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Little Sister's Dilemma - Chapter III "Sarah, get the hell out of here!" Joanne screamed, "and stay the fuck out until I get dressed, or I'll shove my hand up your ass and give you fucking haemorrhoids!" Our sensuous little world of loving incest had been broached by my sister's friend Sarah, and we had been caught in a most compromising position.

My now-flaccid cock was still captured in my sister's ass, and she had clamped her rectal muscles in an attempt to hold me there. Long haired blonde brooke summers gets fucked by lexington steele only thing between this steamy scene and Sarah's prying eyes were the sleeping bags that we'd zipped together, giving us enough room for two naked bodies.

"Don't threaten me, Joanne Houghton!" Sarah snapped back, her voice full of anger and malice. "You two have enough explaining to do as it is, and I'm not going anywhere until I get it." The look of determination on Sarah's face told me that we were in big trouble, and Joanne's big black anacond cock asshol confirmed my worst fears.

But Sarah was kind enough to give us some privacy, backing out of the tent's doorway and letting the flap drop back into place, although she did leave the flap's zipper undone. "Jim, how the hell are we going to keep her from blabbing to everyone back home?" Joanne asked, her tone full of real concern.

"The first people that'll hear about us will be Mom and Dad, and we both know how well that'll work out. Dad'll cut your balls off, and Mom's probably gonna glue my cunt shut! Geez, ya think her timing could have been any worse than this?" I almost expected my little sister to break out into tears, and the guilt that I felt for putting her into this compromised predicament wasn't doing me any good, either.

To say that we were scared shitless would be a bit of an understatement. "Sis, everyone has their price. Whatever Sarah wants to keep her mouth shut, we're gonna have to do. It's as simple as that. The question is, what's it gong to cost us to get that silence?" I put forth.

"Maybe we can negotiate something?" I added, hoping against hope that Joanne's friend had a bent for bickering. "What she wants is sex," my sister advanced, "but to what degree, I couldn't tell you. Whether she'd settle for something relatively innocent, or whether she'd demand a full-blown orgy, we'll have to find out.

Dammit Jim, I'm scared! To lose everything we've found together because of Sarah's big mouth is going to just kill me! I can't lose you, big brother! I just can't!" "Hey, I'm not going anywhere!

Whatever happens, we're in this together, and whatever it takes to protect my little sister, I'll do it. You know that, and you know that I'll risk everything I have, and everything I am, just to keep you safe, don't you? So let's go talk to Sarah, and find out what she wants in exchange for her silence" I suggested. Joanne grabbed a cloth and cleaned herself off, then threw the rag at me, suggesting that I seriously consider following her lead. Inhaling deeply, I could see what she meant.

I smelled of cum, both hers and mine, and it was bad enough to make a skunk consider another bottle of Chanel No. 5, especially if he was within a hundred feet of our tent. As I cleaned myself up, Joanne struggled to pull on some suitable clothing in preparation for a confrontation with our uninvited guest. She was kind enough to wait for me to holivr bumsbus audition part stocking and tattoos dressed so that we could approach the enemy with a united front.

I got the idea that Joanne's strategy was based on the concept that the best defence is a strong offence. I was still working on the premise that if I couldn't see the problem, it didn't exist. Maybe one of these days, I'll learn how to imitate an ostrich and stick my head in the sand. But once I was dressed, it was time to find out exactly what it would take to guarantee Sarah's silence.

Sitting at the picnic table that was part of the campsite, Joanne and I sat on one side while Sarah sat on the other, the best seating arrangement for a negotiating conference. My sister tried to soften the tension of the meeting with some small talk, all the while holding my hand under the table. Sarah knew she had the upper hand, and wasn't about to back down if she didn't have to, but the whole conflict seemed to be stalling until one of us got to the meat of the problem.

I bit the bullet and opened with the obvious blunt question. "Okay, Sarah, you sort of have us over a barrel here. What we want is for you to keep what you know entirely to yourself. What do we have to do to get you to mom and nick son sex your mouth shut?" I couldn't have made it any simpler than that, and I felt Joanne squeeze my hand as a signal that she hoped we could find something to offer her friend that would keep all of us relatively happy.

"Joanne knows exactly what I want to see you two happy" Sarah came back. "I've had a thing for you since we were fourteen, Jim, but you're Joanne's guy now. Girls aren't supposed to hit on other girl's guys. Right, Jo?" I couldn't believe my ears!

Sarah had us both between a rock and a hard place, and she was going to give up something that had been her fantasy for almost two years? There had to be a catch, because this was too easy. I could have it left well enough alone, and maybe I should have, but something was nagging at the back of my head. "That's it?" I wondered aloud.

"No conditions, no negotiations, no blackmailing?

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As much as I hate to look a gift horse in the mouth, Sarah, I'm having a hard time believing that you'd let us off the hook and just look the other way. What's the catch?" Sarah sat and stared at me for a minute before dropping the bombshell. She wanted to spend the weekend in our company, which to me was right in there with going hunting with a game warden in the off-season. The opportunity to be with my sister, alone, was beginning to evaporate quickly.

My first reaction was to tell her to get lost, but Joanne's squeeze on my hand got my attention instantly, and I kept my mouth shut.

"Tell you what, Sarah," Jo began to negotiate, "how about we spend the day together, and see where it goes from there?

You have nowhere to sleep, and we're not about to stuff three people in that tent. It isn't big enough for that many bodies anyway. Besides, there's a reason why Jim and I are up here, and it sure isn't to hold an open house." "Deal," Sarah volunteered, "but I sure could use a coffee, right about now.

That's a long drive, and I got up kind of early to find out what you two sensual redhead bonny bon squirts a river while being fucked balls deep gp up to. My curiosity drove me nuts all night. You have to admit that a brother and sister going camping at this time of year is a little over the top.

If it was my little brother and I, you'd be wondering too." Sarah's little brother Kyle was barely thirteen, and probably as close to a nerd as I'd ever seen. Eventually he'd probably grow up to be a nice guy, but by the time he did, the three of us would be out of our parent's houses and gone.

The thought of Sarah and Kyle as lovers just wouldn't gel in my mind anyway, and I could easily see Sarah's point. In an effort to clear the fog in my brain, I got up and started a small fire while Joanne got the percolator ready to brew our morning "wake-me-up juice", as my Dad referred to it. While I was busy building a tepee out of kindling, Sarah snuck over and squatted down beside me.

It took a second for her presence to register, leaving me unsure of wife creampie while husband sleep what her intentions were. The discomfort of that uncertainty must have shown, because she opened the conversation in a subdued and almost whispered voice.

"Jim, you really love her, don't you?" Sarah began. I told her the truth, admitting just how I felt without going into too much detail. "I have to admit that I'm a little jealous," Sarah continued, "and I'd kill to have a guy like you for my own. But it feels good inside to see both of you so happy, and so much in love. Hell, Jim, just sitting at the table, I could feel it saturating the air!

So, how did you two get to be this way? What happened that you two became lovers?" I had no problem relating the tale, but not without Joanne present. After all, this was something that involved both of us, and leaving her out of the conversation seemed conspiratorial. I wasn't ready to go there, and left the relating of the story until we were all sitting around the fire while nursing our first cups of coffee. Once seated, Joanne began relating the story, starting with that night that she and Sarah had spent exploring each other's bodies.

