Sunny leone teacher fucked with student

Sunny leone teacher fucked with student
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NOTE: These Christmas Stories have nothing to do with one another. Each is an individual story of it's own. NOTE: This story contains pissing not water sports, sorry. Christmas Story Five Box & Bow One night about a week before Christmas I was awakened by mom letting out a scream. I got out of bed and started out of my bedroom door when dad shouted at me to get back in bed and go back to sleep. He looked at my sister coming out of her room too and told her to do the same thing.

Mary Ann is my fourteen-year-old little sister. She is cute but I've know her my whole life and she can be a pain in the ass when she wants to be. Pretty amateur blonde passenger railed by nasty driver reality bigcock have noticed though that she has gotten better in the past year or so.

Mom says that Mary Ann is maturing and growing into a young woman. Okay I can buy that. Her body is sure looking like a woman that's for sure. I find myself stealing peeks at her more often. I swear that she is letting me get those peeks too.

Take the other day for instance Mary Ann was going to the bathroom but she didn't close the door all the way and I saw her pulling her skirt up and pushing her panties down before she sat. Then that evening she called out to me after her bath for a dry towel. I knew that there were two in there but I got her another one anyway.

She opened the bathroom door up far enough for me to see her in the mirror behind her and she was naked. All I could see was her bare ass though until she reached for the towel and turned enough for me to get a side view of her tit. I noticed that she had a towel wrapped around her hair and that the other one was on the floor at her feet. She smiled at me and asked me if there was anything else.

No! So she thanked me and closed the door slowly giving me a nice long look at her in the mirror. I sure jerked off to thoughts of her that night. The next morning at breakfast Mary Ann asked Mom what she had screamed about the night before. Mom told her that it was none of her business then had us eat up and get off to school.

We giggled and speculated as we walked but we never even came close cab driver carmel anderson has her pussy stretched the truth. We had arranged to walk home together after school too. It had snowed and everything looked so white and clean and virginal.

Mary Ann told me that she was still a virgin and I told her that I was too. We both seemed embarrassed to be talking like that to one another but I was happy to know that she hadn't let my buddy Dick fuck her. He said that he had but no one believed him. What girl would let him fuck her? Just before dinner Mary Ann came into my bedroom and closed the door.

She whispered, "I know why mom screamed last night." I said, "Well tell me then." Mary Ann whispered, "It was supposed to be a Christmas surprise for dad but he blew it. Mom had been wrapping our Christmas presents and putting those sticky bows on all of the boxes when she got the bright idea to put one on her box and let dad open it.

You know sex. Well he got into bed, reached for her pussy, and found that bow. So he ripped it off along with most of her pubic hair too the way mom tells it. So she screamed and he didn't get any last night. According to mom he might not get any tonight either." We had a big laugh over that. Mary Ann asked me what I would do in that same situation. I had to admit that I didn't know.

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However her question bothered me. I though about an answer even as I jerked off that night to thoughts of Mary Ann. Then I wondered what if Mary Ann really did have a sticky bow on her box and I found it. One thing is for sure; I wouldn't rip it off like dad did. Of course I knew better now. In the morning Mary Ann accidentally opened the bathroom door up while I was standing in front of the toilet pissing. She walked right in, stopped dead in her tracks, and stared at my cock.

I had one of those morning hard-ons and I was half bent over so that I could hit the bowl. I was also standing back about three feet doing it. I guess from a girl's standpoint, it was pretty impressive. All I could do was smile at her while trying hot lips teen makes stepbros cock cry keep the flow hitting the water in the bowl instead of going all over the seat and floor.

Yes the seat was up at the time but I could still get it pretty wet. Mary Ann just stood there until I had finished and put it away. Mary Ann said, "Sometimes I wish that I could do that." I asked, "Like when?" Mary Ann answered, "Like when dad thinks that mom and I can pee behind a little bush.

You get to whip it out, pee, and put it away. Mom and I have to drop our pants, drop our panties, and then squat down with our ass waving in the wind. Then we have to be careful not to piss all over our clothes or shoes too. To top it off we have to wipe ourselves afterwards while you just wring it out and put it away." On our way home from school that afternoon I told Mary Ann that I had an answer to her question now.

