Joanna star tries bdsm amp the vibrator

Joanna star tries bdsm amp the vibrator
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The Wolf Next Door Chapter 6 Dana, Foxy and I rode in silence. I was in the back seat of the truck out of respect for what had just transpired in Foxy's Diner. Though we made it unharnessed by the rival pack, we were all on edge about being followed.

Not only that, but Foxy herself had used some sort of magic to feed off during sex. To say the least, I felt great, but Dana had been quiet. I had tried to talk to her with our telepathic link, but it seemed she had shut her side off.

So I watched as tall buildings pass by and hoping that my day was over. I had seen my mom before the trip to the diner. As my thoughts moved to thinking about how tired she looked, I remembered the wolf at the hospital; the one who was killed by the demonic nurse.

My mother had been there. Not a witness, but in the same building. "Hey uh, we need to talk about earlier." Dana huffed and Foxy didn't respond. "I mean earlier at the hospital." Neither responded to that either. They may not be worried, but now it occurred to me how much of a dangerous situation my mother was in.

Working with a demon was bad. Not to mention the fact that a wolf had been there. No doubt that poor sap was a part of the pack that was hunting for what had become mine. Even if we managed to get away, which I doubted, we had only bought ourselves time. Time that could only be minutes to a few days. The truck was roaring as Dana gave it very hot babe riding that hard powerhouse. Wishing I hadn't forgotten my phone at the house, there wasn't a way to distract myself.

By the time we actually got back to our respective homes, the only thing I could think of was how I needed to get the device and check on my mom. When we pulled up to the house, Dana told Foxy to come with her and the two left me alone in the back of the truck. Hotshot fucks a young slut hard a minute of analyzing the confusion I had about what was going on, I got out.

My mom's car was in the driveway and I rushed to get inside. Rushing through the house, I found that my mom had passed out on the couch. Relieved to see that she was there, I went and found a blanket to cover her with.

With a growl sounding from my stomach, I moved to start cooking dinner. While vegetables sizzled and rice boiled, I prepped some beef to make a stir-fry I still couldn't rid my thoughts of the dangers to my mom. Never did I think becoming a werewolf would impact her, but still, my decision to get laid instead of being torn to shreds seemed like a sound one.

Then a thought occurred to me. Why would Dana stay so close to the pack that she ran away from? That question tortured me while I cooked. So much so that I didn't even notice my mother leaning against the doorway until she said something. "That smells nice," she spoke making me jump. "Relax kiddo. When did you get home?" "Jesus mom," I replied. She laughed. I stopped my racing heart by throwing the meat in a pan.

"I got home about thirty minutes ago. How about you?" "Actually, right after I saw you I got sent home," she said. "I expected you home before it was so late." "Yeah, she took me out to lunch at a diner one of her friends owns," I said flipping the vegetable in the skillet.

I was glad the cooking food hid my scent. It was something I hoped my mother couldn't pick up that I had sex with two women who were old enough to be my mother. Couldn't figure out why I felt guilty about it. She went upstairs and told me to call her down when dinner was ready. She needed a shower apparently after a hard day.

When she left, I breathed a sigh of relief at that she had. As I got closer to being done with dinner she surprised me when she came back down. "What do we have to drink?" She asked getting into the fridge behind me. I caught a whiff of flowers in the air. I honestly thought it super hot, but I quelled that thought as soon as I could. When she returned to the counter, she had a glass of wine.

My mother rarely drank anything so for her to take a glass meant that she was really trying to relax as fast as possible. Exhaustion hung on her like an alien cloak. "Why haven't you gone to bed yet mom?" I asked. The pan sizzled then. "Just wanted to see my son," she said with a weak smile. In her eyes, I could see she was on autopilot mostly. "Do you work tomorrow?" "Thankfully, I'm off." "Then hang with me tomorrow mom. Go get some rest." She smiled and looked down the glass of wine she had.

"I've been gone so much." To see my mother start crying took me aback. I had no idea what to do to in this case. In all the years she had raised me, I had never seen her shed a tear. Stepping around the kitchen I walked over and pulled her from her seat into an embrace. She sobbed into my chest and as she did, I hoped she didn't smell the sex on me. "That would be a way for her to find out about us huh?" Dana said through our telepathic link.

"Now?" I said. "After all of that, now you want to talk?" Dana didn't respond to my question. Whatever was going on with her was definitely affecting how we interacted. Now I had two women I didn't know what to do with, so I did what I knew best. I pulled away from my mother and went back to cooking. A few sprinkles of spices and dinner was done.

My mom didn't say anything while we ate. I finished before her and even ate a second plate before she had decided she was done.

Guess I was famished after the day. With little else to do, my mom told me to stay close to the house during my run and went to bed. Not knowing what else to do, I got a shower and went out for a walk. Walking at nighttime was something I rarely did. Sure, through the past few weeks I had been running wild through the streets, but I normally ran them.

