the wife or other kids were coming.

After this I continued running my hands up and down her body before I decided to feel those tits. Just over the clothes I didn't wanna push the limits straight away. Fuck I was horny all I could think about was how great my cock would feel deep inside her tiny virgin pussy, how sweet her pussy juices would taste over my face and how much cum my cock could pump into that pussy.

With this thought and without even noticing what I had done my hand was inside her dress squeezing her tiny pink nipples. She never said a word as they hardened in my hand as I pulled and twisted them. As far as she knew this is what you did to your granddaughter when playing games on his lap. As she sat there on tight teen ass banged by big black cocks on the couch right leg playing away I decided I had to get off before my clock exploded in my pants.

I carefully unzipped them taking my cock out and got off. Lucky there was a tea towel on my desk from god knows what for me to cum into! Sarah didnt move as I pounded it and came harder then ever before! I cleaned up and said to Sarah " come on your mum will be here soon get your stuff ready" and off she went! I knew what I was thinking about was wrong.

I knew what I did was wrong. But all I could think about was touching her pussy next and every day she was here. That night I decided I had to fuck my wife I didn't care what she said. That night I snuck into her bed and started passionately kissing her. " what are you doing John she said" pushing me away.

"I wanna have fun like old times come on, let me fuck you." "Ok but make it quick" she moaned. Having to use my own spit as lube I worked her up till she was wet enough for the hard thrashing I was about to give her.

I didn't waste time. With the vision of Sarah laid there legs spread I pounded in hard from the start just one deep thrust after another getting faster. I had my eyes closed picturing this tiny small vagina and fucked on.

It wasn't long before I came. Feeling pussy around my cock made me wanna fuck Sarah so much more. I cleaned up and headed to my bed leaving the wife with my cum all over her sheets and fell straight to sleep. The next day I knew Louise wasn't coming over and Michelle would keep my wife busy so I knew I would be able to go in for the pussy rub! I don't think ill try the fingers yet but ill get her off rubbing her little pink clit. I hope she's wearing her dress making easy access for me.

And sure enough there she walked in the house in a tiny little school dress, hair pulled back in a pony tale looking cute as ever.

"Hey Poppy" she said as she walked past into the back lounge room. "I got a new game for you to try Sar when you finish your homework" I yelled. Not long after in walked Sarah. "I got no homework poppy and Nanna and Michelle are going to the shops to get some stuff for dinner. Can we play the game now" Holy fuck could I be any more lucky I thought to myself. Her by herself noone to walk in. She jumped up on my lap and I got the game open and ready for her.

As soon as my wife left I knew what I had to do. It wasn't long before my wife walked in and asked if I needed anything from the shops and said she will be half an hour to an hour would I be ok with Sarah she was taking Michelle, I answered yes I'd be fine I don't need anything. And off she went. As soon as I heard the car door close I started with rubbing my hard up and down her body again.

This time she got goose bumps so I thought maybe she is gonna enjoy this. She never said a word as always as I beauty receives rudely fucked schoolgirl and hardcore with her tits till her nipples were hard in my fingertips.

I then started running u hands up and down her legs nearing closer to her pussy lips. I picked her up ad bit and lifted her dress up so when the time came I could access her little purple panties from the top.

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I wanted to take this slow. One step at a time. As my hands got higher I slowly took I my index finger running it up and down her tiny slit over her panties. I was hoping she wouldn't protest this and I never said a word to her.

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A few minutes went past and her panties started to get wet. So I then just focused on going slowly up and down her slit pushing her panties between her lips.

You should be careful how you rub it

Oh my cock was pounding I could feel the pre cum dripping. I then ever so carefully put my hand down the front of her panties and met this smooth, warm pussy I had been dreaming and batting off over. Gently I ran my finger up and down her small body jolting like she liked it.

She never said anything never said to stop so I continued up and down feeling the sticky fluid between her legs. I wanted to taste it so bad so I pushed a little deeper till my finger was wet and pulled my hand out her panties and up to the my mouth. I then sucked my finger. Oh boy was this the sweetest pussy I ever tasted all I wanted to do was pick her up and smother my face in that sweet juice.

Wanting more back went my hand but this time I wanted to see if I could get her off. I pulled her legs apart a bit which she willingly did and pulled her a little closer. I then inserted my finger trough the top of her slit meeting this little pounding clit. She was horny, she was wet and she needed a release. Not that she said anything I just knew.

I then started working my index finger in a circular motion around her clit, her little body was shaking and I knew she liked it but didnt know what to do. She continued playing her game as I worked her good. It took a while but finally she stopped playing her game I felt her body lock up and shake as she came to her orgasm.

I kept my finger there until she finished and continued with the game.

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I slowly slid my finger down a bit tempted to push my finger in her tiny hole. Instead I fondled a bit getting as much juice on my fingers as I could before pulling my fingers out sucking them tasting her sweet juice again an pulled her dress down.

This went on for years to come and progressed into more. ;)