Japanese teenage minx pleasures two big cocks

Japanese teenage minx pleasures two big cocks
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This is my first story so let me know what you think, positive and negatives comments appreciated. If you want me to do more let me know and what you would like me to include in the stories. It was a Saturday afternoon and Andy was sat in his room playing on his Xbox 360 but quickly becoming bored.

He could have been out with friends just like any other 17 yr old boy but he didn't have the luxury of living near his best friends and he didn't know many people who lived on his street. The main shopping centre was just down the road as he lived on the outskirts of town. Andy was the type of boy who preferred his own company, either that or he had just got used to being on his own, even he wasn't sure which.

He didn't think he was the most good looking guy in the world but at the same time not the ugliest. He stood at 5"7 with dirty brown hair and piercing green eyes of which he often got compliments for. He wasn't fat or anything but he sometimes wished he had a fitter body, perhaps with a six pack. It was a pleasant summers day so the clothes of choice were a dark blue t shirt that went down to his hips and black big tits tigerr benson anal masturbation p tracky bottoms with white stripes running down the legs.

He made sure the top of his grey boxer shorts were visible just above his pants, not that anyone would see he thought, he just liked the idea that someone COULD see.

He had recently admitted to himself that he was bisexual after some years of confusion but still much preferred females. He gave up. There was only so much Fifa defeats he could take. He stood up, walked over to the machine and turned it off while planting the controller on top. He then walked hot blonde with big boobs and big ass oiled dildo game to his bedroom window and leant against the window sill.

He let out a big sigh as he reminded himself that in a few weeks time he would be back at Sixth Form College. "Great" he muttered to himself whilst glancing down to the long garden that backed the house that he lived in with his parents and dog. There was a high wall at the end of the garden that stretched all the way down the street, on the other side were more houses 1 of which was once occupied by his best friend Liam.

Lots of change in the last few years meant he didn't see Liam all that much anymore even though they went to the same college but his friend had moved further away and they now "moved in different circles". Andy quickly snapped out of his daydreaming and looked to his right and saw a sight that immediately got his heart racing. As I mentioned earlier Andy didn't really know that people who lived on his street probably because he never made much of an effort to get to know the neighbours.

Three doors down, in the garden that backed the house stood a trampoline. Petite blonde model licks huge tits female agent Andy would ponder how on earth he had never noticed this equipment and the person who lived at the house before.

On this trampoline bounced two young boys who he thought mustn't have been any older than 10 years old. They were both around 5"2 Andy guessed with black hair and slim build but couldn't make out any other distinguishing features apart from that they were wearing, or rather what they weren't wearing. Laughter and banter could be heard as these two boys bounced up and down in just there small blue underpants and pretending to wrestle each other. Andy stood in awe as he looked on and couldn't believe his eyes, or his luck.

He quickly reacted to this and rushed to his bedside table with drawers and pulled one out which contained his socks. He quickly grabbed a black pair and put them on whole heading for the door. He tried to be calm but it was difficult as he made his way down the stairs. He got to the bottom and saw that his he nails her old pussy from behind were in the kitchen and his dog, named after that vampire slayer "Buffy" came to greet him.

He needed an excuse to go out into the garden as it was a thing that he rarely did. He called to Buffy, put his trainers on and headed for the front door and grabbed the handle. Twenty seconds later and they were both walking down the steps that lead to the lawn of the garden and Andy's heart was in his mouth.

It was hard to get any sort of a view with all the bushes that blocked his eye sight so it took a moment to get in the perfect position. He got innocent wife butt with friends and fuck story eventually. He had a great view.

The boys were still bouncing up and down and wrestling in nothing but there underpants. Andy tried not to draw attention to himself and so threw a ball for Buffy to fetch and bring back. He glanced over every now again not being able to resist the temptation of staring at two beautiful young boys as now he had a much better view of there bodies and he liked what he saw. A couple of minutes had passed and the older boy still stood there alternating from throwing the ball for his dog and perving at the two young boys.

Then suddenly one of the boys, slightly shorter than the other, stopped and looked straight at Andy and talked to the other boy. They were both looking over now and began waving. Andy repayed the gesture. Laughing could be heard as the boys continued to bounce. Then to Andys surprise they both turned there backs to him and pulled there underpants down. Andy nearly came in his boxers right there and then as he looked upon two simply beautiful asses and with not a single hair in sight.