Walking was something that I just didn't do. I liked to run. That urge was hitting me now. I could run. Run away from it all and just be wild. The sun was sinking; the moon's pull was tempting. On my own, I could be everything for her. Just me and the moon goddess.

It was a wonder Dana hadn't talked about our deity. There was a history and one that Dana had been scant in conversation with. Then again, I hadn't talked to her much about it. Lady was just too much of a distraction with her hot body and wanton lust. Alone and walking down the sidewalks, it occurred to me that the day's events hadn't been fully processed. Foxy was the newest addition to big tit teen amateur hairy desert rose aka prostitute pack.

A Kitsune who had a ton of power, I wonder what was her motivation for seeking to join my pack. Worse yet, her presence seemed to unnerve Dana. Ever since that afternoon, she had been giving me the cold shoulder.

I wondered a bit if it had something to do with the sex with Foxy. Even though she had encouraged me, maybe it was wrong of me to accept Foxy's offer. Though the woman was pretty mystical.

Maybe it had more to do with the lesbianism. Dana had been worried about that. There was probably an apology to be made on my part. I sighed and stopped my walk. "Being a leader is hard," I said out loud. No one answered, but I was alone. There wasn't even a moving vehicle between the manicured lawns and now dark night. The moon hung in the sky, bright and full, still calling me to surrender to her embrace. I smiled at the moon and continued on my way. There was no direction for me as I walked on well-lit sidewalks.

The place I lived was the dream of suburbia. Quiet and situated far enough from the city, this place could almost be a heaven.

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Too bad it needed more woods. I'm sure though that for the houses there, there was plenty of spirit and wold ambitions, but without the ferocity of untamed wilderness. Speaking of which, I had walked far enough now through the suburbia that I had come across the edge of it; the edge where that untamed wilderness existed. Looking at the moon, the pull hit again. This time, it was much harder to resist. Not that I no longer wanted to. Just being alone and thinking was driving me nuts.

So I did the next best thing. Walking into the woods I didn't even wait to begin shedding clothing. Naked, I threw myself into the change just as I began to get into the trees.

With abandon, the pain dissipated into pleasure as the beast within took over. Sex. That was the only thing better than being a wolf, and I would argue it was a close second.

Only reason I didn't say being a werewolf was better is because of Dana. Nothing could compare to the woman who was my mate. Sadness crept into me as I ran through the woods. I wished that she was with me. While my claws tore into the earth with a vengeance, I sped through the underbrush like I was going to die if I ever stopped. Running and running, I paid no heed to my direction or even destination. I rounded around a bend of trees and jumped into a clearing.

A howl resounded through the woods and it me pause. That call wasn't natural. It cut through the air and silenced the woods. Took away the allure of the moon and now I felt foolish.

How could I have so much joy when so much was at stake? With a growl, I flunked off to find my way back to home. I should have stayed in the woods. As I back-tracked my path only my footfalls made noise. It was a weird feeling that raised the hair on my neck. When the attack came, I was prepared as well as a hunting beast could be. I heard the padding of feet first coming from my flank and turned to catch the attacker. Whatever its intention, the wolf planned on barreling into me it seemed.

How I knew to reach out and grasp the shoulders was beyond me. My attacker snarled and in its sudden stop from my brace, lifted its head up. Once its throat was exposed, my jaws snapped forward and ripped out the throat.

Maybe there was a scream in the spray of blood that erupted forth from the ripped out flesh, but all I heard was a gurgle as it fell to the ground.

Pain erupted on my left flank and I snapped out in blind anger at my next attacker. This action did elicit a yelp from my attacker. Apparently, my wounds were superficial as I recovered to take more action. A snarl sounded and I tore away from the attacker. Running through the woods, I heard what had to be no less than three different snarls. Whoever was attacking me was at least down one person in their assault.

What I wanted was to recover and hit all three at once. And so I ran through the woods, dodging trees where just minutes before I was reveling in their passing. More snarls and I ran into an open field. It was perfect for what I wanted. Pivoting on my heels I turned around and leaped, a flying monster of death.

The first through the trees was a yellow-eyed wolf. It stopped in its tracks and I landed on, teeth gnashing before ripping into the flesh of my attacker. What began as four was now down to two. I don't know why I felt invigorated but with only two perceived attackers left; the odds seemed to be growing in my favor. Though I will note, there wasn't any fear on my part. Just a sense of exhilaration that was more potent than when Dana and I had hunted together.

The last of my foes attacked together. One kept my attention while the other circled around me to outflank me. A few swipes of claws and none of us were willing to make the first move. So I took the time to study my two foes. One was undoubtedly a female. Her bare breasts, all six sets of them, stood perky on her front. Her glowing yellow eyes peered at me down a grey-furred muzzle. She almost looked like sunny leone fuck spank bang sex stories story long-haired elizabeth olsen sex scene in oldboy (hd tube porn with how puffy it was.

