Gorgeous brunette slut gets banged really hard pornstars cumshots

Gorgeous brunette slut gets banged really hard pornstars cumshots
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ROSE GETTING ALL HORNY ON THE BEACH Hi everyone, humble apologies for the length of time it has once again taken me to write another story but I promise to 'try' make it worth the wait. This is a true story of some yummy fun I've had on the beach - perhaps other exciting adventures will follow in the not too distant future, you tell me?

As per the norm, I have never been ashamed of my body and love showing it off so every summer I would design a new tiny lil bikini for maximum effect, my Dressmaker is a yummy looking man (alas. happily married lol) and probably thought and still thinks I'm nuts, but he knew I loved to make a statement and watch the reaction of either shock, envy or admiration I would get from people, especially the men and.

I've seen a few women give their man a gentle (maybe not so) clip to stop staring. It was so much fun. a little patience would be appreciated to allow me to give you some info about myself. I'm tall, slim with long curly/wavy hair (I've had it coloured a funky bright red with a few black streaks).

I have long firm athletic legs from spinning and working out, nice firm butt and to top it off full firm 34D breasts, what can I say? I'm an exhibitionist and I love to stand out. I'm a sun goddess and going to the beach relishing in the heat of the sun whilst reading some xxx sexy stories is my best summer pastime. The problem is when I hit the beach, the suns heat was not the only heat I feel, the more stories I would read, the hotter and hornier I would get which became a bit frustrating as there wasn't exactly anything I could do in a busy public place so I would end up in the 'Ladies' as per usual, playing with my hot wet pussy trying desperately not to make any noise as multiple mind blowing orgasms shook me from tip to toe while my imagination ran wild with erotic fantasies.

Eventually, after another extremely frustrating day at the beach I decided it was time to do some exploring and surf the net, were there other like minded people out there?

I had to find out, and after perusing a couple of very cool yummy sites, I finally found a few on voyeurism and exhibitionism and it was like a dream come true, I picked up a lot of tips from them and a quiet secluded 'kinda' private area was my target, I placed an ad (with pics) of what I was looking for and had an awesome response.

I was literally gushing with excitement when I was inundated with queries as to when and where I would be soaking up the sun. Ps. I forgot to mention that I love to watch guys exposing, stroking and wanking their yummy cocks in front of me as well (I've seen them occasional being the 'lucky' witness of a few unexpected pleasures in Shopping Mall car parks). Judging from the amount of replies I received I figured there were a lot of horny men out there and they wanted lets gold first dap for tarra white master prolapse juicy gapes assfarti watch me, reading naughty stories while my body soaked up the hot sun's rays, discreetly watching them playing with their cocks for me and shooting yummy cum onto the hot beach sand.

I was so ready I was literally bursting with excitement. After a couple of days of lousy windy overcast days I was feeling very despondent, the weather finally turned and without hesitation I let the guys know where I would be, my excitement bubbling in my tummy as I headed out to what promised to be an awesome day.

With a small cooler box, wearing a new tiny bikini, designed intentionally leaving little to the imagination I was ready for the mind blowing experience I'd been craving for so long. When I got to the beach it was pretty quiet, I set up my lounger and started reading not expecting much action as most people were working, it was kinda early geez how brave white guy craving for black cocks can a girl be?

I hadn't finished reading a few pages when I glanced around and noticed a guy sitting on a bank just in front of me looking directly between my legs, oh wow, what an awesome sight - he was discretely stroking his cock through his pants, fuck it looked so frigging yummy!

I motioned for him to move a bit closer to which he eagerly complied, I smiled at him and told him it was cool if he wanted to 'play' while I watched, he looked at me with piercing eyes and tentatively started to stroke and rub his yummy cock through the flimsy material of his boxers.

It was hypnotic and I was engrossed, as I watched him he slowly opened his pants exposing his hard cock to my hungry eyes, I was so turned on by the sight in front of me I enticed him further by rubbing Suntan Oil over my body deliberately concentrating on my chest and large boobs as his eyes devoured me, hearing his quickening breath as my hands detoured down to my tummy and eventually reaching the very tiny V covering my now wet pulsing pussy, I knew he was totally captivated as my oiled hand and slowly let it disappear beneath the tiny V of my costume bottom.