Poor Sarah showed her embarrassment at me knowing what had transpired. I tried to let her know that I understood, and had no real problems with what had happened. Once Joanne had explained how their sexual activities had been the catalyst to the changes in our relationship, I added any details I considered important that my sister missed. By the time we finished, Sarah's face was a picture of awe, with more questions behind it than either of us were comfortable answering.

"So when I arrived here this morning, you two had just finished making love?" Sarah asked. "Mmm hmm," Joanne let her know, "and when you barged in, I was thoroughly enjoying the feeling of Jim's cock deep inside me. You have no idea how close I came to scratching your eyes out! I think that if he wasn't still in me, I probably would have, too.

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Geez, your timing couldn't have been worse!" I was going to say that it could have been, especially if Sarah had arrived a few minutes earlier, but there was no point bringing that up. I let Sarah squirm with the knowledge that she'd almost ruined a moment of intimacy between my sister and I. Sarah's expression indicated that my closed mouth was having the desired affect.

"How was I supposed to know?" Sarah tried to apologize. "I mean, how often does one come across a brother and sister making love, and out in the middle of nowhere, too? Shit, if I'd known why you'd escaped the city, I'd have. . stranger that paid tons of cash girlfriend homemade, maybe left you alone?

I mean, I might be a horny little bitch at times, but I do know when to make myself scarce!" "Oh really?" I jibed at her. "Then how come you're still here?" Sarah gave me a dirty look, and I thought for a minute that she was about to stomp off in a huff.

And for some strange reason, I didn't want to see her go, at least not in a bad mood. "Oh relax, girl" I offered. "I have nothing against you, except maybe bad timing. You're here now, so why don't we all just have a good time and a friendly visit. There's enough food that we can feed you for supper tonight, and you can either stay overnight, if you don't mind sleeping in your car, or drive back to town after we eat. Just promise me that you'll find somewhere to go when Joanne and I decide to make love this afternoon.

. and we probably will, too. God, but that girl can get me all worked up!" I got a knowing look for my confession, and an unspoken promise that if we wanted to be alone, Sarah would make sure we got the opportunity. "How about something to eat? We haven't had breakfast yet, and I could use some food in my stomach, right about now" I added as I changed the conversation's direction.

Without waiting for an answer, I set the griddle on the fire grate, and made us some bacon and eggs. I was hungrier than I thought, and so were both girls. We finished off a full pound of bacon, half a dozen eggs, toast, and another full pot of coffee. Sarah even offered to wash and dry all the dishes while my sister and I relaxed. Once she'd cleaned up, Sarah grabbed a chair and joined us, the restful tranquillity of the outdoors lulling us all into a trance-like state.

Joanne and I sat beside each other, holding hands, and basking in the closeness of our love. Even Sarah accepted our togetherness, remaining outside that intimate circle that we'd defined by our proximity to each other.

Half an hour later, I suggested that we take a walk along one of the many trails that circled the lake. Joanne and I walked hand in hand, with Sarah finding herself a place on my other side. She really was looking to be accepted as a part of our sphere, to an aspect that I couldn't ignore. While Joanne didn't seem to mind her friend's presence, she also wasn't about to share her brother with anyone, and her grip on my hand got progressively tighter. I chuckled with the realization of that, squeezing back in an attempt to reassure her.

When she leaned her head on chubby slut blows a throbbing boner cumshots amateur shoulder, I knew that I'd gotten my message across. We spent the next three hours walking that trail, finally arriving back at our campsite again. "I'm fried" Sarah confessed. "Would you mind if I snuck into the tent and had a snooze?" she asked both of us. "Sure, no problem," Joanne told her, "but you might want to make sure that it's dried out in the sleeping bag.

We both came pretty hard, just before we were so rudely interrupted, and there might be a pool of juices in there." Her tone wavered between being informative and of issuing a warning. "Oh, and no wearing your clothes if you crawl into the bag. I'm not going to bed tonight to find trail grit in my bed. If you use the sleeping bag, strip down to your bra and panties first." Sarah gave my sister a strange look of incomprehension, then shrugged her shoulders a bit and made her way into the tent.

It was a minute later that we heard her loud complaints. "Geez, you guys! This sleeping bag's got cum stains in it, and it's soaking wet inside! I've got your juices smeared all over my panties!" Both of us had to giggle with the visualization of Sarah's predicament. "Jo, have you got an extra pair of panties I can borrow? I can't wear these ones home! My Mom would be asking what the hell I got on them, and I don't think I want to have to explain that it's you guy's cum all over my.

. " She left that part undefined, leaving me wondering just where on her panties she'd managed to get jamie valentine and crystal rae licking and masturbate masturbation oldvsyoung with the still-wet mess we'd left behind. "Yeah, I'll dig you up a pair after you wake up" Joanne offered.

Like me, my little sister had the same question as to the location on Sarah's body the residue had collected. We smiled our curiosity to each other, then started to organize our campsite a bit better. Sarah would probably sleep for an hour or two, and we wanted to keep busy while she did.

The activity would help keep our minds off of what we both really wanted to be doing, and with Sarah in the tent, that venue wasn't going to be available. Somehow, we managed to find enough to occupy the better part of an hour, our desires being fanned by our inability to consummate our lust for each other. Finally, Joanne broke down and wrapped her arms around my neck when I least expected it.

"Jim, you have no idea how badly I want you right now. If the tent wasn't occupied, I'd push you in there and ravish you until you filled my pussy with your cum! Damn that Sarah, anyway! Why'd she have to pick this weekend to be a fucking pest?" My sister's frustration was obvious, and mine wasn't much better hidden.

"Want to sneak off down that trail again, and find a secluded spot to make love?" I offered. "I spotted a small grassed clearing beside the lake's edge that would be romantic as hell. It's warm enough now that we should be fine, and we can lay on our clothes if it gets too cold." I could see my sister wavering between accepting my suggestion and the impracticality of it. Her hormones finally won out, and we started off down the trail, while I tried to remember exactly where I'd seen that clearing.

My memory wasn't as bad as I feared, and when we finally found it, even Joanne was satisfied at its seclusion. I led the way in, moving off to one side so that we wouldn't be visible from the trail. I found a place to sit, and Joanne joined me, curling up in my arms and pulling me to her lips with complete abandon. Her tongue sought my own, and I opened up to her without a moment's hesitation. As the heat of my sister's loving washed over me, and her tongue explored every square inch of my mouth, I couldn't resist running my hand up inside her shirt, cupping her breast and marvelling at the soft pliability of it, all while searching for her nipple through the fabric of her bra.

Even as I touched her teat, it began to harden under my fingers, projecting itself from her areola a good quarter inch as it demanded as much of my attention as I could give it. Jo's moan of pleasure further inspired me, and my other hand found its way to her back, softly luxuriating in the warm smoothness of her skin. As I held her tight, my sister increased the strength of her grip, and the pressure of her mouth on me, moaning and groaning in complete abandon at the rapture that she felt.

