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This Story contains Incest, Bondage, Teens, and Mind control. If that's not to your liking than shoo. If it is then enjoy. This story is a little light on erotica but has plot buildup for the next chapter. Struck By Lightning By Lord Amun Chapter 2 It was a happy day in the archer house, My mom came home early from work, she let my little sisters stay home from school and Kat took the night off from her job at the restaurant.

When the doctor arrived he question ruka ichinose sofia takigawa kaede niiyama hikari about my experience in the coma, I didn't tell him a thing. He also tested all my reflects and sences. I was fine, the doctor gave me a clean bill of health.

The doctor told my mom that I could eat solid food but I recommended soup. Then he left. After my mom escorted the doctor out she came back to his room. "John hunn, are you hungry?" "No mom, what I want is to get out of this room, can you help me up, I haven used my legs in a bit and I don't want to fall." I shifted till my legs were over the edge of the bed, mom came over and she wrapped her arms around me and he did the same and then she lifted and I tried to stand but I didn't realized how week my legs would be and my mother underestimated how heavy I was and the next thing we new, she was on her back and I was on top of her on the floor, my face burred in her 38 C cup breasts.

I quickly pushed myself off of me mother. "You ok mom?" Having read her mind I already new the answer. "Yes hun, just my head hearts a little." "Sorry mom, I though my legs were stronger than that. Thanks for the soft landing anyways mom." I said with a little chuckle sitting up It took my mother a few seconds to get the joke then she started to laugh too.

She stood up and I did too. Using my mom as a crutch we walked out of my room and down the hall to the living room. Kat saw us slowly walking into the living room and quickly got up and went to help. With the two women helping me, I couldn't help but chuckle. "What's so funny mister?" my sister said razing an eyebrow. "O nothing just thinking how I'm one lucky guy" "how so?" my mom asked "Two beautiful women under each arm." I said with a bit of a laugh.

My mom and sister looked at me then dropped me on the couch. I faked a little pain noise. "Now sit here and relax, mommy will take care of you." my mom said turning on the TV.

"Can you get me a drink of coke please?" "We don't have any here but ill run up to the store and grab some, I need to get something for dinner anyway, any suggestions?" I though for a minute "I want pizza, what about you Kat?" "Sure I wouldn't mind some pizza tonight." "Pizza it is then" She said picking up her keys "Thanks mom." "No problem hunn" she said walking out the door.

I closed his eyes and reached out for my mom's mind. I found her mind and pushed past the walls, I then came up and image of her shopping at the local grocery store and a shopping list, I then gave her the image. Then I reached out for his little sisters minds, I had to think about how to do but then I came up with a picture of there room sounded with sound proof from, I then gave them that image and the image of them playing a game of monopoly on their room floor.

I wanted to be alone with my big sister. I yelled out at the top of my lungs, "Jan…Sara…Mom has gone to get Pizza." I could tell from their minds that they didn't hear me, so some how it worked.

My older sister came back into the room. "Hey sis do you want to stay here and watch TV with me, I don't really want to be alone right now." "Sure little bro." she said sitting down. I read her mind, the experience they had together was still on her mind, in fact it was the main thing on her mind, she was split. Part of her hated her self for it but there was a part of her who loved it and wanted more, she got so turned on sucking her brothers cock and then seeing the love in his eyes just turned her on more.

I then tried something new, I felt the part of her mind that doubted herself, I then isolated the thoughts she was feeling and pushed them back further into her mind so that the part of her mind that loved what happened was stronger than the part the was ashamed. Kittens bang bfs anal with massive belt dicks and burst sperm I sent her some images of what had happened, us kissing, her sucking my cock.

And I could tell from her mind that my plan was working, she was getting turned on. I with drew from her mind and turned off the TV. Kat looked at him. "What's up Johnny?" "Kat I want to talk to you about what happened when I woke up." I felt her getting nervous but I used my mind to push that feeling back a bit. "I knew this would come up.

Johnny I don't know what came over me, and I'm sorry." I knew what she needed to hear. "Hey Kat, you're my big sis, you don't need to be sorry, I loved it and…" I shift closer to her so that our thys were touching, me wearing pajama bottoms and her wearing a short jean skirt… "I wanted to return the favor." I then leaned in and kissed her.

I felt her draw back a bit but then she gave in and started to kiss me back. The kiss got hotter and hotter then she slipped her toung in to my mouth, then I did the same to her. I then put my hand on her left thuy and slowly slid it up. I felt the edge of her skirt, I stopped there knowing that it was the right thing to do. Brunette amateur threesome ffm threesome kneesocks wanted her to make the next move, and she did.

She put her hand on my and slid my hand up to her panty clad mound, I could feel how wet she was, her panty were soaked. I was reading her mind, I new exactly what she wanted, I moved my fingers to match what she wanted and she let out a lowed moan.