So she wanted to know what it was. I told her that if it was her in bed with me and the sticky bow was on her pussy that I would try as gently as possibly to get bald euro love tunnels get hammered hardcore and groupsex off. I also told her that I would love to open her box for Christmas. She smiled at me and gave me a peck on the cheek.

That night when dad sent us up to bed for our last day of school before Christmas, Mary Ann asked me if she could watch me pee again. As I hesitated she told me that I could watch her pee in exchange. Deal! So we went into the bathroom together and this time the door got locked. I pulled my cock out and got ready but that wasn't what Mary Ann wanted to see.

She wanted me to take my pants off so that she could see better and she wanted me to get it hard too like that morning. I asked her if she was going to take her pants off too and she said that she would. Then I had a thought. I told Mary Ann that she might have to help me get it hard. She got very excited and said that she would do anything that I needed her to do.

Okay. So we started taking off our pants. I just stood up and dropped them as she watched. I lifted one leg at a time and removed my shoe and that pant leg. Then I stood there in my T-shirt and my underwear waiting for her.

Mary Ann dropped her pants to her knees and sat on the toilet seat to take them off. They were tight just like I like them. She had already taken her shoes off. Mary Ann also had on a T-shirt and her panties. I smiled at her and suggested, "Maybe we should get completely naked." Mary Ann replied, "Why? I don't need to see your tits." I smiled again and said, "But I would love to see your tits." I was flabbergasted when Mary Ann said, "Okay." She crossed her arms over her chest and leaned against the sink looking down at my crotch.

I guess she wanted me to start so I did. First I removed my T-shirt then I lowered my underwear to the floor and stepped out of them. Mary Ann seemed to enjoy looking at me because as she did, my cock started to twitch and rise. It was all because of her too. Finally I got to watch Mary Ann remove her T-shirt and then her bra.

It was my first really good look at her naked tits. They were more busty redhead drilled by big hard dick than I had thought they would be too. She definitely compared to my last girlfriend.

Then Mary Ann dropped her panties to the floor and stepped out of them as I had. Wow! My little sister was so cute standing there before me naked as a Blue Jay. Her nipples were perky and her pussy was beautiful. It was the first pussy that I had ever seen. My last girlfriend had only let me see her tits once for a couple of minutes but I had never seen her pussy.

It looked like Mary Ann had trimmed it over the summer but was letting it grow out over the winter. I had seen enough pictures of women to know that.

Then Mary Ann asked me, "Do you need my help to get it hard so that I can watch you pee?" Well I was hard but I wasn't stupid, "Yes you can help me. How about you stroke it for me and get it really hard first." Mary Ann reached out and grabbed a hold of my already hard cock. She stroked it with her hand and got it even harder. Then of course I couldn't pee. Thankfully Mary Ann said that she would go first. She sat down on the toilet and opened up her knees wide enough for me to squat down between them and get a really good look at her pussy.

Her outer lips opened up and I saw some pink color in there. Then her pee started to flow. It was a massive dribble of sorts. Her pee didn't come out in a straight stream. It's as if it came out somewhere behind her lips, filled up some sort of a cavity, and then perfect czech nympho is seduced in the supermarket and rode in pov all over the place.

Still it was amazing to watch. Then she got some toilet paper and wiped it from her asshole to her clit, dumped the toilet paper into the toilet, and then flushed it all while keeping her knees open for me.

Then it was my turn. I lifted the toilet seat, bent way over, and then tried to relax enough for the flow to start. When it did I stepped back and stood up as the tinkling came from the exact center of the toilet. This was something that I had practice for a long time now, I was very good at it, and my sister was absolutely amazed at my aim.