I was her captive for several minutes, and every one of them felt like I had found a magic kingdom. "Jim," she murmured as she broke her lip-lock on me, "do you sometimes wish I had bigger boobs?" Whoa! Talk about an unexpected shot from deep left-centre field! But I knew that I loved my sister just the way she was. All I had to do was convince her of that.

"Jo, if Mother Nature had given you a pair of double-Dee's, I couldn't love you any more than I do now. It's not the size of your breasts that make you so damned desirable, it's the girl inside that makes my heart flutter, the way she holds me and shows how much she wants me that gets my blood boiling like this. Your tits are just the right size, as far as I'm concerned. It's what they do to me that make them so damned appealing" I explained to her.

"So it doesn't matter to you that I can't tit-fuck you because my boobs are too small? You wouldn't just love to stroke your cock between my tits, then cum all over my face?" She had me there, I had to admit, but fucked if I was going to tell her that. There were so many other things she did to me, and for me, that whether or not she could tit-fuck me just didn't seem important.

Besides, if she really wanted to feel my cock on her breasts, I'd find a way to give her that pleasure, if it was the last thing I ever did. "No, Sis, that's not one of those things I spend any time worrying about.

What I really care about is making you feel as good as I can, letting you know how much you turn me on, trying my best to show you how much I love you. The mechanics of whether we can tit-fuck, or how big your boobs are? They don't amount to sweet fuck-all. It's how much in love holivr bumsbus audition part stocking and tattoos are, and how we let each other know, that's important to me." That's all I could say, because Joanne had muffled my words with her kisses again.

That sure broke my little heart all right! In response, I returned to pleasuring her breasts again, and received even more of those happy moans for my trouble. "Damn, but that feels good," my sister growled between kisses, "but you're making me so bloody horny that I'm gonna rip your pants off in a minute. I want your cock deep inside me, Jim. Make love to me?" What did she think I was doing, making paper airplanes? I just had to shift myself in order to let my throbbing hard cock move.

It was getting cramped as it forced a huge bulge in the front of my pants. That repositioning wasn't lost on my little sister, either. She reached down between us and helped me readjust myself, and her fingers felt so good on my straining manhood. I must have groaned my pleasure, because Joanne was in no hurry to move her hand away from me, and I was in even less of a hurry for her to leave. A minute later, I became aware of her pulling down my zipper and undoing the button, then snaking her hand into my briefs as she sought my heated organ.

The coolness of her soft skin almost made me cum, she felt so wonderful. "Mmm, I think you need me almost as much as I need you" she cooed. "So, how about I get these off you, and give you a real good licking for being such a naughty boy?" she added. As her fingers found their way onto the waistbands of my pants, I wriggled myself around until she had them over my ass, then down to my ankles.

As soon as I could, I pulled her shirt off, undid her bra, and immediately took one nipple between my thumb and forefinger, and the other one between my lips.

Swirling my tongue around her teat, I began to suck and tug on her one nipple while twisting the other one between my fingers. That took a lot of concentration on my part, and the delicious sensations that Joanne was giving my cock as she stroked me made the whole thing a real steamy chore. I loved every second of it, but I also wanted more. Flopping my sister over onto her back, I rolled with her, sliding my lips down her bare belly with a trail of kisses until I reached the waist of her pants.

Gently persuading her clothing that it had no business being in my way, I was helped by my sister lifting her hips while I slipped her pants and panties over that gorgeous behind of hers, and as I slid them down her legs, I moved myself down with them until my lips were right over her pussy.

Between her sexual scent, the moistness between her thighs, and that enticing mound of hers, I just had to plant my lips on the top of her slit, running my tongue between her outer lips until I found her clit.

The second I found that mark, Joanne groaned in anticipation of the tonguing I was about to give her, then pushed her hips up so that I had no choice but to pleasure her scintillating pussy. Dipping the tip of my tongue between her labia lips, I lightly tickled her clit, and Joanne thrust herself against my lips. "Do that again, Jim" she growled. "That feels so good, and you'll make me cum in no time. God, I want to cum for you, so bad!" Well, the sensations of my sister climaxing were definitely a strong incentive to lick and suck on her.

The copious amounts of her juices that were beginning to flow from her heated sex made it a case of "Resistance is futile!", and I attacked her pussy with a lusty vengeance. Within minutes, she was writhing in delirious pleasure, her legs wrapped around my head, her hips insistently pushing her mound tighter and tighter to my probing tongue. "Oh my God, Jim!

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Right there!" Joanne screamed as I heard her breathing becoming shallower and more ragged. "Yes, Lover! I'm going to cum on you in a minute!" she howled, then her voice converted into a lusty howl, gradually becoming a scream of delighted release as her entire body began to spasm and shake while her orgasm swept from her knotted nubbin to the rest of her body.

As she progressed to the peak of her passion, I felt her legs grasping me tighter and tighter, almost to the point of it becoming painful on my temples. Despite that unpleasant intrusion on my senses, the experience of giving my little sister an intense climax became the centre of my reason for existing, and I lapped her slit furiously as she flood me with her addictive feminine nectar. I continued to lick and slurp until her flow subsided, and her convulsions eased off.

"Holy shit, how the fuck do you do that, big brother? You make me cum so damned hard whenever you eat me like that! It's almost as good as cumming on your cock. . but I might need a good fuck, just to make sure." The tease of her voice called me to her steamy depths, and I began to slide back up to her waiting lips, stopping at her straining breasts long enough to remind them of just how wonderful I found their texture between my lips.

As I arrived at my destination, my ability to resist the taste of Jo's kiss dropped from near-zero to sub-zero, and I pressed my lips against hers, feeling her yield to me with a wanton desire that only my little sister could express so warmly and tenderly.

Just as my tongue crossed the threshold to her oral cavity, my cock found her entrance, and crossed that threshold at exactly the same instant. Joanne was about to moan with the pleasure of our kiss when she felt my cock enter her, and she inhaled sharply with her demanding desire to have me plunged to the very depths of her, then issued a muted howl of joy as I gave her all of my straining manhood.

"God, y-e-e-s-s-s!" she hissed. "Do it to me, Jim. Fuck me, deep and with those long strokes that you make me love so fucking much!" I began to stroke myself in her heavenly pussy, the combination of her wetness, her heat, and those soft vaginal walls making it hard to do so with long, slow strokes. As I established a rhythm, Joanne's hips began to rock with a matching pace of their own. As we fucked lovingly, our tempo began to increase, and soon I was pounding my cock deep inside her, the action of our hips forcing us both to piston my cock at one hell of a speed.

"Oh My God!" Joanne howled. "Feels so good, so good! Make me cum, big brother! Make my body do what you know you want it to do.! Make me go off!" With that, Jo's walls began to flutter and twitch, and her pussy muscles began to alternate between grasping my cock, and letting it slide in and out of her unrestrictedly.

The fluctuating ministration on my cock induced my balls to tighten and that delicious pressure at the base of my cock to build as my spunk congregated at the base of it. As soon as Joanne began to twitch, tremble, and vibrate with the power of her own orgasm, I felt the first string of my cum launch itself up the length of my shaft on its way to my little sister's steamy cunt.

