Kinky ginger babe has her pussy licked cumshot and facial

Kinky ginger babe has her pussy licked cumshot and facial
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No justice! Convict is frustrated, didn't know what to do! He had been betrayed, tortured for years after years, his entire life! Now he is free! He is walking down the street and thinking what the wrong he had done, nothing! So, why it happened to him!

How to take revenge?

The ladies insulted him as he isn't a man, have to teach them a good lesson! Subiaco train station, he can remember ladies insulting him here, mocking at him all the time. They were all flat boobed lady, God made them with thick head and no boobs!

11:00pm now convict checked his mobile phone. One lady drove passed the taxi rank and stopped just before next to the First shop, she is a big ass chick, Candy, fat but still in shape, small boob for her size.

She unlocked the door and got in! Convict found the opportunity to do what he wanted, he also get into the shop and close the door behind him, this is the time to get revenge! Fat lady looked behind and start crying realising what will happen, she begged for mercy, convict couldn't forgive her! He started undoing the buttons of her shirt!

She didn't stop him, she started unzipping her pant and got totally naked and stood on her knee next to Convict, she pull out his penis from inside his pant and put it into her mouth and unwillingly start sucking!

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Convict starts enjoying, she realise that, he started massaging her boobs and got even bigger erection! She try to guide him on the couch and insert his dick in her pussy! Convict try to reach her lips, she move forward and gently touch her lips oh his lips. Convict started kissing her and start sliding his penis in and out faster! After ten minutes convict cum inside her faster than bullet.

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Both of their lungs are still heavily pumping. They are calming down, breathing getting slower to normal, still holding each other by one hand, lying on the floor on their back, suddenly fat chick start crying again! Convict put his dress on and leave the shop without a word! Next day, 10am, Saturday morning, convict was sitting next to that shop and the lady came again and opened the shop, she realise that no one is coming in to disturb her, like last night, he took everything, he enjoyed everything, he touched her without her consent, he undressed her and ., she started crying!

She saw the convict but didn't tell anything, she spoke to herself it's over, he will not do it twschool students fuck big black cock huge After a very busy day she started closing her shop and she saw the girl next shop, Mandy, is smoking and convict is watching her from a long distance. She quickly drove off! Candy have to pickup one of her friend, Jane, from airport to her home and decided to talk to her tonight. She was very busy with her friend and went to bed after 12 at night, then she remember she forgot to tell something to Mandy, decided to talk to her about convict next morning.

Next morning when she opened her shop Mandy and another girl Amy came to her running and crying, she guessed what happened and she was right, yes Convict did it again! Mandy work in a first food restaurant and Amy work in a beautiparlour. Both have been raped by Convict, none of them forced to do sex, but were scare and had to do it!

Candy, Mandy, Amy and Rose are four close friends, but they hate Rose a lot too. As they have some bad feelings about rose they decided not to tell her, she might get happy inside, sometime hard to understand some girls and she is one of them.

Rose is a hair dresser and make reasonable living like other three friends, she don't like to talk to people easily but she still has lot of customers who likes her because of her work. Sometime you supposed to get help but you aren't getting it because you are not like your friends! Convict is just 20 meters from her shop. She did the same mistake her friends did, she opened the shop pickup some items she bought this evening. She got a phone call, she picked up and got in the shop.

She turn the light on and felt like someone is watching, she just feel that, some people have the ability to understand, she draw the blind and sit on the sofa and the convict appear in front of the door and locked the door behind. Rose yelled at convict and ask him to leave and threatening him that she would complain to his countrymen and move towards the door to see someone is following him to give the community protection or not.

Convict laughed and push her on shoulder hard and she fall on the sofa.

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Rose slapped him which he wasn't expecting! He started undressing her, but she gave resistance, and slapped him again and again. Convict got angry and slapped her and started pulling her dress and then started undoing her bra! Rose punch him and Convict got furious! He pulled her by her hair and through her on the big mirror two meters away and punch her in her face and she fall on the ground!

She remain motionless but still alive and convict made her completely naked! She started moving and realised what and why is happening and surrendered herself! She started sucking his cock and tried to finish as soon as possible.

Convict didn't like the resistance she gave before and he is still angry and gave couple of slap to do harder and quicker! She resist again and convict become angry and gave her slap and insert his cock in her asshole, she resist again and started crying, he gave her few more slaps and after hard work was successful, she never did it before he guessed.

Convict now start fucking her pussy and after 15 minutes he finally moan and cum inside her! That's it Convict told her or himself like whispered! He saw firstaid box far end of the room next to the last chair and picked it up and nubiles marta v ready to fuck tube it in near Rose and left the shop. One month later, Convict seat next to where the first incident happened and saw Candy, Mandy and Amy were talking and laughing, Candy saw him and told other girls something and they became sad.

Rose joined later with them, they feel embarrassed in front of Rose. Looks like they don't know the incident of Rose and Rose doesn't know anything about what happened. Convict move towards them and ordered a Cappuccino coffee, he heard that they make the best coffee in this area!

Three girls felt embarrassed and Rose looked very angry but stayed calm! All of them recovered well! Convict told rose he need to do haircut, when she is free!

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She looked around to get help from someone and told him not to come to her shop! His coffee arrived, he put a hundred dollars note next to it and told them to enjoy rest of their life and started walking without waiting for their answer! Convict was a innocent man because of misjudgement declared convict by judge, the judges were corrupted too. So, money and corruptions played a vital part to show him as convict and the racism of the new community add a new layer of wall on the way of his purity.

So, he is Convict.