As the flow slowed down a little I stepped closer to the toilet. Then when the last drop appeared in the tiny slit I snapped the head of my cock with my finger and that last drop fell into the toilet bowl precisely. Mary Ann just looked at me and said, "Cool. I wish I had one." That was just what I was waiting for. I pointed at Mary Ann's pussy and said, "But you have one of those and with one of those…" Then I pointed at my cock and finished saying, "…you can have all of these that you want." Mary Ann thought about it for just a moment then she smiled and said, "I know that silly but I wanted one so that I could stand up and pee like boys do." I just laughed at her and she laughed with me.

Together we picked up our clothes and unlocked the door. After looking up and down the hallway we rushed out and went into our own bedrooms still naked. I got to check out Mary Ann's butt as she horny big ass brunette teen slut fucks pussy with dildo to orgasm away from me.

It was sweet and that was what I jerked off too as I fell asleep that night. That next morning we were both very excited knowing that we only had a half-day of school left and that we would be off for almost two weeks together. Mary Ann came in to get me so that we could pee together again but dad got in the bathroom first and spoiled that. We just barely got to use the bathroom at all before we had to leave.

On the walk to school Mary Ann and I just reminisced about what a great time we had in the bathroom the night before. I told her that I jerked off last night thinking about her ass as she ran into her bedroom. She was surprised that I hadn't picked her tits or pussy to jerk off too. I admitted that it had surprised me too. Mary Ann said that while she played with herself she had thought about me making love to her.

That's when I told that I had thought about slipping it in her from behind but that I too had been thinking about making love to her. I told her how much I liked to look at her ass so Mary Ann walked out in front of me a ways so that I could check out her fine ass all the way to school.

She put a little extra sway into her step too. I had a hard-on when Phoenix marie is a cock loving blonde starlet got to school and it was embarrassing. Mary Ann just loved it. That last day of school was pretty worthless. We had all of our classes but they were compressed into about twenty minutes each. Basically we said Merry Christmas to everyone and that was all.

I had to wait a few minutes for Mary Ann to come out of school to walk home with her. She had two girlfriends with her. That was strange but I recognized them from some of Mary Ann's sleepovers. Gina and Zoë were both fourteen like my sister. Gina always seemed more mature though and I thought that she had been a little more busty but she didn't really act right to me. Then there was that little mousy Zoë.

She was very quiet and kind of shy. She looked like she would cry if you looked at crossways. As we walked along Gina asked me, "So is it true that we can watch you pee with a hard-on if we let you watch us pee first?" I was really caught off guard by that remark and I knew that I was blushing. Mary Ann saved me by talking, "Sorry but I just got so excited that I had to tell somebody and Gina was really excited about it and Zoë will do anything that Gina wants her to do." Finally I could manage to speak and said, "Anything?" Gina just smiled at me and said, "Yeah.

Zoë here is my girl. We bump cunts." Mary Ann translated that for me, "She is trying to tell you that they are lesbian lovers." As I looked at Zoë she blushed and looked at the ground but when Gina took her hand she smiled up at her and got very close as they walked. When we got home mom told us that she had to go out and that we were to behave ourselves.

As soon as she was gone Mary Ann asked me if I needed to pee yet. I told her that I might be able too, especially if I drank some more water and watched them go first. Okay. When we were upstairs in the bathroom Gina told Zoë to get undressed first. She looked at me then she looked at Gina and then she started to undress.

I could hardly believe the hold that Gina had over Zoë, she really would do anything that Gina wanted her to do. Zoë manage to turn pink all over as she stripped out of her clothes for me. She was wearing little girl panties with Winnie the Pooh and she had nice breasts…until she removed her extremely well padded bra.

Her chest was just as flat as mine was. Then she removed her panties and she had no hair on her pussy. I was pretty sure that it wasn't shaved either. For a girl she looked a lot like a little boy. Zoë then stood there naked for me to look at her. Gina told her to take a pee and to let me watch.

So she said down on the toilet seat, opened her legs up very wide for me with her knees way out to the sides, and then she started to pee for me. With her legs opened up that wide allowed her inner pussy lips to separate enough for her pee to come out in a stream like mine does and then splash against the porcelain along the front of the toilet.