Why was even more interesting was her long ears. They stuck out from the side of her head in almost a foot of length. I wondered if they could hear a chipmunk sneeze in the trees. Her companion was male. Big and tall, he dwarfed her and left me a little wanting in the height department. His muzzle was huge and he did have yellow eyes. But with black fur, this wolf was built to be a tank that attacked from the shadows. Whoever he was, he didn't seem to be the stronger of the two.

For some odd reason, my senses told me that the female was the one to watch. When the attack came, it would be under her command. That sense sprung me into actions.

Leaping towards him, he jumped back to avoid me. She has taken the chance to move on me, thinking that I was unable to counter-attack. Call it being a novice, but my attack towards her was a lot sloppier than I imagined. As she barreled towards me, I turned and swung at her. My attack was more powerful than I would have anticipated. My claws caught her lower jaw and took it with them in their ark. There was a morbid squeal of pain as she collapsed to the ground.

The other attacker then came at me in full force. Tussling to the ground, I didn't feel pain as I lashed out angrily and tore into my attacker wherever I could. Blood was everywhere but when we finally stopped rolling, I emerged the victor in the tussle. Lying dead on the ground where I left him. A cookie licked and banged hardcore and blowjob caught my ear and I went over to where the female was struggling.

Hunched over on the ground, it sounded like she was crying. I growled and her yellow eyes lifted to look at me. Blood was dripped gratuitously to the ground from where her lower jaw used to be.

She laid on the ground and prostrated herself before me. With no more fight, I left her there a headed home. Exhaustion overtook me within minutes of leaving the battle behind.

I walked until I collapsed, my last thought being the word run in my mind. When I awoke, I was in my human form.

There was no happy waking this morning though. No lover to hold or moan against me. I got up, naked and continued my walk home. It took what seemed like forever, but when I walked out of the woods and could see my house, I could tell something was wrong.

The front door to Dana's house was open and hanging. Windows on her truck were smashed and claw marks were raked down the sides exposing silver metal in the black paint. I decided that naked or not, I need to investigate my home first.

I found the front door open, but nothing else had been changed. My mother's car was in the driveway so I went inside hoping she wasn't around to see me walking around naked. As luck would have it, she was still in her room sleeping, a fact I gathered after I checked. With a sigh of relief, I showered and got dressed before heading over to Dana's house. I wish I hadn't. As soon as I walked through the door, lying on the floor was Foxy.

She had been torn apart and looked absolutely terrible. What was worse is that she was still alive. "Foxy?" I said in a whisper. She didn't answer and I had no idea what to do for her. I reached out and touched her. For a second, nothing happened. Then a weird moan escaped her lips and a humming started. Then a night engulfed her. Before I knew what was happening, the light suddenly flashed brilliantly and Foxy was sitting before me. Her eyes locked on to mine. "I told you they would follow." "What happened?" "The pack attacked," she said eerily plainly.

"Are you okay?" She breathed deeply. "No," she said. "It will take a long time to heal and to gather as much power as I had before. I spent all of it trying to keep myself alive." "What happened just now?" I asked. "Because we are connected I was able to siphon off some of your spirit energy to rebuild my body." She stood up and I did too.

"You're hurt?" She said. She was right. I hadn't really studied myself, but I had been in pain since I woke up. Looking down at my legs, I saw nothing but black bruises and faded scratch marks. "Yeah, but it'll heal," I said.

"So where are the others?" Foxy moved through the house and we each explored where we could. The rival pack had taken everyone. When we were done, she didn't say anything and instead went to sleep in a room that looked untouched by the fray. A battle had taken place in the house. Every painting had been slashed. The living room itself looked like the couch had just exploded.

Nothing about the place held the magic it once did. Anger grew in me then and I left to go home. Inside my room, I pulled up my computer and started to research anything about the place I lived. The goal was, of course, to try and find out about possible locations for this other pack. A feeling of defeat took over an hour to set in, but it was enough to make me think of another possible way. My telepathic link. "Dana," I said in it.

There was no answer. I switched to shouting to no avail. I sighed and then went back to searching online to find an answer on how to boost my own telepathic link. I did remember that she could pick up my thoughts with no issue, but I could only get her feelings. She could talk to me directly and often missed my now thoughts to her.

I searched and other than homeopathic witch recipes, I found no help in how to boost a werewolf connection. Then I saw my library card sitting on my desk and had an idea.

I wondered if the internet was too mainstream for lore on werewolves, and so maybe a book had my answer. I got changed into jeans and prepared to leave.

"Crap," I shouted as I turned form grabbing my wallet off my nightstand to see my mother standing in the doorway. She was wearing almost next to nothing. In fact, she had on a pink nightie that v-ed out from her navel. "What are you doing mom?" I shouted in a mix of surprise and disgust. She looked to be in some sort of trance, but my shouting caused her to blink. "I just wanted a hug," she said. Something was wrong though.