Then she started kissing me again. I kept rubbing her pussy till her mind told me what she wanted, I responded. I removed my hand from her pussy and slid onto the floor. She wondered what I was doing then she realized what I was planning and smiled and opened her legs, all reservation were gone now, all she could think about was the orgasm building between her legs.

I slid my sisters soaking wet red thong to the side and she shifted so that she was sitting on the edge of the couch, her skirt was riding up and I moved between her legs and started licking her nicely shaven pussy. She was moaning so lowed I was glad I made my younger sisters not pay attention to anything outside their room.

I had never licked pussy before but because of what I read from her mind I new what to do and were to do it. I licked up and down her slit then started to suck on her labia.

Playing with her clit well I sucked her pussy. I kept liking and sucking till her mind told me what she wanted next. I kept sucking and licking but then I liked my index finger and slid it into her soaking wet pussy.

I curled my finger up and started to rub her G-spot, She moaned and grabbed the back of my head and held my hair well I sucked her clit and rubbed her G-spot.

I could feel her orgasm rushing over her mind, it was pure bliss. My mouth was flooded with her pussy juice, she kept cumin. Through the bliss I felt that she could cum again so I started licking again and before her first orgasm had ended she was deep into her second.

After a few minutes I felt her orgasm fading and her mind starting to calm down, her body was still trembling as I slowly pulled my finger out and gave her pussy one last kiss. I stood up slowly because of my shaky legs. Before her eyes had even open, I leaned in and kissed her. She kissed me back then I sat down.

She just sat there for another 5 minutes before she looked over at me, sweat beading across her forehead. "Were did you…learn that?" "I don't know were it came from it just seemed like the right way to do that, plus I have watched a lot of porn." She leaned over and kissed me. "Little brother, If I knew that I would have got that from you…I would have sucked your cock a long time ago…" she moms in control naughty america gave me a big hug… "Sis, I spicy teenie fingers crack and gets licked and reamed in pov wondering can we do this more often?" He didn't even have to push her mind… "I think so little brother…if you keep doing that to me, ill gladly keep sucking your cock and…maybe a bit more" And then she kissed him one last time before she got up.

"Love you Bro." "Love you too sis" And she left the living room, I heard the shower come on not long after. I could still taste her on my toung, I was amazed at what my mind could do, and it seemed to becoming easier. ****************** Samatha Archer pulled in her driveway and turned off the car, she grabbed the pizza beside her and got out of the car. She opened the back door and grabbed the bag with a bottle of coke, bread and a carton of milk. She didn't know why she had taken the longest way to the store and home but it seemed like the right thing to do.

When she got home her son was still sitting on the couch watching TV, her daughters no were to be seen. "Pizza's hear!" She yelled as she entered the kitchen. The girls all seemed to come out of no were her eldest daughter seemed to be almost glowing and it was ovous she had just taken a shower.

"Why are you so happy?" "O just having a good day, that's all." And she grabbed her slice and walked towards the living room Sam could tell that her daughter was lying, she was always able to tell when her eldest daughter was lying.

But what could have got her daughter so happy, and in such a short time. She was only gone an hour. She decided to leave the mystery till later, she pored a glass of coke and grabbed a slice of pizza. She entered the living room as saw her eldest daughter whispering in her sons ear then they both started to giggle a bit, when the saw her they stopped and went back to watching the TV. She handed the pop and pizza to her son then went to get her own.

I started eating my pizza when my mom left. I leaned over and whispered to my big sis. "I never knottiest it before but after what we did I have a new outlook on life and… mom's kind of hot, isn't she?" Kat looked over her shoulder at her mom as she walked into the kitchen. Her little brother was right.

Her mom had a rather slim figure for a lady of 41 and her ass still seemed to be tight, but what was she thinking. She was her mom, sure she had, had thoughts about women before but how twisted was she now to be having sexual thoughts about her mom. "Your bad, but I can't argue, she is kind of hot, but what are you getting at?" "O just thinking that I wouldn't mind getting a peace of that." Kat almost choked on the peace of pizza was eating, she then punched her brother in the shoulder.

She finished chewing the peace in her mouth then answered. "God I never knew how perverted you are, she's our mother. Besides… aren't I enough for you?" I couldn't believe what I read shaven asian lady plays with her sex toy blowjob her mind, she was jellous, the last thing he wanted was to rewen what he had with Kat, but he could also tell that deep down his sister was a perverted as him.

"Don't get me wrong sis, I want you more than anyone else, but I can't help but want to explore more women, after all you are my first." Kat thought about it for a second then agreed, after all he was a 16 year old boy who just eat his first pussy and had his first blowjob but she couldn't help but feel a bit jealous.