Andy smiled and laughed as they pulled there pants back up and faced him. Without really thinking Andy turned his back to them and pulled his bottoms and boxers down revealing his shapely bottom. His ass was one of his favourite areas of his body so it was very easy for him to show it off. He covered back up and turned to see the boys looking on and giggling.

For the next ten minutes this continued with both parties taking it in turns to moon the other until the two boys stopped and talked to each other for a short time with one finally calling over asking whether they could come over. Andy said yes without hesitation. The boys jumped off the trampoline and put there clothes on and disappeared out of sight. Andy just stood there in anticipation. Five minutes later and the boys reappeared at the house end of the garden.

Andy walked down to greet them. "Hey." Andy said casually. "Hey, how you doin'?" One of the boys asked. "Oh yeah not bad". Was the response. There was a long silence until one of the boys asked if they could play with Buffy to which Andy confirmed. The older boy, and still turned on boy soon learned the names of these two hot young boys as Declan and James who were both just 10 years old and were cousins. Declan lived at the house from which they just came from whilst James lived a few streets away.

Declan seemed to be the more confident out of the cousins wearing a football t shirt with black shorts and trainers. James had a slightly deeper voice and was wearing a white t shirt and matching shorts and trainers. They all got on quite well despite the age gap and had fun playing with Buffy and just generally messing about until the two young boys had to go, something Andy was very disappointed about but he needn't be. Over the next few days the three of them saw each other every day, the cousins going over to Andy's house.

That was the case until one day it was just Declan who visited. Even though the cousins did look very much alike Andy looked upon Declan as the cutest out of the two so he wasn't that upset that only he started to turn up at his doorstep.

They spent a lot of time together mainly playing on the Xbox which was now much more fun however what happened on the trampoline was never mentioned. Andy's parents wedding anniversary was fast approaching and they had planned to go away for the weekend which meant Andy had the house to himself for the 2 days.

He got out of bed and dressed by 10am and went downstairs to greet Buffy. There was a note on the fridge from his mum explaining what time they should be back the following day. Andy smiled at the thought of all the peace and quiet. Nothing much happened over the next few hours. Andy took Buffy for a walk and just lounged about, only rising from his seat in the living room to get food, drink and to go to the toilet. It was about 3pm and there was a knock at the door. Andy reluctantly went to the front door and opened.

There stood Declan wearing a smile, black hoody and black tracky bottoms. Andy invited him in and explained about his parents. Like the preceding days they played on the Xbox until Declan had to go home for his meal but Andy told him that he could come back afterwards if he could and wanted to.

Declan wanted to and did so not long after he left. The novelty of the Xbox soon wore thin and the two boys ended up watching tv and talking about random stuff such as gaming and wrestling, something Andy wasn't particularly interested in but was when he was younger so he at least knew what Declan was talking about.

It was about 9pm and Declan reluctantly declared that he had to go home. Not for the first time Andy's actions came first before his brain engaged.

"How about you stay the night?". Andy asked hopefully. "Well ill ive to ask my parents". Declan replied. So Declan went home but 5 minutes later returned with the news that he could stay. The both of them were thrilled. More talking and munching on snacks followed until about 11pm and it was becoming obvious Declan wasn't used to staying up late but actually Andy was now starting to get quite tired.

So they both agreed that they should sleep, with Declan having the couch in the living room. Everything was set up for Declan on the couch and so adorable realtor girl adria rae slammed hard by a guy who looked for apartment pornstars hardcore said there goodnights.

Andy went upstairs, into the bathroom and then into his bedroom where he undressed. He moved the covers back and slipped into bed wearing just his grey boxers. Andy felt so comfortable in bed however some time had now passed and he had not fallen asleep which he didn't understand as he thought he was tired. He tossed and turned until he heard foot steps coming up the stairs. The bedroom door was open as it was a warm night and Andy's room was always the warmest room in the house anyway.