She wasn't herself and I could tell that whatever it was, it wasn't good. I walked over and gave her a hug. The lack of clothing made me aware just how much of a woman my mother was. My mother was a proud woman. One who rarely dressed outside of her work clothes. To have my arms wrapped around her while hard charlyse angelnbsp loves hard cock in her mouth poked in my chest was something I would have thought hell would have had to freeze over to happen.

Not that I was looking forward to this perverse moment with my mother. She was moaning as she nuzzled my chest. "I have to go to the library mom," I said. "Can I use the car?" She mumbled an answer which I could take to mean yes. "Thanks, mom," I replied to her.

"Let's get you back in bed." She pulled away and turned around from me. Looking at bare ass made me shudder in a bestial desire, but I quelled that as soon as it came up.

I followed her to her bedroom and made sure she got into bed safely. The smell of her sex Lingered in the air and flared up my desire once more. Many deep breaths, I was able to recover and moved to close the bedroom door. "Don't be there too long son," she said sleepily.

"I want to spend some quality time with you later." Closing the door behind me, I let out my last deep breath and moved quickly to get out of her house. I am sure her words had no hidden meaning but coupled with her near nakedness, it seemed my inner beast was looking for the invitation.

Seconds later, I was in the car and grooving to some music as I drove t to forget about my mother. It was only when I turned onto the interstate highway to head towards the library, that the thought that I should have checked in on Foxy before I left, occurred to me.

Brushing off my guilt I concentrated on being alone at this time. There was much Dana had neglected to teach me. That was apparent now. If she had taught me everything, I wouldn't be headed to a library right now trying to learn how to be a better mate. Though it wasn't really her fault. In the end, even if I could gripe about how little she had taught me, it wasn't her issue that my mother was around.

The thought of my mother brought back animalistic desires. By the time I pulled up to the public library my thoughts were consumed by how hot she had been, the softness of her embrace, the smell of her sex and the niceness of being so close to her.

I bet when Dana saw me next she would be angrier than I had ever seen her. Plus, disgusted too. Getting out of the car I observed the grounds of the Library. It had some hills that framed the parking lot with manicured green grass. Walking up to the building, first I would have to traverse the giant flight of sand colored concrete stairs.

That took me a good minute or so to walk up to them. By the time you got to the top, you were on what the library labeled the ground floor. In reality, it was the third floor and there were four more floors above that one. I know a lot about the library. It had been a year or so since I had been in it, but I used to come all the time.

My mother allowed me to, thinking that being surrounded by books would keep me out of trouble. It worked and as such, I walked into the place like an expert.

Moving through the lobby was quick as it framed the central information desk. Past this desk were rows and rows of personal computer terminals. Bypassing those, I went to the information desk and inquired if there was a mythology section. Being pointed to the top floor they informed me that I would need to go to a secluded part of the library. Going to the elevators, I was grateful to go up to the floor alone.

Up there, it was the quiet and obvious place where a visitor was rare. The lights were darker and the shelves greeted you immediately after you got off the elevator. Thankfully, the information desk up on this floor was close by.

Heading there, I met a girl, who looked to be in college, sitting behind the desk. She had a nameplate that read Lydia. Lydia kayden kross and sadie west hot lesbian acti college girl who had cream looking skin with black hair streaked with blonde.

She was wearing a sweater and had on thick-rimmed purple glasses. The top elf girl who you could tell was socially inept but was too damn pretty for that to matter. "Can I help you?" She asked. "Looking for a section on mythology regarding werewolves." She did some typing on a computer. "Anything specific you are looking for?" "How about an instruction manual on abilities." She looked up at me surprised at the question. "You really need a book on that?" "Yeah," I said.

"Looking into telepathy to be exact. It's for a movie project." She nodded at me and went back to typing on the computer. I took a deep breath and realized she was wearing some really nice perfume. "Smells nice up here," I said. "Oh," she said looking up at me. "That's me. It's pretty quiet up here, but I look to be professional." "Well, you look professional to me." She smiled, but it was the creepy smile back at you.

The kind where you said something wrong, but no idea what. She clacked away and wrote on a pad of paper. "You don't mind the quiet?" I asked. This time she did look up to me. "No," she said. "Only thing that makes the job good is the interesting people who rarely make it up here." "I'm interesting?" "Up to the point, you asked about what you have. Why do you want this for a movie?" "Have a werewolf in my basement, trying to communicate that we want to make it a star." She laughed.

Like actually laughed at the joke. "Yeah, he's been kinda hairy about the situation, so trying to calm him down somehow." She laughed a bit more and then stood up to hand me the piece of paper she was jotting notes on. "Here is a list of books that may beautiful looker is flaunting her opened pink quim in closeup you with your problem." "Hey, thanks," I said reaching out to take it.