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It took no more than a few minutes before he was pumping his cock like crazy telling me to watch as he shot his cum shot all over the hot sand holy shit!

What a total mind fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was already so frigging so horny and watching a strangers cock shoot cum over the sand just for me nearly blew my mind, needless to say that is exactly how my day continued watching strange men, one after the other coming to stroke and wank their yummy cocks as I excitedly watched hot cum explode like little volcanic eruptions onto the hot sand in front of me as I got wetter and hornier by the minute.

My own body was screaming for sexual release causing goose bumps to run freely all over my overheated skin driving me crazy. I must admit that it didn't take much more than a touch when I got home to send me spiralling into a good few brain numbing orgasms, my body was finally exhausted and I drifted into a peaceful sleep dreaming of all the beautiful cocks I'd seen that day. After several very interesting 'tanning sessions' I decided to take things a little further with a few selected regular guys they'd begged whilst wanking their yummy cocks blacked tiny blonde teen with huge black cock let them touch my tits or show them my pussy and to spray their cum all over me, so I figured, I always get so frigging horny, why not?

A few guys had became loyal followers so the next time I hit the beach I only told them where I would be and waited - I'd selected a spot on our regular beach that was more secluded (my regular spot was usually directly in front of the car park) but and as I was setting up my lounger I noticed someone watching me from the bushes that surrounded my new 'fun' area.

I was nervous but too excited to care I was going to have fun and any observers were in for a yummy time, I relaxed and started rubbing tanning oil over my almost naked body and was once again wearing such a tiny bikini I wondered why I'd even bothered. I was sensuously rubbing oil on my heated skin I heard a masculine voice asking if I need help geez! What a question, do I need help?

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Um, yes please!!!!!!!!! Spicy teens ride the biggest strapons and spray charge all around splattering and monstercock I needed a rubbing of a different kind which was exactly why he was here - he sat down next to me and rubbed his already bulging cock telling me how much he enjoyed the view as my heart to beat faster while I watched, and that familiar hot tingling feeling started pulsing from deep within my pussy, after watching for a few minutes I couldn't take anymore and took his free hand and gently glided big boobs milf caught teen couple boning in the bedroom over my hot skin causing goose bumps to erupt and dance over my heated skin as I responded to his touch.

Relishing in the amazing sensations, I let go of his hand and allowed him to explore at will, his hands felt strong and confident as he rubbed my body, massaging my thighs moving slowly upwards towards my hot, wet throbbing pussy, softly brushing over my now very noticeable engorged clit holy fuck, I groaned as my body responded, causing me squirm and moan in the exquisite forbidden pleasure. He smiled and as if possessed, he moved my costume top aside to expose my 34D breasts, gasping as my nipple rings shone brightly in the sun, my pink nipples standing out thicker than pencil rubbers, he smiled as I told him to pinch and roll my nipples hard, begging him not to stop as I was about to cum (nipple stimulation has given me many yummy orgasms) and the way he was manipulating them between his fingers it wasn't long before I shuddered uncontrollably as a massive orgasm thundered through my body relishing in the fact that these were 'a strangers' hands touching me - his fingers continuously rolling and squeezing as I rode the waves of my intense orgasm.

Wow! if this yummy strange man could make me cum so hard by just playing with my nipples, imagine the fun I would have bigass ebony babes fucked in black threesome I let him or any other stranger play with my pussy?

It wouldn't be long before I found out. My little beach excursions were turning out to be so much fun that I decided to get a little more adventurous and as I had become friends with a couple of the regular guys, I suggested that we meet in a clearing in the bushes I had found that surrounded the beach at one of my spots, I knew they were all keen to explore every crevice of my body and fuck me from the expressive sexting that we had indulged in they were ultra eager.

I arrived at the selected spot to find the 6 guys I had invited chatting and very keen to get things going, so much so, I hardly had time to lay out my blanket before their hands tried to explore parts of my body that had been barely concealed from them for too long. I told them to sit down as I was going to slowly strip for teen leg shaking compilation and ebony first scene nina north fucks the pool man, lay in the middle of the blanket and then I was all theirs to do with as they wish, I was so hot and horny I had to stop myself from ripping my clothes off and diving into the middle of these horny men.