Declan emerged from the stairs and saw Andy lying in bed wide awake. "Hey. Im just going to the toilet". Declan explained. Andy nodded and saw Declan disappear into the bathroom and the door closed. Andy had noticed Declan was just wearing a pair of small black underpants and he couldn't help but wonder if his new friend ever wore boxers. A short time later Declan emerged from the bathroom turning off the light and closing the door as he existed.

He looked into the dark bedroom where Andy was still wide awake looking through the darkness. Andy reached over to his bedside table where a table lamp stood and turned it on. It took a while for both boys' eyes to adjust.

"Cant sleep". Andy said. "Me neither". Declan said while stepping slowly into the bedroom and stopping just feet away from the side of the bed. "It mustn't be very comfortable on that couch". Andy said looking on. "Its ok I guess". Declan shrugged. "Well I wouldn't usually offer this but if you wanted to you could sleep with me if you wanted". Andy said half asking. Declan took a couple more steps and replied, "it's a bit small isn't it?".

He giggled. "Hey im not that fat!". Andy responded laughing. Andy pulled the sheets back and moved to the far side of the bed. Declan climbed in slowly feeling blonde teen takes care of a dick little nervous about the situation but not stopping himself.

They lied their in silence for some time until Andy looked over and smiled at Declan and asked him if he was ok to which the boy responded in the positive and both said there goodnights as the youngest boy turned out the light. Andy had his back to Declan but his eyes were still wise open, he just couldn't sleep and Declan was in the same state as he adjusted his body and faced the back of Andy.

The young boy was now feeling very confused, he knew he liked girls but for some reason as he looked at the back of his friends head and lowered his gaze to his back he could feel his underpants becoming very tight and realised his penis was growing and growing.

He edged closer forward trying not to nudge Andy just in case he was asleep. Andy, still wide awake, began thinking about what he could do tomorrow but the answer his brain came up with wasn't very imaginative. Then suddenly he felt the slightest of touches upon his ass but because he was wearing his boxers he just told himself that it must have been the fabric of his underwear.

Then another nudge which this time was slightly more noticeable. "That's definitely not my boxers" Andy thought to himself. He now felt something permanently resting on his right ass cheek. It didn't take long him to realise what it was and at this realisation his own penis had significantly grown.

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He now had a faint smile on his face but had no idea what to do next, it took a while to come up with a plan of sorts. Andy very slowly moved backwards and Declan's penis dropped down nestling inbetween his ass cheeks. Declan didn't dare move as his penis was just an inch or 2 away from Andy's ass entrance and if it wasn't for the boys' underwear, surely it would take just a slight thrust… After some arguing with himself in his head, Andy decided to just go for 69hahafunny porn videos search watch and download 69hahafunny free sex. He moved back some more and it would have now been impossible to carry on as though nothing was going on.

Andy reached around with his right hand until he felt the hard intruder near his ass cheeks. He slowly took it and massaged it slowly. Declan just lay there in perhaps a state of shock, he didn't know what to do but what was happening was pleasing him very much. Andy's efforts became faster until he couldn't bare it any longer and turned to face Declan.

There eyes met in the gloom but not for much longer as Declan turned on the bedside light. They smiled at each other and without hesitation Andy moved his body closer and kissed Declan square on the lips in the most passionate kiss you could ever imagine.

Declan had no experience, not just with boys but girls either so he just let the more experienced boy do the work which Andy didn't mind.

There two warm bodies now touching including both hard penis', Andy's at 7inchs and Declan's at 4inches. Andy's hand wondered around until it came to the top of the underpants and very slowly went inside.

Declan was so hard that Andy's hand almost immediately felt flesh. The underpants were quickly done away with and taken down past the knees and to Declan's feet where he worked them off. Then it was Andy's turn. He quickly pulled down his boxers and he to worked them off. Both boys' bodies as one with there arms around each other. Andy moved his hand slowly around to the back, circling lovingly then moving down until he reached even softer skin and squeezed the younger boys' ass cheek to which the boy let out a groan.

They kissed again until Andy broke off the kiss and removed the bed sheets so both boys' gorgeous teen spreads her legs for shlong were clearly visible. He then softly went back up and kissed Declan's sweet, gorgous, hairless chest. Lower and Lower. This boys' stomach was so soft and kissable and Andy was making sure it was kissed fully.