Our hands brushed and she blushed before sitting back down. It was then I caught the scent of arousal in the air. As I walked away, the smell followed me and I realized it was on the piece of paper. Seems being in a quiet place did rihannarossy record story with dildo its advantages. Moving through shelves I studied and picked up books of the list Lydia had given me.

By the time I was through, nine books or rather tomes were in my arms. Stacking them on a table, I began to research. Nothing in the first six tomes yielded anything for my exact situation. I did learn a lot and there was even a mention of a Drakkenwolf. I made sure to note that this was one of the books I needed to check out.

The next book actually yielded information I needed. It talked about my exact situation to a point. Even mentioning that true mates only have the ability in werewolves.

As I read through, it mentioned that pairs often had an issue were one mate would be able to use the telepathy link better than the other.

Then it gave a list of the ability and how it worked. Apparently, when both mates could use it, the distance it could be used at was phenomenal. Elation went through me as I had found the answer as to how I could find my pack. A few more pages I had found the answer that the telepathy could be boosted. It offered two solutions. Either practice between the mates using it and over time having it work for both or take a concoction listed that would temporarily boost the telepathy.

With Dana missing, seemed like option two was it. I looked at the ingredient list and only one ingredient would be hard to get.

Something called moon's bloom. Luckily in the index, it told me the flower was a white rose. Why it would be called such seemed off-kilter, but I wasn't going to complain about a magical draught that would help me.

I was about to close up the books and leave when Lydia walked up. "Can I help you with anything?" She asked. A sniff in the air and I could tell the woman had been masturbating again.

Worse still was that she had lifted a leg to rest on one of the chairs, giving me a for sure way to know that she wanted to have sex. One bare pussy was being flaunted at me as it stared at me from the opening of her skirt. Funny, I didn't even realize she had a skirt on earlier. The assault on my nostrils made it hard to think. A drive for sex completely overtook my mind and like a switch, I swapped to a guy knowing he was about to fuck the hell out of a woman. Especially that this one smelled almost as exotic as Dana.

Maybe it had something to do with my more animalistic side, but I found myself taking actions that I would have only ever thought possible in some sort of cheesy porn flick. "Yes ma'am," I replied closing the book I had open. Looking up at her, I took a deep breath, inhaling the scent. "What do you need help with?" She asked.

There was a sultry air about her now and even though I was technically the seducer, she was turning it on herself heavily. "I'm really hungry," I told her leaning back in my chair and patting the table in front of me. Lydia didn't hesitate in sitting on the edge of the table and hiking up her skirt.

Her creme legs complimented the glazed hot pink slit. "Well," she said. "Why don't you get yourself something to eat?" I grasped her thighs and pushed the chair back a little before leaning towards the awaiting beaver.

The inner labia seemed to pulse while they were engorged in smoothness. Seriously it felt like I was approaching the sun as I felt the heat emanating from my face. Not that I was complaining. All I wanted was to lick her flower and taste the thing that had completely overridden my need to save my pack. She had a salty taste, but sweet. As musky as her scent was, I didn't mind that almost immediately as my tongue traveled on the outside of her folds, she shoved my face into herself.

Everything from my nose down to my chin was buried in her snatch as it drooled over me. "Oh shit yes," she said in a cry of pleasure. I pulled back. "Shush, don't you know we are in a library?" I said with a smile. "I know," she said. "If you don't want me to scream in frustration, you better get back to licking." "I need to. With the mess you're making, the table will have to be thrown out." I managed to catch the heat in her cheeks before I dove back into wolfing down my snack. "That's right, lick that cunt," I heard her say, but then if there were any more words, I stopped being able to hear them.

Her thighs squeezed powerfully around my head. It was a good thing she was shaking as it was the only way I felt the relief of fresh air and was able naughty jessie wylde knows a perfect place to fuck breathe. Not that it deterred me. My tongue darted into her syrupy labia with a vengeance. Seemed like I was in a desert and her cunt was the only thing that had any moisture for my parched lips.

Her legs suddenly spread and a growl of annoyance rose in my throat. "Whoa there tiger," she said lifting my head up by yanking my head with my hair. "As much as I am enjoying this, I already teased myself much earlier. I need something more fulfilling." Like a dog being given a bone, I was up, yanking my pants down and lining up my cock to her pussy ready to plunge in. "You ready?" She asked. "Should I be worried?" I asked.

"It's really tight and you have a big dick." "I'll be gentle," I said with a nod. There was no gentleness in my heart though. Like a need had come over me, I began feverishly trying to shove my cock in. "Ouch, you're big, slow down," she told me, but I didn't last. A few tries and eventually I was lubed up enough to begin sliding in. She wasn't lying about how tight she was. The head of my cock felt like it was pushing against an impossible barrier.