That was impressive to say the least. When Gina told me to wipe Zoë's pussy for her I froze. It took me a moment to get the toilet paper and rub it into her little pussy to dry her lips for her as she watched me do it. Gina then told my sister to undress and go next.

Gina was certainly in charge. Mary Ann did as she was told. Both Zoë and Gina seemed a little too interested in watching Mary Ann get undressed. I could tell that Mary Ann seemed a little uneasy about it too but that didn't stop her. As my sister's tits came into view I was just as impressed by their size as Gina and Zoë were.

Gina licked her lips as I watched her. Then Mary Ann lowered her panties and they got a good look at her pubic hair. At fourteen Mary Ann had a very nice start it was not all that sparse but you could see her hair lined slit down the middle and it looked nice too.

Again Gina licked her lips but so did Zoë. This time when Mary Ann sat on the toilet and spread it was Gina that got on the floor between her legs not me. Mary Ann looked up at me and said, "Oh! This was part of the deal for them to let you watch them pee. I hope you like it so far." Then Mary Ann started to pee for her audience.

Zoë got down behind Gina and looked right over her shoulder.

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I watched the two girls as Zoë reached around Gina and rubbed her hand across Gina's breasts while Gina reached back under Zoë and seemed to be finger fucking her bare pussy. There was no doubt that these two girls were lesbian lovers.

I couldn't help but wonder why my sister had hooked up with them in the first place. Mary Ann finished peeing and then I watched as Gina got to wipe her pussy for her. Then I watched her slip a finger up inside my sister's pussy a little way then smile at her.

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Gina was the last girl to undress. She didn't look like much dana dearmond and brooke scott interracial foursome a girl with her short hair and her boy clothes.

When she took off her shirt her breasts were held flat by an elastic bandage like dad puts on his knee sometimes. She tried to flatten her tits while at the same time padding Zoë's tits. Different, but interesting. I would have to think about that one for a while. As she removed the bandages her breasts expanded to become slightly bigger that Mary Ann's tits.

Wow I was sure impressed and I knew that all of my friends would be too. Then of course things started to make sense. Gina was a butch-dyke and was trying to disguise her femininity while showing off her submissive lesbian lover's femininity. Then Gina dropped her pants. She was even wearing boy's underwear. They were the tighty-whites too. When she dropped her underwear her bush looked like a forest. It had never been trimmed and it looked pretty messy too.

She didn't shave her legs or her underarms either. Then Gina stood there for me to look at like she had Zoë do. Finally She told me to get down on the floor next to the toilet. Gina stood before it, reached down to open up her pussy lips with her fingers, and started to pee into the toilet just like I do.

Holy shit! That was what my sister wanted to be able to do.

Then of course Gina peed all down the front of the toilet, down one of her legs, and all over the floor. She picked up Zoë's panties and wiped her own pussy with them. Zoë got to clean up the mess that Gina had made. Now it was my turn. I undressed but I wasn't hard anymore after watching Gina pee on the floor and pretending that she was a boy. Apparently that wasn't much of a problem after all because Gina simply told Zoë to suck my cock just like she does for Gina's little brother.

Zoë dropped to her knees, grabbed my limp dick, and sucked it into her mouth. Honey select slime girl tube porn looked over at my sister and thought about looking at her pussy last night and then I started getting hard right away.

Of course Gina praised Zoë for doing such a good job so I didn't let on. Then I looked down at Zoë sucking on my cock and it did feel good. Soon I was finally hard and after drinking all of that water I was sure that I could pee like a racehorse. So I put on a really good show for the three girls. Mostly I wanted to show Gina who was the better man. I was proud of myself as I actually stepped back far enough to stand in the tub while wheedling a stream that would have made Superman proud.

I didn't get one single drop on the toilet or on the floor as I walked back toward the toilet again. Blue eyed teen fucks bf on camera pornjoliecom Ann was even proud of me.

Gina looked crushed that I had shown her up but she was polite about it. The girls said that they were impressed with my skill and that they hoped that I was impressed with theirs too.

I told Gina that I would love to see her in a skirt sometime and sitting down to pee. She said that if she ever gets tired of girls that she would give me a try. I turned her around and pressed my soft cock into her ass. I reached around and fondled her nice big breasts and made her nipples hard.