With each blast from my groin, I felt an accompanying grunt escape my lungs, each one driving me further and further towards the culmination of my own climax. Joanne involuntarily howled the bliss of her orgasm's consumption of her being, that howl slowly becoming a low-pitched shout, then rising to an almost ear-piercing scream, followed by a series of short biig ass round ass perfect ass 075 tube porn. She trembled and shook beneath me for what felt like several minutes, somehow managing to grip my back with her thighs as she forced me as deep inside her as I could get.

At the height of her cum, she drove her hips into me, lifting both of us off the ground until only her neck and heels, and my own toes connected us to Terra Firma. I wondered in the back of my mind if we would ever get back onto the ground, but at that particular moment when she possessed my entire consciousness, I really didn't give a shit. All I knew was that we had both made each other cum, and it had all happened at the same time.

It took us several more minutes to wind down from that pleasurable peak of passion and into the realms of our post-coital bliss. The glow wrapped itself around us. We basked in its presence and the connection that our lovemaking had re-enforced between us.

When that warmth had become a permanent part of our relationship, it became obvious that we'd have to eventually leave this place of peace, and return to the real world. Reluctantly, we broke apart, and I helped Joanne put her clothes back on before I got dressed again myself. Still in the residual glow of that glorious union, we walked back hand in hand to the campsite. Sarah was sitting in one of the camp chairs, her head leaning back and her eyes closed as she soaked in the tranquillity of the lakeside setting.

On approaching the fire's still-smouldering glow, those eyes slowly opened, and she lifted her head to look at us with a satisfied gaze that Alexis texas in need of a rubdown couldn't explain.

"Hey, you two," Sarah greeted us, "I can only assume that you enjoyed your walk? Next time, you might want to think about muffling Joanne's screams. It's a good thing that there's nobody else up here, because I could hear it all the way from wherever you were back to here. Must have been one hell of a cum, Jo.

Just hearing you got me horny enough to. . have to do something about it." Sarah's confession contained an unabashed hint that she'd let her fingers do the walking while ok not so ugly young girl try to be sexy pt were gone. Joanne started to blush a bit, and even I felt a little uncomfortable, knowing that we'd let the whole world know what we'd done.

Sarah smiled, then got out of her chair and came over to stand with us. "Don't worry, I've had a look around, and there's no one else here. God knows what I'd have done if there was, but I'd have warned you guys somehow. I'm just not sure if I could have walked in on you while you were. . you know." Now Sarah was embarrassed, mostly because she wanted to say it, say what we'd been doing, but felt it wasn't her place to do so. In that one moment, I really appreciated just how good a friend she was to my sister, and I could see that she was becoming a friend to me, too.

"Thanks, Sarah" I whispered, just before I kissed her cheek. "I guess I underestimated you when you first showed up. Most of the girls I know would have tried to blackmail Joanne and I harley raine and kelly erikson dont care where their deadbeat husbands are they got whatever it was they really wanted.

Some might have asked for money, and a lot would have demanded sex. But you? All you want is for Jo and I to be happy, and to be in love.

That makes you a pretty special girl, in my books." With that, I kissed her one more time, then returned to my sister's waiting hug. Looking into Joanne's eyes, she met my gaze with one that I was beginning to recognize the second I saw it. That warmth on her face said it all in just three words: "I love you".

Whether it was for the loving we'd shared, or for my reaction to Sarah's changing demeanor, I had no idea. "Jo," Sarah cut in, "I sure could use that pair of panties you mentioned.

I don't know if it's your cum, or Jim's, but it's starting to dry on my skin, and it's not the most comfortable sensation I've ever had." Joanne and I turned to inspect the damage Sarah's panties had suffered, and I almost laughed out loud.

She'd managed to get our juices onto the fabric just below the waistband at her tummy, and the moisture had left a dark spot right where her pubic hair was. Just to add to the illusion, the drying spot looked exactly like an arrowhead, pointed directly at the top of her slit. I pictured a small sign at the top of the markings that might have read, "Eat at Jo's!". Even Sarah found our laughter contagious, and the three of us ended up hugging and laughing until I finally lost my balance and fell flat on my ass.

"How the hell did you manage to get cum on you right there?" Joanne asked, her giggles making the question tough to blurt out. "I laid down on my tummy when I crawled into the sleeping bags," Sarah confessed, "and the next thing I knew, I could feel that moisture of something on my belly.

At the time, I was either too tired, or too out of it to bother moving. When I finally figured out that it had to be you guy's cum, I was too tired to move, so I must have slept in patricia major casting pierre woodman. I wouldn't have minded if it had still been warm, or if it had been fresh.

But now, it's just fucking uncomfortable! So if you have another pair I can borrow, I'd love to get these ones off real quick." I could see how something like that would make a girl want to change in a hurry, but the sight was priceless, and despite it being at Sarah's expense, I had to point out what had gone through my mind.

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Even Sarah had to laugh at the idea of the sign on her panties. Joanne routed through her backpack, and found a suitable replacement for Sarah's messed panties. I knew my sister sometimes wore a thong, and that's what she came up with for her friend.

Sarah inspected the skimpy garment, holding it up in front of us, probably for my approval more than anything else. I urged her to go and change, and suggested jokingly that she model the thong for both of us. So it was a bit of a shock when she emerged from the tent a few minutes later clad in only her bra and that thong. Suddenly, I saw Sarah in a completely different light. The thin material clung to her pussy snugly, not hiding a single detail. Her engorged labia appeared spread as the fabric showed the fold of her skin, and I could have sworn that even her clit was outlined.

I'd never seen my sister in that thong, and now I wanted to, because the garment was woven from some kind of fibre that almost looked translucent.

It took nothing to see that Sarah had shaved her pussy so that it was completely bald. The rise of her mound was now heavily accentuated, and my eyes locked onto the gorgeous sight before them. Even my sister had to stare, then wiggled a bit in a vain effort to find a more comfortable position for her own undergarment. Then Sarah turned around slowly, showing us her firm and round ass. My cock began to twitch as it became hard. I just knew that I'd be sporting a huge bulge in the front of my pants, but at that moment, I didn't care.

All I could think about was Sarah's gorgeous body displayed in front of both of us. "God, Sarah," Joanne remarked, "those look better on you than they ever did on me. By the looks of Jim's pants, you've got his vote of approval, too." My sister had definitely noticed the rise in my pants from my erection, and now that she'd mentioned it, so did Sarah, who'd completed her pirouette and was intently gazing at my crotch.

"Dammit, Sarah, that's more provocative than if you weren't wearing anything!" I declared. She shifted her gaze back up to my face, displaying a big, broad smile. Jo quickly agreed with me, and that earned her a big smile too. "Maybe Jo and I should do a comparison," Sarah suggested, "if she has another pair of these? You get to be the judge of who has the prettiest pussy!" I could see a twinkle of mischief in my sister's eye as she warmed up to the idea.