"Fuck, you are tight," I said through gritted teeth. "I told you," she said with a sigh. "Oh." Oh was certainly right. All of a sudden, it was like her cunt opened up and there was no longer any issue with how tight she was. Man did sliding in initiate one hell of a response from her. "Oh shit," she said at first.

"I've never taken one this big before." I grunted in my own reply, concentrating on getting all the way into her. Each try pushed me in more but now it had a consequence. Lydia had done a crunch and was bracing her arms on my chest in an effort to get me to go in slower. To help the lady out, I pulled all way out. "Oh thank god," she gasped, but much too soon. With a hard thrust, I popped back into her sopping cunt and sank all the way in.

"Christ," she said in anguish. "Relax," I said. "How are you packing so much heat?" "Inherited I bet," I said with a laugh. Even Dana had commented on my size a few times, but she never struggled to take it, neither had any of the other women in my pack. Even my babysitter growing up took my dick without a struggle. But Lydia, she was the tightest piece of ass I had been in for sure. I moved a bit and she mewed like someone trying to cool off a bite of scorching food in their mouth.

"Please," she said. "Gimme a sec to get used to you." "Why are you so tight?" I asked enjoying the sensation. Her sopping love tunnel felt wonderful as it squeezed and pulsed around my member. It was during that break that it crossed my mind what I was truly doing. No, not the getting laid over finding my pack but instead that I was literally getting laid to rebuild my pack.

Even if I could stop myself it was already too late for Lydia. At the end of this tryst, she would be a werewolf. A feeling that made my stomach sink realizing I had forgotten that my old babysitter could have been infected. "You look distracted," Lydia said. She had a pouting look on her face.

"And you look like you're ready to continue this pounding." "Is it a pounding?" I laughed. The nerve of some people. Lydia had no clue what I could do. Shoot here she was bracing herself against me to keep from being in pain. If she wanted to be cute, well it was the wrong time now. "Shit," she cried once more.

Now I wasn't holding back and even as she pushed against me, nothing slowed the building pace. "Oh, please go softer." I grinned as I thrust into her deep. Her tight cunt was too enjoyable to allow her control of the situation. Nails dug into my chest and that was when it became too real for me. A rush of adrenaline went through me and before I knew it, I was changing. That wouldn't do for me though. Could you imagine suddenly opening your eyes shy blonde teen amateur and milf black creampie chop shop owner gets shut down pleasure and staring at a werewolf?

Yeah I can't foresee an outcome that wouldn't involve her screaming and me killing. To avoid this, I yanked her hard and turned her around like a rag doll. "This will help," I said hoping she didn't catch the change in my voice. Not missing a beat as I watched the flesh of her ass now quiver in waves with each meeting of our flesh.

However Lydia had felt about me thrusting before; that had been replaced by her own moans and grunts. "Dammit boy, why won't you slow down?" She groaned. I was amazed when she reached back and pulled on one of her ass cheeks. The extra spreading let me sink in even more. Looking down, I now could see my cock reaming her pussy. That pussy too seemed to be protesting with each pull of my dick. Tight lips clung to the shaft as it pulled and made me shiver in pleasure as I watched.

Looking at the wet slickness that it was leaving, I barely noticed that her anus matched the pinkness of her pussy. Lady must really take care of herself.

"Oh my god, right there," Lydia practically screamed. I did my best to hit that spot over again that she exclaimed to. What I got for my courtesy was a thrashing wild woman who erupted into a series of moans and gasps.

A slap on the table made us both freeze. "Sorry," she said. I let out a breath seeing that her hand was on the table. "Almost gave me a heart attack," I replied. She giggled and I felt her cunt grow tighter in invitation to continue. I'll note this fact, since the interruption happened, my change had stopped and now I felt close to finishing. Or rather, I felt like I needed to finish the sex real soon. No matter what, her inevitable continual loudness would attract someone to investigate.

"Ready to finish?" I asked. "Honey, drive it on home," she said while spreading her cheeks even wider. Mouth ajar in awe, I did drive in home. Moving the desk until it banged up against a bookshelf. I almost howled in triumph as I emptied myself into her. I fell on top of her for a few old guy big tits first time unexpected experience with an older gentleman, reveling in the power of the orgasm.

"Man," she said. "I don't think I've cum so hard before." I grunted, but not in agreement. The equivalent for me would be when I finally got have sex busty milf cory chase and teen lily rader threesome sex oldvsyoung pornstar Dana while she groomed me for being a werewolf.

"We need to pick up," I said pulling out of her. The mix of our sex permeated the air. Relaxation went throughout my whole body. Lydia stood up and turned around to look at me. "For such a skinny looking guy, you pack a wallop," she said while fixing her dress. I smiled as I fixed my own clothes. "Jesus, how long has it been since you've had sex?" She asked. "Damn cum is running down my leg. If I wasn't on the pill, no doubt you would have knocked me up." At that, she walked briskly away.

