Hot young teen katie st ives is seduced and fucked by her masseur

Hot young teen katie st ives is seduced and fucked by her masseur
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In answer to the requests by some of you to know what I looked like back then-I had long, curly brown hair. I was in good shape from soccer and track, and I did sit ups and push ups every night, so I had a flat stomach and strong arms.

I hadn't started to shave yet, and my chest was relatively free of hair. Everything below the belt had grown though. I was somewhere around 6 feet tall. By the way, my name is Robert, Rob for short.

Back to the story-If you remember, when I woke up, my mother was standing there staring at me. This is what happened next. __________________________________________________________________________________ I blinked once. My mom had a look of disbelief on her face. Sarah and Lily were both still asleep. I sat up and began attempting to stammer an explanation to my mom.

"THis is not what it looks like--we were just--they made me--no." My mom laughed. "So you had a fun night?" Unsure of whether or not this was a trap, I replied slowly. "Yes.?" She smiled. "You know," she said, "I knew something like this was going to happen. I did the same thing for a boy when I was even younger than them. Well.not the same thing. From the look of them you actually satisfied them, and when I did this I didn't even orgasm." I was shocked by the things my mom was saying to me.

"So,"she said, "I'm not going to pretend that I'm happy about this. But I know that you have desires and urges and it's better for you to express them in a safe place like your own home than anywhere else. Look, I'm going to try to be cool about this for now; we'll talk more seriously later. I'm going to try to be honest with you, and I think that if you'll be honest and up front with me you'll find that I can be pretty cool." I could tell she was uncomfortable wicked slut likes to be on top hardcore and blowjob the repetition of "cool" and "honest" in her speech.

Also, she was wringing her hands.

But she continued talking."So what all did you do?" She craned her neck. "Judging from the look of Lily's ass, she gave you anal, didn't she? Brave for a first timer. And it looks like you took Sarah's virginity. Nice. I'm assuming you know what oral sex is?" "Yes" I said. "So then I hope they gave you blowjobs." I nodded. She continued, "Stand up and turn around." I did so, nervously, wondering what the hell my mom was planning.

She spoke again. "Which one fingered your asshole, and which one gave you a rimjob?" "Both were Lily." I replied. "Well, I hope you reciprocated." she said. I nodded.

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"Good boy. So how long did it take you to cum?" I was momentarily shocked. "It varied."I said. She smiled. "Well you have a massive cock. Counter that with your virginity.and I'm assuming you were a virgin until tonight.Had you not been a virgin I'm sure you could have given them the fucking of their lives." I felt more confident now. "Are you going to punish me?" "For now I'm going to say probably not.depends on what you say during our talk about this later." At this I felt like a great weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

"By the way," she said, "it's almost 4:00 a.m. I'll wait till this afternoon to take them home. Have some more fun. And just remember, even though I'm probably not going to punish you for this, I do want you to know that what you are doing is meant for more emotionally mature people.

So make sure that Lily and Sarah know whatever plans you have for the three of you later on. I don't want them to get hurt." She chuckled to herself. "No more so than you did already, I mean." "Thank you so much, Mom." I said.

"You are definitely the best mom alive." She smiled. I went to hug her as teen anya krey gets her wet pussy banged by chris big cock way of saying thanks, but she put her hands up and said, "Maybe later. When you've cleaned up." Then she went downstairs and left me alone with the two sexiest women alive. I thanked God for letting my Mom be cool even though she had just seen things that would give other moms a heart attack.

And then I decided to take advantage of what time I had left with Lily and Sarah. ___________________________________________________________________________________ I shook them awake. Both opened their eyes slowly and then smiled. I quickly-very quickly-explained what my mom had said.

Lily extreme teen first time kinky nicole finds a good match Sarah both looked amazed. Then Lily said,"Well, what are we doing wasting time?" I grinned and stood up. Sarah jumped up and knelt behind me, while Lily got on her knees in front of me. Lily opened her mouth wide and jammed it over my soft dick.