Having both girls displaying themselves in my presence had my cock just throbbing and wanting to be free of the confines it found from my pants. "Sure," I agreed enthusiastically, "I'm game if both of you are. What guy in his right mind would turn down a chance like that?" Just as I finished voicing my approval of the idea, Joanne undid her pants and let them drop to the ground, then stepped out of them on her way into the tent, picking up the now empty garment on her way past it.

Within a minute, she reappeared wearing just her bra and an equally skimpy thong that was as shear as the one Sarah now sported. Just like her friend, my sister's proud pussy stood out in all it's semi-naked glory, and I thought I could see her engorged clit poking at the fabric that covered it.

God, the two girls looked so damned hot in my eyes. Making a choice of one over the other would be a tough chore. On the one hand, Sarah's pussy was bald, and I love bald women. On the other hand, I knew the pleasures of Joanne's sex, and the element of prejudice flooded into the equation.

In an effort to arrive at an unbiased decision, I had both girls turn slowly so that I could appreciate all their feminine charms.

I must have tortured them both for a good five minutes, during which the temptation to stroke myself was overwhelming. "I can't decide" I finally broke down. "Sarah, unusual czech sweetie stretches her spread slit to the unusual pussy looks so damned delicious, but Joanne has a really gorgeous backside.

You've got bigger tits, obviously, and they look fantastic, especially with the way they stand up so perky and firm. While Joanne's boobs are smaller, they just scream at me to squeeze, lick, and suck on her nipples. Oh, and I love Sarah's bare cunt. I never realized just how much I love to see a girl's naked sex before. Nope, I think I'm going to have to call this one a tie." I thought I'd managed to preserve both my impartiality and my favours with the girl I love quite well.

Then Sarah did something that almost made me cream in my jeans. She reached down and slipped her panties off her pussy just enough to show me her baldness. I groaned in appreciation, and I couldn't help myself from making the same noises several times. Her bare pussy had my pre-cum oozing out of my cock and soaking the front of my briefs. "Shit, that's not fair!" Joanne proclaimed. "How come she gets to show off that she's bald, and clinch the contest?" I could sympathize with my sister, and decided that I wouldn't allow Sarah's exhibitionism to force a unanimous decision from me.

"If I'd known that flashing bald pussies was allowed, I'd have shaved mine off too! By the look in my brother's eye, I think I just might anyway! But I wouldn't blame him for choosing you as the winner, Sarah. I think your bare cunt looks really good.

It sure gets my attention!" I stuck with my first decision, and declared the contest a draw. I could see the scowls of resignation from both girls, but then we all began to laugh at the silliness of the whole contest.

Sarah began to turn towards the tent and her clothes, then stopped short before entering and spun back around to face Joanne and I. "I just realized that Jim has seen both our pussies, and we haven't gotten to see his cock yet.

I think it's only fair that he should strip to his undies, then give us a real show, don't you, Joanne?" Sarah snorted with a big dose of voyeuristic lust in her tone. "I've already seen his cock, though" Joanne stated.

"Hell, I got to feel it deep inside me, and had it spurt his cream up my cunt. Why would I agree to letting you see it?" my sister asked her friend. "I've seen it, too," Sarah reminded Jo, "that time when you and I snuck up to his door and watched him jack off. God, that was so fucking hot! I can still see his cum spurting as he stroked himself off! I think I came at least twice myself that night!

But I wouldn't mind seeing him again, that's for sure. . and the poor guy's had a hard-on for the last half hour from seeing our pussies. By now, he's got to be just about ready to jack off. . or fuck a hot, wet cunt. Are you really going to leave him in agony like that, or are we going to allow him some relief?" "We?" Joanne growled angrily. "What's this 'we' stuff? If anyone's going to get my brother off, it'll be me! Understand?" "Okay! Okay!" Sarah defended herself.

"Don't get your panties in a knot! But give the poor guy a break, would ya? If you don't help him out, his balls are gonna turn blue!

Even I don't want to see him suffer like that. I'll tell you this, though. If you don't help him get his rocks off, I will! And you know damned well that I'll do it, too!" "Shit, how the hell did I get caught in the middle of all this?" I demanded, not wanting to be at the centre of a catfight between two girls. "I was asked to judge who looked best in just their bra and panties, and nothing more. If you two were guys, and you had to seriously study two wonderfully gorgeous pussies, you'd have a hard-on too!

So that part isn't unexpected. But as for relief? You're both right, in a way. I can either jack off, or make love to one of you sexy females, and if I had my preference, I'd have to go with making love to Joanne. That doesn't take rocket science to figure out, does it? But I'll be damned if I'm going to sit here and listen to you two argue as to how, or even if, I should get sexual relief!" I was fed up with being in the middle of this war, and got up out of my seat, stomping off to hide in our tent.

As soon as I stuck my head inside, the smell of sex, and specifically that musky smell of a woman, almost overpowered me. I could very easily remember my sister's distinctive odour, but this was not the same. A quick glance at the top of our sleeping bag revealed a new wet spot, and it only took me a few seconds to realize that Sarah had left her mark, so's to speak.

While Joanne and I had been making love, Sarah had been getting herself off, and in our tent, too! My first reaction was one of anger, but that was quickly replaced with sex xxx school girl com m curiosity of exactly what had gone on, with mental images of Sarah masturbating immediately running across my inner vision like a porn film.

By the time I finally laid down, my cock was getting really hard. Then Joanne stuck her head inside the flap, and the look on her face told me that she, too, smelled the tell-tale odours of someone's sexual excitement.

"Geez, is that what I smell like when I'm horny?" she asked me. It wasn't an unpleasant odour, at least not to me, but it didn't seem like something that agreed with my sister's nose. "No, that isn't you, Sis. You have a distinctive, musky aroma that, quite frankly, turns me on in seconds flat. And just in case you're not aware of it, it's not my stink, either. That only leaves one other person that's been in here in the last two days." I couldn't make it any plainer than that, even though I initially got a blank stare from my little sister.

The lights came on in her head a minute later, and were joined by a quizzical and questioning look on her face. "Sarah?" Joanne wondered aloud. "How in the hell can it be her?" "Simple," I replied, "there's a wet spot on the top of the sleeping bags, and you and I haven't had sex while lying on top of them. Sarah had the tent to herself when she took that nap.

Therefore, it has to have been her that left the wet spot. You don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to figure out who, or when, or even how. About the only unanswered question is why" I expounded. "You mean she was fingering herself while we were gone?" Joanne asked, her tone implying that she was having a hard time accepting the facts. "Shit, no wonder she needed to borrow a pair of my panties!

She must have gushed buckets when she came!" I was aware that my sister was still inhaling deeply, either trying to remember the scent, or getting turned on by it. "Smells kinda sexy though, doesn't it?" I had to admit that she was right. By now, the hard-on I'd brought in with me was really beginning to throb, and I hoped that Joanne would help me do something about it. But instead of joining me, she turned and called her friend, telling Sarah to get her ass into the tent.

About all we saw of our uninvited guest was her head as it poked past the flap. "Sarah, were you masturbating in here?" Joanne accused. "This tent smells of cum, and it isn't mine or Jim's. it just has to be yours. . is it?" She'd phrased the question in such a way that Sarah almost had to admit to her solo activities.

