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Sex xxx sunny leon hot sex fill sex stories
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"You can't be serious!" I shouted with shock, abruptly pulling away from his embrace. "But Jane, it wouldn't be that bad and it would make a old man so very happy," pleaded Nick, my boyfriend of nearly two years. Nick was 28 years old, tall with an athletic build. He had a thick head of curly dark brown hair, sapphire blue eyes that glinted with mischief and a warm, cheeky grin that was impossible to resist.

Not only was he gorgeous, but he was kind and considerate, intelligent and amazing in bed. I was smitten. Suddenly feeling exposed, I reached behind me for the bed sheet and pulled it over my naked body. Nick smiled sweetly at me. "It is his birthday Jane. Just this once, please. It would mean so much to him," he paused as he gently kissed my forehead, "and me." How could I resist him?

Maybe it wasn't much different to what I had already agreed to. My thoughts were racing as I looked at the man I Ioved. I turned my head to look behind me at where Nick's elderly grandfather was standing silently, a look of desperation on his face. He had the same eyes as his grandson but the similarity ended there. Nick's grandfather, Stuart, was 79 years old. He may have been handsome when he was younger, but his looks had long since faded.

He was a tall man, over six foot. As a young man he had been very muscular and had worked with his hands all his life. Now he was stocky but with a large, flabby belly. He had stubble on his face, yet no hair on his head. About 12 months ago Nick had moved in with his grandfather. The way slutwife newly wed hottie jasmine tame learns to swallow cum pornstar and blonde cared for Stuart had only made me love him even more.

Nick explained that his grandfather had practically raised him and he wanted to do anything he could to help him. Not long after Nick moved in with Stuart I discovered that Stuart was listening to us having sex. He would stand outside the bedroom door at night, touching himself, and listen to Stuart and I in the throes of passion.

Nick and I had several heated disagreements about his grandfather's behaviour but somehow he eventually charmed me into agreeing that it was harmless. Nick said his grandfather was a lonely old man that deserved a little bit of excitement and I eventually agreed to Stuart being in the room and watching us. I was 18 when we first allowed Stuart in to the room; I am 19 now. My hair is long, red and wavy. My eyes are green and I have a smattering of freckles. I am short and petite but shapely.

At about five foot three inches tall I only weight 50 kilograms. Before meeting Nick I had only had one boyfriend and so was sexually inexperienced and shy. Nick had introduced me to many erotic experienced and I had to admit that I did find it exciting to be watched by his elderly grandfather.

When we were in bed together I could tell that Nick was also turned on by the way his grandfather looked at me. Stuart's eyes would widen and I would hear him moan with pleasure as he watched me writhing on the bed.

At first he stood quietly in the shadows, fully clothed, but recently he had been naked and playing with himself, yet still keeping a respectful distance. Nick began to fondle my nipple as he whispered in my ear, "You don't have to touch him Jane. Grandpa just wants to feel you. It would be a special birthday present babes timo hardy and kira queen bring the him." We kissed.

I felt the passion in Nick as he gently ran his tongue down to my neck and his hand lifted the sheet off me, exposing my pert, erect nipples. Nick knew this was my weakness as I moaned at the feel of his kisses on my neck and softly said, "OK, just this once." I closed my eyes and moaned as Nick continued kissing my sensitive neck. My body startled as I felt the rough calloused old hands of Stuart touch me for the first time. His fingers toyed with my nipple as he stood beside the bed.

I kept my eyes closed but could hear his heavy breathing and knew he was extremely aroused. Then I felt both of my nipples being licked simultaneously. My whole body began to tingle as they both began to suck on my young nipples. Stuart had been watching his grandson and I for long enough to know how much I enjoyed my nipples being teased and he was not stopping as I moaned with pleasure. I was squirming on the bed with Stuart and Nick standing on either side, kissing and licking my nipples that were now rock hard.

I felt Nick lift his head away from my breast as he whispered to Stuart, "Do you want to get a good close look at her beautiful young pussy, Grandpa?" The two men, so different in age, stood beside each other at the foot of the bed as Nick slowly spread my legs apart so Stuart could see my pussy.

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At first I thought he might die of excitement, his eyes were so wide and he was panting so loud. He bent down and began to move in closer as I closed my eyes and braced myself for the touch of a dirty old man. At first all I could hear was his breath on my pussy as he just stared between my legs, looking at the pussy of a woman 60 years younger than him.

Then I felt his tongue flick across the outer lips of my pussy and a soft moan escaped my lips. Nick was still holding my left leg, ensuring his grandfather had easy access. I opened my eyes to glance at him and could see he was enjoying watching his grandfather touching me, getting off on the view of this disgusting, dirty old man licking his young girlfriend.

Stuart's tongue began to slide between the outer lips of my pussy as he slowly licked up and down, running his tongue between the outer and inner lips, tasting my wetness and eagerly pushing in further.

He had seemed hesitant at first but suddenly seemed overcome with excitement and I felt his old, rough hands reach down and spread my pussy lips apart. Stuart groaned as he began to lap at my young wet pussy, his tongue all over me, eating me hungrily. It did feel good and I had to admit that the moaning and groaning of this dirty old man was turning me on.

Stuart's tongue was darting in and out of my pussy as I wriggled and moaned with pleasure. "Her cunt tastes so good," Stuart said to Nick. "Go ahead and finger it old man. Her young cunt is all yours to play with today," Nick excitedly responded.

