Slutty stepmom cocksucks stepteen boyfriend blowjob and milf

Slutty stepmom cocksucks stepteen boyfriend blowjob and milf
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Out of all the mothers in the neighborhood I was the youngest getting knocked up with my Lily when I was sixteen and the father of the child and I did it right we still went to school and moved in to the right area to raise our child.

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Over the years, Lily has friended a boy from across the street I have watched him grow and mature before my very eyes and I like what I was seeing a lot.

He was 18 now and he still cut my grass on Sunday to have some money on the side. He bella bellz youre so extra comes in for a glass of water and to cool off in the AC.

Lily was not here to day and over the years, I would catch him looking at my ass, but I didn't say anything about it. So this time I called him on his shit this time giving him an evil grin. "Is there something you like?" i said as he was leaning against the counter. He gave me a slight nod with a smile on his lips he had his mother's dark hair that seemed to be black and his father blue eyes.

I walked over to him slowly growing moist. He made a move for my lips, but I pushed him back because I wore the pant in this event. I grabbed him by his thick hair and slowly moved in to kiss him. His passion was like an untamed animal that I could no longer hold back and my mind and body was moving double time just to keep up with his. He backed me up in to the corner he was leaning up against and he lifted me up on the counter and he unhooked my bra and sucked my harden nipples with care.

He lifted my skirt and pulled my red panties down, he banged me in to the counter until I blended in with the counter it felt so good, and he came inside me like a river that kept on flowing.

His dick was like hot metal moving in and out of my petals of flesh.

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I wanted more of him wrapped my legs around him so he could fuck me one more time. Their was a build up of swat on our bodied and the smell or both of our bodies was thick in the air.

When I started to orgasm my muscles milked his thick cock for all it had. When we both had arrived and my eyes still half closed and my breast hanging out and my nipples still hard fro any one to see.

He helped me down from the counter and he turned me around. His harden dick in my back and he cupped my breast in his had and started moving them in a circular motion. I leaned back and my head rested on his shoulder.

"Bend over for me." he whispered in my ear I did as he said and he parted the lips of my hot dripping pussy. He put his whole dick in side of me in one fluid motion that I moan so loud it echoed in the room. Every trust was him going balls deep in to my pussy every time. I could close my sex I would smell our sex heavy in the air and hear our love making in the room. when his hot cum shot in to me I milked his cock once more and spasms. I can no longer hold myself up. I think about sucking on his dick while I am down here, but I remember Lily is going to be home sometime soon.

For now I just sit here and try to regain the feeling in my body as the last spasm subsides. I put my shirt and bra back on just in time to hear Lily walk in with some friends.

I picked up my panties just in time when he was reaching for them as a keepsake and I let him have them. I know every time he walked it to this kitchen he would be thinking one thing and I would do the same when I walked in to his kitchen. I would think about bbw khloe gets exorcism fucksd on his mother nipples and knowing I could bring her more pleasure then her husband in the bedroom.

She had nice round curves, short dark hair, and warm brown eyes. Every time without fail she was ready, for me when I entered the door and I would eat her out time after time and she would still cum for me.

When no one was home I would pin her to the front door and peel away her jeans and panties she had on and lick her like A ice cream cone. One day we did it in every room and every position of the house and I know for sure she would think of me. When it was late and her husband would fix his car I would go on a run and it was cool outside. He would be fixing the car and I would seek in behind him and huge cock shemale fucking girl his balls in my hand.

He had nice blond hair and when he turned around his blue eyes would light up at the site of me. He greeted me with the same kiss as his son. I walked behind the car with garage door still open he pulled down my panties and my pants down in one downwards motion. Then he inserted his cock in to my wet vaginal opening and he went in deep repeatedly that the car moved.

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It was so funny that we could fuck so openly and no one walked in I just closed my eyes when we came together and that's when I got just and evil ideal and I could not ignore it. I invited their whole family over to my house when I know my husband and Lily would be out so I had all night with my plan. I lit a nice fire in the fireplace and I had a nice dinner planned, but it was off to the side and it was not in my plan to eat food, but I was going to eat.

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As soon and they walked through the door and sat on the floor in front of the fireplace. I started with the mother and kissed her and I know that the men in the room grew heard. I kissed her and got her all wet and when it was time for her to need some loving. I gotten her to forget that her husband and her son was in the room. I gotten her out of her clothing as she did the same for me.

I got in to the 69 and she was licking me and suck on me like I was the sweetest lollipop made. I called her son over so he could get a piece of his mother and he gladly did it and it was a joy to see. He licked her once to see it she would reject him the he kept going licking a fingering her, but it only lit a fire in her. He moans vibrated thought me and her speed picked up and I would grind on her face more.

I looked over at her husband and he had a stupid look on his face. When I arrived she want crazy for my juice and I was sure she soaked up most of it. When I moved off of her I notices she was so in tune with how good the oral sex that her eyes stayed closed as he fucked her.

She called out her husband's name and he quickly got down on the floor and said more things to get his wife to cum. I kissed her husband and I wisped in his ear "See how good your son is do you want to know how it feels?" I said with a smile.

He got on his knees and he looked so unsure if what was going to happen next. I just smiled as he was going to get fucked in his ass by his son .The wife looked at me in discuss as she realized her son just fucked her and then a smile crossed her face when she orgasm. That was a night we will never forget.