She sucked and licked it as it got harder and harder, until it was its full 8 inches in length. Then I felt my ass cheeks pulled apart and Sarah buried her head in between them, stroking my balls with her hands while her soft tongue caressed and entered my asshole.

I reached down and began stroking Lily's head and tits while she blew me. I could feel my asshole being stimulated, and I could feel Lily's tongue rubbing all over my dick as she sucked and licked it.

Then she drove down on it and buried it deep within her throat, squeezing it with her throat and mouth. I moaned.

Lily suddenly pulled off my cock and spun around, laying debar bhabi ebony pornvidiin ebony audio down on the couch with her ass in the air. "You know I'm still a virgin? You never actually had sex with me." "Yes I did have sex with you!" I replied. Sarah pulled her mouth away from my ass just long enough to inform me, "That was anal you had with her.I'm the only one you actually fucked in the pussy." This gave me a brief recollection of when I entered her for the first time, and the trickle of blood that had seeped from her as I took her virginity.

Lily's voice brought me back to the present.

"Come ON Rob! Come the fuck on!" Sarah was now underneath me, licking Lily's pussy. I stopped momentarily to enjoy the view of Sarah's tongue plunging in and out of Lily, wetness pouring out both of their pussies. I leaned down to lick Sarah's lips. The smell and taste were both fantastic. My tongue parted the slipped between her outer lips and stroked her hole, moving back up to lick her clit.

I put my mouth around it, sucking and licking the swollen nub until Sarah was having a hard time keeping Lily going because she could not moan and lick at the same time. I finally plunged my tongue into her hole and flicked it around until Sarah was screaming, and then a flood of hot, delicious wetness poured onto me. I drank as much of it as I could, then I stood up, stepped over Sarah, pushed her head away from Lily's pussy and down to her asshole, then plunged my cock into Lily's dripping hole.

A little way in I hit a barrier, but I pushed through it. Lily screamed a little and pulled away busty looking good teen fucking her toys, but I grabbed her hips and started jamming myself into her as hard as I could. Soon she was pushing her hips into me, and I was incredibly deep into her.

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Her pussy walls were squeezing me, massaging my dick, almost. I thrust into her again and again and again until she screamed with an orgasm.

Her orgasmic yells drove me over the edge and I pumped my load into her, moaning with pleasure. My cum hitting her insides made her orgasm again even before the first one was over. I pulled out of her and sat down on the couch with a thud, feeling unbelievably tired.

But then my cock did an amazing trick right before my eyes. It twitched and began slowly rising back to life, probably because Sarah was fingering herself right in front of me, running her left hand over her clit while she plunged 2 fingers from her right hand into her hot, soaking wet pussy.

My cock seemed to run out of energy about halfway up. Sarah seemed to notice, because she walked over to me, spread her legs, grabbed my cock, and began rubbing it against her soaking wet slit. My cock sprang back to complete hardness quickly. Then she pulled herself away from sex ngung thoi gian sex stories and laid on the couch on her back with her legs pulled up against her tits.

I went to thrust myself into her pussy, but she grabbed my dick and pushed me away. "My ass.

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In my ass!" She said. I was happy to oblige. I grabbed her and lifted her partially up, exposing her beautiful pussy and small, tight pink asshole.

I pushed myself against her hole, my cock-head slowly slipping into her. She grimaced slightly, but did not pull away. I kept driving in, slowly but surely, until my dick was buried all the way in her ass. Below me, she was grinning. "I'm ready!" She said. Just before I could start thrusting, Lily picked herself up off the couch where she had been laying in an orgasm induced stupor.

She walked slowly and seductively over to me. Then she situated herself in a crouching position over Sarah's face. I heard lapping sounds from the vicinity of Lily's cunt. And then Lily was playing with her tits, squeezing and shaking them while she ran her fingers over the nipples and aureolae. I leaned forward and kissed her on the mouth deeply. Our tongues danced for a few moments, then I pulled away and took awesome gf is getting nailed doggy style left nipple into my mouth.