Stuart's tongue sought out my clit and he began to circle it frantically, licking it as I twitched and tingled. Eurobabe fucked in hairy muff for cash then slowly slid a finger inside my wet pussy.

Nick was pulling my legs even further apart for his grandfather to get better access as I felt the old man's rough, thick, wrinkled old finger inside me. It felt different to his grandson. I arched my back and moaned with pleasure. "See old man, she likes your finger in her young pussy." Next I felt Stuart's tongue leave me as he began to push his finger in and out of my tight young pussy.

I knew he had lent back so he could watch and I could feel him increase the pace. The excitement in the room was explosive and I moaned loudly as Stuart shoved his finger in and out of my pussy.

He was rougher than his grandson but it felt so good. I could hear both men groaning as I let out a squeal of pleasure. I knew they were both watching this old man with his finger buried deep in my pussy and it was turning them on.

It was turning me on too. The second finger entered me and I could feel my wet pussy tight around this old man's thick, wrinkled fingers.

Stuart began to shove them in and out of my pussy, harder and faster. He was forcing them in as deep as he could, fucking me with his fingers.

The feel and nicole aniston 40 minutes length story sound of his fingers squelching in and out of my wet young pussy was driving me wild. He began to lick my clit again as he fingered me hard and deep. Within moments my pussy was contracting around his fingers as the orgasm spread from my clit, through my cunt and all the way down to my toes in waves of pleasure. I screamed out and threw my head back.

"Well done old man," Nick exclaimed, panting with excitement.

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"I really want to try what I watched in that video. Can I Nick?" I heard Stuart ask. I was about to complain that he should be asking me if he wanted to do something else, when I heard Nick responded, "Of course you can grandpa." It seemed to happen so quickly, I barely even registered what was happening. I heard Stuart say in between heavy breaths, "I want to fuck her with the banana first." Then it was inside my pussy. It was at that moment I knew the whole thing had been planned between Nick and Stuart and they already had the fruit in the room.

I slutty blonde babe aidra fox gets banged on camera for a ride feel the curve of the banana as Stuart pushed it inside of me. It wasn't especially thick but it was more than his fingers and was a snug fit in my young pussy.

"Oh yeah, Grandpa, fuck that tight young pussy with the banana!" Nick called out. At first I was shocked but in the afterglow of the amazing orgasm Stuart had given me I had to admit that the idea and feel of this nasty, dirty old man shoving a banana up my pussy was turning me on.

I began to moan as Stuart moved the banana in and out of my pussy. "Nick, give me the carrot." I felt Stuart pull the banana out of me and instantly I felt the carrot enter me. He spread my pussy lips apart and slowly inserted it. I was still very wet and the thin carrot slid in easily. It was harder than the banana and I could feel Stuart moving it in and out of me.

He began to pick up the pace as he rammed it in deeper and harder. I was moaning and twisting on the bed as I felt the carrot thrusting in and out if my wet pussy. Both men were clearly turned on. I opened my eyes and could see them both crouched beside each other, their eyes fixated on the sight of the carrot plunging in and out of me. They were both breathing heavy as they discussed the sight of the old man fucking me with the carrot. "Do you think the cucumber will fit?" Stuart whispered quietly to his grandson.

"Try it grandpa." Was the reply. I could feel the cold, smooth vegetable at the lips of my pussy and it certainly felt thick. By then I was so turned on that I could not resist. Stuart began to work the cucumber gently, turning it around, rotating it gently at the entrance to my pussy and slowly pushing forward.

I felt it enter me and he began to lick my clit. It feel so tight as Stuart's tongue lapped at my clit. The pleasure was intense as I moaned, my breathing heavy and fast. In rhythm with the feel of his tongue licking my clit, I could feel him gently and slowly pushing the cucumber further inside my pussy. It felt smooth blacked tiny blonde teen with huge black cock so tight inside of me.

As he moved it in deeper, my whole cunt felt full, squeezing around the vegetable. Stuart's tongue continued to work my clit, licking and sucking as I moaned louder and louder. He then pushed hard, shoving the cucumber deep inside of me. I screamed and my body tensed with the startle but Stuart kept sucking on my clit. He had the cucumber shoved so far up me I could feel it against my cervix.

"Oh Grandpa, you stuck that cucumber right up her beautiful young cunt. Fuck that young girl with that cucumber grandpa! Fuck her hard with it!" Stuart began to slide the cucumber in and out of my pussy. It was so tight inside me I could feel every small move. It was stretching my pussy as he moved it in and out, excitedly thrusting it in deep. My juices were flowing as this old, old man eagerly fucked me with a vegetable. My whole body began to shudder as I moaned loudly.

Stuart thrust the cucumber in and out of me, pushing it in deep, impaling me on it. My legs were spread wide as my breathing increased in pace. I was writhing on the bed as he fucked that cucumber deep inside my pussy. It was moving in and out of me as he shoved it deep up my cunt. The feeling was incredible as I screamed out in pleasure, my whole body tense with the feeling as I began to cum around the cucumber. "Look at her cum grandpa!" Nick shouted.

They both watched me wriggling in the black man japniese girls nurse xx and moaning with pleasure. I felt exhausted. "I really want to fuck her Nick." Stuart uttered as he slid the cucumber out from inside me and dropped it to the ground. "Maybe next time grandpa," he replied as he stepped between my legs, entering me and slowly began to fuck me.