It was a shame that she keeps those babies hidden from us guys. Then I reached down to her pussy and played with her clit for a while.

Her knees buckled when I gave her an orgasm. She was more of a girl than she wanted to admit. Afterwards Mary Ann and I watched as Zoë wrapped Gina's big tits to flatten them back out. Then the girls got dressed and Mary Ann walked them down to the front door to say goodbye. Soon Mary Ann came running back upstairs to tell me that mom was pulling into the driveway.

We both quickly grabbed our clothes and ran to our own bedrooms. I wondered when I would ever get a chance to be alone with my sister again. I wished that mom would go back to work so that we could be alone after school at least.

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I would love a whole summer at home with Mary Ann too. When dad came home from work he was very excited about a Christmas Eve party that he had been invited too. It seems lezzie sex kittens stretch their deep assholes and fuck long dildos he had completed something that he was working on and that the Vice-President of Engineering was rewarding him for doing a good job.

He was also being considered for a promotion. Anyway he told mom to go to the beautician, get her fingernails and toenails done, and then buy a sexy dress for the occasion. Then he reached under the Christmas Tree and handed her a small package. Mom was not going to open it up three days early but he insisted.

When mom opened it up dad had given her pearls. There was two pair of earrings for her double pierced ears and a very nice necklace to go with them. Tears came to mom's eyes then she gave dad a big hug. As he cuddle her he ran his hands down to her ass and cupped both cheeks in his hands and ground his cock into her pelvis while he smashed her tits as flat as Gina's tits had been.

Mom mentioned shopping for a nice sexy black dress to go along with it. Then for the fist time I heard dad tell mom about a dress that he saw once that gave him a hard-on. Dad never talked like that, especially not in front of us. Then he described it to mom. The woman had been tall, thin, and was wearing high heels that must have been six inches tall because she was practically standing on her toes like a ballerina.

The dress was long and hung almost to her ankles, with a slit up one side above her waist and a V-neckline below her belly button. Dad said that it was impossible for the woman to have been wearing a bra or panties. Then dad suggested that mom get her belly button pierced too and then have a pearl put in it. Mary Ann jumped on that and asked dad if she could get her belly button pierced too.

Dad was in such a good mood that he said yes to her. So the following day was Saturday and mom got up and took Mary Ann with her. Dad and I were alone all day long. It was one of the most boring days of my entire life. The only good thing was when dad told me about the Christmas Eve party on Monday. He and mom would be gone all evening. He said that he peculiar teenie rubs twat and gets licked and reamed in pov mom had to be there about four o'clock for drinks and fellowship, dinner would be about seven or eight o'clock, and that they might be home shortly after midnight.

However if they were too drunk to drive home they were invited to crash there too. In that case they would try to be home early enough to open presents. I told dad that we were old enough to wait until they got home to open our presents and he liked that. Later when the girls came home they both looked terrific. The first thing they did was to make us admire mom's new hairdo, then their fake fingernails, their pedicures, and the fact they were all painted a bright red color.

They then let us admire their pierced belly buttons. Mom did have a nice pearl in hers while Mary Ann had a cute little frog in her belly button. When mom held up her new sexy dress Mary Ann held up the new shoes. Then it was time to model them for us. Mary Ann went upstairs with mom while dad and I sat down to wait. Surprisingly only about twenty minutes went by before Mary Ann came back downstairs to announce that mom was ready to come down the stairs.

Then with a drum roll mom stood at the top of the stairs. I had to admit that mom looked very beautiful. As she took her first step her knee went into that slit on her dress and her whole leg became visible to us right up to the waist just as dad had requested.

Mary Ann whispered into my ear that mom wasn't wearing any underwear at all, not even panties. Again just as dad had requested. I watched every movement as mom came down the stairs very carefully so as not to fall. That sure could have been interesting. I was pretty sure that both of her tits would have fallen out if she had. Then as mom got down closer to the bottom of the stairs and at my eye level the view became even better. I could see her pierced belly in the bottom of her v-neckline just as dad had requested.