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I heard a mumble from Sarah, and quickly began thrusting myself deep into her ass, all the while sucking and licking Lily's nipples. Sarah's ass was incredibly tight. Her rectal walls squeezed against me as I thrust and thrust and thrust, deeper and deeper, into her.

Lily was moaning, and I saw her hands reach down and slip into Sarah's pussy. Sarah reached around and grabbed the backs of my legs, driving herself harder and harder against me, filling her ass with my dick. Pretty soon both girls were screaming with orgasms. Wetness poured over my dick from Sarah's cunt, and I could see Lily's wetness pouring all over Sarah's face.

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I continued thrusting, enjoying the looks of pure pleasure on the faces of both girls. Of course, I also stared at Sarah's big, full tits bouncing up and down as I fucked the hell out of her. Both girls pulled away from me after their orgasms began dying down. Sarah and Lily immediately placed themselves on their knees in front--rather, one on eitherside of my dick--and then they started kissing each other around my twitching cock.

I can't describe how it felt to have two tongues darting aroud my shaft, two mouths moving up and down my shaft and over my cock-head caressing every part of my dick with soft lips and tongues, a mouth around each of my balls, stroking the inside of my thighs, soft hands massaging my ass cheeks and softer fingers stroking my asshole, their silky hair whipping over my stomach and legs, their breasts free to be massaged with my hands.

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As I felt the pressure building in me, I pulled their heads away from my dick and put them in front of my cock head. I stroked my dick, wrapping my hand around the base of my cock and moving it up and down quickly. The cum shot from me with incredible force, covering Sarah's face and mouth first, then switching over to Lily, who regretfully caught only the last few, comparitively weak streams of semen.

It turned out not to matter, though, because as soon as the cum stopped leaking out of me, the girls turned to each other and began slowly, sexily licking my cum from each other's faces.

My cock seemed to see this display of devotion to it, because it slowly began rising. When I say slowly, I mean slowly, because it was actually an imperceptible motion. I did not really even notice it until my cock was halfway up. Lily and Sarah noticed, though, because as soon as they finished sharing my semen, they were 69ing right in front of me.

I leaned down to look. From my vantage point, right behind Lily's head, I had a beautiful view of Sarah's pussy. I could see Lily's tongue darting between Sarah's soft folds, pressing them aside and vanishing into Sarah's hole, then coming back out and swirling around Sarah's clit, and then her mouth closing over Sarah's folds and sucking on them. Unable to withstand my desire any longer, I pulled Sarah's ass cheeks apart and began licking her anus.

It tasted sweet with the residue of her vaginal juices. My tongue circled Sarah's asshole. I was incredibly turned on knowing that I had just had my cock in this ass that I was now licking. I slipped my tongue all around her asshole, savoring the taste.

Her hole was pink and had already regained most of its tightness. I felt her anus with joy, then slid my tongue up and down her ass crack, making sure that I didn't interfere with Lily, who was still pleasuring Sarah's pussy. I slipped a finger into Sarah's ass, pulled it out, licked it for lubrication, and stuffed it back in. I licked two more of my fingers the next time I pulled out, and then put in all three, loving the feeling on my soft fingers as Sarah's asshole widened to accomodate my index, middle, and ring fingers.

When I pulled all three of these out, I began circling her asshole with my fingers while my tongue slipped inside her anus and made quick circles. The three of us had oral sex that way until I noticed the ghostly light of the sun coming up. Then we pulled apart. Both of nasty amateur pregnant ebony chick gets her hairy cunt fucked by white dude girls had orgasmed already from their 69ing, and I had a raging hard on that needed to be fixed.

Both girls were laying on the couch in front of me, having just climbed off each other. Sarah had had two orgasms thanks to her rimjob/69 combo, so I figured she needed a rest. I lifted Lily's hips up and placed my cock at the entrance to her pussy. I entered her slowly, while I played with her tits with one hand and her clit with another. And then I entered her. __________________________________________________________________________________ There are still about 8 hours of sex memories of that night to be written down.The rest is on its way.