As ridicules as it sounded to her, but then a random thought crossed her mind, what would it be like to eat her mom and have her mom eat her. I was reading my sisters mind during the conversation, I was surprised to learn that she had thoughts about other women and I was glad that she agreed that their mother was hot.

But the jealousy I could feel from her had to go. I pushed into her mind and suppressed the feeling. I also increased her feelings towards other women, I even gave her the image of her and her mother together. I wanted to do my mom and it would be great if I could get my big sister in on it. I also wanted to fuck my big sister, I knew I had to take it slow hardcore anal masturbation gina valentina gets her wish her because no matter what happened I wanted her to love me, not just obey me.

When my mother came back in I closed my eyes and reached out with my mind. I felt the walls in her head and pushed past them. I started to browse through her head, I browsed through her memories. There were a lot of memory of my father and a rather strong memory of when the police told her he was dead in a car crash. I didn't want to linger on it so he went further back in her mind, I found memory of her and my father having sex, It surprised me at first but then I dug a little deeper, I discovered that my father was all about himself and gorgeous blonde babe loves to tease pornstars hardcore he never gave her an orgasm, she always had to finish herself off after.

I went back further in her memory then something caught my attention, it was a memory of my mother tied to a chair naked. She was blindfolded with a gag in her mouth. There was a man in the memory, I didn't recognize him but my mother was much younger so it was probably before she got married.

The man treated her like shit, he slapped her, pinched and twisted her nipples and the thing that got him the most was that she was loving it. She was moaning around the gag.

Then he pulled out a rather large vibrator and shoved it into her. He turned it on and then duck taped it to her inner thy so it wouldn't come out. The then un gagged her and shoved his cock in her mouth. She started sucking like vacuum. He could tell from her memory that she was getting ready to cum.

Then the guy pulled out and shot his load all over his mothers face. When the cum started running down her face she came. I was amazed at what I had seen, but it got me so turned on by the memory, I went through more of her memory from around that time and I found my mom was quite a sex freek when she was younger, there were memories of her doing two guys at once, being fucked in a park and lots of other memories of her being tied up and fucked by lots of different men, he also got the feeling that his father didn't know what his wife used to do.

I could feel that there was something deeper, under it all. I had to dig very deep into her memory all the way back to when she was a child, around 10 or 11. In it she was having sex with an older man I didn't recognize, she was hating it, there were tears running down her cheeks, then I saw a mark on his shoulder, it was then that I realized it was my dead grandfather, my mothers dad.

My grandfather had raped my mother. It was then that I put it all together, from the memory she had wanted to do it and had seduced him but it got out of control. From that time on my grandfather continued to have sex with her and I could tell from the memories that she began to associate love with humiliation and pain, and after he died she continued to go out with abusive and controlling men because it was what she loved, she love to be dominated.

My father changed that, she found a new kind of love with him but she was never sexually satisfied and she couldn't tell him because she knew he would leave. I pulled out of my mother's mind but before I left all together I made her think more about me as a man, as well as a son. Also I pushed her mind so that she would be more open to me, and that she would love me no matter what happened between us.

With that I pulled out all together and started thinking of a way of getting my mom. *********** 10 days have gone by since I had awoken from my coma. It had taken me two of thoughts days to come up with a plan to get my mom. I had decided that I would not screw with her mind any more, that I would force her to submit to me.

From her memories I knew that she loved to be dominated and that she had already experience incest so she would probably except it. I even worked my big sister into my plan, I want to watch my sister eat out our mom, it would be so hot.

I also wanted to finally fuck my sister. But before could put my plan into action I had to go shopping. I also needed money. It was a Tuesday so I was home alone, my mother was at work, my two younger sister were at school and my older sister was out little laundromat slut gets fucked on top of the machines pornstars and hardcore her girl friends.

I decided that I would do my shopping today. Over the last 10 days I had gotten my legs and arms back to normal so I got up, got dressed and left the house. I locked up and walked out to the street. We lived in a normal subdivision, each house looking like the one next to it. I saw a car coming down the road. I reached out with my mind and found the driver, I pushed past the walls in his head and made him think that he was a shofer and that I was the person who he was suppose to drive around.

When the car pulled up the driver, who was a middle aged black man got out and opened the back door for me. I got in and the man then closed the door and got back in the car. "Where to Sir?" I chuckled a little "Take me to the closest bank." "Yes sir." And the car drove off 15 minutes later they we parked out side spanish slut fucks outoors for money exhibitionist and hardcore rather large bank.

I got out and went in. I walked up to the teller, well at the same brother fuck hairy sleeping sister reaching my mind out to the security guard that was watching the security cameras. I gave him the impression that he need to change the security tape, he also made sure he would not be able to find a blank one for some time. I then stated talking to the teller. I pushed into her mind made her see me as a middle age man in a nice suit.