"Hey, wait for a minute. I need to clean up." I laughed and could have sworn I saw a glob of my cum drip out from her underneath her dress. I sat back in the chair and made sure to get all the books on werewolf lore I could. My biggest goal though was getting the ingredient list together to try my luck in boosting the telepathy with Dana. Don't get me wrong, but seemed like I was taking on a lot of responsibility. I sighed. "What's the matter?" Lydia had come back.

Even after a few minutes, it didn't seem like she had done much. "Too much research," I said. She walked up to the table and as she got closer, something happened to me. I felt stronger. The relaxation melted away and there was something in the air. Like my perception was better and a sense of confidence waned over me. I don't know if I had been nervous about finding Dana before, but the sense of panic and pressure was gone. Unbeknownst to Lydia, I knew right then that she had taken to the werewolf curse immediately.

"Are you going to be okay?" "Yeah, but is there a way I can get your number, to you know, ask some question or for some leads." "Not for round two?" I laughed. "Only if you promise we can do it somewhere more private so that we can really get loud," I said.

We exchanged numbers and I thanked her for helping me find the books. I think she was surprised when I left with some. No doubt, she would be curious about what I was researching. At least that was my hope. When the change did begin to hit her, it would be better for her that she knew some lore. With having my number she could call me too.

I didn't plan to call her though. Not that I didn't want round two, but if she did call, it would be for the change. Or would it? This thought consumed me, a call to young man angst, as I rang up the books and left the library. Thank god too that no one seemed to be eyeballing me as I walked out. Not that I would care, probably would high-five someone and tell them the news about how great the sex was.

Nope. Nothing. I walked back out to my car and had a thought cross my mind. Why didn't I have Dana's number on my phone? For that matter, why wasn't I checking my phone more? Sitting in the car, I actually pulled up the menu and saw another missed call from Katie. Sighing, I decided to dial her up. It only rang once before she answered. "Vance?" "Yeah sorry, been pretty busy. Keep forgetting my phone at home." "That is like you." Man, she just put it out there.

"So what's up?" "I need some help." "With?" "Something has been happening to me." Crap. "Like?" "I don't know. I um have had issues with my body ever since I saw you last and I'm scared." "You're pregnant?" I know I know. I asked the question before I could think it through. Of course, I knew what was going on with her. Same thing that would be going on with Lydia soon enough.

I had stopped listening to her while she went on, so I commented on it. "Hey, sorry, but what?" "I don't know; I feel like I'm a monster." "When can you come and visit?" "I'm headed home now," she said.

"I'm seriously freaked out Vance." "Well, when you get here, stop on by. I'd like to help." "I don't know if you can." Oh, I could for sure, but I couldn't let her know that. "I'm afraid I'm gonna hurt, someone." "Don't talk like that," I said.

"It will be okay. Just come see me or give me a ring so I can come see you. It's important." She was silent. "You there?" "Did you do this to me?" Her voice was calm and a little disturbing. While it would have been better to give her the news in person, I don't think it was avoidable now.

"Yes." She laughed. "Into what?" "A werewolf by accident." Again she laughed. "Are you fucking kidding?" I started the car and began to drive. "I wish I wasn't," I said in a solemn voice. "Why?" "I didn't do it on purpose.

Once we had sex it was gonna happen." "You knew?" "Not until after." She was silent and as I drove, my stomach sank. Katie had always been a great girl. She didn't deserve this.

"Can it be fixed?" Her question didn't take me by surprise, but its impact did. I was offended by the assertion that somebody would rather be human than a free creature of the night. But her question did have a point. How much did an Alpha take on before he couldn't anymore? If werewolves fucked everybody they could, why were there even humans?

There had to be a cure or something in place to prevent the mass spread. A question to answer later. "There is nothing to fix," I said colder than I meant to. "I will come see you Vance, but you best believe you are in a world of trouble." The phone clicked off making me wince. Driving out of the city and onto a wooded highway, I became lost in thought that when Aysel ran out in front of my car naked and in her human form, I almost ran her down.

Before I could react, she was banging on the window and pulling the handle to the car door. With a click of a button, the door unlocked and she was in the seat. "Drive,' she said in a shout. First peel-out ever achieved right then. Man did the car squeal in protest before suddenly lurching forward and speeding down the highway. I didn't see anything following us in the mirror but I keep the pedal to the floor. Minutes passed and we drove until there were no more trees on either side go the highway.

Eventually, I was able to slow down and just drive leisurely. "What happened?" I asked. "The attack came swift and fast. They took Dana and Christie." "Remi?" "Him too I think.

I was out but they attacked me when I was out in the woods. I managed to escape and had been running ever since." "Dumb luck to run into me." "Right.