I wondered how she kept her tits inside the dress when Mary Ann once again whispered in my ear. It was the same stuff that gymnasts use to keep their suits from slipping into their ass cracks. It sort of glued the dress to her breasts. Dad embraced mom and kissed her as he slipped his hand into her slit and around to cup her ass. I got a nice view of mom's ass cheek. From the side I got a great view under her breast too. Her breasts were nice and big and they had just the right amount of droop that tells you that they are heavy.

Then dad took mom upstairs to help her out of that dress. Mary Ann just giggled. We both knew what they were up too. He was going to make up for that box and bow incident. So we sat in the kitchen talking about Gina and Zoë until they were done fooling around. Mary Ann confirmed that Gina was the boy in the relationship and that Zoë was the girl. She also said that she had made out with Gina in the forth grade once but that Gina had never gotten over it.

She said that it was actually Gina's idea to watch me pee. She had overheard Mary Ann telling another girl about it and invited herself to watch.

Mary Ann told her that she and Zoë would have to show me how they pee first. So that was how it all came about. Sunday mom wore her new shoes for a few minutes and then took them off again.

She did that all day long to break them in. On Monday mom only wore one of dad's big dress shirts with just the bottom button done up to get herself used to not showing her tits to everyone. However I got to see both of them a couple of times each during the morning. I even got to see her pubic hair a couple of times too. I never let mom know it but Mary Ann knew that I had seen mom. Then about one o'clock Mary Ann helped mom take a bath so that her hair didn't get wet and she didn't scrape off any of her nail polish.

About two o'clock mom got dressed and then about three o'clock dad took her out to the car. Finally Mary Ann and I were alone and for the whole night too. Maybe for the entire night if we got sex stories pics of new syles romance fucking. After waiting a few minutes to make sure that they weren't coming back home we locked the doors and turned off all of the lights downstairs.

We went upstairs and closed all of the drapes and turned on all of the lights, even in mom and dad's bedroom. Then Mary Ann and I got naked. We went into mom and dad's bedroom and started searching it. Mary Ann found some sex toys in her nightie drawer. I found some porno movies in dad's bottom drawer. Then I found a VHS tape labeled 'Private Keep Out' I just knew that we had to watch it.

I had a television with a built in VCR player so we went into my bedroom. I put the tape in and hit play while Mary Ann got in my bed. Blonde milf takes a doggy style deep fuck milfsoup and hardcore was mom sitting on a bed in a motel room. She told us her full name, her birth date, and her husband's name.

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She was young and very pretty. It was probably taken before I was born. Then mom undressed in a very sexy way for us.

She lay back on the bed and shoved a big dildo in her pussy as she played with her nipples and breathed hard. She gave herself a couple older bitch still fucks like a whore orgasms then she started sucking dad's cock. Wait a minute. How could it be dad's cock? He was still holding the camera. Wasn't he? But mom was sucking a cock and dad was giving her directions. As the camera backed up Mary Ann let out a gush of air.

Mom was sucking Uncle Freddie's cock, her own brother. Then the camera was placed on a table of sorts and dad walked into the view. Mom was then holding both of their cocks and taking turns sucking on them. Together we watched as mom let her brother fuck her while dad moved the camera in closer.

We could see Uncle Freddie's cock slipping in and out of mom's pussy. During her orgasm Mom shouted out, "Fuck me Freddie, fuck me, just like you do to mom.

Try to take my virginity again. Please." Then Uncle Freddie cum inside mom. We watched him pull out and mom just lay there with her legs wide open so that dad could get in close. After that Uncle Freddie filmed dad fucking mom. Before he could cum mom shouted out, "Butt fuck me just like Harry does." With that said dad pulled his cock out of mom's pussy and shoved it into mom's asshole hard.

He humped into mom fast and hard until they both collapsed flat on the bed in exhaustion. Mary Ann asked me, "Who was that Harry that mom was talking about?" I laughed and said, "That was our dog. Remember? He was hit by a car when we were little." Mary Ann got a funny look on her face and said, "You mean that mom let the family dog butt fuck her.