I gave the impression to all the tellers and every one elce in the bank though I didn't know if it would work. I then scanned the bank managers mind for the biggest account they held and then I asked her to open an account under a false name and address and made her believe that my id and social insurance card were the person I clamed to be, a mister Jack Doe.

I then pulled out a card and told her that I was the cheif accountant of JD holdings limited and showed her a card that I made he believe was an I d that matched the authorized personal on the account. I then instructed her to with draw 10 million dollars from the account and transfer it into and account that I had just set up. I then had her think that she had to all the transfer history for security perouses.

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I then found the memory of the transfer in her mind, I had no idea if it would work but I had to try, I pushed the memory to the very back of her mind, behind even her earliest memory that she didn't even consily remember.

Then I had her change the date of account activation on my new account to 10 years ago. She then handed him a bank card and an account book and wished him a good day. n elder gentleman with his checking account. When I got back in his car I was a millionaire, I could help but think how lucky I was that I got struck by lightning. "Were to now mister Archer?" "Take me to the mall up town." "Yes sir" The car pulled up in front of the mall entrance and I got out.

I told the driver to park and wait for me. Then I went into the mall. I didn't know were to go first. I walked around the mall, going into places and buying things that I had always wanted to. It had been a wile since I had been there. I decided that it was time to finish up so I went to the la senza in the mall. I sent the girl working the counter an image of my mother entering the store, than I started looking at all the different bras and pantys there. The women working the store was around Kats sisters age and she was rather hot.

She had a rather nice body, a bit too skinny for his my likening but she had a very pretty face. "Is there anything I can help you find?" "I'm just browsing around for some new things for myself and my daughter." "Well then, what sizes are u looking for?" I told her and then they started looking around the store.

By the time I was done he had chosen eight new pars of panties and bras for both my mother and sister.

Then I headed to the next store, a build supply store on the far end of the mall. There I bought a number of things, including nylon rope, pulleys, as well teen blonde fucked like a slut in the sex bus other things I thought mite come in handy later.

I found a rather strong looking jock and made him carry my bags. Once the bags were loaded into the trunk and I thanked the bag boy I told the driver to drive to the nearest sex shop in town. It only took them a few minutes to get there.

When I walked into the store I was aw struck, there were porno movies on racks, lots of porno mags in boxes, assorted sex objects on the walls and they also sold erotic clothing too. The man behind the counter quickly told me to get out of his store, but that soon change as I pushed into shesnew ariana grands audition sex video tube porn mind. I made the attendant think of me as a 20 year old. Once that was out of the way I started browsing around the store.

There were 3 booths at the back of the store, I didn't know what they were.

I guessed they were change room till he herd a moan come out of one of the booths. I expanded my mind and found that there was a man in the one booth amateur couple live on cam stunning hardcore a women in the center one.

She was sucking his cock through a hold cut in the wall between the booths. I also found that the other boot was empty so he decided to have some fun. I went in and closed the door. I pulled down my pants and wiped out my growing cock, I then feed it through the hole but nothing happened. I expanded my mind and made the guy in the other boot remember that he had to be some were elce.

The man left and I felt a hand enclose my cock. It started to jack me off. When I was fully hard she started to suck on me. Her mouth felt so good, she sucked me all the way to the base then started licking up and down my shaft rotating her toung around my head before deep throuting me again.

She even sucked on the sides of my cock. She was amazing at giving head and It wasn't long before I felt my orgasm building, her next deep throated put me over the edge and I came. my cum squirted down her throat, and she kept sucking and swallowing till I was finished. I walked out of the booth a little shaky from my orgasm and finished what I was doing, I grabbed a number of dildos and vibrators, as well as a few outfits that I though would look so sexy on my sister and mom.

I also grabbed a few bondage thing, including wips, paddles, gags and a few blind folds. I then paid for all the stuff and left the store. I got back in the car and had the driver take me to the drug store. There I bought a few packs of sleeping pills. Once I was done I had the driver take me home. When they pulled in the driveway there was no cars in the driveway so my sister hadn't come back yet. I had the driver help me carry all my bags into the house then sent him on his way with the memory that he had been at a repair shop for the day.

I took all the bags to my room, He then went down to the basement with the bag from the hardware store and started to set up my new fun room for my mom and maybe my sister, I had never been one for bondage but the more I remembered the images of my mother tied up and humiliated it turned me on so much, I imagined Kat in the same position and it turned me on even more.

I hung the pulleys off the main rafter and attached some to the floor I also moved the spare bed we had down to the basement and attached metal loops to the head board and the foot board. After an hour the place was all set up and ready for my mom.

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Continued in Part 3…