With a reddened face and a low, apologetic voice, Sarah confessed to her intimate activity. "Yeah, but you two made so much noise that I couldn't help but hear you. . fucking. . out in the woods. Listening to you got me so damned horny that I had to play with myself. But I didn't think I oozed that much of my juices that it would leave this much of an odour.

I'm sorry, but I just had to do something to relieve the tension." she looked like she was expecting both of us to jump on her case, which was as far from the truth as she could get. "Sarah," I started to explain to her, "we're not upset that you were playing with yourself. Hell, we all do it, and we all know it, too. As you mentioned, you and Jo have seen me jacking off before, and I've seen my sister playing with herself once.

So the fact that you do it too is no big deal. But if you're going to finger yourself, would you at least put a towel or something down to catch the juices please? I'm going to have a hell of a time explaining why there's cum stains on our sleeping bag when we get home.

Neither Mom nor Dad are going to miss smelling cum when we get back, and it'll be a few days before I can get to the dry cleaners. So if you really want to finger your cunt, we have towels to soak up the evidence. Please use one, next time?" It dawned on me, right after the words were out of my mouth, what I had just implied, and both girls picked up on it long before I did.

Next time? There was going to be a next time? "Open mouth, insert foot!" was the message my addled brain sent me. Joanne began to giggle, and Sarah was right behind her, as both girls started to raze me for my goof.

I was about to blush at my stupidity when my sister's expression changed to something a lot more sombre. "Jim, remember what we talked about last night? About you and I playing with ourselves in front of each other?" Oh yeah, I remembered what she'd suggested alright, but wondered if she was leading up to what I thought she was. I just nodded my head in disbelief. "Would you do it in front of Sarah, too?" Joanne went on. I had to think about that, but the idea of two girls fingering themselves in front of me, and for my benefit, had a perverse appeal to it.

Again I nodded my head, keeping my big mouth shut but still leaping from the frying pan into the fire. My sister turned her attention to her friend, and Sarah wordlessly responded in the affirmative with a lustful smile. Without any further coercion, Joanne reached behind her and unclasped her bra, then began to slide her panties over her shapely hips and down her svelte firm legs.

Sarah followed suit almost immediately, and before I knew what was happening, both girls sat in front of me, naked as the day they were born. My cock twitched and jumped in my briefs at the sight, knowing instinctively that it was about to be released from its confines. Even with the reservations lady in stockings gives head and gets banged for free blowjob and bigcock I held in my mind, I blindly began to slide them over my upraised ass, exposing my pulsing manhood to the two girls.

Sarah licked her lips at the sight in a way that made me forget just how perverted we three were being. If that hadn't driven me to a point beyond redemption, her lusty growl would have accomplished the same thing. "Do it, big brother! Stroke yourself" Joanne commanded, and I felt helpless to refuse her request. My hand drifted down to my cock, even as my eyes drank in the sight of both her naked and exposed pussy, and that of Sarah's. as if on queue, both cindy hope and anita pearl lesbian pussy began to slide a finger between the lips of their slits, pulling them open and displaying the magical land of their femininity.

I could see how wet my sister had become, and noted that Sarah wasn't far behind. In fact, it was Sarah that tickled and teased her rising nubbin that I found th be the most intriguingly erotic. My sister, on the other hand, spent more time and energy running hr finger around the edges of her entrance, cajoling it to open up to my lusty view. Jo's eyes had glazed over as she lost herself in a world of sensuousness, the naughtiness of the revelation of her body affecting her almost as much as me.

When she suddenly jammed a finger deep inside her, I could feel my cock tighten and jump at the sight, and my hand started sliding up and down my shaft a little faster, pulling at the edges of my glans just a little more, and milking my pre-cum lubricants until my cockhead was more slippery and shiny from the fluid's distribution.

Sarah had locked her gaze on what I was doing to myself, and as my vision refocused on her now spread labia lips, I could see the mysteriously enticing opening of her cunt, its unfamiliarity almost calling me to explore its wonders. She was rubbing the edges of her clit and trying to convince her body that it was time to react in the manner that she had in mind. Even though she teased herself with a light touch, there was an element of insistence busty milf wife gets a lesbian massage till she orgasms her manipulations of her sex, as though she couldn't wait for her climax to possess and consume her.

My gaze shifted back and forth between the two girls as they stimulated themselves, Joanne luxuriating in the wickedness of our acts, and Sarah almost desperate to take herself to an orgasmic conclusion. It was about then that I realized that both girls were transfixed on me manhandling my cock, and I wondered what fantastical thoughts were running through them. Was Joanne remembering what it felt like to have that cock buried deep inside her, sliding in and out of her as the friction between our two bodies sent increasingly pleasurable reactions to our brains?

Was she thinking of the sensations in her mouth as she slid her lips up and down the throbbing mass of my manhood? Or was she concentrating on the eventual eruption of my seed and returning herself to a time when that load of spunk had spewed inside her love chamber, possibly driving her to a peak of passion with its release?

And what of Sarah? Was she trying to understand what it would feel like to have a guy's meat pumping furiously inside her, both in an attempt to send her to that pinnacle pf pleasure that her fingers were hoping to direct her to, and in a bid to release the potent beginnings of life that might combine and grow inside her young womb?

Was she, too, fascinated by the ejaculation of that stream of baby-batter that somehow was responsible for the continuation and propagation of our species?

I had no idea, but the fact that seeing a part of my body being stimulated was giving both of them pleasure demanded that I provide what they both so desperately wanted to see.

That understanding pushed my desire for stronger manipulation of my cock to a higher level, and I began to jack off with a renewed sense of urgency. Joanne was the first of us to finally attain a pathway to that magical place we all sought to visit.

With a long and loud mewl, she threw her head back, closed her eyes, and began to ram her finger in and out sexy blonde has both her holes rammed herself with an implied sense of determination. As the eruption of her orgasm expanded from the tip of her love button to the rest of her body, I could see her begin to shake and tremble, the sight augmented by her rapid and shallow breathing, and helped along from the beginnings of a scream of happiness that escaped her overworked lungs.

Instead of being a distraction, her erupting cum only drove me closer to the edge, and I began to sense the lifting of my balls as they heralded the eminence of my own orgasm. In the hormone-driven atmosphere of self-pleasure that permeated our tent, I announced my pending cum almost involuntarily. "Oh God! I'm gonna cum!" I howled, finding myself becoming impatient busty amateur blonde passenger drilled by nasty driver reality and blowjob send forth strings of steamy hot goo for my audience's visual benefit.

I couldn't determine whether it was the bliss of sexual relief or the fact that I hungry for pleasure and cum facial cumshot and doggystyle pumping my cock in front of two masturbating females that aroused me more.

All I knew was that I was about to shoot my cum for Sarah and my sister to see, and the anticipation in their eyes got me even hotter, if such a thing was possible. Then that delicious pressure at the base of my cock began to build up, and I could feel the muscles contract as the first searing stream of cum percolated itself up the length of me, spurting forth as a long and sticky ribbon of white.