Wow! That's really something." I said, "Well apparently Uncle Freddie used to out of the family xxx arts and sex crafts his sister and his mother." Mary Ann said, "Apparently he took her virginity too.

Hey, you are about to fuck your sister and take her virginity, maybe you can fuck your mother too like Uncle Freddie did." We rewound the tape and put it back exactly where we found it. I told Mary Ann that someday I wanted to feed my VCR output into my computer and make a DVD copy of that tape for my own records.

Mary Ann said that she wanted a copy too. Not a problem! Then Mary Ann and I got down to business. I started to run my hand over her body. I felt her breasts, her nipples, and her collarbone. I always enjoyed the way her collarbone stuck out when she wore a low cut top.

Mom's collarbone did the same thing in that black dress. Then I ran my hand over Mary Ann's ribcage and her tummy. I was careful around her new piercing so I didn't hurt her any. Then I rubbed my hand down the outside of her legs, up the inside of her legs, and stopped on her pussy mound. After my hand was done fondling her body I started all over again with my fingertips. That time I stopped with my finger on her clit. My final journey around her body was done with my lips and my tongue as I kissed every inch of her body.

Again I stopped on her clit. Mary Ann requested that I go back and work on her nipples some more. I enjoyed it. Sucking on her nipples was fun for me and she seemed to enjoy it too. I could tell by the way that she held my head to her breast. Next Mary Ann requested oral sex from me. She asked me to eat her pussy like Gina had all those years ago. She spread her legs for me and I put my tongue inside her.

She tasted so good that I wanted to lick her dry. Mary Ann let me. Of course I gave her at least two orgasms while I ate her out. She praised me for doing such a good job and said that I was a lot better than Gina had been. Then she told me that I made a better boy than Gina did too and she was dead serious about that.

She wondered why Gina kept her tits bound and denied her sex. I could tell that Mary Ann liked Gina's body. I was also sure that my sister had the best body between the two of them.

Finally Mary Ann was ready to have us loose our virginities together. It was over with all to quickly though. All I did was slip my cock in and break her hymen. She just hugged me closer and I slipped in the rest of the way as she kissed me and welcomed me to manhood. So I kissed her back and welcomed her to womanhood.

She smiled up at me and said, "I really am a woman now. Mom said that it was when I had my first period but I think it is right now with you my brother in me." Mary Ann was squirming all over the place while I was fucking her. I was just as hard as I had been with Zoë sucking on my cock. Even though I was fucking my sister I was thinking about fucking my mother while I was cumming in her. It was the most wonderful feeling ever. Mary Ann sure loved it too and wanted to do it again right away.

I went and breakingasses black angelika black and back p new release the video back out of dad's drawer. We watched it and made love. Then we watched it again and made love again. Mom and dad came home to wake us up at midnight so that we could open our Christmas presents early.

They found us in bed together and naked. The television was still on and a tape was sticking out of it that read, 'Private Keep Out.' Mom sat on the side of my bed and shook us until we both opened our eyes. Once she had our full attention she said, "So you two found the videotape of fantastic model flaunts huge ass and gets anal poked, and your naked in bed together.

How long have been doing this?' Mary Ann said, "Just tonight. Honest. We both lost our virginities like you and Uncle Freddie did." Mom said, "Okay! I see.

Would you two like to open your Christmas presents now?" Mary Ann asked, "Can we wait until morning?" Mom said, "Sure! Go back to sleep then. I'll turn the lights off." Mary Ann said, "Good night mom." Then she cuddled into me and placed her hand on my cock. It was stiff again. The End Christmas Story Five Box & Bow 150 Christmas Story One - The Christmas Angel My Christmas Angel becomes my Christmas Angel.

Christmas Story Two - Here Kitty Kitty A mother son relationship that changed my life forever. Christmas Story Three - Sister's Are Forever Girlfriends may come and go but sisters are forever! Christmas Story Four - Stocking Stuffer Santa makes a big girl's wish come true.