He didn't want to go straight to the main prize, not yet anyway, so he bypassed that area and worked on Declan's sexy legs. Lower and Lower kissing all the way down. Down his thigh of the left leg, passed his knee all the way down to his ankle.

Then he moved back to the top and repeated with the right leg whilst his right hand played with the boys' left foot. Andy had finished his kissing and hand to foot wrestle and moved all the way up Declan's body and kissed his face off. They now lay side by side and Andy decided he couldn't wait any longer. He slowly took hold of the young boys cock which was pointing straight up towards his stomach.

The masturbating became intense as the more experienced boy made sure his friend was going to be satisfied. Moans could be heard from the receiver and Andy wounded if this boy was going to cum tonight.

Andy eased off the masturbating sex gerls and old man planted his face right beside the rock hard cock. Then with his tongue lapped at the tip of the reddy purple end revealed by the foreskin pealed as far back as it would go. Another lick. Then another. Declan gasped as his cock disappeared fast into Andy's mouth.

The sensation was amazing, like nothing he had ever experienced. Not only was his cock being sucked but now his ball sack was being playfully fondled. He had masturbated before thinking about the girls at his school and he had came but very little had emerged so he knew what would happen if this continued. It felt like an eternity but it was just a couple minutes until Andy eased off and backed of the throbbing cock. More sunny leon xxx movies with gangbhang came after and Declan could taste his own cock.

Andy had an idea. "Well he did like pushing it against me" he thought. He sat up and moved away from Declan facing away from him. He transitioned to being on all 4s and Declan had a clear view of his ass including his hole. Andy sucked a couple of fingers and positioned them near his hole. He circled around his hole lubricating the area and just slightly entering himself a couple of times. He then turned and told Declan to switch positions to which the boy did so. Andy, on his back then raised his legs and rested them behind his head with his feet touching the wall just above the headboard of the bed.

"Do you want to fuck me?" Andy asked without fear. "Ive never done this before". Was the reply. "Its ok its easy, kinda like what you were doing before". Andy said reassuringly. "Ok". Was the response.

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With that Declan moved slowly forward now on his knees with his still wet cock facing towards Andy's ass. The tip just slightly mom son xxxyoung girl young boy the tight hole and both boys breathed in deep.

Declan moved closer and closer until his body was touching his friend's ass cheeks. He grabbed his cock and gently moved it towards the objective…and pushed. A gasp from Andy confirmed that this really was happening and already almost all of Declan's bell end was inside the older boys hole. He pushed in and out, he didn't know that it was what he was supposed to do he just responded to the ass that was moving towards and away from him.

Gradually the pace picked up and more and more of the boys cock disappeared until all of it had gone in and all that could be heard was his balls slapping against skin. About 5 minutes had passed and in that time Andy had moved his legs and were now positioned over Declan's shoulders with his toes curled as the pounding has become relentless until there was still. "What's wrong?" Asked Andy. "I think I need to cum".

Said Declan. "Its ok just carry on". Andy said with a smile. "Erm…ok". Declan replied continuing with the same pace as before.

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Then suddenly there was a loud moan and Declan's whole body tensed. His head pointing to the ceiling, his chest out. His legs went to jelly and began to spasm, his toes curled and his ball sack so tight it hurt.

Andy knew exactly what was happening and could feel it. It wasn't spectacular but he wasn't expecting much. He could just about feel dripping inside him and also Declan's cum seeping down his ass hole. The boy pulled out exhausted and still having spasms sprawled out on his friend's bed. Andy removed his legs just as the boy fell and began furiously wanking himself off watching this gorgeous naked 10 year old who had just fucked him. It didn't take long before stream after stream of cum came from his stiff cock some of which hitting reaching Declan who was now watching.

Andy was now also exhausted and collapsed with spasm and spasm going through his body. Declan just about had enough strength to move up back to the top of the bed and lay next to Andy. They smiled and both took hold of part of the bed sheet and covered them up. They lay in each others arms naked and kissing.

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They both fell asleep in no time at all, both having a hand resting on each others ass cheek. After that night the two boys continued to see much of each other and even though they agreed not to be "boyfriends" they still had fun and were the best of friends.