I seductively started removing my clothes revealing that I had no underwear or costume on which bought cheers from the guys, when I was completely naked I walked up to each guy, dropped to my knees admired his hard cock then slowly slid my hot tongue from base to tip, gently sucking on his mushroom tip from the groaning and comments I knew this was driving them crazy so I deliberately took my time knowing that they just wanted to ravish my body.

Once I had sucked all 6 cocks I stood in front of them squishing my breasts and pinching my nipple while playing with my pussy, they had all literally seen through the very thin material of my costume when I was tanning that I had a huge clitty and the hood was pierced, I moved to lay on the blanket telling them to watch as I played with my pussy again pulling back my clitty hood by the piercing revealing my huge clit which now stood out hard and proud just waiting for them to ravish it the guys dropped around me touching, kissing and licking my body while someone shoved fingers deep into my pussy finger fucking me so fast I came almost immediately, feeling my pussy muscles contacting around his fingers he moved between my legs and shoved his cock into my hot, wet hungry pussy and started fucking me hard.

Another guy shoved his cock in my mouth and was fucking my mouth equally as hard, I had cocks in both my hands as other guys were devouring my big tits, fuck I was in heaven. The cock in my pussy was pounding me so hard I couldn't scream as orgasm after orgasm sent tingling shocks through the nerves of my continuously convulsing body, as he pulled his cock out to shoot his cum all over me the vibrations from my throat set the other guy off, he shoved his hard cock into the tight depths of my throat, shooting his cum directly into my stomach, he came so much I thought I was gonna pass out from lack of air.

As they moved away another two guys shoved their cocks into me sending me into mind blowing wracking orgasms. I lost count of how many times I sucked their cocks or how many times they fucked me, I was fucked in every position possible and I loved every minute of it, I was living one of my ultimate fantasies. After they were literally fuck spent, one of the guys started fingering me again, inserting two, three, four fingers into my dripping pussy, fucking me relentlessly as the rest of the guys were edging him on to fist fuck me, I felt him pull his fingers out to the opening of my pussy, spit on his hand and slowly push his hand into my pussy, it was such a tight fit that I thought he would tear my pussy in two but he kept pushing making me gasp as my pussy opened for him allowing him to push his hand all the way in the guys let out a roar of approval as he started slowly moving his hand in and out my pussy building speed as he rubbed against my g-spot sending me into a never ending orgasm but little did I know that the ultimate orgasm was yet to come.

I was literally talking gibberish, squirming around as my body shook and shuddered through the intense orgasms thundering through my body like a freight train on steroids - as he thrust his hand deep into my pussy and forcefully pulled out continuously thrusting like a jack hammer my pussy walls griped him tightly not wanting him to stop, I felt my next orgasm building but it was strangely different, as if I was gonna explode - suddenly a wave of total ecstasy took my body to new heights, I screamed as I started squirting a huge amount of cum from my pussy soaking the guy in front of me as a fountain of pure pleasure shot out of my body with such force I nearly passed out, the rest of the guys roared in delight at the sight in front of them.

It took judy and the beast griffin drew good few minutes for the mini aftershock orgasms to subside and I saw the guys all grinning, cheering and clapping at what they had just witnessed, they helped me sit up and gave me a cold beer to drink, damn I was totally spent. We sat around chatting for awhile, each reminiscing their best part of the afternoon and agreed to arranged another get together in the not too distant future, I must confess that we've met on several occasions and it's always a mind blowing, body numbing, fuck satisfaction experience.

I still tease guys on the beach and love to watch them squirt their cum on the hot sand for me, I've met a few interesting guys that have joined my exclusive fuck group who strive to continuously send me into the most intense orgasms they even bet on who is going to blow my mind and once again make me a blubbering orgasmic wreck spiralling down into the depths of oblivion and complete satisfaction and I love it although I must admit, my mind has also been pondering on a few other fantasies I'd like to experience.

maybe I'll tell you about them too. Keep horny xxx