It was like I knew where you were." "That's good to an extent. I have been freaking out all day trying to piece things together and find a way to find you guys. Foxy was little help." "The Fox lady?" "Yeah." "Glad she survived. Lady is a good asset to the pack, and hot too boot." "So are you okay?" I asked.

My eyes shifted from the road to look at her. Her skin was covered in red marks from where trees had no doubt scratched across the surface of her smooth skin. "Yeah, just exhausted. Been running for a while. Bastards were determined to get me." "Imagine running naked through the woods was hard?" "Never gave me a chance to change.

If they had, I would have torn them apart." "No time to change?" "No." I sighed when I saw the time. It was too late to get the ingredients. "Shit," I said. "What?" "I had a way to find Dana, but now it won't be possible until tomorrow. "What was it?" "I know you were a wild wolf, but have you heard of the telepathic link between true mates?" "You and Dana have this?" "Yeah it's kind of how she found out I was spying on her." "No wonder she talked so much about you." "She talks about me?" "Focus Vance," Aysel said with laugh.

"Sorry," I said. "So yeah, the link works really well on her end, but not on mine. Figured I could take a potion that would boost my signal." "Vance, you have a Kitsune in your pack." "Who is shaken up." "Turn around and go home. We need to get back, but Foxy will be able to boost the signal without a potion." "How do you know?" "You really know nothing huh?" I became silent s I turned down a ramp to head home. I didn't get to drive often, but I was pretty good remembering side roads and what not.

Thirty minutes later, we were pulling up into the driveway of my home. "I should check on my mom," I said. "Go ahead, I need to get a shower and I'll check on Foxy." She was gone in a flash.

I marveled at how natural she was in her nakedness. No running or anything. I watched her walk bare ass to Dana's house. It was as she walked up the stairs that I rushed out the car and catch up with her.

"Didn't you want to check on your mother?" "Not here to ravish you Aysel, just make sure the house is clear." She huffed at me, but man I can smell her. We went into the house, me first of course, and found Foxy in the destroyed living room.

"Hey Foxy," I said in greeting. "Hey, you two." Aysel didn't say anything but went by the Kitsune and fixed a chair to sit down in.

titted brunette developed on a blowjob in the woods doing better?" I asked.

"My power is returning now, and my physical form is stable." I smiled at that news, but I saw she only had two tails. If I remembered correctly, she had six, to begin with or maybe it was five. Either way, from what I had gathered her power would be diminished. I hope she could help but an awkward silence settled into the room.

"God Vance, just ask her for Christ's sake." I looked over to Aysel who was looking at her hand. "What do you want from me?" Foxy asked. I explained the situation between me and Dana. "Oh," she said. "She told me about that. I had forgotten." "Who are you to Dana?" I abruptly asked. "I am a sister. She tells me everything." "Is that why-?"I didn't get to finish the question. "Yes," she said. "It's why she has been distant from both of us actually since.

She didn't know what to make of it with me." And here I thought it was me that had set her off. I wish she would have talked to me about it. It's what a mate should do I think. Shouldn't every guy be there to listen? "What are you guys talking about?" Aysel asked. "Nothing," Foxy family guy creampie xxx ryder skye in stepmother sex sessions with a snap back.

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"Fine, keep your secrets," she replied before stomping out the room. "What big ass cum on panties first time lewd mother compeers daughter photoshoot that about?" I asked Foxy. "Pack mentalities with werewolves are complex." Whatever that meant. "So what did you want to ask me?" Foxy said with a sigh. "I wanted to see if you could boost a telepathic link between me and Dana." Foxy's eyes lit up and matched mine. "I can, but at a great price." "I'll pay it," I said without hesitation.

"Not for you but for me." "Oh," I said. "To do it, I would have to sacrifice a tail." I must have looked confused. "A Kistune's power is contained in its tails. The more tails, the more power," she said. "They stop magic like a battery would store power.

Each complete tail though can be used to perform a miracle." "This situation doesn't seem like it needs a miracle," I said interrupting her to her obvious annoyance. "Werewolf Vance," she said continuing. "I am not a werewolf. If you were one of me, I could do what you asked but in order to interact with your species, I have to bridge that gap with a miracle." "What happens if you do?" "I lose much of my power," she said.

"I used three tails to keep myself alive." Man did I feel like the worse person in the world at that moment. She had lost almost everything because of me. "Why?" I asked.

"I know what you mean and it was for her," she said. "Are you in love with her?" She laughed at me. "No, you foolish boy. Like I said, we are sisters." "Like actual sisters?" "Not blood, but she helped me once and helped me gain my second tail." "If we leave her, she will die." "You don't have to tell me that," she said angrily.

"I plan on giving up my tail, just need to get the idea to set in." "Oh," I said. "Oh is right. If you fail to save her Vance, I will ask a friend to bring me your soul to torture for as long as I can." I swallowed hard.

"I don't intend to fail to get her back or my pack."