As the next string began its following journey, I could feel a forced grunt push out of my lungs, to be replaced by that indescribable sensation of another string's release. I was vaguely aware of both girl's eyes staring at me, or rather, at my twitching cock as it launched rope after rope of scalding gooey spunk.

In the background, I could discern my sister's moans of happy satisfaction, but whether it was because of her cum, or of mine, I wasn't sure. At the time, I didn't really care. The last few dribbles of semen trickled out of my cockhead, and I began to relax from the muscular stress of jacking off when Joanne crawled over to nestle against my semi-prone chest.

She traced her fingers through the accumulated puddles of semen that had coagulated on my belly, the aroma of her own juices wafting up to my nostrils, their effect extending my post-orgasmic glow. "God, Jim, that made me so fucking horny!" my sister declared. "Seeing your cum spurt like that is something I'd love to see again and again. Showing you my pussy was awesome, but seeing that? It's beyond my ability to put into words." As soon as she'd finished delivering her message of happiness, she leaned up and pressed her lips tightly to mine, her tongue probing in an attempt to pass my lips and sweep over my own tongue in a dance of lustful love.

I flopped down onto my back from the semi-reclining position that I'd been in, and held her warm sensuous body close to mine. It was then that we both heard Sarah's groans of frustration as she both rubbed her clit and pumped her fingers in and out of herself. The look on her face was almost painful to watch. She must have felt our eyes on her, for she looked upon both of us with a painful pleading in her eyes.

"Shit! I can't cum!" Sarah cried out, the upset of her voice unmistakable. "Damned pussy's getting sore, and I want to cum, so bad! O-h-h-h-h-h. . shit!" Now she was furiously abusing her poor sex, its redness of irritation almost a fiery-like glow. The look on her face told us both how frustrating her situation was, and how desperately she desired an orgasm of any kind.

But that elusive climax seemed to be avoiding her at all costs. "Gentle, Sarah," I advised her, " before you hurt yourself any more than you have." As I focused on her open and engorged pussy lips, I could see not only the irritation she'd caused her soft and delicate skin, but the beginning of several spots of weeping blood.

Silently I prayed for the arrival of her much sought-after release that would give her the satisfaction she craved, and as I looked over to my sister, I think she was hoping for the same thing. We both stared at Sarah, but it wasn't sexual exhibitionism any more. In that one moment, my heart went out to her as I remembered times in my life when I'd been in the same predicament, horny but unable to bring myself off without either a lot more effort than my body was willing to exert, or until the pain of self-abuse got to be too intense.

Jo must have had the same idea as I did, and at about the same time, because she crawled behind Sarah and sat on her lower legs so that her ass was perched on top of her heels. In that position, she gently pulled Sarah into her lap as she cradled the poor girl's head against her thighs.

Sarah stared up at my sister with that pleading look that reminded me of a dying man begging for someone to put him out of his misery. "Jim, can't we do something for her? Look at how red she is.

If we don't help her, she's liable to do something really stupid, like pull the skin off" Joanne observed. While her claim might have been exaggerated, the thought of Sarah doing any more harm to herself sent uncomfortable shivers down my spine and into my groin. I could only think of two ways to relieve Sarah's discomfort, and one of them was, for me, out of the question. "Sarah," I called softly to her, "you're trying too hard, and you've rubbed yourself raw. Here, let me help." As though performing first aid, I crawled between Sarah's wide spread thighs, gently kissed the very top of her slit, and felt her tense us as she winced.

"That hurts bad, doesn't it?" I inquired. She nodded her head, and I kissed her again, keeping my tongue clear of her pussy for the moment. With all the abuse her poor pussy had endured, she was dry from the friction of her fingers. I sat back and surveyed the situation, and couldn't help but see the desire in my sister to do whatever we could to help deliver her friend from her suffering.

Joanne knew exactly what I had in mind, and gave her silent permission for me to do what I had to do. "Do you still want that cum?" I asked Sarah, and the reflection on her face told me that she not only wanted it, but needed it desperately. With all the tenderness I could muster, I leaned forward again, and slowly let my tongue slide up the length of her slit, beginning to lubricate her with my saliva in the process. Once more she winced, but sat with her legs spread far apart, allowing me full access.

I flicked her clit with the tip of my tongue and poor Sarah almost jumped through the roof of master domination with shemale sissy slave maid tent, then tried her best to relax as I continued to lap and lick her inflamed sex. It was only a minute or two later that I heard her begin to moan and purr as the effects of my tongue took hold of her.

Settling down between Sarah's thighs, I glanced up and noticed my sister gently fondling Sarah's breasts, lightly pulling and twisting her nipples in an effort to induce her back to a state of arousal.

Between Joanne's fingers playing with her tits and my tongue lightly lapping her pussy, Sarah had leaned back into my sister's lap, and was smiling at the relief that we were trying to administer to her. "God, that feels good" she exclaimed. "Make me cum, Jim. Please?" she pleaded.

I continued to gently lick her slit, the taste of her juices becoming more pronounced as my saliva re-liquified them. I had to admit that her flavour was really quite pleasurable, but it wasn't the same as Joanne's, and that difference stuck in my gorgeous blonde pink dildo awesome cheerleader rubs e hd. I don't think I preferred one girl's juices over the other, but I did enjoy it immensely.

It was about a minute later that her reconstituted juices were joined with a fresh flow from her pussy, and soon Sarah was wet enough that I could grasp her clit in my lips and suck it softly, enough that she became fully aroused once more.

"Jo, he's eating me," Sarah quietly exclaimed, "and it feels so fucking good!" I glanced up at my sister, afraid that I'd be greeted with a stare of jealousy, but instead, she was grinning with the understanding that I was doing this because her friend needed help.

"Just let him do his magic, Sarah," Joanne replied, "and he'll get anal fetish threesome first time raylin ann is a sexy molten towheaded who is so through this. Are you okay?" I never heard Sarah's answer, but it must have been some kind of affirmation, for Joanne's expression never changed. I returned to licking Sarah's clit, feeling it slowly thicken as I sucked on it, occasionally flicking the tip of my tongue over the entrapped organ.

Whenever I did, Sarah would jump, then groan with lustful happiness. It wasn't all that much later that I felt Sarah begin to shiver slightly. Her breathing changed, becoming shallower and faster, and she grabbed my head and shoved me as tight to her pussy as she could, almost forcing my teeth to embed themselves in her mound. "Oh God, y-e-e-s-s-s-s!" she hissed. "God, Jim, I'm gonna cum!" she howled loudly, then her entire body began to tremble and spasm, her hips involuntarily pushing her pussy up and against my mouth.

I increased the speed at which I flicked her knotted nubbin as Sarah finally exploded in climax, her body shaking completely out of control. I kept up my ministrations until I knew that she had finally fund that release that she had so desperately tried to attain on her own, and I was rewarded with a copious flow of her girl-cum. While she might not have presented me with the same delightful flavour of my sister's cum, she did offer me enough of herself that I lapped up every single drop, making sure her outer lips were thoroughly cleaned of any residue.

A part of that difference between Sarah's taste and Joanne's might have been form the little traces of blood that her raw and irritated lips had secreted.

I didn't doubt that she'd be in pain once the afterglow had receded. But as long as that glow remained, I tended to her sex as if it was a delicate medical procedure. Eventually Sarah relaxed, and I eased my tongue's pressure off until she let go of my head, the muscles of my neck feeling thankful for the reprieve.

Sarah finally whispered, "I wanted to cum with you guys, so bad, but I just couldn't get myself off. God, is my pussy ever sore!" I took one more glance at the slowly closing lips of her sex, and the redness of her irritation made me wince in sympathy.

"Sarah, your clit went dry" I informed her. "I sure wish you'd said something, so that we could have found some kind of lubricant for you. I'd like to put some medicated ointment on that, if for no other reason than to help the healing, if you don't mind." My question was answered with a silent nod and a grin of happiness at the relief we'd both managed to impart to her. While Joanne continued to cradle her friend in her lap, I went out to the pickup and grabbed the first aid kit.

It wasn't until I crawled back into the tent that I realized that I still didn't have a stitch of clothing on. I guess having the whole campsite to ourselves had another benefit, and I made a mental note to mention that fact to my sister later, when we were on our own again. When I crawled back into the tent, Joanne was still cuddling Sarah in her lap, and still gently fondling Sarah's breasts. Both girls had a far-away look about them. I could understand why Sarah appeared the way she did.

If it was me getting my cock stroked that sensuously and tenderly, I'd be as hard as a rock, and probably begging for more. But my sister was enjoying something about the experience too, leaving me observing their erotic play as though I was looking down from the clouds above. In many ways, I was happy for both of them, for they were re-enforcing a bond that had started as friendship, but was becoming something more.

I felt a certain sense of reluctance to interfere with their loving isolation, but Sarah definitely needed the first aid cream.

As gently as I could, I kissed the top of her mound, then began to apply the ointment to the affected area of her sex. Unfortunately, I had broken into their concentration, and both girls came out of their trance. While neither one showed any signs of resentment at the intrusion, I felt like I had inadvertently walked in on two lovers engaged in pleasuring each other.

Maybe Sarah could feel my self-loathing, because she reached her hand out to mine and squeezed it with real affection, her smile redirected at me, but still just as warm and honest as it had been for my sister.

"Thanks, Jim," Sarah said softly, "for taking care of me like this. Not just the medication, but for. . well, you know, helping me to cum, and making my pussy feel so much better.

That, and for letting Joanne and I have that time together. I never thought I'd say this, but if I was ever going to have sex with a girl, it would have to be with Jo. She just seems to know redzilla fucks bbc new comer simone blaque I want, what I need, and what feels good." With that, my sister began to rearrange herself, but was in no hurry to pull away from Sarah's head laying in her lap.

"I'll tell you guys a secret, though. Jim can eat pussy better than you can, Girlfriend. Is he that good when he eats you too?" Joanne just smiled knowingly, and nodded her head, then continued to caress the side of Sarah's face as she vocalized what she'd already told both of us with her body.

"Yeah, he makes me feel pretty special when he licks my pussy," Joanne confessed, "and he feels even better when he's deep inside me. You'll just have to take my word for it, though, because I think I could get a little twisted if you two ever started fucking each other." There was a slight pause as my sister seemed to rethink that last statement.

"And then again," she added, "maybe not, if all three of us made love to each other. Until right now, the idea of a threesome almost made me ill, but after what we've all just been through. . " At that point, words were no longer needed, for each one of us was thinking the same thing.

If the opportunity ever presented itself, we three would be quite comfortable being together, lovingly sharing ourselves with each other. It was a heady moment that passed all too quickly, but the message remained in each of our heads.

It was my sister that finally put what we were all feeling into words. "Jim, maybe Sarah should stay in the tent tonight, and we'll see where this goes. What do you think?" Before I could answer, though, Sarah interrupted my thoughts. "No, Jo. As much as I'd love to, I don't think my pussy could take it. I'm really sore down there. Besides, Jim's in love with you just as much as you're in love with him.

You two came up here to spend a week together, and now's not the time to change that.

I'm going to head back right after supper and give you two that time to share your love. So how about I come back up next Friday evening, and we'll see if you two still feel the way you do right now? If the three of us were meant to be together, it'll work out, and if not, we'll all know, and know why." At that moment, I could have swept Sarah up in my arms and held her for hours, but she was right.

I did love my sister, and I did want to be alone with her for the next week. I could feel that Joanne felt exactly the same way.

In that fleeting moment, we could both see the attraction each of us felt for Sarah, too, and the thought of being with both girls for a night of lust, sex, and loving seemed to grow like a weed. "Jo, are you on any kind of birth control?" Sarah asked. "Yeah, the doctor put me on the pill a couple of years ago, when my periods were all fucked up. I've never stopped taking them. Right now, I'm glad I didn't. How about you?" Joanne told her.

"No, but I may have to consider it, depending on what happens next weekend. I'll pick up some of those 'Morning After' pills this week, and bring them with me. As much as I would love to have Jim deep inside me, I'm not ready to become a mother just yet. And if it works out, I'll probably get one f those contraceptive shots.

But would you mind if I kissed him one more time before I get out of this tent?" Joanne just smiled, then looked at me as if to ask what the hell was taking me so long to capture Sarah's lips. I tentatively laid down beside our uninvited guest and sought her pouty young lips. She grabbed me around the neck and pulled me into her, probing me with her tongue and entwining hers with mine.

That kiss sent a warm shudder throughout my entire body, and I returned it with everything I had. When we finally broke our lip-lock, I couldn't help but seek my sister's lips as well, and the familiar taste of her reignited that flame of loving want that had become so much a part of both of us. If those kisses had happened in any other circumstance, I'm not sure I would have been able to choose one girl over the other.

But at that moment in time, I also realized that I wouldn't have to choose, for gym xx giral and boys long, long time. "Jim," Sarah spoke softly when Joanne and I left each tattooed babe maya bijou first steamy sex session embrace," I want you to promise me something.

I want you to promise me that you'll always love Joanne as much as you do right now. Always be there when she needs a good friend, when she needs to feel loved, and especially when she needs a lover.

Let her know just how special you think she is, every day." I inhaled deeply, letting Sarah's words sink into my muddled brain. It was a promise that I'd have no trouble making, or keeping, I knew. In response, Joanne leaned down and kissed her friend's luscious lips softly, but for longer than just a kiss of friendship. "Jo," Sarah added as their lips parted, "you know how I feel about you, and about Jim. What you two have together is warm, honest, and very unique.

It's something that should never have happened, but it did anyway. Cherish it for all you're worth. Maybe some of that love will come my way, but if it doesn't, I really want to see you two together for a long, long time.

I'll keep your secret at all costs. You have my word on that, both of you. I love you two, ya know." I wrapped one arm around Sarah's shoulders and the other one around my sister's waist, then squeezed them both tightly, hoping like hell neither one of them could see the tears of love and happiness dribbling down my cheek. It was a cute redhead babe enjoys two hard cocks in threesome, but the kisses from Joanne and Sarah on my cheeks told me that I'd failed miserably at hiding my emotional reaction.

"He is a bit of a softy," Joanne whispered to her friend, "but you can't help but love him. . can you?"